tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersGirl With A Dick Ch. 03

Girl With A Dick Ch. 03


Author's Note: This story is meant to be purely fantasy and not necessarily realistic. Enjoy!


Randy was intrigued to see a teacher from campus, Carole Dunning, at a bar one evening... she'd always admired the beautiful professor from afar. Carole was stunning, beautiful and smart, and very young for a professor... Randy decided that since she'd never had a class with the woman there really wasn't anything to lose by going up and saying hello. Or more than hello.

So she strode up, dressed up for the evening - which for her meant as a man - and wondering if she just might be able to score with a professor. She'd been wanting something different lately and this could definitely be it. There'd been rumors last semester about Carole Dunning sleeping with a student, so who knew... maybe Randy'd get lucky.

"Hey there," Randy kept her voice low as she leaned on the bar next to Carole, "My name's Randy." And she grinned widely, letting her eyes run over the deep scoop neck of the Professor's shirt. It was a nice view.

"Carole," she gave Randy a slightly edged smile, "And I'm a lesbian."

Randy's eyes widened... now that was something she hadn't heard!

Carole turned away, apparently thinking that the expression on the young man's face beside her meant that he was going to leave her alone.

Instead, Randy leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "And I'm a woman."

Turning, Carole arched one eyebrow, "You are not."

"On my honor," Randy grinned as Carole's eyes traveled down to the evident bulge between Randy's legs, "Sometimes I just like to dress like a man... fuck like a man." And she winked at the Professor's widening eyes. Smiling even wider, Randy suggested, "We can go to the bathroom and I'll prove it if you like."

Carole hesitated only for a moment.


The two of them strode off to the women's bathroom, Carole still eyeing Randy uncertainly, not sure that what appeared to be a young man beside her was really a woman. But as soon as they got into the bathroom, and Randy had locked the door, she unbuttoned her shirt and Carole could see the corset that was keeping Randy's breasts flat. Smiling at the teacher's startled expression, Randy began to unlace the corset, her flesh spilling out of the tight confinement.

"Oh..." Carole murmured softly, her eyes locked on Randy's exposed breasts with their already hard nipples. And then her eyes traveled down to Randy's bulge. Obligingly, Randy pulled off her pants so that Carole could see that it was a strap-on. Carole's lips parted, "Wow..."

And then Randy slid the strap on off, feeling a little sad as the rubber cock inside of her pulled out, and then she was standing completely naked in front of the Professor. Carole's eyes were traveling up and down Randy's body, but she didn't seem inclined to leave, so Randy stepped forward and kissed her.

Carole hesitated just a moment and then kissed back, pressing her clothed body against Randy's nude one. Randy began to take off Carole's clothing as the two women kissed each other... it felt a little strange for her to be touching another woman AS a woman... but in some ways kind of nice too.

Then Carole's mouth began to move down Randy's body, and Randy backed up until her ass was against the sink... she sat up on the counter, her legs spread and leaning back against the mirror as Carole's mouth suckled on her nipples. Fingers pressed between her thighs and Randy threw her head back as they penetrated her pussy... strange to have something alive and moving inside of her. She'd gotten so used to be a man, to be the one doing the penetrating...

Randy moaned as Carole knelt between her thighs, her position on the counter at perfect height once Carole was on her knees. She began to pinch her own nipples as Carole began to eat her out, licking and sucking on the soft pink flesh. Randy had forgotten how good something real touching her could feel... and Carole seemed to know all the spots to touch her. Fingers wriggled inside her as she shuddered with pleasure, tongue sliding over smooth flesh and teasing the hard bundle of nerves at the top of Randy's pussy.

It was the first time in awhile that Randy really felt like a girl, and although she wasn't sure she liked the feeling she definitely liked the sensations that Carole was creating in her pussy. Holding her hands on Carole's head, Randy humped her pussy against the older woman's lips, moaning and grinding into it. Then Carole's fingers found her g-spot... Randy gasped and jerked as Carole's fingertips just brushed it... and then began to press it more and more firmly, stroking the spot inside of her.

Thrashing, Randy gasped and covered her mouth with one hand to keep from screaming aloud her orgasm... in a tiled bathroom like this the noise would definitely echo out into the bar. She came and came and came, spilling juices into Carole's eager mouth, pussy convulsing around Carole's fingers.

Finally Carole pulled away, and Randy sighed with completion.

"My turn," said Carole, her eyes glowing. Randy hesitated... but then again, Carole had fucked her the way she wanted to, so it made sense that Randy should get to fuck Carole the way Randy wanted to.

Hopping off of the counter, her pussy still tingling, Randy bent Carole over so that the Professor could look at herself in the mirror. Then Randy swiftly pulled on her strap on, inserting it into her own pussy, securing it, and then pressing it to Carole's wetness before the other woman even had time to realize what was happening.

"Wait!" said Carole, her eyes widening in alarm as she felt something begin to push inside her... she moaned as she was stretched wide open, "Ooo... I haven't had anything like this inside me for so long... I don't know..." and she moaned again as Randy thrust more of the cock into her body.

"I told you," Randy growled a little as she leaned forward, putting her hands on Carole's hips and thrusting deeper, "I fuck like a man."

The lesbian moaned, it did indeed feel very like a man inside her, possibly the best dildo ever made... and it was strange and she wasn't sure that she liked that... but when she looked up she saw a woman in the mirror. A young woman, with breasts bouncing... who was thrusting a cock in and out of her pussy.

Carole moaned, writhing as she watched them both in the mirror, what her eyes told her was completely at war with the sensations in her body as Randy pushed all the way in. The cock inside her was deep and wide, making her pussy spasm... it had been so long since anything this big had been inside of her, and it did feel good although strange.

Grinning, Randy reached under Carole and grabbed onto her breasts, then she began steadily thrusting in and out of the older woman's body, completely in control of the situation. Carole gasped as the dick fucked her, feeling the soft breasts on her back and the hard cock in her pussy. Confusion reigned in her mind, but it was slowly being absolved by the pleasure that was filling her body...

"Oh yes... Oh fuck me... FUCK ME YOU BITCH! YOU BASTARD!" Carole squirmed and wriggled, her ass pressing against Randy's groin as the younger woman thrust hard. Randy squeezed Carole's nipples, feeling the older woman getting ready to cum...

She covered Carole's mouth just as the older woman started to scream her passion, grinding back against the cock that was filling her... the cock that was attached to the young woman that she'd just fucked.

When Carole lay slumped over the sink, she moaned a little as the cock was pulled out of her. She watched as Randy began to clean it, curious. Then she smiled.

"Well, that's one difference between you and a man... you don't go soft even after you've cum."

Randy looked up and smiled, "Very true."

Carole watched for a few more minutes, and then left to go back to the bar and her drink... thinking over her experiences of the night. Randy left the bar not too long after that, thinking about them as well. It had been very different from every other time, probably because Carole had actually known she was a woman. So strange...

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