tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGirlfriend Ch. 03

Girlfriend Ch. 03


Edited by Rozezwild

"Hi!" Toni greeted Zeta at the door of the beach house. She looked the young girl up and down inspecting Zeta's barely there and wrapped skirt.

"Where's dad?" Lemmi asked kissing his mother's cheek and pulling Zeta away from his mother.

"Making Martini's. Do you drink?" Toni inquired.

"Oh yes, I love to get drunk and dance on tables," Zeta fired back. She knew better than to bow to a dominant woman. She had dated more than enough guys who were controlled by their mothers. She wanted Lemmi and she would take him away from his mother if she had too.

Lemmi giggled glad to see that Zeta would stand up to his mother. "My dad is kind of fresh, so he might pinch your butt," Lemmi whispered to his girlfriend.

"I like him already," Zeta said holding on to Lemmi's arm.

Eric caught a glimpse of Zeta's thinly covered tits and his normal smile grew to a big grin.

"Hey dad, this is my girlfriend, Zeta." Lemmi released Zeta's arm and his father reached for her.

"Greek, huh? Like a goddess." Eric held Zeta at arms length to ogle her sexy frame.

"Greek goddess, I can deal with that," she laughed as he pulled her into his arms.

Eric gave Lemmi thumbs up, and then let his hands fall down to Zeta's butt-cheeks. He squeezed them firmly as he pulled her tight against his hard-on before releasing her.

"Wow! You're really glad to meet me, huh?" She looked down at Eric's bulging crotch and drawing attention to it.

Lemmi chuckled, not use to seeing his father embarrassed.

"You can definitely raise the dead," Eric nodded. "I was going to lay out in the sun with some Martini's, care to join me?"

Zeta looked at Lemmi, as if to ask his permission.

"Go ahead, I need to talk with my mom anyways," Lemmi said.

Eric took up the pitcher of Martinis, a couple of glasses, and held his arm up for Zeta. They walked down to the lower deck where there was no shade from the sun. Eric cut his eyes four times at her breast before they made it down the steps.

"I could live here year round," Zeta said removing her wrap skirt.

Eric stared at Zeta butt-cheeks exposed by her thong, which seem to never had been hidden from the sun. "You must tan nude."

"When ever I can," Zeta replied as she began to put on tanning lotion. "Almost got arrested a couple of times, though."

Eric laughed. "Been there. This beach is private. You can tan nude here, if you want? That is, also if you don't mind me tanning nude with you."

"Of course, not." Zeta untied her top and removed her thong bottom. She stood taking her time getting her drink knowing that Lemmi's father really wanted to see her naked. She looked down at his protruding thick cock and his softening belly. He reminded her a lot of her own father, who loved fucking her friends and hands that felt up any woman they could.


"Tell me this one thing, Lemmi," Toni began. "What was wrong with Joanna"

"What? Other than she's a class A bitch? She selfish, self centered, arrogant, spoiled, up tight, and among other things, she's a really bad lay."

Toni stared at her son hearing the same words that had been spoken about her. "And you think that this girl is going to be any better?"

"Mom, Zeta is the most amazing woman I've met," he said not brothering to exclude her. "She cares about other people's feelings. She's so exciting that she makes my toes curl. She's not jealous. She is honest and playful. She is fun to be around. She don't mind kissing in public. She has an incredible a..."

"Okay! Okay! I get you point. But how can you be sure that she's not just out for your money?"

"Mom, she's not like that. Could you please try to get to know her before you pass judgment?"

"Looks like your father is already getting to know her." Toni walked out on the upper deck and looked down at her husband rubbing sun tan lotion into Zeta naked ass-cheeks.

"See, dad likes her," Lemmi chuckled. "Just look at her mom. What girl would let their boyfriend's father rub lotion on her body." He held his mother from behind. "I really like her mom, and she excites me so."

Toni felt her son's hard-on jerk against her soft ass. "I can feel that."


Toni stopped him from moving away. "It's fine right where it is." She pulled his arms around her tighter. "I guess I could give her a chance."


"So, how did my son get so lucky?" Eric asked looking over at Zeta's young and sexy body from the deck chair.

"I'm the one who got lucky. He is really cute. I just love the look in his eye when he looks at me. I can feel that he really wants me. It gets me so horny. He is kind and thoughtful. I like flashing him when he opens the car door for me. Most of the time, I'm not wearing underwear. It gets him so excited." Zeta chuckled and took a sip. "When he spoke to me, I got this feeling that we were going to end up together. I know that's silly, but that's the feeling I got." She spread her legs wide and rubbed the lotion into her inner thighs.

"Has Lemmi meet your folks?" He watched her every movement from behind his sunglasses.

"No, my mom ran out on us when I was little, so I was raised by my dad. I think you have a lot in common. Both of you are sexy older men, and have wandering hands." She chuckled.

"On you?"

"Honestly, wouldn't you?"

Eric hated moral questions, because the politically correct answer always seemed far from his truth. "That would probably depend on you."

"You need some more lotion." Zeta looked up and saw Lemmi and his mother looking down at them. She waved.

"Looks like we've got an audience."

"There is nothing wrong with looking is there?" She rubbed some tanning lotion on her hands and then began spreading it over Eric's shaved chest. "My dad did the best he could to teach me how to be a woman. He tried very hard. He gave me great advice about sex and my reputation. It might not have seemed that way to other people, but it was great advice."

"What advice was that?"

"He said that sex was a natural part of life and there would be times when I'd want to have sex because I was horny and other times when I wanted to be close to someone special. He said that I would have to figure out if the person that I choice to have sex with is having it for the same reason that I am, and it was okay if I don't figure it out correctly. That I didn't have to be perfect or get things right. I only needed to do what I feel." Zeta stopped rubbing when she got to his lower stomach. "Could we take a walk?"

"Some times people stop on the side of the roads to take pictures of anyone they see naked on the beach."

Zeta shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay, lets go."

The sand was warm, but not hot like some days. The air was also warm, but it was a light breeze that lifted Zeta's hair. Zeta looked up on the ridge and saw a line of people staring down at them with cameras and binoculars.

"There was this man sitting on a bench in the park. When I passed by him, he smiled at me. He was checking me out, so I flirted with him a little, smiling and winking my eye. As I walked on, I thought that he might never see a young woman's naked body again. I went back and sat down next to him. He said that he came to the park every day to see the beautiful young women pass by. It was where he met his late wife. He said that he got a peek under her skirt and she didn't mind it. It was what she loved most about her. She knew that seeing her naked would make him feel good. I untied my dress and let him enjoy himself. When I got home, I told my father what I had done and he said that he was proud of me."

"You father slept with you friend's, right?"

"Yeah, all my friends had crushes on my dad. He would flirt with them and invite them into his bedroom. He has a really cool girlfriend who lets him have his fun, just like I'm guessing your wife does."

"Yeah, we swing from time to time, and she has her little flings on the side just like I do. Her and Lemmi are really close."

Zeta giggled at the inference. "Did you want to have sex with your mother too?"

"I guess we all have that fantasy," Eric laughed.

"I only did it with my dad once, on his birthday. We got hammered at home and since he didn't have a woman there to share his bed on his birthday I slept with him."

"Wow! That was nice of you."

"He thought so."

"You have my blessing should Lemmi is smart enough to marry you." He hugged her sliding his hands down to her naked ass and pulled her up against his hard-on.

Zeta looked up seeing the flash bulbs from the cameras going off as Eric's hard cock pressed against her swollen cunt. If Lemmi was there with them, she would have fucked Eric right in from of all the people who looked down on them. She held onto Eric's neck, while he grind his cock against her. It took about two minutes before Eric shot his cum against her leg.

"I guess I got carried away," Eric said.

"Don't apologize. You don't have to apologize for that." She turned facing the people high up on the hill taking pictures. "If I wanted you to stop, I would have pushed you away. Besides, you gave those people really something to look at."

Eric looked up at the people who had gathered to see them naked on the beach. He knew that people came down and had sex on the beach for the crowds. He had even seen policeman watching he and Toni at times when she felt the urge to display her naked body in public. "Don't let Toni scare you. She is just overly protective of Lemmi."

"I don't scare easily." Zeta put her arm around his waist. "Would I be able to call you daddy? I always thought that was really kinky."

"I'd love that." Eric pulled her tighter against him as they walked down the beach.


"Mmmm!" Toni moved Lemmi's hand up from her crotch when she saw her husband and Zeta coming back up the beach. She could see the young woman's tits moving off in the distance. She reached back and gripped Lemmi's hard-on.

"I'm sorry mom. I ah..."

"Don't apologize Lemmi. You don't need to apologize for something you want to do." She kept a tight grip on his hard cock and a finger to his lips to keep him from talking. "I just really hope that this girl is worth this thing." She stroked the length of his cock through his pants.

"She is mom. I'm in love with her already, but I haven't told her that."

"Do this one favor for me Lemmi. Let me get to know her before you tell her that." She squeezed his cock again and kissed the side of his face, and then released them.

"There was a lot of people taking pictures of us down the beach." Zeta said as she came up the stairs tying on her bikini.

"Yeah, they wait to see who's coming out to have sex on the beach," Lemmi said putting his arm her.

"You look very comfortable out there," Toni said.

"I like the sun," Zeta replied.

"They'd probably been waiting to see you rolling around in the sand." Eric laughed, popped Toni's butt-cheek, and gripped it firmly.

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