tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGirlfriend in Control Ch. 03

Girlfriend in Control Ch. 03


I stood now in Mrs. Lawson's brightly fit foyer, with the living room in front of me and the kitchen off to the left. I tried to remember the last time I'd been inside here, and I figured it had to be at least three years.

I didn't even bother trying to figure out the last time I had been inside her house while completely and totally naked, which was exactly what my current attire was (or, more accurately, wasn't). But there I was, without a stitch of clothing, and since my hands were on top of my head (at Mrs. Lawson's request/command), I had nothing covering my groin (or any other part of me). And Mrs. Lawson was definitely appreciating my exposure as she stood directly in front of me, clad in a bathrobe, tank-top, and sweats. She even wore sensible slippers to combat the cold of her tile floor--a coldness I was all too aware of due to my bare feet.

"You know, it's been a long time since I've had a man here," she said. "There are a bunch of odd jobs I kept meaning to get to... maybe I should get you to help? And the best part is that you wouldn't have to worry about your clothes getting dirty or sweaty since you aren't wearing any. I think we would really enjoy having a totally nude handyman for the evening!"

One word caught my attention. What did she mean by 'we'?

"Daphne should be home in a little bit," she replied. Daphne was her daughter, two years older than me. We had played together as kids, but by high school had only a passing acquaintance. An acquaintance that I realized was soon to get much more intimate. "I know she will just love seeing you." As before, with the word 'seeing' she took a moment to thoroughly look me up-and-down, an action that both humiliated and aroused me at once.

"But," she continued, "I think I should look for that key now." The key in question (I desperately hoped) was the spare key to my house--the only hope I had for getting back inside there before my folks got back from their day out. I had been equating that key with also getting some covering (as I was so incredibly tired of being naked), but now that I was in Mrs. Lawson's house I held out some hope she would offer me some. A hope that was dashed with her next sentence.

"It would be really embarrassing for you if I didn't have that key, since all of the clothes you have here in town are in that house. If I can't find it, why, you'd probably have to stay here all naked until your folks got home. Then I'd call to let them know you were here, since they might worry when they found the house empty. After that, I imagine they'd bring you some clothes to walk home in... or they might ask me to bring you over myself, which I would gladly do, walking you home in your birthday suit so they could see how naughty you'd been... or maybe they'd let me keep you for the rest of the summer!!" With that last possibility in mind Mrs. Lawson clapped her hands giddily like a young girl.

She stepped up to me, reaching her hand down to cup my testicles. As she gently rolled them between her fingers (and as I squirmed under her ministrations, breathing heavily once again), she continued her thoughts. "Oh, it would be such fun to play with these for the rest of the summer. Waking up in the morning, and then walking into the living room and playing with your balls. Or, going outside to water the lawn, holding the water hose in one hand while stroking your hose with the other."

I shuddered at her last comment, though I knew that soon I would be shuddering much more violently as I came all over her living room floor.

Mrs. Lawson sensed this, too, as with her other hand she repeated that little trick from earlier where she squeezed the base of my erection quickly hard enough to postpone my eruption.

She stepped away slightly, letting her nail gently scratch my scrotum as she let go. "Oh right, I forgot you probably would prefer not to be back outside totally nude, since that was where I found you. Remind me again how that happened." She acted as though she had no recollection, making it clear I had to relive the experience for her benefit.

I rehashed the story from earlier: My girlfriend had dared me to swim and tan suit-less since I had the house to myself. I walked outside naked, realizing I had forgotten to bring a towel with when I found the door had locked behind me.

"I wonder what she would say if she found out how it turned out for you," Mrs. Lawson said.

I muttered that she seemed to really enjoy it, actually. I realized my mistake the second I said it but I couldn't take it back.

"You were on the phone with her, weren't you? When you found yourself locked out totally nude," she surmised, a grin on her face. Portable phones were common at the time, their range known to extend beyond the house to porches and yards. "So, where did you leave her?"

I didn't understand, as my girlfriend was 'left' at her parents' house, in another town.

"No," Mrs. Lawson explained. "Like in a TV show: 'When last we left our heroine, she was on the phone, breathlessly enjoying the predicament of her boyfriend, who, because of her dares, was now locked outside totally nude.'" She had slightly lowered her voice for that performance, and even in my state I had to chuckle a little. This caused my erection to sway a bit, which caught Mrs. Lawson eye and caused her to lick her lips again.

Yes, I told her that my girlfriend knew I had been locked out, and knew that I couldn't stay there to wait for my folks, that we had a really cool neighbor who might have a spare key, and that it looked like that really cool neighbor (I kept repeating that phrase, hoping it would inspired some compassion from Mrs. Lawson) might be home.

"So, you left her at the point when you were about to streak the neighborhood, and right before you found yourself so very nude in a spotlight on my front porch."

She didn't say anything else for a second. Then, Mrs. Lawson turned and headed to the kitchen, I hoped to look for the key. For a moment I considered making a run for the nearest bathroom to find a towel, or even the nearest bedroom to grab a sheet, a shirt, or anything to cover with. I really, really hated still being naked. But I couldn't. All I kept picturing was Mrs. Lawson screaming and throwing me out of the house, and me being back outside naked with no key, no clothes, and no hope for covering. I didn't even move my hands (though my arms were starting to get tired), leaving my erection uncovered as I continued doing whatever I thought would make Mrs. Lawson happy enough to give me the key.

The she called for me. "John, please bring that cute nude body of yours into the kitchen."

I walked towards her voice, feeling ridiculous with my arms up. I kept trying not to look down, but a continual bobbing at the bottom of my peripheral vision and the cold feeling of tile frequently reminded me of my undressed state. I crossed into the kitchen and found Mrs. Lawson sitting at a small desk pushed up under the window. I stopped a couple feet away from her.

"John, I've got good news. I found your mom's spare key."

My heart nearly exploded. She could see the relief in my face, even if no other part of me appeared to have calmed down.

"I will give it to you, but not yet. I love you being totally nude in my house, love watching your dick bounce up and down, love knowing I can cup your balls, or scratch your ass, or lick any part of you I want, since I have all this immediate access to your body. I'm having more fun than I've had in years and I won't give that up yet.

"But," she continued, looking in my eyes (probably for the first time), "I promise I will give you the key, with enough time to let you get home before your folks do. Then, this whole evening at my house will stay just between you and me... and one other person."

I remembered, then, another clothed woman was expected at this house soon: Daphne.

"No, actually, I had forgotten about her," Mrs. Lawson replied. "Not a sign of good parenting. Actually, that makes two people. No, the other one I had in mind is your girlfriend. She must be worried about you... so we should call her."

I looked at Mrs. Lawson blankly.

"What's the number?" she asked. "Is it a private line or her parents' line? And what is her name?" Apparently Mrs. Lawson had given this some thought, though I had no idea where this was going. My girlfriend's name was Katie. I gave Mrs. Lawson the number, which was Katie's private line at her house.

Mrs. Lawson dialed and then put it on speakerphone. "When she picks up, John, just speak naturally, answering any questions she has."

After two rings a voice picked up. It was Katie. "Hello?"

All I said was Hey, it's me.

"John? Oh, thank goodness. I was so worried. I hadn't heard from you for 20 minutes, and given your, um, state, I thought..."

I couldn't believe it had only been 20 minutes since I'd hung up with her at my house. It had seemed like several days. Then again, I hadn't been wearing a watch when I hung up... or anything else for that matter. At the time, or since.

"So, she had the key? Your neighbor? And, you're home now? That's good... though it probably means you got redressed." Katie sounded very disappointed.

I began to say 'actually no' when Mrs. Lawson spoke up.

"Hi, Katie? This is Mrs. Lawson. I am John's neighbor, I've known him his whole life. Though I feel like I'm seeing a side of him this evening that I have never seen before. I'm actually the one who wanted to call and let you know he is safely inside my house. But, oddly enough, his clothes are not here with him. In fact, he is currently standing in my kitchen totally nude with his hands on top of his head and his dick very, very hard. Since he's your boyfriend, do you mind that I have him here in my kitchen totally nude? I can assure you that I, on the other hand, am very much clothed. A robe, tank-top, sweats, even panties and slippers. As for him... zero from head-to-toe. You should see his dick bobbing up and down right now."

There was silence on the other end. I couldn't even hear breathing for a moment. What if Katie said she did mind? My heart raced. Would Mrs. Lawson ignore her, would she kick me out... and if the latter, would she keep her promise and give me the key when she did?

Then I heard what I thought was a slight moan on the other end. "No," Katie sighed, "I don't mind."

"You mean," Mrs. Lawson pushed, "because this way you know he's safe?"

"Safe, yeah," Katie said, a little breathily, "safe and bare-assed naked. He is, isn't he? Tell me again, please, Mrs. Lawson: He is still completely bare-assed naked, right?" She was breathing harder.

"Oh, yes, dear, he is very very naked, totally and completely nude, bare-ass, balls out, dick pointing straight-up naked. I love looking at him like this. Have you seen him like this, Katie? Have you seen him totally nude?"

"Oh yeah," Katie replied. It was obvious that she was getting very into this. Even though earlier she had joked about having me naked in front of her friends, I didn't realize until that moment that my girlfriend truly harbored a fantasy about having me naked in front of another woman. Or women.

"So you two are sexually active?" Mrs. Lawson inquired. "You two like to fuck a lot?"

"Uh-huh." You could almost hear Katie squirming on the other end of the line. She and I played on the phone a lot (case in point: how this day had started) and she was not quiet or subtle during these times. She was also very honest about what she was doing, and right then she was honestly fingering the hell out of herself. My erection started to visibly throb at the thought of it.

None of this was lost on Mrs. Lawson. "But," she said to Katie," that's naked during sex, when maybe you both are naked. Have you been with him when he's the only one naked? When he might have been embarrassed because he was the very nude male next to the very clothed female.. and when it was going to stay that way for a bit?"

Yet again, I felt myself getting painfully close, her words and the sounds of Katie moaning and rubbing herself on the other end of the line nearly too much for me to handle. Mrs. Lawson saw me start to lose control, and so she pulled her squeeze-and-stop trick, which had become second-nature to her and was seriously beginning to hurt me.

"Well?" she asked, since no intelligible response had come from my girlfriend.

That's when we heard a muffled shriek over the line, which clearly Katie had quieted to avoid raising suspicions at her parents' house.

Finally Katie spoke. "I'm sorry, I just, wow," she stammered.

"Not a problem, dear, I totally understand," Mrs. Lawson replied, as calmly as if Katie had sneezed rather than come while on the phone with her. "Some need for relief is certainly understandable given what you've put him through today. Believe me, my pussy has been gushing and my panties are absolutely soaked right now. Speaking of which, you should see how hard and throbbing he is. When was the last time you let him come?"

Katie seemed to recover her ability to think. "I made him jack-off for me after his folks left, right after I stripped him the first time. It's funny, at the time he seemed to think that was all I was going to have him do for me."

Katie giggled over the phone; next to me, Mrs. Lawson gave a low chuckle.

"He seemed surprised when I didn't let him put his clothes back on then," Katie continued. "I let him pick them up (they were by the front door, he said), but instead of having him get dressed I had him walk his clothes into his room and leave them there. Then I had him make himself lunch, watch TV, read a book... anything that I could think of that he'd normally do with his family there, just this time he was doing it all bare-assed naked.

"And," she continued, clearly having worked up to this point, "I kept having him walk to his room to look at his clothes. Or look at pictures on the shelves where he was fully dressed. Or I would make a comment about any towel or sheet in the house, how it would probably feel great to him if he could cover himself with it... and too bad he couldn't! After a while I could hear in his voice how it was affecting him, so one time I let him grab a hand-towel... but only so he could jack-off into it! He had come twice and I guess he figured it was over.

"And then, I thought of his pool."

"It is a lovely pool," Mrs. Lawson agreed. "I have been in it many times." At this point they were both speaking as though I wasn't there.

"Did he tell you I let him put a bathing suit on?" Katie asked.

"No, he did not," Mrs. Lawson replied. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, wondering why I had left this detail out. I could offer nothing as I continued to stand there, naked and desperate.

"I had him step out the back door with the suit on and the towel in his hand," Katie explained, "just so I could STRIP them both off of him!! Then the towel was tossed, the suit was ripped off, the door was closed, and then, BAM, very very naked John on the back porch!

"I didn't know the door would lock behind him... but I'm really glad it did." My girlfriend giggled as she finished this last thought.

I waited for Mrs. Lawson to say something about Katie's version of the day's events (which were much more involved--and accurate--than mine had been). But she didn't. She looked again at my erection as she spoke her next thought.

"Which brings us to the present," she said. "And John's, ah, revealing predicament. I know John's parents very well, and I know they would not enjoy finding him this way, locked out totally nude... or as you've put it, completely bare-assed naked. They will be very angry that he embarrassed his family this way. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't let him go back to school."

That got her. "No," Katie pleaded, "they wouldn't. They seemed a little strict when I met them, but there's no way..." She left her sentence unfinished, now seeing the potential cost of the day's activities.

"I hope they choose to let him, since you two are clearly crazy for each other. But he's their only child, and this could be very humiliating to them. After all, I found him standing on my front porch totally nude, embarrassed and covering himself with only his hands, his bare-ass pointing out towards the street. Can you imagine what the neighbors might have seen?" Again, a chuckle from Mrs. Lawson.

"But you both are in luck," Mrs. Lawson continued, "I do have the spare key." Katie let out a long breath, another quiet squeal (though this time from a very different cause). "John should be able to get into his house before his folks get home. However, since I hold your happiness in the palm of my hand, you both need to remain on my good side... you, Katie, as well as John here."

"What do you mean?" Katie asked in a quiet voice, her attitude one of nervousness for the first time since she had answered the phone.

"I have really enjoyed having John for my viewing pleasure. But I have hardly touched him. Okay, I touched a little--his dick is lovely and his balls are so nice and full, how could I not? Anyway," Mrs. Lawson continued, "since he was your boyfriend I didn't do anything more without speaking to you first. Maybe later I will play a little with John myself, or have him play with me. But for now I'd like to reward John for being a good sport and let him have a little relief of his own.

"Katie," Mrs. Lawson spoke firmly, "you need to order John to jerk himself off for me. You need to tell him about the next time--in the near future, I hope--when he will be nude and you will be clothed. What he will be doing for you. And John, you cannot come until I tell you that you can."

Katie took a breath, but she clearly had an image already in mind. "That's easy. When we get back to school, John, you'll help me unpack and set up my new dorm room. And in that room there'll be a dresser, and in that dresser a drawer with a little space set aside for you. And in that space you'll put whatever clothes you were wearing when you walked across campus to see me. Because starting with that first day, every time you're in my dorm room you'll be completely bare-assed naked."

I was in agony. I still had not moved my hands (partially due to numbness but mostly due to Mrs. Lawson not letting me) so I couldn't touch myself. Mrs. Lawson saw this and quietly scribbled on a notepad: 'You can move your hands now. I know you want to. But don't come yet.' I dropped my arms and quickly tried to get feeling back into them, since I desperately wanted to use them.

Katie went on. "I'll probably have to remind you about these new rules the first few times, since you may think I'm kidding. But I'm not. My dorm room, my rules... actually, in your dorm room it will be my rules too, but we'll get to that later. Anyway, after a while you'll know what to do and will just start stripping as you walk through my door: shoes, socks, shirt, pants, boxers, all off and in the little drawer (except the shoes, those stay by the door). But, since my friends love to come by, I won't be the only one who gets to see this happening. It's an all-girls dorm and I know nearly everyone in it... and since I'll be the one with the naked boyfriend all the time I imagine I'll be pretty popular. Maybe we'll make it the rule that you have to be naked all the time you're in my dorm, so that you're stripping as you enter the lobby. Some girls might be uncomfortable at first, but they'll get used to it. Think about how awesome study breaks will be, with 100 clothed women and you completely bare-assed naked in the middle of them?"

Mrs. Lawson saw it a second before it happened, and had grabbed a dishtowel to catch the mess. "John, now!!!" she yelled.

I went to stroke my erection but within an instant of touching it I shot-off. I was coming as hard and as much as I had ever in my life. I was partially shouting and partially breathing loudly and my back arched and I was milking myself for everything I was worth. Mrs. Lawson held the cloth around me, trying to catch every drop. After about a minute I finally came down, literally collapsing on my knees.

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