tagErotic HorrorGirl in a Glasshouse

Girl in a Glasshouse


Katie carefully unlocked the glass house door and went inside, enjoying, as she always did, the warmth that hit her on this cold winter's morning. She never failed to appreciate the peace and quiet of the University Botanic gardens at this time of the morning, and she enjoyed the responsibility of checking all the glasshouses before the gardens were opened to the public. She knew that she had the place to herself for at least half an hour before the hustle and bustle of the normal working day.

She had worked for the Gardens for two years now, and devoted her life to gardening and plants, to almost the total exclusion of anything else, including a personal life. However she felt no loss, no missed enjoyment; her garden gave her everything she wanted from life.

She was looking forward to this morning especially as the curator had told her that a particularly rare vine had put on a spurt of growth this week and he had asked her to check it this morning to ensure that any stray stems were safely tied in out of harm's way. Katie soon found the plant and studied it closely. It was composed of two thick stems issuing from a large terracotta pot and branched into many thinner tendrils, some with flower buds and all with soft velvety leaves. It seemed to be quivering in its pot and Kate made a mental note to check all the windows to ensure that no draught would harm the plant.

The vine was already extending along the greenhouse bench by about 6 feet which surprised her as she had only been in two days before and she was sure the vine had only been a couple of feet long at the most. Growth at this rate would be astonishing! Suddenly she felt something brushing her feet and leapt back as she knew that the occasional rat had been spotted in the gardens. She breathed a sigh of relief as she noticed it was just another tendril from the vine and she laughed to herself for being so jumpy. However the laugh died in her throat as the tendril suddenly seemed to curl around her ankle.

This could not be! Surely this was either a draught from the door again or her over-active imagination! But no; the tendril was definitely coiled round her ankle and to Kate's mounting horror it was slipping up the inside of her jeans. Kate shrieked and backed away shaking her leg, but could not dislodge the vine. She bent down and nervously grasped the green stem, trying to pull it off her leg, but to no avail. Indeed this only seemed to encourage the vine which, without a shadow of a doubt, was now twining itself around her calf and up the inside of her jeans!

Kate cried out in the hope that someone might hear her, completely forgetting that she was alone in the gardens. Feeling like something out of a Harry Potter film she looked around for something with which she could cut the vine, but no tools were to hand. She thought she might be able to clamber out of the window and placed her hands on the bench ready to haul herself up. Big mistake!

Within seconds two more tendrils from the plant wrapped themselves around her wrists and she felt herself dragged bodily on to the bench. She now cried out in real terror as more of the tendrils wrapped themselves around her and she wriggled and squirmed on the bench. She was not sure whether to fight the ever increasing greenery or relax in the hope that it might stop growing. She was almost crying now as she tried to relax her body on the bench and indeed the tendrils did seem to gradually quieten down until they seemed to stop altogether.

Kate lay on the bench, breathing heavily, her eyes darting around the greenhouse wondering what on earth to do next. She felt she could not cope with this for another half hour until other gardeners arrived, and she felt her mind start to crumble. If nothing happened soon she would scream! Then something did happen...

Her heart leapt into her mouth as she felt the tendrils move again, once again the ones that had slipped up her jeans started to move. However the movement was quite slow and to her mounting horror she realized that the tendril was starting to slip under the material of her panties. She closed her eyes and prayed it would go no further but the plant seemed remorseless in its determination. She felt the tendrils slide into her panties; one appeared to be slipping in from the back and one from the front. She tried to move her again but was now firmly tied down by the rest of the vine and she could do nothing as suddenly one of the tendrils slipped almost an inch into the opening of Kate's pussy. Kate closed her eyes and whimpered as the plant continued to invade her most private place and could do nothing as the tendril slipped even further into her pussy. Luckily it stopped after what seemed about six or seven inches and she hoped this would be the end. Then to her further terror, the other tendril snaked along the cheeks of her backside and seemed to nestle at the opening of her bum. Kate closed her eyes tight as the vine seemed to nudge at the opening and suddenly it was in, sliding two or three inches into her anus.

At this point Kate had given up worrying... she felt as if she was in a nightmare from which she would hopefully wake up and then it suddenly occurred to her that she didn't feel as frightened as she was a few moments ago. It struck her that she was actually beginning to enjoy the feeling of these stems in her most private areas. Kate had never considered herself to be a particularly sexual person; she had no partner at present as the garden took up all her time although she did occasionally pleasure herself in the evenings. She felt she had no need of a partner and her dedication to her job precluded any long-term relationship.

However it was the current short term relationship with this plant that was now fully occupying Kate's mind and to her surprise she was somewhat relaxed, despite the absurdity and surrealism of the situation. Suddenly she felt more movement in her panties and realized that the stem that was nestling deep into her pussy was starting to withdraw. Kate held her breath in the hope that at last she was being released but this hope was soon dashed as the stem slid back into her pussy. Then it came out again, then in again, and Kate suddenly realized what was happening --the plant was making love to her!

Kate struggled to raise her head and looked down at her groin, where the movement of the plant was clearly visible in her jeans. She closed her eyes not wanting to see this terrifying sight but could not help but be turned on by what was happening. She lay back again and despite herself felt her pussy becoming wet with the ministrations of this vine. She then remembered the other tendril inserted in her backside and as she did so this too started to gently move in an out of the tight opening. Kate cried out; she was not used to this but the movements of both stems in an out of her were really starting to turn her on!

She could not help but lay back and enjoy what was happening to her and almost without thinking she started to move her hips to meet the thrusting of the plant. The stems seemed to thicken inside of her which only served to increase the pleasure and it was then that she realized that the plant was actually reacting to her! As she relaxed or moved, the plant seemed to move with her. If she thrust her hips upwards the vine met her thrusts with a deeper stab of its owner. Suddenly Kate found herself jerking up at the invading plant as it thrust what was, to all intents and purposes a large green cock deep into her wet pussy. At the same time the other tendril was continuing to probe her backside --she was being double-fucked by a plant!

Kate's almost laughed out loud at this absurdity, forgetting for a moment the reality of the situation, and she thought 'if only the curator could see me now!' Suddenly Kate felt further movement and two or three vines were sliding under her T shirt and towards her boobs. She was past caring now as she lay back and let the soft green it tendrils slide under her bra are and caress themselves around her breasts. They seemed to coil around her nipples and squeezed gently, heightening the ecstasy she was already feeling. She knew now that she was very close to cumming and just laid back, giving herself up to the plant. Three or four strands were now bubbling under her T shirt and caressing her breasts whilst one slender stem was probing her backside and what felt like a thick eight or nine inch stem was plunging in an out of her sopping pussy. Suddenly she felt her orgasm approaching and cried out as the plant itself seemed to stiffen and expand. Then her climax hit her. Kate shrieked, this time in pure pleasure rather than sheer terror, not caring if anyone else was in the vicinity, as her orgasm coursed through her body. The plant itself vibrated as she came which heightened the final exquisite peak of pleasure.

Kate slowly opened her eyes and looked down at her body. To her astonishment there was no sign of any part of the vine attached to her, and in fact she appeared to be lying on top of it on the bench. Kate gulped and sat up. She swung her legs over the side of the bench and unsteadily jumped down on to her feet. She surveyed the bench. The vine itself had returned to its original size although she had to admit that some of the stems and leaves were looking a bit crushed and battered. She could still feel the soreness of her pussy but did not equate this with what she was looking at on the greenhouse bench. Surely it had not been just a vivid dream?

Kate tried to arrange the vine into some semblance of order and wondered how she was going to explain to her boss the state of his precious rare vine! She could now hear other voices in the garden --her fellow gardeners. She carefully put had the last piece of vine that was hanging over the bench back up into its support and went to leave the greenhouse. Suddenly she felt something soft brush against her hand and looking down noticed that one of the smaller tendrils had coiled itself around her hand. Not again she panicked! But then as she watched a small leaf opened up and softly brushed the palm of her hand, for all the world like a kiss, before untwining itself and disappearing back into the main foliage. Kate smiled to herself and stroked one of the leaves, thinking to herself that perhaps she might come in a bit earlier tomorrow!

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