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.:.:.:.:.:. Meeting the Ex-husband .:.:.:.:.:.

Diane slowly hung the phone up. She bit her lip and mentally chided herself for what she had done. "Damn him!" she thought. "He always does this. Why the hell do I always let him have his way?" She was certain she had made another mistake.

The voice at the other end of the connection had been her husband, her soon to be ex-husband. He had convinced her that he had to meet with her. Now he was on his way over. How she wished that she could have told him, "Sorry, jerk. It's Friday night and I've got a date, I don't have time to wait here for you."

"Ah well, just time enough to take a shower and relax", she thought.

Just as Diane stepped out of the shower, she heard the doorbell chime. "Damn, is he here already?" she mumbled to herself. She wrapped her bathrobe around herself and went to the door. A quick peek through the peephole confirmed that her ex- had arrived. She opened the door and let him.

"Oh, I see you got ready for me. I don't have much time so this'll have to be a quickie." His phony laugh and lame attempt at being cute did not conceal his cocky belief that she would always succumb to his wishes.

"A quickie? That's about all you were ever able to manage, so why bother?" Diane surprised herself with her pithy reply. She usually just accepted his actions without complaint.

"Whoa! I just came over to give you some things that I found in the safe deposit box. Let's not get bitter and fight."

He handed her a small cloth bag. As she reached for it she released the grip on her robe. Her robe opened exposing a partial view of her statuesque body. It had been several weeks since he had seen his estranged wife's sensuous figure. He slowly scanned the body that had once been his. He could see most of one leg, a trim ankle curving into a nicely shaped calf, a strong muscular thigh. The robe still covered her pussy, but then parted just enough to allow one breast to peek out, showing the small pink nipple crowning the luscious round mound. "A nice C-cup", he was thinking.

Diane saw his look; she could read his mind as it reviewed her numbers. " 36-25-36", as if they were batting averages or yards gained. She felt his hand holding her's as the bag exchanged hands. She felt the conflict inside herself as she tried to prepare herself to reject the advance that was coming. She almost won the battle but there had been just too many years of giving in to his wishes. Her body had simply gone too many weeks without sexual release. He pulled her into his arms. His lips met her's immediately. She struggled slightly, pushed against him weakly.

"Oh Diane, you don't know how much I miss those good times we had together. You still make my cock hard just thinking of you." His hands were caressing her breasts. She was slipping into submission as his fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples. A small voice in her head grew faint as it said, "damn it, all he wants is to get his rocks off and he'll leave".

She felt the coarse material of his pants pressing into her soft skin. She felt his cock beneath the rough material. It was still soft but she knew it would soon be hard. She wanted it to be hard. She wanted some good sex even if it was with this man that she desperately wanted out of her life. She spread her legs and allowed his leg to ride into her crotch.

She gave in to his probing tongue in her mouth and responded with her own tongue. She dug her tongue deeply into his open mouth and he sucked it in. She pushed her hard nipples into him, shivering as his fingers pinched a nipple. They dropped to the floor; she felt his weight on top of her. They writhed together in a feverish embrace.

He quickly rose and pulled off his shirt, dropped his pants to the floor and kicked them off along with his shoes. Diane lay there looking up at him. As his pants dropped down, she saw the outline of his hard cock inside his shorts. She could see the twin bulge of his balls pressing against the white material. His thumbs were inside the waistband of his shorts as she made one last attempt to stop the inevitable. "No, no; this is all over. We're getting divorced. We can't be doing this now."

"Diane, look at you. You're hot as a pistol. You need a good fuck as much as I do. You know it, you know I know it." His shorts were down and she saw his rigid cock swaying above her as he spoke. His hand grabbed his shaft and milked the skin back and forth as he dropped to his knees. "C'mon hon, give it a nice kiss. You haven't tasted me for such a long time."

He reached down and pulled her head up to meet the cock that he was stroking slowly. She felt the hard, warm shaft rubbing against her face. Precum oozing out of it trailed slick across her cheeks. "Lick it! C'mon, open up and give it a little of that talented tongue."

Diane could smell the aroma of sex; she could smell the precum slowly forming in the hole of this cock tantalizingly close to her nose. She could see the droplet forming on the throbbing red head of his cock. She opened her mouth, her tongue reached out to the hard cock. Maybe if she weren't so horny she would have rebelled. But she hadn't had sex for weeks. So she did want it, even though she knew that it would not be fulfilling. She grabbed the cock and squeezed it hard. He liked that. She always thought that she would hurt him but it just made him harder. She watched the head get a darker red as she squeezed the stiff meat.

He reached back; she felt his hand rubbing into her mons. She felt her pubic hair grinding against her skin as he pressed the palm of his hand into her. She pushed up against the pressure and spread her legs. She wanted him to finger her, she felt her pussy becoming wet and warm. She was now licking his shaft from bottom to top, running her tongue along the pulsing blue vein. She would pause at the bottom and gently suck his balls. She knew that made him feel good.

She paused as he groaned in pleasure. "Jeezus, put your finger in me. Fuck it, work it," she pleaded as she pumped up against his hand. "God", she thought, "after all these years I still have tell him what I like."

Finally his finger was working in and out of her cunt. She rotated her hips in an effort to get the maximum benefit of his halfhearted effort. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked it deep. She caressed it with her tongue while she felt him pumping in and out of her mouth. He moaned as she ran her tongue along the head, probing into the hole.

"Oh god you're good Diane! Uhh, ohh, suck it. That's it, that's good."

Diane pulled the slippery shaft from her lips and licked the length of it again. She felt him pull back.

"Eat me, eat my pussy. I wanna feel you suck my cunt." she hotly panted.

"Not yet. I gotta fuck ya. Ya know ya like that." he said as he repositioned himself between her legs. She felt him briefly rub his cock against her clit and then bury the shaft in her open hole. A few slow strokes and then he began pumping furiously into her. Diane reached down and rubbed her clit as she wrapped her long legs around him. Her finger massaged her clit rapidly, trying to bring on a needed orgasm. The cock felt good in her but she knew that it wouldn't last long. She tried to tighten her pussy around the shaft, tried to hold it in her. Her legs pulled him in against her as she ground her pussy against him.

Then she felt the warm cum spurting from his cock into her pussy. She felt the slick jizz reduce the friction of his cock against her vagina. She felt him slam into her with the added force of his own orgasm. She heard him loudly enjoying the rush of his cum. He pumped his cock in and out of her a few more times, managing another shot of cum into her. Then he collapsed on top of her. She could feel his cock become limp in her pussy. The soft shaft now slid out of her as he lay on top of her.

"Oh! That was great. We needed that," he said, as he stood up.

He trotted off to the bathroom. She could hear him pissing in the toilet. Of course the door wouldn't be closed. Diane lay on the floor gently fingering her wet pussy. She hardly noticed as her soon to be ex- quickly dressed and gave her a passionless quick kiss. He didn't notice that she was still softly rubbing her cunt.

Diane lay there for a long while after he departed. She was telling herself over and over, "I'm not going to let him dominate me again."

.:.:.:.:.:. Meeting the Neighbor .:.:.:.:.:.

A shower and a good nights sleep and a sunny Saturday morning had Diane feeling better.

She had slept late and knew that her usual jogging acquaintances would not be about. She didn't like to run by herself, but decided to go out for a run anyway. As Diane walked out her door, she encountered her neighbor who was also dressed for running. "Oh! Hi LeeAnn, I didn't know you're a runner."

LeeAnn laughed, "I'm just not in your league. You super jocks never notice the rest of us."

They had been neighbors for several months; they had talked on several occasions but did not know each other very well. LeeAnn made no effort to conceal her preference for other women. Diane didn't care; she had found LeeAnn to be a pleasant neighbor. She didn't really think about her sex life. She did enjoy the fact that her husband was irritated that a good-looking woman was only interested in other women.

Tall and athletic, Diane was accustomed to sometimes being classified as a jock. At times it could irritate her, however it was clear from LeeAnn's laugh that she did not really think of Diane as a jock.

"Well maybe I should let you join me, perhaps I can teach an amateur a few things" Diane laughed in return.

The two trotted off joking and laughing. As they jogged along, Diane felt happy that she had met LeeAnn this day. She was enjoying her company immensely, charmed by her warm engaging smile. The talk was the usual idle chatter, nothing important, and nothing too personal. As the women neared the end of their jog, Diane felt a sudden painful spasm in her thigh. She screamed briefly and dropped to the ground.

"Are you all right?" LeeAnn bent over Diane.

Diane sucked in her breath and rubbed her leg. "It's OK, I think it's just a muscle spasm. Shit, it hurts like hell though. At least I'm almost home."

LeeAnn helped Diane get up then supported her as she hobbled back to her house. At 5'-6", LeeAnn was just the right size to act as a crutch for Diane's 5'-11" stature. Despite the painful spasm, Diane managed to laugh at the sight they must have made.

Once home, LeeAnn helped Diane onto her bed. "Let me go get some ice or something to put on that", said LeeAnn as she walked toward the kitchen. "You don't need to bother", called Diane, "I'll just rub it and I think it will go away."

LeeAnn returned with some ice wrapped in a towel. "Here, let me help you get your shoes off. You can try the ice and see if it helps." LeeAnn removed Diane's shoes. "Want me to pull your sweats off too?" she said as she finished removing the shoes.

"I guess so", replied Diane. She pushed the waistband of her sweats over her hips as LeeAnn pulled on the legs. As the sweat pants slowly descended, LeeAnn watched the unveiling of Diane's lovely limbs. She watched as Diane's white cotton panties came into view, not sexy undies but they fit snugly enough to reveal the slight indentation of her slit. LeeAnn admired the strong thighs, not overly muscled, but obviously firm. The sweats passed over the knees and then the well shaped calve were visible. LeeAnn's gaze was not a stare, not a leer; many would not have realized she was paying any attention to these beautiful legs. Diane, however, sensed it immediately.

Diane didn't feel threatened, didn't feel aroused, yet she felt something. She felt something different as she thought about this lesbian slowly removing her sweat pants. Maybe it was just a tinge of excitement at the thought that another woman might find her sexy.

LeeAnn placed the ice on Diane's thigh. Diane moved her hand down to the ice. LeeAnn didn't remove her hand, allowing Diane's hand to rest on top of hers. As the cold penetrated the towel and sank into Diane's leg, LeeAnn moved the ice in a slight circular motion. "That's pretty cold. I think that rubbing it is going to work better", said Diane.

LeeAnn removed the ice and placed her other hand on the tender spot. Diane didn't expect this. The hand felt very warm on her cold skin. She was about to tell LeeAnn that she would rub her own leg, and then realized how nice it felt to have this warm hand massaging her leg. LeeAnn began massaging the sore spot with both hands, kneading the skin firmly. The pain was going away. "Ummmm, you're pretty good at this", Diane murmured, "Do you moonlight as a massage therapist?"

"Only for my friends", LeeAnn smiled, as she began working her hands up and down the length of Diane's leg. "How's this?"

"That's good", Diane mumbled.

LeeAnn's fingers worked their way down one leg then up the other. She loved the feel of this woman's long, firm legs. Her nipples were firm now as she thought about the possibility of exploring all of this lovely body. She worked her fingers up the thigh. She massaged the inner thigh slowly getting closer to her crotch. She watched to see if Diane was going to react in any way. LeeAnn was now massaging the thigh and hip joint, taking every opportunity to allow her hand to rub against Diane's tempting pussy lips protected by a thin layer of cotton panty.

Diane lay with her eyes closed. The massage felt good on her legs. More than that, the touch of this woman felt good on her legs. Diane could feel her excitement grow as the fingers worked their way up her leg. Diane waited for the fingers to brush up against her pussy. She felt her cunt warming at the approach. The anticipation was marvelous. Then she felt the first brush of LeeAnn's hand against her labia. Diane bit her lip, and waited. Soon the hands were making frequent passes next to her hot crotch, lovely subtle but firm strokes across the panties covering the lips. Diane wondered how far she should let this go. Did she really want to have a lesbian affair? The thoughts scared her yet excited her.

LeeAnn's voice drifted into Diane. "Why don't we take your top off? You might as well get the full treatment."

Without any resistance, Diane allowed LeeAnn to pull off her sweatshirt, and then remove her jogging bra. "How different to have another woman remove her bra", thought Diane. She could see LeeAnn scanning her body with approval as LeeAnn's hands began working on Diane's shoulders.

LeeAnn whistled softly. "What a surprise these are. I had no idea you had such beautiful breasts. You have a beautifully proportioned body. Nice size breasts, flat tummy, thin waist, perfect hips. I'm jealous. I hope you don't mind me saying that."

"No, I guess not" Diane purred. "You're making me feel too good" she smiled.

LeeAnn's hands worked down to Diane's breasts. She worked the fair skinned mounds expertly. She gazed down at the small nipples as they got hard, the aureole just slightly more pink than the surrounding breast. She pinched the nipples and gently tugged on them, noting that they looked like delicate pink flowers. Diane found herself enjoying the soft touch of a woman on her breasts. She offered no resistance or complaint now that the massage had definitely taken a more sensual turn.

LeeAnn cupped the gorgeous tits in her hands and rubbed them firmly and deeply. Diane arched her back slightly, pushing her warm tits up to meet the hands rubbing them. Diane felt her body getting warmer as her nipples responded to the firm squeezing. Her nipples felt charged as LeeAnn pulled them up with a twisting motion. LeeAnn could see the sweet pink nipples grow slightly darker as she worked on them. LeeAnn could feel her own nipples rise in response.

Diane felt LeeAnn's warm breath on her breasts. She opened her eyes and saw LeeAnn's face close to her tits. She gazed into the liquid green eyes that were admiring her hard little nipples. She felt the soft blond hair as it touched her skin. She watched the sure hands that were setting her tits on fire. She noted that LeeAnn was breathing heavily; obviously she was getting as hot as Diane.

Diane simply smiled and moaned lightly. LeeAnn lowered her lips to one of the rose-topped globes. She drew the button nipple into her mouth and began to suck it and rub it with her tongue. She spent long minutes squeezing Diane's breast into her mouth where her tongue danced around the nipple. Diane was so engrossed in the pleasure she was feeling in her breasts that she didn't notice LeeAnn's hand starting to rub her tummy.

LeeAnn turned her head to look down the lovely torso beneath her. She moved her hand down the abdomen in a gentle circular motion, appreciating the athletic tone of Diane's midriff. She ran her hand over the cotton panties and rubbed the mons firmly. She felt the roughness of pussy hair beneath the thin white cloth. Her fingers rubbed the depression, pushing her finger between the soft labia. LeeAnn could feel the dampness on the cotton; she found the wet spot and rubbed her finger across it.

She moved her hand back to Diane's tummy, and then slipped her fingers slowly beneath the elastic waistband. She pushed her hand firmly down inside the cotton panties, pausing as her fingers came in contact with the short pussy hair. She caressed the hair and enjoyed the feel as she pressed down on the hard mons. Her middle finger worked to the top of Diane's slit. She rubbed her finger around the top.

As LeeAnn slipped her hand into Diane's panties, Diane tensed noticeably. She was uncertain where she wanted this to go. She was definitely getting extremely turned on; her cunt was aching for some penetration. LeeAnn's touch on her body made her feel good all over. Diane felt like pulling LeeAnn into her and returning the caressing and sucking and fondling. Yet there was a gnawing uncertainty in the back of her mind. She felt slightly out of control and she wanted to be in control.

LeeAnn looked up into Diane's eyes. The beautiful hazel eyes twinkled with excitement and nervousness. She felt the tenseness in Diane. Her finger continued to gently rub the outer labia of Diane's pussy. "Want me to stop?"

Diane looked at LeeAnn without answering.

"You've never made love with another woman, have you?" LeeAnn spoke softly. "Sort of got that 'feels good' but 'is it wrong' thing going on in your head?"

"Ummmm, I guess. I just don't want to start something that I can't finish."

LeeAnn continued to massage Diane's pussy with one hand, using the other hand to grasp one of Diane's hands. She squeezed her hand reassuringly. "Don't worry, I won't be camping out on your doorstep, if that's a worry", LeeAnn laughed. "If it feels good, enjoy it. Anyway, much to my regret, I have to go pretty soon. I have to catch a flight in a couple of hours and I still haven't packed."

Diane relaxed, spread her legs, and allowed LeeAnn's finger to begin probing into her pussy. Diane reached down and placed her hand on top of LeeAnn's hand, she pressed down forcing LeeAnn's finger deep inside of her. LeeAnn felt the warm, wet hole wrapped around her finger, felt the warm hand atop hers. She felt the tenseness evaporate. She proceeded to gently finger fuck the sweltering slit while her thumb rubbed over the hard clit. Soon she inserted a second finger into the slippery opening, gently spreading it wider. Diane began to grind her hips against the deft hand motions manipulating her cunt.

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