tagSci-Fi & FantasyGirl or Gargoyle Ch. 01

Girl or Gargoyle Ch. 01


I woke to the sound of footsteps below. Rolling over to look out the small window in my room I saw that it was well past the time to be up. Quickly I got out of bed and changed. Throwing the blanket back into its fixed position I hoped that my mother would not come to check on the quality of my work.

Silently I slid down the latter from the loft to the kitchen. My mother was just beginning to make breakfast. I went to work gathering the dishes and setting the table. As I did, I watched my mother as she cooked.

Both my parents had been born and raised here in the town of Ta’lana. Like everyone else in the surrounding area, my parents were Welsches. The women kept their brown hair long and always back in a braid. Most were barely five foot and all were on the plump side. Cooking is the favorite past time of the women of Kinderland. While every region had their town platters, you would always find the women folk in the kitchen.

The men wore their brown hair long as well, more out of laziness then anything. While they were the ones to do all the hunting and farming, they rarely got much accomplished. You could pass many farms and see the men folk sitting the porch telling the boys in fields what they were doing wrong.

Men were a few inches taller then women and in some cases shorter, but that was rare. All Welsches had brown hair and brown eyes. Their naturally tan bodies were the color of the dirt. Clothing here was always brown or the shades of the leaves at harvest time. Silk and other fine fabrics were prized possessions and rare. My nightgown had been my mothers and after several alterations was a present for my 18th birthday.

As I watched my mother I couldn’t help but feel like a cast out. I had been found by a traveler that had happened to be passing by and heard my cries. He brought me here to Ta’lana to find a home. Coming across my parents’ farm on his way to town, he stopped to ask for milk. Unable to have children of her own, my mother had become the town’s godmother to all the children. She told me often that I had been an answer to her prayers.

I didn’t know of what heritage I came from, only that I was different. My six foot figure towered over the locals. I kept my white hair short and pulled back even though strands would fall into my face on a regular basis. My mother had been so upset when I cut my hair at the end of harvest season. She loved to sit in front of the fireplace each night and braid my long flowing locks.

A smile crept across my face as I headed out towards the barn. My hair would be the same length it was by the end of harvest season this year. I had taken over the farming for my father after his incident with the plow last season. Now he would hobble around with his cane cursing up a storm about not being able to do the farming any longer. Though he would contently sit on the porch and bark orders to me.

Not only was my height drastically different from the natives of Ta’lana, but my eyes were a brilliant blue, almost white color. At night they would shine like the stars. I had startled my parents on many occasions. My skin was a pale cream white regardless of how many hours I spent in the sun and my body had transformed into a firm and muscular frame when I had become of age.

The barn smelled of freshly cut hay and the horses were already baying for their breakfast. I quickly went about my chores and stopped by the hen house to gather fresh eggs for my mother.

When I entered the house, my father was already sitting at the table smoking his pipe and discussing the day’s business with my mother. I assisted my mother in finishing and serving breakfast before sitting at the table. I ate quietly listening to my father chatter on about the weather.

A chill ran down my spine suddenly. I looked up from the table and at my parents, neither seemed to have felt the same. I tried to push the uneasy feelings out of my mind as I cleared the table.

“Now Jess, don’t let those stubborn old bucks lead you today. They’ll walk in a zag if you don’t be assertive.”

I smiled as my father started his morning ritual. I helped him into the rocker on the porch.

“And you don’t have to walk so slow that the seasons come and go either…”

I chuckled to myself as I left for the barn. Today was going to be long if he was already into two rants.


It was well into evening before I had finished plowing the fields. The ground had become hard after so many years of tilling. I wiped the sweat from my face as I left the barn for the house. My mother met me at the door with a large glass of ale.

I went to the privy to wash up before supper. Mother had already heated the water in the tub. I quickly disrobed in anticipation of the heat relaxing my muscles. I stayed in the tub relaxing for several minutes before finally picking up the soap. As I lathered the rag I watched myself in the mirror.

My pale skin had turned to a mucky brown from the sweat and dirt. As I rubbed the rag over my chest I watched as the natural color of my skin appeared. The roughness from the rag made my nipples perk as I ran the soaped cloth over my breasts. I closed my eyes as I switched breasts; the familiar sense of passion began to grow. The soap running down my body was cool as I rubbed my hands over my body. I became lost in fantasy.

His hands were running warm water over my breasts as I sat straddling his lap. Leaning my head back his hands moved up to my neck before return to my breasts. Into his mouth one breast went while his hands went around my waist. I began to rub my hands over his shoulders and back of the neck. As he released my breast I leaned down and kissed him.

My tongue caressed his lips before entering to wrestle with his own. I knew this would excite him. I cupped his face in my hands as I began to rub my hips against his body. His erecting member began to caress the back of my thigh. I moved my hips to now rest against his shaft. As I continued to rub my body up and down he leaned his head back to rest against the tub.

His hands were now cupping my buttocks, messaging them lightly. I rolled my head back as I positioned myself above him. Before I could press my center onto his shaft he picked me up and set me on the edge of the tub.

I reached for the brush kept beside the tub. The smoothness of the handle was perfect. I sat at the edge of the tub and spread my legs. Leaning back I pressed the tip of the brush against me. Arching my back I slowing moved it inside of me. My muscles tightened around the foreign object as I moved it in and out slowly.

With one hand on my shoulder to steady him, he pressed the darkening head of his member against me. I let out a sigh as he entered. Slowly he began to pump himself in and out. I rolled my head back as I welcomed his flesh inside me. Taking a hold of my hip he began to pull me to him as his pace quickened.

My hands were running down his sides and up his chest. Pulling him to me we kissed. He stood, picking me up to remain being impaled onto him. Tongues dueling, he wrapped his arms around me and increased the velocity of his movements. Soon this position was not enough for either of us and back to the edge of the tub we went.

He was now pumping his flesh in and out of me at a vigorous pace. We both began to moan as we neared the top of our climax. As we both reached our peaks together our bodies began to spasm.

I bit my lip to keep from calling out in pleasure. As I again became in control of my body I listened to see if my parents had heard. They were busy chatting away while my mother finished setting supper. Quickly I got dressed in fresh clothes that had been laid out and went to eat.

As we ate my parents talked about everything from the household chores to the unusually small harvest we would be having. While I tried to join the conversation and enjoy my supper, an uneasy feeling began to grow. I shifted my weight, tapped my foot and played with my food before excusing myself.

I walked outside and looked around. As I gazed into the surrounding forests my focus came to rest on a dark and heavily covered patch near the back of the field. As I stood watching for signs of movement the uneasy feeling turned to pain and hatred. I hadn’t a clue as to why this was but the feelings were unmistakable.

My father came out to join me.

“What is it Jess, what do you see?”

I stood silently, searching for an answer. Nothing, I could see nothing, only darkness. I shook my head.

“I don’t know. I can sense that something is there, but I don’t see anything.”

My father looked at the area of woods I had been watching and shook his head.

“It’s probably nothing. Now go check that the animals are secure for the night and let’s be done with the day.”

He hobbled back into the house and left me standing there. I tried to push the feeling away and went to do as I was told.

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