tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGirlfriend's Drunk Roommate

Girlfriend's Drunk Roommate


I decided to take the plunge and move in with my girlfriend who is now my wife. And at that time she had a hot little roommate that was half Japanese and white around 5'2 around 100 pounds long dark hair and green eyes and very exotic looking. Although she had small tits she did have really big dark brown nipples that stuck out like pencil erasers all the time and her legs and ass were flawless.

After living there for a couple months I was really starting to enjoy having a hot little roommate to check out and sneak into her room and enjoy having playtime with her panties. I used to sneak in her room after she went to work almost every morning and smell and suck all of her juices out of her sweet musky smelling panties. She used to have some very juicy dirty panties and many times I noticed they smelled and tasted like man cum.

It didn't bother me though I was really starting to enjoy the mixture of cum and pussy juice something about it really turned me on. And I started really noticing the guys she would bring home and fuck and how often she would pick some guy up and bring him home.

That's when I started to notice she was a party girl who used to hit the bars at least 4 or 5 nights a week and bring some guy home and fuck him at least once week and that does not count the times she went to there place. As I started to pay a little more attention to when she would come home and see if she brought someone with her I noticed she would be so drunk sometimes guys would have to carry her in the house to her bed.

So I started to listen for her to come home and see if she had a guy with her and if she did I would sneak out of bed with my girlfriend and listen outside my roommate's door as she would get the shit fucked out of her. She was one vocal little whore, I used hear her say things like eat my pussy, cum in my pussy and her favorite o that's it fuck that pussy. Needless to say I would jack off and sniff her panties blow a load in them and go back to bed.

Well one thing I noticed the guys she brought home usually were gone by morning time so I rarely got see some of these guys. One night when my girlfriend had to go out of town for a couple days on business I was lying on the couch watching TV and heard my roommate pull in the drive way so I went to take a look and sure enough that bitch was so drunk she fell down getting out of some guys cars. There she was lying there on the ground mini skirt on flashing her panty covered pussy.

The guy comes around helps her up and helps her into the house. Well I did not want him or her to know I was still awake so I hide in my bedroom until I heard them go in her room. well it did not take long to start hearing the sounds of fucking and sucking and this time I had a view from the bathroom that connected to her room because the door was slightly open I could not make out all the action but I could see a good deal of it and I tell she is a little fucking machine. After this guy fucked and pounded that pussy for about hour he got up and went home and left her bedroom door wide open.

So I waited about 15-20 minutes and decided to go check her out maybe she would be passed out and I could get a good look a that hot body of hers after having the shit fucked out of her.

Sure enough as I approached her bedroom there she was lying on her side butt naked with her ass facing me and from that angle she was laying you had a nice clean view of her wet cum covered pussy. I called her name to see if she would respond and of course no response. So I walked in her room touched her shoulder called her name and still no response.

By this time I am looking at this little drunk hottie who just got the shit fucked out of her and decide to reach down and touch her wet little pussy and believe me her pussy was so wet and hot my finger went right in like a vacuum cleaner sucked it up. I heard her moan a little so moved my hand from her pussy and rolled her on her back so I could get a good front view of her body. As she rolled over I noticed she had cum all over her face, hair, tits, and she had some oozing out of her pussy.

I have to admit she looked so hot covered in cum my cock was so hard and throbbing I wanted to fuck her so bad. So I reached down started playing with her nipples and then leaned down a started sucking on her hard nipples I could taste a little cum on them and then she moaned again and I felt her hand started touching the back of my head and neck and then I noticed she was kind of pushing my head toward her pussy so I just started kissing my way down to her pussy when all I could smell was sweaty musky pussy smell and man cum mixed together as got to her little spot of hair above her clit it was nice and wet.

As started licking away at her clit her moans where getting a little louder and she was holding me by my hair almost guiding me around her wet pussy so I spread her legs a little farther apart and dove my whole face into her cum soaked pussy. Now this was the first time I ever ate creampie from a pussy that was not full of my cum and I have to admit it really turned me on having my face coated with pussy juice and cum.

Now I was still kind of standing next to her bed while I was eating her pussy I had to release my hard on from my boxer shorts so took them all the way off and climbed on the bed with my cock in her face and kept eating away at her pussy and rubbing my cock against her face and hair and the next thing I new I felt her mouth start sucking my cock.

By this time I was wondering does she know this is me or does she think I am the guy she brought home and at this point I really did not care I just keep eating her pussy ass and anything else around her pussy and it did not take long for me to fill her mouth full of my cum.

After I came I just laid there with my face about 2 inches taking in all the smell and look of her pussy and did not take long for my hard on to be back and ready to go. So I got up noticed she was passed out again so I rolled her on her stomach propped that hot little ass in the air and started fucking her from behind. Her tight little pussy was so wet and juicy it felt like heaven. She soon started to moan again and saying o yeah o yeah fuck my pussy so of course I would pound away at that sweet little pussy and then I started to fuck her asshole with my thumb slowly rubbing it on the outside and then dipping it into her tight little asshole .

That made her start moaning more and more so I decide pull me dick out of her pussy and put it in her ass. I could tell that was not the first time she had a cock in her ass it slide right in and I started pounding away as she was moaning and saying fuckit fuckit fuck my ass well it didn't take long for me to fill that ass with a big load of cum.

So here I was with my dick in her ass slowly going down and slipping out of her ass starting to wonder does she know this is me or what. As I stare down at her back watching her catch her breath she did not say a word and faded off to sleep.

I got up went back to my room and just laid there thinking about what just happened and of course my dick got hard just thinking about it so I decided to go back in there and take another look at my little hot roommate sure enough she was still lying there with here ass in the air and you could see my cum oozing out of her asshole. So bent down and licked her little ass clean and decided to fuck it one more time both her pussy and ass. Soon I filled her back up with another load of cum this time in her pussy and went back to my bed.

The next morning I got up early wondering if she was going to say something to me about last night. So I made some coffee and when I heard her starting to get up and move around I brought her cup to her room and said it sound like you had fun last night did your friend already leave. She said yeah I think he left last night sometime.

As I was standing there in her doorway looking at her she looked and smelled like sex she walked up to me and said good thing he left early or you would not have got to fuck me like you did.

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