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Girls Knight Out



[Sister uses brother's home for girls' night out; brother figures out how to use them for his night out.]

Here we go again. My sister Janet called, asking me if she could use my digs for her girls' night out. My sister and three of her housewife friends would take Thursday nights off from their boring husbands and stifling homes for a girls' only night on the town. Frankly, I was delighted to provide them a big card table, refreshments, and anything else in the (vain?) hope that at least one of them would make herself 'available'.

Some facts so you can keep score. The 'girls' were women, aged 19 to 39. There was my sister Janet, 23, blonde, five foot five, with a model's figure (say 34B-22-35). She looked like the old 'actress' Ginger Lynn; very modest up top but incredibly hot otherwise. The other three were Candy, 19, another blonde hellcat like sis; Paula, 26, a quiet redhead; and Esther, 39, a buxom soccer mom and MILF.

It would have been a straight-forward story if the 'ladies' simply came over, played cards, and went home. It wasn't that way, though. There was a constant repartee' between myself and the girls. It might have been sexual tension—I'm not sure. One Thursday in particular stood out:

Candy: "Ah, it's wimp dick as our host again; how quaint. What type of entertainment do you have for us, or will it be another short night?"

Me: "It might be if you keep talking like that; as short as your husband's dick...what was it, two or three inches?" [The other women all made the "woo" sound, like 'them is fighting words.']

Challenged, Candy came up to me, making me stand by grabbing my lapels; she laid an incredible French kiss on me. Then she put both her hands on my shoulders and kneed me in the family jewels. Now, she did that at a fraction of her full power, doing it just for effect. Nonetheless, the other girls applauded wildly. I played along, doubling over and falling back into my chair.

Me: "Ladies, I have worked out your itinerary for tonight. Frankly, I don't think you can follow anything intelligently, even a simple schedule. So, my sister will be the referee; all the women that follow my schedule get a $100 gift certificate to Macy's. Now go out, have fun, and don't do anything that I haven't done."

That pack of jackals left to follow my itinerary. I had a plan that would make them crawl the walls by the end of the evening; then they were to come back to my lair before going home. My sister always told me everything; from what she said, at least three of the women had cycles that coincided, and this was a fertile time for them. It would be sweet indeed if I could bed maybe one of them and get them in the family way. Well, that was my hope, however unlikely.

First stop was a private show for women only. It was from a major department store and featured fashion for men for the coming season. I figured that some of the male models might appeal to our four heroic women, since the show was sponsored by Jockey brand.

Next up was the live stage show. In California, unlike anywhere else except for New Orleans, they had not just strip clubs but simulated sex act clubs. There both male and female performers would go on stage and pretend to 'do it'. I had to rely upon my sister for most of what follows...

When the four women got to the club, they each had a ring side seat. As was normal, the stripper (female) would come out first. Another thing, as with NOLA, the strippers tended to be older. This woman was maybe 55, though in incredible shape. To my sister's surprise, two of her girlfriends were watching the opening act with rapt attention. One of them had puffy, tear-filled eyes and a moist mouth, the other one simply licking her lips as the stripper came over to them and shook her mature but perfect breasts. As my sister and her best friend Paula backed up in their chairs, the other two leaned forward, almost drooling, as the stripper sat on her heels and displayed herself...in detail. To the shock of all three including the turned-on Esther, Candy couldn't resist and bent forward, kissing a tanned, silky thigh, inches from the gateway to heaven on that MILF performer.

The stripper stood up and took a bow. Then it was stage lights out; in seconds there was a lavish bed and backdrop set up. To the laughter of the audience, the 18 year old male stripper took the stage, skipping as if he were an innocent school boy. Now all four of the women watched in almost religious silence and attention. The inside joke was that this older woman was his first love, whether a family friend or, gasp, someone in his family, perhaps even his...

To the favorite tune of strippers, "Down on Main Street", the two simulated some sexy positions. It was at once both silly and sexy; the two actors were obviously not actually doing anything but gymnastics. Still, they were both in great shape and the action appeared intense. The high point, to the hilarity of the audience, was when he used a squirt gun near where his 'other gun' was hiding under restraint. The milky fluid he sprayed, covering her face, was in fact convincing enough that before the laughter and applause, more than a few in the small crowd got a little short of breath.

My sister had trouble gathering that small herd together, what with them liberally soused and now turned on. Fortunately, like me, my sister didn't drink so she was their perpetual 'designated driver'. Next stop Chippendale's.

The four ladies went as I directed them to the club. The dancers there are unreal and are guaranteed to get any woman hot, whether she's straight or not. I knew that the guys in the club were only allowed to do so much, so I was hoping to pick up the pieces for them when the ladies got back to my place.

My sister said that Esther, who was drooling over the female stripper at the other club, got up on stage at the Chippendale's club. When she drunkenly starting stripping, all of the 'hunks' came out and surrounded her. When they split up, she had been thoroughly appreciated by them (i.e. felt up), standing on center stage, in her magnificent nakedness. The other three of her friends had never seen her nude and all gasped. Esther was a true MILF, 39, with a fantastic 37D-24-37 figure. She was so incredibly hot that most of the women in the club who were straight (at least they thought so) encouraged her to perform with the men. It was strictly against club policy, but two men and Esther did some really hot gyrations, made out, and ended up with a Chippendale sandwich...two hunks with Esther in the middle.

Those women were almost rabid at that point. The three drinkers were drunk or close to it; even my staid sister Janet, the only single lady, was half out of her mind with lust. Just as I planned, they now were herded into my little shack for their final destination. I was playing the part I had to play. I was wearing only fleece basketball shorts, my erect ten inch cock sideways across the front of those grey tight shorts, my tight t-shirt showing my chiseled upper body and blacksmith arms.

Me: "Well, ladies, how was it?"

Candy, who had kneed me in the family jewels earlier, came up to me again. I blocked the area down below, but her intentions were different this time. The day's events made her sopping wet, and she grabbed me by the ears and laid an incredible kiss on me. Not to be outdone, Esther came up and started stripping me in an almost desperate way. Paula didn't want to be left out; her hands homed in on my unit once Esther had freed me of my shorts. She couldn't believe what she was holding.

Paula: "God, girls, you have to see this. Janet's brother might be a pain in the ass, we might call him wimp-dick, but he is hung like a bull."

Esther moved Paula's hand away and saw for herself.

Esther: "Janet, your brother carries a lot of excess seed in these jewels of his. They are so big, so incredibly heavy, so very swollen with sperm. It's not right, it's not healthy. I think that I should be the first to render him some assistance...for health purposes only, of course."

The other three girls were angry that Esther had taken me for herself. They muttered insults under their breath as Esther led me away by my huge cock to my bedroom. She had me stand at the foot of the bed while she clumsily climbed to the center of the bed and got on her back. Lifting her legs, her hands formed an arch of welcome over the wet, slavering lips of her hot pussy.

Esther: "Ja...Jim, I have to admit, I'm a little stoned...oh hell—I'm drunk. You wouldn't take advantage of a drunken, horny, married woman, now would you? Just because I am naked, on your bed, and hot, that doesn't mean that you have the right, or your duty as a man, to service me. Remember that I am married and my husband might find out. I have to admit that he is shorter than you, not nearly as muscular or strong, but he does have a really nice little cocky. Oh, I've seen it as large as three and a half inches, so he's about one third the man you are. But please, don't take advantage of me. I know how men think: you are hoping even now to plow that gorgeous cock of yours deep inside of me. Maybe I represent your favorite teacher, hottest movie star, or, even your own mommy. Whatever, you are probably planning to f-ck the sh-t out of me, then stick that beautiful man meat deep inside of me, where you would deposit your precious sperm. Well, that's another reason I'm begging you not to take advantage of me...this is my fertile time of month. My tiny-equipped hubby has tried and tried to get me pregnant but failed. If you stick that enormous babymaker in me, with that huge reservoir of potent seed just waiting for transfer into my unprotected womb, you're liable to get me pregnant. And how would that look? My impotent hubby would know immediately that I must have cheated on him. Then we would have no choice but to cuckold him, making him pay for the delivery, care, and upbringing of this baby, and say, FIVE more. So let that be a warning to you(!) If you take advantage of me right now, I will probably get pregnant, give birth, let you suckle my warm, delicious mother's milk, and probably make another few babies. We will even do most of that right in front of him."

About halfway thru her long dissertation, I had decided that I was going to f-ck her brains out. As soon as she finished, I leaped on board of her. She guided my babymaker to the right spot. She moaned in pleasure as I occupied every pubic inch of her inner woman to the womb. I slowly moved it out till my cockhead was out and merely tapping at the drenched pussy lips. Then I plunged back in with fierce determination. By this time, the other three ladies were watching in total awe. After fifteen minutes of the most intense action any couple ever had, I grabbed her, held tight, and pumped squirt after squirt after squirt into the deepest recesses of her inner woman. The ecstasy was fantastic as I freely released my pent-up passion by way of an impregnation of this unbelievably sexy MILF housewife. With a last lingering kiss, I finished and fell over, temporarily spent. The three women looked on in stunned silence, seeing a waterfall of white goo trickle out of her well-fucked cunt. I put my arm over my eyes and dozed off, taking a brief few winks.

When I awoke a half hour later, Esther had gone home. She was afraid that the sloppy mess that covered her fur covered pussy entrance would ruin her slacks, so she actually walked barefoot and beautiful, utterly nude from the waist down, to her car. It was 4am so who would notice? (Well, a 73 year old retiree neighbor did notice; he was out getting the early morning paper. He stared at her gorgeous legs which had something dripping down her firm thighs and gleaming under the street lights, trying to make a mental picture of the scene. He went back inside, relishing the memory of this ravishing beauty.)

Now Candy was there in the nude, patiently waiting for me to awaken. I said 'patiently', but she got a bit antsy and started keyholing my cock while cupping my empty sack. To her thrill, she could literally watch as my cock grew from five soft to ten hard inches. As this was happening under her very skillful efforts, her other hand held my testes. She was also thrilled to see them slowly inflate, swelling with manhood, pride, and a new massive supply of lively, energetic sperm.

Unlike Esther who had a broken down older husband, Candy's was young—a real 'go getter'. Unfortunately, he put all of his efforts into satisfying his boss at work for his career and was inattentive to his hot and horny wife. It would be terrible of me to take advantage of this, so of course I did.

When I woke up, this little hellcat was lying next to me, servicing my unit. All I had to do was push her away, order her to lie down, and mount her manfully. As I thought about the chance that I might knock her up as I might I had done with Esther, I grabbed her rock-hard-from-jogging butt, held tight, and pumped an even bigger load into Candy's fertile depths than I had with Esther. I thought about the fact that she was married, sexy, with a totally unprotected womb at my mercy. I came with an almost fervent zeal, as if I were on a mission or something.

That was it for me; as the old cartoons used to say: 'That's all folks!' I cried out, but this time for the night. Our Thursday fun outing was officially over.

The next morning when I awoke, Esther and Candy had already gone. To my surprise, I found myself in a delightful sandwich: Paula was in front of me (we all were on our sides), facing away. Behind me was my gorgeous sister, she faced the back of my head as I was facing away. We three were under the covers, all nude.

To my surprise, Paula lifted a shapely, bikini-waxed smooth leg, allowing her to find my cock, give it a few re-assuring pats till it did its 'morning wood' thing, and placed it inside of her. I rose up, looking over her shoulder; she got the idea and twisted her head so we could kiss. As my sister looked on from the back, she could do nothing but caress my family jewels, helping them complete their emergency re-charge. All of a sudden, she realized that whatever seed Paula got SHE (my sister Janet) would not be getting, so she immediately increased her attentions. Janet was as horny as the other women, but she was not open-minded about breeding. The others had a husband who might be gullible enough to accept and support a mystery baby. Janet was a divorced working girl who couldn't afford a love child. On the other hand, she was just as horny and turned on from last night as the others. Her hope was that she and I could make love without breeding. She thought that all of the sperm that had been deposited into the fertile wombs of her friends would make my cum sperm-free.

Paula finally staggered out. She put on her blouse, then her pants (backward at first), and carried her shoes. She tiptoed barefoot and lovely to her little Mustang, carrying my potent seed inside of her as a token of the morning's activity. When she got home, she had a mild argument with her husband. As they bickered, little did he know that an ocean of my sperm inside her was busy at work conceiving a baby.

My sexy sister was the last babe remaining. She was divorced, the settlement even at her age negating her need to work. She proceeded to make me breakfast out of gratitude for the previous night's fun. I just threw on a white terry cloth robe and sat down like a ton of bricks onto the hardwood kitchen chair. She said she had to keep my strength up and gave me pancakes (with real maple syrup), bacon, and two eggs, over and well done. I was amazed that she found any of these items, as I generally didn't eat breakfast, let alone make it myself.

As she started taking up the empty plates, I grabbed my gorgeous sibling. Putting her squarely on my lap, I kissed her lips in appreciation of all that she had done for me. We stopped kissing and just stared at each other. I got the message and picked up that piece of ass, carrying her to my bed.

Janet(sister): "You know that I don't believe in taking the pill; if you aren't going to use a condom, I ask you please to pull out of me. I was going to let you go all the way--counting on the fact that you had already expended a lot of sperm inside the fertile wombs of my friends. But that would be naive of me. So, let's just be safe. If it's any consolation, my blonde muff is a nice place to empty tons and tons of your precious seed."

At this point, though wide awake, I was still utterly exhausted from the night's activities. I just got on my back and let the 'cowgirl' in my sister takeover. Sure enough, it was only two minutes before I was inside of her, with her athletic hips moving up and down in a blur of motion. I'm serious; if you ever saw a hummingbird's wings in animation that was my sister's hips in action on top of me. She only stopped four times, brief moments for her to cry out in orgasmic delight. When I was getting close, I warned her.

Me: "Sis, it's getting close...you better stop!"

Janet(sis): "Stop now? You are so selfish...just when I am about to have the really big 'O', you want me to stop? The hell with you...I'll stop when I want to!"

Her hips hit me with even more power. It truly was painful, though unbelievably sexy too. As she moved with incredible speed and power, our bodies slapped together with the sound of one hand clapping the top of another. As her efforts climaxed, she pushed herself down on top of me hard. She looked to the ceiling, shrieking in glorious orgasm. I couldn't hold back any longer once my sister had the big 'O'. I let loose an incredible deluge of baby-making sperm. I had been so turned on by my gorgeous sister and her supersexy fucking; when she had me hold back my seed, it only made the eventual release 1,000 times more pleasurable. Finally, we both stopped, collapsing into a heap. My sister now had a seed-filled pussy, and it was her fault. God bless her for that.

No man in history ever needed sleep more than I did that afternoon. I was blissfully alone finally and made one admittedly selfish prayer before sleep. I prayed that at least one of those beautiful women would have been knocked up by yours truly.

I can't prove it was divine intervention or merely the luck of the fates, but in the 24 hours that followed their individual 'breeding' by me, all three of my sister's friends conceived.

One month later:

My sister called, relaying the news as it trickled in. Esther did a test, finding that she was pregnant. She traded notes with the others, all of whom then bought home pregnancy tests. All three of the ladies' test strips turned wonderfully blue. I had done the deed, with all three becoming sexy mommies. Janet then asked if she could give up her expired apartment lease and move in with me.

I asked why.

She said it would be nice if I could help her with HER baby. I was ecstatic. Not only had I gotten all four smart alecks in her girls' night out group pregnant, but my gorgeous sister was going to be with me. When she divorced, she thought it would look really odd for her to move in with her adult brother, so she had gotten that apartment. Finally, we could dispense with appearances and just be together. The idea of sharing a home, a life, with the most beautiful woman in the world was overwhelming. The honor of helping care for her and her baby was the best part of that.

Seven months later:

It was the final girls' night out before the babies would be delivered. As they came in, one by one, I stopped them at the door, kneeled down, and kissed their gorgeous swollen bellies. It was so hot, so sexy, to see the product of my potent seed, life written in such bold letters. The girls did not go out on the town, of course. Their wimpy husbands had accepted their cover stories and would accept the new babies as theirs. Being typical husbands, of course, they had neglected their sexy, horny pregnant wives. I was only too delighted to lie on my bed, my ten inch cock steel hard. Like a scratching post, I allowed each woman in turn to lie on top of me, reverse cowgirl style, and back onto my hard cock. As my rough, uncut, oversized cockhead scraped their tingling vaginal walls, they winced in pain and moaned in pleasure. Though I was just a sexual device for their pleasure, my Mr. Johnson couldn't accept that. So, as each sexy lover of mine finished her undulations, my cock spit out a copious spend of sperm-laden semen, drenching their respective vaginas in potent seed.

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