Girl Scout Leader Training Ch. 00


"I hope." I said simply as I turned back to the fire.

The girls slowly straggled out of their tents, along with the other leaders and Samantha, looking surprisingly not like she had a wild night of sex. After breakfast we all cleaned up, packed our gear and then headed out for the relatively short trip, to the Isle of pines a mere five miles and four portages away. We arrived at the site in time for a late lunch, which we all gratefully ate before setting up camp.

Setup of camp was much smoother this time, and the larger flat area meant the tents could be spread out a bit farther, reducing the impact on the campsite. It also meant that I had time to go out and do a little fishing, which I undertook with Liz, one of girls from our troop. We slowly fished around the shoreline of the island, catching three nice sized northern pike, which would become a good part of dinner.

One thing I had noticed while I was out fishing was a nice secluded rock shelf that was nearly at lake level that would provide an excellent place to get wet, or in this case, take a quick bath. While I would much rather have a warm shower, after the activities the night before had left me feeling a bit grungy. To that end, late in the afternoon I grabbed what I needed and slipped quietly out of camp, hiking the quarter mile across the island to the south facing, and still sunny rock ledge.

It only took me a few moments to strip down naked and gingerly walk out into the chilly water. I hadn't planned on lingering, so I quickly got wet, soaped up and then dunked back down in the water, rubbing the soap suds from my body. I turned around and stopped dead in my tracks, Annette standing on the rock ledge where my clothes were laying.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid. That's what I am....Just plain stupid." I said to myself as I stood there, waist deep in the cold. "Um. You wouldn't mind turning around, would you?" I asked the Annette, standing on the rock idly playing with the hem of one leg of her bright blue nylon running shorts.

"Actually I would mind very much!" She answered with a crooked grin partially hidden by the tip of one finger that was teasing her lower lip. The light breeze gently teased her auburn hair, a stark contrast to the white tank top that it fluttered around, the myriad of dark reddish brown poke-a-dots on her pale skin standing out even more against the white shirt as she stood there expectantly. "I was kind of thinking that I might join you."

"That's probably not a really good idea." I said, helpless to stop her from pulling her own shirt off and exposing her bare chest. With a very naughty look on her face, she slipped her fingers into her shorts and pushed them down, skimming them off her legs and leaving her completely naked. She stepped gingerly into the water in front of me, her shaved mound screaming "look at me" as she exaggerated each step to spread her slender legs and show more of herself to me.

"After last night, I wouldn't think you'd mind a naked woman with you." She said teasingly as she continued to slowly wade deeper into the water toward me.

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to sound innocent.

"Oh come now. We're adults. I know all too well the sounds of an orgasm. I'm quite sure you don't expect me to believe that she gave that to herself with you in the tent all asleep and everything." She said as she stepped within a few feet of me.

"No, I don't suppose you would believe that." I answered as she stepped within inches of me. She slowly dipped herself down into the water up to her neck and then stood back up, the cold lake water cascading off her body and the chill making her already hard nipples stand even harder.

"So why don't you just wash me off. I feel like a very dirty girl at the moment." She said in a soft sultry voice. She reached for my hand, still holding the bar of soap, and pulled it to her chest, slowly moving it around to soap herself with my hand. She reached for my other hand and pulled it down and pushed it gently between her legs, pushing my fingers up against her lips. "Ohhhhh yeah. You can do that too." She half moaned as she started to rock her hips against my hand.

"Horny, huh?" I asked, my inhibitions draining away as my fingers teased between her lips and my other hand ran back and forth across her chest with the soap.

"Uh huh. Very!" She said as she closed her eyes, letting go of my hand to move hers to my neck to hold on.

"Back up." I said softly, slowly stepping toward her and making her take first one and then more steps backwards. I pushed her backwards until she was only thigh deep in the water and then tossed the soap toward the rock outcropping several feet behind her. I reached down and gently scooped water up and rinsed the soap from her body, rubbing my hands all around her firm round tits.

I lowered my head down and gently sucked her right nipple into my mouth, letting my tongue swirl around and around the hard protrusion as I suctioned it deeper into my mouth.

"OH god yesssss." She hissed quietly as my hand slid down her body and between her legs again, this time pushing between her lips until my tip was able to penetrate into her tight tunnel. We stood there for long minutes while I worked from breast to breast, sucking and nibbling on her tits while my finger teased her pussy, sliding up and down the length of her lips to find her clit with each stroke.

"OH god! Fuck me! Please fuck me!" She moaned as she pulled my head tightly to her chest, her hips rocking in time with the strokes of my fingers.

"Ok. Turn around." I told her as I pulled my face from her chest. She stepped back and turned around, bending over to hold onto a rock and step her legs apart. I took a second to enjoy the view of her bright pink lips, spread and glistening with moisture, her ass pushed out at me and waiting for me to fill her. I stepped up behind her and pressed my mushroom head between her lips, sliding it up and down to gently gather her moisture on it and then engage it into her tunnel.

I pushed slowly until I felt my head slip into her tight tunnel and then started to make short little strokes, each one working a little more of me into her incredibly tight pussy. She felt as tight as a teenager around my cock, her tunnel having to expand and stretch to accept my fat shaft. Each stroke inched a little more of me into her, and elicited a little gasp or squeak of pleasure from her lips. Stroke after stroke I worked more of myself into her until finally I could feel the end of her velvety tunnel pressing against my head. I changed my strokes to long slow strokes that pulled my whole shaft from her until I could drive it quickly back into her, each stroke making her whole body shake as my hips slapped loudly against her firm ass.

I was beyond caring where I was or who might hear or see, my cock driving my actions more than my brain. Those actions soon had Annette moaning loudly as I drove her toward the pinnacle of her climax, her whole body trembling and shaking for at least a full minute as my cock pounded into her.

"Oh god oh god oh god." She squeaked with each stroke, her whole body twitching and her tunnel spasming around my shaft as it pushed me closer to my own climax.

"I'm going to cum!" I grunted as I slapped into her yet again.

"YES! DO IT! Fill me with your cum! OHHHH GOD YES!" she cried loudly as my body jerked hard, driving my shaft to the hilt inside her and spurting a hot surge of cum into her. Time and again my body spasmed, adding more to the load of cum that was already leaking from her tight pussy, around my cock and dripping into the lake in long white strings.

"OH damn." I gasped as I stood in the cold water trying to catch my breath.

"I'll say." Annette echoed as she panted for breath, slowly pulling off my cock and turning around to face me. She squatted down above the cold water and gently splashed the cold water on her pussy, washing first herself, and then my glistening cock. "Damn... I'd been wanting that for months now."

"Hope it was worth the wait." I answered as I stepped past her and up onto the rock.

"Oh yeah. More than worth the wait." She answered as she climbed up out of the water with me. Unlike a normal shower or bath, the first thing we did was to quickly dry and then cover each other with bug repellant cream before dressing. As interesting as it was to share putting the cream on this way, the enjoyment was tempered as I started to think about the possibility of being discovered, even in this relatively secluded space. I mean if Annette could find me, what stopped the girls from doing so?

Fortunately by the time the two of us wandered back to camp from different directions, things appeared to be normal. I breathed a quick sigh of relief before settling down next to the fire ring, my back to a log for a quick rest before I had to clean and cook the fish.

The rest of the afternoon and dinner time passed without incident, and I was even able to find a comfortable position near the fire for a short catnap. For some reason I was flat tired! Eventually darkness fell and we all sat around the fire chatting and talking about what the next day held. Eventually Annette, Julie, Samantha and Diane called it a night, leaving me to "keep an eye" on the girls till they called it a night.

With me leaning back against the log and watching the fire, the girls dug out their deck of cards and started playing some game that quickly started sounding like a truth or dare game. They would draw cards and the high card would get to form a question. They would all draw again and the low card would have to answer it. In general the questions were pretty mundane, what boy do you like at school, have you ever kissed a boy, that kind of thing. I got a bit concerned when Suzie, Julies daughter, asked the question "have you ever been naked in front of a boy?" Pamela, having drawn the low card didn't want to answer. The girls quickly put their heads together and decided that you could take a "penance act" instead, but you wouldn't know what that was until after you refused to answer.

"Hold it girls. Need I remind you that there are specific rules about hazing? Those rules include that no-one, absolutely no one is to be forced or coerced into doing things against their will."

"Don't worry Mister C. This is all for fun. We won't do anything that would get anyone hurt." Vanessa answered.

"Ok, but I'll be watching just to be sure!" I replied, wishing a couple of the ladies had stayed up with me.

"No problem!" Vanessa answered. The girls put their heads together again and announced that her consolation act would be to go strip to her underwear and run twice around camp.

"Is that all? Hell some of my track stuff shows more than that!" She said as she quickly stood up and stripped off her shirt, kicked off her sneakers and skimmed her nylon wind pants off, leaving her in a small sports type bra and a pair of bikini panties before pulling her shoes back on again. She easily jogged the two loops around the camp, making the last loop short and hurdling over me before stopping by the fire and quickly pulling her pants and shirt on again. "Ok..since I had to do the penance I think I should get to ask the next question!" Pamela said as she sat back down. The girls quickly decided that was fair and would add a different angle to the game, letting you "buy" the next question by doing the penance.

"Have you ever let a boy play with your breasts... And if so, who?" Pamela asked with a grin, holding out the deck of cards. Each girl drew one, Mandy being the low card with a five.

"I'm not saying that!" Mandy said quickly.

"So you're not going to answer?" Pamela asked her.

"Uh uh!" Mandy said emphatically.

"You know you're going to have to do penance then." Candice said.

"Ok. but, I'm not answering that!" Mandy said firmly.

The girls put their heads together and after a lot of whispering Pamela turned to her and said. "Go over to Mister C, and take your shirt off and let him play with your tits for a whole minute."

"Wait a minute!" I said in horror. God the last thing I needed was to get tangled up playing with the girls! Good lord what were they thinking????"

"Awwwww Come on Mister C, I know you know what to do with them." Suzie said. "We won't tell anyone, we promise!"

"Yeah, like I'd risk doing this? Seriously girls?" I asked them.

Candice got up and walked over. She knelt down next to me and leaned close. I expected her to plead for me to do it like the other girls seemed to be doing, but instead she whispered something that caught me completely off guard. "You wouldn't want the whole camp to know that you were standing in the lake fucking Miss Summers would you?" She asked.

I sat there looking in shock at her as she grinned knowing that she had indeed struck a nerve.

"I mean, you looked so hot out there, fucking her and then rubbing that cream all over her body. It would be a shame for that to get out, now wouldn't it?" She whispered.

"You wouldn't!"

"Uh huh. I will...unless of course you'd rather people to know that I sucked your cock in the bunkhouse before we left. I bet that would go over good too."


"Uh huh." She answered with a grin. "And I know how well you can squeeze a pair of tits too."

It was clear she wasn't going to give me much time to think a way out of this. She had me over a barrel and she knew it. I had always known she was the devious one of the troop, but I had never expected anything like this. Without waiting for my answer she motioned for Mandy to come over. She straddled my legs and then sat down on them, her pussy only inches below where my cock was laying inside the light weight wind pants I had changed into after dinner.

Candice turned toward Mandy and quickly pulled her t-shirt off and then quickly undid her bra and pulled it off, Mandy never resisting in any way to being half undressed this close to me.

"Time doesn't start till you grab them." Candice whispered as the girls jockeyed around for a better place to see.

"This is a horrible idea." I protested quietly.

"Not as horrible as what I suggested, is it?" Candice asked.

I shook my head as I reached for the young B cup breasts in front of me, each one topped with a large puffy nipple that seemed to be growing fatter as I watched. I cupped both breasts and gently squeezed and massaged them, running my thumb back and forth across her still exposed nipples, each time I made them cone out toward me. I felt her hands move from her legs to my stomach, her fingers carefully searching for my nylon covered cock, which by now was starting to grow to significant proportions. Long before Candice called time, she had her hand sliding along the full length of my hard cock, her green eyes closed and her blond hair swinging to and fro behind her as she gently rocked, lost in the sensations. I half expected her to just slide forward any second to press her pussy against my shaft.

"Ok. Time's up." Candice said. I quickly pulled my hands away and allowed Mandy to slip her shirt back on before she climbed off of me.

"My question now." She said breathlessly as she sat down by the fire. "Have you....Have you ever been completely naked with a guy? And who?" She asked. The girls each drew cards and Ellie ended up with a seven which was lowest.

"Ok." Ellie said. "I've been naked with a guy once, but I'm not even going to tell you who!"

"Ohhhh come on Ellie! You gotta say who!" Vanessa coaxed.

"Uh Uh. No way I'm telling you guys. Next thing I know you'll be shouting all over the school I was naked with him!"

"AHHHHH I bet it was Jason, wasn't it?" Liz asked.

"Nope! Nothing you can do will make me tell!" She said defiantly.

"Ohhhh A challenge!" Kate said with a grin. "Ok. you can tell....or, you can go over by Mister C, strip completely and sit on his naked lap till we say to get off."

"NO WAY!" She shot back. I'm not doing that!"

"Then tell us who he was!" Kate pressed.

"Tell you what....Kate, You go sit on his lap naked until you climax and then I'll tell." She said, certain that would put an end to the question.

"What?" Kate shot back, surprised at the tables being turned on her.

"You heard me." Ellie said defiantly.

"Do it Kate!" Candice coaxed.

"I'm not going to go have sex with Mister C." Kate snapped back.

"You don't have to. All you have to do is sit on his lap while you finger yourself." Candice replied.

"It it's such a great idea, why don't you do it?" Kate shot back.

"I might." She said with a grin. "But Ellie challenged you."

"I'm not going to." Kate said with finality.

"Good. Then I don't have to tell either." Ellie replied with a grin, knowing she had won.

"Come on Kate. You know you're mom was doing him last night!" Suzie said suddenly.

"How do you know that?" Kate said, her face filled with shock.

"I heard them when I was going to the bathroom. You could hear her moaning. Oh it was muffled by something, but she was moaning alright." Suzie said with a giggle.

"Damn!" Vanessa said quietly. "Is that what I heard?"

"How bout it Kate? Wanna sit on his lap and see how big it gets?" Pamela asked

There seemed to be several moments of indecision which afforded me a chance to end this. "First off, what you think you heard, you didn't hear. And second there is no way I'm going to sit here and let you take my pants down in the name of your little game. I think its way past time to get to bed."

"Oh you were. At least that's what I heard Kate's mom tell Miss Summers. She said that you had a fat cock that filled her really full." Candice said with a devilish little grin. "And as far as letting us...." She said as three of the girls got up and walked over. "Ladies." She said with a little tilt of her head. As one the two closest girls each grabbed an arm while Candice quickly stepped over my legs and grabbed the waist of my sweat pants and jerked them down. In my effort to try and get up to pull away from the two girls that were now behind the log, holding my arms down with their bodies, Candice managed to get my sweat pants all the way down to my ankles until they were bunched at the top of my boots, my hard cock now sticking up in the air fully exposed for all the girls to see.

"God that is one big cock." Suzie said from where she was laying on my right arm.

"I'll say." Kate said as she stepped over, looking at my cock bouncing up and down slightly with my heartbeat. "He looks pretty turned on."

"Yeah." Ellie said as she stared at my hardon.

I was surprised at how quickly Kate stripped off her clothes, leaving her standing naked in the firelight, her b cup tits looking even larger on her slender little body. She stepped across my body and sat down on my lap. Her pussy pressing against the bottom of my shaft as it nestled between her legs.

"Geeze it's hard." Kate said as she slid her pussy up and down the length of my cock, her wet lips splitting around it as she slid forward until her lips closed over the head of my dick. She leaned forward and pressed her tits into cones, pressing first one and then the other against my lips before pushing herself back down the length of my shaft. "Saw that in a porn flick on the internet." She said as she used her hands on my hips as a lever to slide forward again.

She pushed her chest to my face brushed her nipple back and forth across my lips while she wiggled her hips, rubbing her clit against the tender spot at the base of my head.

"Ohhhhhh." I groaned softly as she slid down once again.

"It's so big. Can you fit it in?" Liz whispered as Kate's tits pressed to my lips again. This time my other head started to think more than my intelligent one, and I reached out and sucked one of her hard little nipples into my mouth.

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