tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGinger Moves Overseas Ch. 09

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 09


I pull myself up and look around, I don't see anyone peeking through the hedge investigating what just transpired. I gather my clothing and go inside. As I run myself a bath, I realize I am so content.

I sink below the hot water, my ears can only hear the muffled sounds of the outside world. Floating there, I close my eyes and breathe deeply, and look forward to seeing Søren tonight. I have never been fucked like that, and I know I want more.

I nap for a few hours and am awakened by my cell. I don't recognize the number, but who else could it be?

Søren's deep hypnotic voice commands me, "Ginger, be ready at 8. I want you in a loose blouse, no bra. You may wear a short or long skirt, but no panties. I require high heels, open toe, as high as you can manage. When I arrive I will provide extra accessories."

Before I can say a word, he has ended the call.

"Of all the nerve, now he is telling me what to wear? No underwear? I am seeing a pattern here. Well, Søren can forget it, I will wear what I want." I rummage through my closet and find a boring pair of grey wool dress pants, a light-weight white cotton sweater, and low heels.

I add a string of pearls and put on my diamond stud earrings. I wear sensible white cotton panties and a very boring, beige brassiere. As eight o'clock nears, I fidget. I am nervous that Søren will be angry, but my rebellious streak wins out. "He's damn lucky I am going out with him at all."

At five til eight I grab a hair tie and pull my hair into a ponytail, the finishing touch to my boring outfit. I sit back down and wait.


I arrive at precisely 8 and knock loudly. "Ginger, it is me. Open the door."

She is taking her time and I frown, I want her to jump. She opens the door and smiles sweetly at me, her eyes flashing a challenge.

"So this is how it's going to be, Ginger?" I push my way in and throw her on the couch.

Pulling her on my lap she is screaming, "What the hell are you doing? I knew you wouldn't be able to handle me having a free will!" I pull her hair out of that ridiculous ponytail, then flip her over so I can remove her silly pants. She is struggling and I glare at her.

"Stay still. You asked for this. Now you can help me get these off or I will tear them off." Ginger stares at me petulantly. I undo the top button, unzip, then start tearing the rest off. Her squirming on my lap is making me harder. I push her white panties aside and pinch her lips.

"Owwww!" Ginger wails. I love her bare pink pussy, so innocent looking. I am going to tear her apart.

I push up her sweater, oh god her bra will have to go. "Get up and strip. I will have to teach you a lesson on how to listen to my directions. Be quick about it!"

Ginger knows she is in trouble and jumps up and dispenses with the rest of her clothes. I look her up and down, her curves are dangerous, to most men. But not for a man like me, I know what to do with a body like hers.

I look in the bag of accessories I brought and bring out her silver necklace with the ruby drop. I had the chain extended, and I wrap it around her tiny, smooth waist. The ruby drop hangs off her left hip, glittering.

Ginger's eyes widen, "You have it, how did you get my necklace?"

"You are an easy woman to distract, Ginger."

I affix her red leather collar around her neck and attach the cold silver metal leash.

"I didn't think I would need these so soon, but now I have no choice. Get on your knees Ginger, I must teach you that du tilhører mig."


I am flushed and breathless, it hits me, I *do* belong to him. Why can't I resist Søren? I finger my leather collar, it is comforting. His low, hypnotic voice instructs, "Sit back on your ankles and spread your knees wide for me. Hands behind your neck and don't move. Now!"

I look down, my breasts are jutting out, nipples hard and puckered. He pinches and twists them hard. I swoon, the pain, the pleasure, it sends a jolt straight to my clit. My head lolls back and I hear a chain rattling. Pressure on my left nipple, then, "OUCH what the hell?" I yell.

Søren adjusts a silver clamp on me, working silently and swiftly, clamping both elongated nipples. They are connected by a silver chain with a small bell attached. In shock I look up at him. I have never felt this kind of pain, I can hardly breathe.

He takes the tip of his smooth leather shoe and runs it between my thighs. "Ginger, you are making up for your behavior. You are already wet for me? I'll bet you aren't even aware of that." I look at the slick reflection shining back at me. My head is spinning, what is wrong with me?

Astonished at my body's reaction, I tip my head back and close my eyes. This can't be happening. I am on my knees, pussy exposed, nipples clamped, collared. My world is crashing in on me.

"Why me, Søren?" is all I can think to say.


I gaze down at my prize, my beautiful American slut. There is so much to explore in her mind. She likes it, but I see her struggling inside. However, her lust wins out. I unzip my pants and pull out my cock, stepping right up to Ginger.

"Slikke min pik, and stop asking questions." Without hesitation she sticks out her tongue, and starting at the base of my shaft, gives me one long lick up my length.

I shudder in delight, I love her hands on the back of her neck, big sexy tits exposed and tortured nipples clamped. The leash is hanging between them and pools on the floor between her spread thighs.

"You may lick me again, Ginger. One dozen times." She complies with a far-away look on her face. "What are you thinking about, Ginger?"

She continues to lick my rock hard dick, "one," lick, "two", lick...

She completes the twelve strokes and looks up with her large oval eyes, "Søren, I think that I need to suck your balls."

Laughing, I undress completely and carry her to her bed. I lay Ginger down and facing her beautiful fisse I pull her throbbing clit into my mouth. I lower my cock to her mouth but she pushes it forward and tongues my balls, sucking first one then the other into her soft, wet mouth.

I have never enjoyed the "69" position as much as I am in this moment. I want this woman. I thought that she was merely a conquest, someone to add to my list of women that worship me. As Ginger tenderly tongues and sucks my balls, I am lost in sensation. She *wants* to do this.


While Søren is teasing my clit I feel him insert two long fingers in my cunt, curling them up and assaulting my g-spot. "Finally, a man that understands what it's for," I muse. I can't believe I have this man's balls in my mouth and how much I am enjoying it. I roll them around with my tongue, savoring their texture. My hips are bucking up off the bed, I want my pussy filled with his long, strong fingers. I have always liked being finger-fucked, it's like having a cock with better skills in me.

Søren keeps moaning and growling onto my clit, the vibrations and the frequency are unlike anything I've experienced. I pull his iron cock into my mouth, I am ready to cum, and having my mouth stuffed with him will put me right over the edge. I grind up against his fingers pistoning in and out of my tight hot pussy, I can hear how obscenely wet I am by the squelching noises.

I suck him in deep, his balls are blocking my breathing but I don't care, I need to pleasure my dominant Dane. I am almost there, almost, then dammit dammit he yanks his fingers out and waits. I mewl piteously. Then, "slap", he is spanking my entire cunt with his fingers together like a wooden paddle. Faster and faster he goes, the pain oh the pain but my cunt is on fire.

I continue sucking and tonguing his prick, my nails raking down the back of his thighs, pulling him deeper. My nipples hurt so much, but now that Søren is smacking my clit I feel this electric connection, a triangle of pain. It morphs into pleasure, my endorphins and adrenaline mix.

"That's it my little slut, suck it, suck it. Expose your cunt to me, it is mine to play with. Never deny me."

Søren's words turn me on so much my pussy spasms and I can feel it grasping, opening and closing, searching for something to suck on. He pulls off of me, turns around and picks up one ankle, putting it on his shoulder. I feel his wonderful hot dick ram into me, my knee falls to the side, exposing myself completely.

He grabs my extended thigh with one hand and my ass with the other and pounds the hell out of my still spasming pussy. "Ginger, do you like my huge Danish cock in you? I know I need to fuck you all the time, you horny bitch, if I expect you to behave."

"Ohhhh my godddd, Søren, so good so good," I whimper, my orgasm is extending and I feel high, ecstasy. He thrusts in at this crazy angle, his face is contorted in fury while he squeezes my hot flesh and fucks me harder.

Søren grunts with exertion and growls, "I own your pretty pink pussy, and I will fuck you and use you whenever I feel like it. You will follow my orders, and do exactly as I say."

"Spread those pink lips for me and rub your clit. Make it stand up for me."

I comply and he pulls his cock out slowly, and we both watch my delicate inner lips being pulled out with it, kissing his cock before it disappears back inside. Søren pulls out, letting me feel every inch of his length. He pauses at my hot opening, then stabs in quickly, hitting my cervix. Pulling out, he pauses for 3 long seconds before repeating; while I look at him in panic and lust.

The sensation is unlike any I have felt, he is hitting this spot that sends jolts through me. His blue eyes hold mine, the world falls away as my orgasm overtakes me. My whimpers turn to screams, my body writhes beneath him but I cannot look away. Søren leans in close and fucks me slowly and steadily. The only indication of his impending orgasm is the slight dilation of his pupils. He crushes me beneath his weight as he releases himself deep inside me.

Rolling off of me, Søren kisses my fingers and covers me up with the duvet. I am incoherent. I close my eyes and giggle, "I guess we aren't going out tonight." With a smile on my face I drift away into slumber.

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