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Girl on the Milk Carton


To Whom this May Concern,

I saw a picture of myself on a milk carton the other day. The milk carton was produced by your company. I'm writing this to let you know that I'm not missing. I can understand why you might think that I'm missing because my mother probably has been wondering where I've gone off to. Sure I'm nearly twenty-five, but you never grow up in the eyes of your mother. So, I'm writing this to put you at ease, the public at ease, and of course my mother at ease. I will not be cleaning up my language for this letter either, because I don't want it to be published. All I want you to do is tell everyone that I've been found. I owe you the truth in response to this favor however, and the truth is that I've been fucking.

Yes, I know that I was the good girl with the good looks, but what is the point of being so adorable, if you can't ever enjoy the ecstasies of life. Oh and mother would never approve of my sexual companion either, because this adorable little black girl writing this letter has fallen for a white man. Oh it is almost unbearable in my community the thoughts that black folks have about black women choosing white men. I don't have a slavery fetish or anything, but white men sure can fuck.

So, that's where I've been fucking my tall white boyfriend. He tells me he loves me too and I know he does from the passion he expels when thrusting into the confines of my warm black pussy. I'm dark to, like a winter sky kind of dark and he laps up my chocolate juices like the candy that they are.

Don't tell my mother that I saw dad's penis once and the myth about white men is certainly not true. My lover is extremely well hung and he knows just what to do with it. Oh my goodness that curve he has just in the middle of his shaft hits the right spot ever time he pushes into me from behind. I know you can't even paraphrases this for the public but maybe if I can get at least you to understand, then I'll feel better that I left it all behind.

There was nothing for me there. As pretty as I am, I'm still kind of chubby and black guys never seemed to gravitate to me. My butt isn't flat so much as it isn't round, but the dimples just over top of it drive my new lover crazy. He tells me those dimples are typically only found on white girls, but he loves the way they pop against my skin. This white boy can't get enough of my skin and he licks my black nipples like they are truly made of chocolate.

My lovers tongue is magic. The first time he went down on me I came so hard that I nearly blacked out. He grabbed my hips and adjusted them until my trimmed pussy was just at his mouth. He sniffed along the hairs as he teased and titillated me. I nearly feel off the bed when he pushed his thick tongue inside my bonbon layered walls. Every time he'd push deeper with his tongue I'd find my hands escaping to his hair. White guys have the best hair because it allows for fingers to flow seamlessly through it.

My mother would be angrier if she knew that we didn't use protection either. I had to let him have the full experience of the thick wet mixture pooling just above my legs. He said I was tight like a virgin, but I was with two others before him. Did I mention that he is older?

There is just something about an older guy. They seem to really get turned on just being around a young girl. Maybe that is what is wrong with some of the older women who have given me grief, jealousy. If my mom got one taste of my sexy white lover, I doubt she would ever go back to my dad.

He lets his friends watch too. I've never had a greater thrill than getting pummeled by big white cock as two other white guys watch getting hard just for me. It is such a dangerous thrill.

So, yes I wrote you this letter with intent of sending it off with a picture of us side by side, but I'm scared you might publish it and all the little ladies will come running trying to get a bite of my man. I refuse to share and if you do get in touch with my mom, you can tell her that.


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