tagSci-Fi & FantasyGirl or Gargoyle Ch. 02

Girl or Gargoyle Ch. 02


As I sat around the fire with my parents my thoughts returned to the darkness and hatred I had felt. The uneasy feeling had never left and now was twisting a knot in my stomach. I tried to enjoy the warmth and company of the evening. Taking note of my mood, Mother began to braid my hair, short though it was.

Our pleasure was interrupted by a horrible scream. Jumping up I ran towards the door, behind me came my father. ‘What the bloody hell?" My father reached for the door. "Where did that come from?" I reached out to stop him. Watching out the window I couldn't see anything. There was a gathering darkness around the barn that I had never seen before.

"Maybe I should go alone." It was a statement more then a question. Reaching for my dagger I left by the door I opened the door slowly. "I'll be right back." I said softly as I stepped out.

My heart raced as I crossed to the barn. The closer to the barn I got, the less I could see. A sudden wave of emotion took over me. Compared to the feelings of earlier, this was like a shock wave through my body. My blood ran cold through my veins and every muscle in my body was tense.

Before opening the barn door I looked back to the house. I may have been thousands of meters away, I couldn't see anything. As I turned back toward the barn the smell of blood and death began to seep through the planks. Suddenly the doors burst open.

A black creature stood in front of me. It stood like a man but it resembled a wolf. Blood dripped from its mouth and over its chest matting the already snarled fur.

My vision began to blur. Something deep inside me came alive with hatred and the desire to kill. My motions came naturally as the beast sprang at my. With a thud it fell to the ground.

There was a faint scream. Was that me? No, I turned toward the house. Three of the black monsters were running full force towards the door.


My head was aching as I opened my eyes. The smell of blood hit my senses like a charging bull. I tried to pull myself up. A hand pressed lightly on my shoulder. "You shouldn't try to move. Take it easy." The voice sounded vaguely familiar. Slowly as if everything was standing still I turned to the owner of the voice.

My eyes widened and a started yelp squeezed its way from my throat. His hand brushed the hair from my eyes as a slight smile appeared out of the corner of his mouth. "It's alright," The sound of his voice was like the cooing of doves. "Try to sleep." I watched for a moment longer before drifting off to sleep.

The chirping of the birds woke me. I sat up, recalling the nightmare, wolves that walked like men, the death of my parents and the man or thing or whatever it was. I lay back onto my pillow remembering what he, I guess it would be, was.

Dark black hair was pulled back behind pointed ears. His eyes were a glowing green that I had never seen before. The sharp lines of his jaw were exaggerated by the darkness of his skin. Was it black or dark brown? I couldn't remember. He was bare-chested with a dark colored cloak of some sort draping around his shoulders. He looked very strong, his muscles well defined. His hands, I recalled that they had been claw like. The feet of a lizard came to my mind.

I rolled over to my side and realized that I was laying down stairs in my parents' bed. I startled out of the bed. Why had I been asleep there? I felt a cool breeze against my skin. I looked down and to my horror saw that not only was I wearing shredded clothing, but it wasn't my body!

My legs had grown into what can only be described as animal like. I stood as if trying to stand on tip toes only now my feet had morphed into almost paw-like features with a bit of a claw forming at my heal. My hips seemed enormous as I discovered that a tail had sprouted from my lower back.

My hands resembled those of the stranger, claw-like, and had almost doubled in size. At the elbows there was a similar claw like at my heels. As my fingers touched my face I discovered that I now had fang like teeth and pointed ears. My hair had grown and now was well past shoulder length.

I took a wobbly step and winced as wings it the door frame. I had wings? What kind of creature had I become and how?! As I stepped out into the kitchen I could smell the dried blood that had been crudely cleaned from the floor and walls. Trying to run I headed for the door.

There stood the stranger from my apparently real nightmare. Next to him were two mounds of dirt and beyond was the burning barn. I stammered forwarding knowing what lay under the dirt.

As I lost my balance, he reached out and caught me with lightening speed. "Careful. You took a pretty heavy beating." His voice was firm yet full of concern. "You shouldn't be up." With that he picked me up as if I were as light as a feather and carefully carried me into the house.

"Who are you?" My voice was deeper and seemed to rumble from my chest.

He smiled, "We'll discuss this later." He carried me into the privy and set me down beside the tub. "Perhaps a bath will help." With that he left the room.

I watched him leave. He moved so gracefully. As I turned back to the tub I was surprised to see that it was steaming. Had the fire been running, I wondered to myself. Clumsily I took my shredded clothing off. As I stepped into the tub I caught my reflection in the mirror. My face had changed. I resembled the stranger in many ways.

My eyes were still a brilliant bluish white, now with a silver slit for a pupil. They were stunning I had to admit to myself. I opened my mouth to see the fangs and was shocked to see a forked tongue. What kind of thing was I? I'd never even heard a description of what I had become in the stories that I had been told growing up.

As I eased myself into the tub the heat began to melt away any awkwardness that I felt. I found myself reaching for the soap with not a hand, but the tail. I smiled at the thought that a tail would come in handy for chores. Chores, the thought brought back the sadness of knowing that it was my parents' that had been buried where the stranger had stood.

I sighed and tried to wipe those thoughts from my mind. I found myself running my hands over my new body. I was curious to discover the new differences.

As my hands slid over my breasts I noted that they were larger, not by much though. The creamy white skin looked like silk as I watched my hands roam over my belly. My hip bones still protruded and my hands went further. I realized that my skin was still soft to the touch, not scaly like the claws and forked tongue would hint.

I smiled as I realized that I no longer had a soft mound of hair above my entrance. I looked down and could see through the water that there was a discoloration where hair had once been. I spread my legs as my hands went to my thighs. Curiously I placed a finger onto the soft flesh between my legs.

Slowly I began to rub the nub above the opening. The pace quickened and I breathed deeply as pleasure washed over my body. Carefully I inserted a finger, then two. My hips began to buck against my hand as I rolled my head back.

A soft purring noise began in my throat as I began the accent of pleasure. Stopping I focused on moving my new found tail. Rubbing the tip between my legs I found it incredibly pleasing. Becoming bolder, I attempted to insert the tip. I was surprised to find it not as difficult as before. More and more entered inside me as the pleasure of fulfillment filled my body.

The pace quickened as I gained more control. Harder and faster I went as I peak to ecstasy. Letting out a rumble I relished in the feeling.

There came a knock on the door. Startled I spun in the tub as the door opened. Smiling in walked the dark, and handsome I noted, stranger. "I found these. Hopefully they will fit." Smiling he set the clothes on a nearby bench. As he turned I saw him peer at the tub. Suddenly I realized that I had moved away from the edge when he had entered giving him a full few of my nude body. Embarrassed I hugged for the tub. Chuckling he left the room.

As I stood to get out of the tub I reached for the drying cloth. I had changed! I was now a human. Spinning I looked into the mirror. Sure enough it was my reflection. My head swam as I lost my balance. After a noising fall I rose, trying to figure how not moments before I had been a mystical creature.

A knock at the door came again. "I'm fine!" I almost shouted. With trembling hands I lifted the leather top. They were my harvest clothing, leather clothing with tie strings for the neck and lower back. The skirt was made in the same manner with ties at the sides.

Stepping back to the mirror I brushed back my matted hair. Pausing I realized that I hadn't blood stains on my body. I recalled the blue ooze that came from the black monsters. He had bathed me! I blushed as I thought of him holding my naked body, touching me. I was aroused again.

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