tagIncest/TabooGirlfriend Ch. 07

Girlfriend Ch. 07


Edited by Rozezwild

"Lemmi, you never slept with your mom before, have you?" Zeta sat at the foot of the bed applying lotion to her feet and legs.

"Not in the biblical since, but we flirt around a lot," Lemmi said continuing to shave.

"But you want to?"

"I guess," he said whipping the foam from his face. "It's more of a fantasy thing than reality. It's kind of hard to explain. I mean, she let's me feel her up, and every now and then she'd give me a little squeeze, but it hasn't gone beyond dry humping."


"Why you ask?"

"I was thinking about your dad. I know he wants to have sex with me. I was trying to figure out how it will be between you and your mother. Like use having a foursome or something."

Lemmi pulled his naked fiancé against him. "Gosh, I swear you're so hot. Maybe she'll go for it. Dad surely would love to see me and mom together. He tried to get mom to give me a blowjob on my eighteenth birthday. If nothing else, my dad would encourage my mom to do it."

"Maybe we can get together with them after I get back from my dad's." She pushed her tongue into his mouth and squeezed his hard-on through his towel. She let her kiss linger a bit, and then slowly pulled away.

"I'll be waiting."

Zeta slipped her Hoops Jersey dress on over her head and her sneakers. She gave Lemmi another kiss before heading out the door. She wanted to give her father a heads up about her pending nuptials.

Zeta arrived at her father's home in the hills about the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. She looked over the framed pictures of her youth on the Steinway and mantle above the fire place. She studied the picture of her and her father after she had won a volleyball match. He never missed a single event.

"Zeta? What a wonderful surprise...when did you get here?" He pulled her tight against his body.

"I just walked in." She patted his soft gut. "Getting a little soft, I see."

He dropped his hand to her butt-cheek and squeezed. "It's much nicer on you." He hugged her again. "So, I know you didn't drive all the way here just to tell me that I'm getting fat."

"No. I met a guy and he asked me to marry him."

"That's terrific honey." He didn't hesitate with his congratulations. "Well, do I get to meet him?"

"Of course." She paused.

A young nude woman entered from the patio. Her long hair was pulled up into a bun off her slender neck, her tits bounced smoothly with each step, and her curvy hips rolled with her movements. "Mmmmmm. Yummy." The girl looked Zeta up and down leaning against Richard's shoulder.

"Zeta, this is Candy," Richard introduced the young woman to his daughter.

"Nice to meet you." Zeta extended her hand.

"The pleasure is all mine." Candy licked her lips and moved her index finger into Zeta's palm. "Are you going to stick around and play with us?"

"Sorry, maybe some other time." Zeta was amused by the younger woman.

"Too bad." Candy got a bottle water and rolled her hips back out to the patio.

"Kind of young, don't you think? Where did you meet her?" Zeta hopped up on the island in the kitchen and crossed her shapely legs.

"She's something isn't she? I checked. She's eighteen." He slipped off her sneaker and rubbed her barefoot in his hand. "I had this idea about making a porn movie, and I found her on the campus when I was scouting. I asked her if she would like to model and here she is." He removed her other shoe.

"So, you're Huge Heffner now?" She raised her barefoot to his crotch and traced along his hardening cock.

"I've been thinking about it," he chuckled.

Zeta spread her legs and hooked her heels against his butt-cheeks and pulled him between her legs. "I think you're going to like Lemmi's parents." She pulled his hard cock from his shorts. "They are swingers, but his father is more like you. He likes young girls with hot pussies." She rubbed the head of his cock over her shaved pussy.

"You spoiled me." He pulled her dress up over her head and pushed the head of his cock into her hot pussy. "Mmmmmm. I almost forgot how good you feel."

"Feels good, huh?" Zeta braced her self on the counter and thrust her hips against his stroke.

"Yeah, baby...you always feel so good to me." His shorts fell down his legs as he pumped his cock into his daughter's pussy as fast as he could.

"Wooo! Don't cum yet!" Candy ran in holding down her bouncing boobs and waving a camera.

Zeta eyes widened in fear of the potential danger at having a picture of her and her father having sex.

"It's okay, honey." Richard assured his daughter. "She's not going to take pictures of our faces."

Zeta relaxed allowing her father to lift her leg in pose for the camera. She could tell that her father wouldn't last much longer. It was never her point to cum with him, only to allow him to fuck her.

Richard grabbed his shaft and pulled it out to the entrance of Zeta hot cunt as he started shooting streams of thick cum. Candy snapped pictures of the cum splashing against Zeta's pussy lips and running down her ass into a puddle on the counter.

Candy handed the camera to Richard and Richard handed the camera to Zeta. "You have a better angle. Take some pictures of her cleaning us up. She's the porn star."

Zeta could surely see Candy as a porn star. The look in Candy's eyes as her tongue slid through the puddle of cum on the counter reaffirmed Zeta's thoughts.

Candy dove onto Zeta's pussy. Richard moved back with the camera. Zeta spread her legs wide feeling the young woman's finger work its way into her asshole.

"Aaaah fuck!" Zeta cried out. She pushed the girl off and hopped down off the counter. "Come fuck me."

Zeta pulled Candy down on top of her on the living room floor. She held on to Candy's head and grind her pussy onto Candy's greedy mouth. She moaned like a cat in heat lifting her ass off the floor. "Aaaah fuck yeah!"

Richard had seen his daughter getting fucked by guys but never by a girl. He trained the camera on their movements snapping one sensational photograph after another.

Zeta flipped Candy over and sat down on the young woman's face. She rocked back and forth, and rolled her hips grinding her aching pussy down on the girl's mouth.

Richard's cock was rock hard again by the time Zeta let Candy up from the floor.

"I got a really good spot for that." Candy grabbed a hold of the older man's cock.

Zeta took her father's face in her hands. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and sealing her lips on his. "I have to go now. Nothing will ever change between you and I, dad."

Candy giggled. "I fuck my dad too."

"I'm sure my dad would love to see that. Catch you later dad, I gotta go." Zeta slipped on her dress and carried her shoes in her hands.

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