tagSci-Fi & FantasyGirl or Gargoyle Ch. 03

Girl or Gargoyle Ch. 03


I tried to hide my face as I stepped out of the privy. I moved to the fireplace and sat in my father's chair. Laying my head on the back I could smell the musky sent of smoke. Sighing I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes I saw him. Sitting up, I must have had a surprised look on my face. "Would you prefer the previous form?" He was smiling from ear to ear. "I figured this would make talking easier." He sat in the chair across from me.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Robert of the clan Sye."

My dream lover was there in front of me and was the same being as the mystical creature? My head was racing and was beginning to hurt. I rubbed my forehead trying to grasp my mind around this concept.

"Are you unwell? Perhaps I should..." Robert was standing when I looked up.

"No, I'm alright. This is just all so much to take in." My voice trembled slightly.

He moved to squat beside me. His eyes full of concern, he brushed the strands of loose hair behind my ear.

I watched his glowing green eyes. The same eyes that I had imagined in my dreams and the same eyes I had seen in the being that had been here before. Cautiously I reach out to touch his face. He didn't move as my fingers traced his facial features. "I dreamt of you." It was barely auditable.

Smiling he waited for me to finish exploring his face. I knew every curve of his face, every shadow. My emotions were jumbling together. I didn't know whether I wanted to push him to the ground and ravage his body or run away. Suddenly I was snapped back to reality and I withdrew my hand.

"What's you name?" He moved back to sit in the chair.


"Jessica. That's a very pretty name." He paused. "I've been looking for you Jessica. If I had known that you were a woman I might have found you sooner."

Looking for me? How could he have been looking for me? I had been found on the side of the road, a cast away!

As if he were reading my thoughts, "First, let me explain what you are and what happened."

I nodded not knowing what to say. I sat silently as he spoke. He spoke of a dark wizard that had created the wolf-like creatures. Slowly he told me of life as it had been, before the war between Liken and Gargoyle. He explained that during an attack on a mixed clan, those who had escaped previous raids, only one female was able to flee. In her arms she carried her only child. She had attempted to reach the small hoards of the north when she too came under attack. Fearing for her babe, she hid it along a well traveled path before leading the Liken away. A small army had been formed by the northern hoards and had happened to come upon the wounded mother. After driving off the attackers, the mother told of her babe with her dying breaths. Robert's father had been among the army and vowed to find her child. After his death, Robert went looking for the only hopeful member of his species still in the northern parts of Kinderwood.

He sat back in the chair after finishing. I sat quietly, thinking on the vast knowledge I had received, seeing if I believed the story. I had been lost in thought and hadn't noticed Robert leave to prepare breakfast.

"Try and eat. We leave as soon as you are ready." The tone had been commanding, but even so, full of concern. Slowly I ate wondering where we would be going. I hadn't finished eating when Robert headed for the door, a small pack over his shoulder.

"Let's go, we've no time to waste." That being said he stepped out into the sunlight. Pausing a moment I set the plate onto the floor.

'No sense in cleaning.' I thought to myself as I gathered myself and followed.

After adjusting to the light I saw that Robert had changed, back to his Gargoyle form. I stood watching for a moment. I saw now in full clarity that his skin was a deep and rich brown. His wings unfolded to reveal a soft creamy brown. His massive body was muscular, his arms easily as large as my body.

He turned and looked at me. He was stunning beautiful in a manner that I hadn't thought possible; his green eyes shown like emeralds against his dark face, his hair blowing lightly in the breeze. I found myself gazing at the bulge between his legs. He wore now only pants that clung to his thighs like they were about to burst at any moment.

A slight chuckle made me aware of the fact that he knew what I had been looking at. Blushing I looked away.

"Come, let's go." He held out his hand. Stepping forward I timidly placed my hand in his. In one swift move he took me into his arms as he had done before, this time with a little less tenderness.

"Where are we going?" I was almost afraid to ask. There was no reason to stay here and the memory of my previous life would have haunted my every minute if I were to stay. Smiling, he didn't answer my question. Instead in one powerful step we were air born, his massive wings carrying us higher and higher.

As the ground became but a distant sight, I clung tightly to Robert's massive neck. At my fright his arms tightened around me. "I won't let you fall, at least not to the ground." A smile played across his face. I winced at the thought of being released into the air. His fingertips began to trace lightly against my side in reassurance, I thought.


After what had seemed to be hours, we landed. Thankful to be on the ground I quickly tried to step away. Grabbing a hold of my arm, Robert held me until my knees could support my weight once again.

Tossing the small pack that he had been carrying, he stepped away into a small gathering of trees. I sat and pulled out a small loaf of bread, cheese and a flask of ale. Hungrily I ate.

When Robert reappeared, he was in his human form. Taking a seat beside me, he too began to eat. At seeing my dream lover again, this time under less traumatic situations, I look in his presence. I noted his clothing was again in fitted pants and shirt and even boots. I pondered on the change in clothing for a moment.

My thoughts soon lead to my fantasies. I wondered if he was as endowed in life as he had been in my dreams. I thought of his member made my heart quicken as I became aroused. Looking up at me he smiled and I realized that I wanted him.

As if reading my thoughts he moved toward me, pressing me to my back. His body hovering over mine he smiled. "So, you dreamt of me?" A devilish grin appeared. "What kind of dreams did you have?" Without waiting for a response, he leaned down and kissed my neck.

I gasped at the actual touch of his lips, my hands moved to his chest. At my response he again kissed my neck, softly and then more intensely as sounds of delight escaped my lips. How often had I desired for his touch? In a flash all of my sensual thoughts came thundering back to me.

With each touch I became more and more aroused. He had now taken to nibbling on my ear, breathing deeply. My hands began to pull at the clothing at his sides. My hips pressed against him wanting to feel what had only been dreamt. Our mouths met in a frenzy of passion before he pulled his shirt over his head.

I ran my hands over the familiar chest and arms before we again kissed. From there he kissed to my neck. Reaching behind me in one quick tug he untied my top. Pulling the leather away from my body he began to kiss down my chest. A hand went to my back as he untied and threw my shirt beside us.

Hungrily he took a breast into his mouth. My back arched with pleasure and remembrance. Licking in small circles his tongue traced over my skin. After giving the same tender attention to the other breast he began to kiss down my chest. Nervously I wanted as he easily untied my skirt.

Taking note of my mixed emotion he brushed the skirt open as he rose to kiss my neck. His rough hands were like silk, tracing over my hips and between my thighs. I could feel my juices beginning to over flow as his movements slowly brought his hand closer and closer.

At his touch to the tender opening my back arched and I moaned quite loudly. The realization that I had no need to control myself I gave myself fully to the sensation.

A finger was tracing the opening, pulling the sweet nectar out and over my skin. Our mouths locked as he inserted his finger in slowly. My hips rose at the feeling as he again entered inside me, two fingers this time. My hips began to buck against his hand as the incredible feeling grew inside.

Swiftly he turned me over and I felt the pressure of his member press against me. Enthralled at the feeling I tenderly press back against hip. I moaned loudly as the tip entered and withdrew. It was even more incredible then I had imagined.

Slowly Robert pressed himself against me each time sinking farther inside me. I could hear him groaning as he slid in and out of me. He bent down and took a hold of my waist. Tenderly he kissed my shoulder as our pace quickened. By this time I was on the brink of screaming from pleasure.

As he rose back up to gain a tighter hold I felt a widening inside me. It started as a slight feeling and then turned painful. I felt a clawed hand reach under me to fondle a breast. At the thought of Robert's gargoyle form penetrating the feeling turned from painful to pleasure as I bucked against him.

Soon there was a rumbling coming from Robert as he neared his completion. As I came to my third or fourth, I couldn't remember now, he bent down and I felt instead of the soft traces of a kiss there was the burning heat of teeth sinking into my skin.

I cried out only not in pain. The bizarre fire from the bite had sent me rocketing towards ecstasy. There was a freezing fire rushing through my body as I felt the warmth of Robert's secretion coat me internally.

Still reeling from the sexual pleasure I lay on the ground as I felt the wet flickers of his tongue around the bite mark. I closed my eyes and let the feelings take over my body.

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