tagInterracial LoveGirl's Night Ch. 3: Marsha

Girl's Night Ch. 3: Marsha


Barbara and Rebecca were right. Sexually, I was somewhat of a prude. What can you expect from a woman, raised in a religious, middle-class white environment. The girls are probably the first close black friends I've ever had.

Like an idiot I fell in love with and then married the first and only man I ever had sex with. After almost 22 years with that loser, he comes home one day and tells me he's running off with my business partner.

Well that's just fuckin' great! I hope that she and he will be very fuckin' happy! I was very fuckin' happy to get the house, both cars and the business.

So there I was: a divorced, middle-aged, sexually repressed white woman, all alone in a big house. The sex with my ex- and I wasn't really that great or anything, but at least it was regular. After the split it was almost two years before another man other than my doctor touched me anywhere.

I did actually try to make some changes in my life. You know, the weight loss thing, the new wardrobe thing, the therapist thing, the middle-aged-divorcee-club thing and all that other crap. I succeeded in losing 25 lb. and looking better. But the men in the clubs were just as boring and self centered as my ex-husband, and the only good advice I got from my therapist was that I needed to go out and "let myself go" once in a while. Becky and Barb had been telling me that all along.

It was difficult at first, I mean I couldn't even masturbate without feeling as if my mother was going to catch me. Thanks to Barbara and Rebecca, I was able to eventually break out of my shell. They helped me to realize that sex wasn't something "dirty or sinful" , but completely natural and shitloads of fun! (A particular Friday night of almost a year ago will always be a cherished memory.)

One of the wildest nights I ever had happened a few months ago. The day before, I had just finished showing a house to a couple who really weren't interested in the place. The meeting was pretty much a waste of time. I was feeling a little stressed so I stopped at a bar to have a quick one before I went home. While there I bumped into Curtis and Bryan. They were two young, black men I had met at a party Rebecca had thrown for her nephew, Randy's 21st birthday . I was very pleasantly surprised that they remembered me. We chatted for a while and had a few drinks.

Now, I've never told anyone this, not even the girls, but I've always had an appetite for men of color, particularly blacks and Latinos. I think it may have something to do with the fact that my folks had me believing that they were taboo. I never told Barbara or Becky because I didn't want them to think I was just another white chick who was hot for some dark meat.

So anyway, we talked and laughed for a bit. I checked them both out, and I felt pretty sure that they were doing the same to me. They invited me to a frat party they were going to the next night and I accepted. I got home that evening feeling really good and very damn horny.

The moment I hit the bedroom, I went straight to my hiding place and got "Big Sam". I ordered him from the same place that Barbara got her "Big Daddy". I fantasized about the night I got my first "taste of chocolate" from Rebecca's nephew Randy. I came at least three times in less than five minutes.

When I woke up the next morning I was suddenly struck with a bout of neurosis. I felt very nervous about going to that party. Not only might I probably be the only white person there, but at a college frat party most of these kids would be half my age. I considered not going, but my desire to see Curtis and Bryan again was much stronger. So I figured I just needed some reinforcements and called up the girls. I told them what the situation was and what my feelings were.

Rebecca told me I was being silly and said that I should just go alone and have fun. Besides that, she already had a hot date with a banker she'd met the day before. Barbara was much more understanding. She told me that she'd probably feel just as nervous if she were the only black person at a party. She agreed to go with me.

We got there around 10:30 p.m. The house was located near the campus of the college where Rebecca works. The party was very crowded and the music, a mixture of rap and R&B, was very loud. I was surprised to see that I was neither the only white person nor the eldest one there. Barbara and I both let out a sigh of relief and went in.

We found Bryan and Curtis behind the bar mixing drinks, and we all had a few and danced. The girls have probably already told you that I am not a drinker, so I was careful not to exceed my limits. And I'm not really that much of a dancer either, but I think I did all right. Curtis was my partner and he was very good, I just loved the way he moved those hips. As the dance area got more and more crowded, we had to dance closer and closer. By the time a good slow tune was played we were practically humping each other.

This kid couldn't have been more than 22 years old, and I wanted him very badly. But I must admit that I was still a little nervous and felt slightly intimidated. I've never been much of a party-goer and being in a small room surrounded by a lot of blacks (none of the whites there were dancing) was making me a little uneasy. I think I understand now how most minorities must feel on a daily basis.

Curtis must have sensed this and took my hand and led me through the crowd to the kitchen. I looked back to find Barbara, but she and Bryan were having the time of their lives so I didn't bother her. There were a few couples cozying up to one another around the room, and no one seemed to notice or care about this obviously, older, white woman, and her young, handsome, black escort. Curtis told me that he understood how I must be feeling and that he was very glad that I was able to make it.

I actually blushed a little, but it helped to put me at ease. We talked softly in the corner, pulling closer and closer to each other by the minute. Then, and I'm still a little embarrassed by this, I kissed him. We were both very surprised, but very pleasantly so. Then we kissed again, only this time it was much longer, and wetter, and hungrier. I felt his cock growing inside of his jeans. One way or another I was going to have this guy!

When our lips finally parted, we both got another surprise. Barbara and Bryan were standing there smiling at us. Again I blushed.

"Well, well!" Barbara teased, "Having fun are we?"

"Believe me," Curtis winked at us, "the fun is just getting started!"

We all smiled and laughed. I think that each of us had only one thing on our minds: getting laid! I knew that look in Barbara's eye, and I couldn't help but notice the nice bulge in the front of Bryan's pants.

Bryan suggested that we go over to their apartment just a few blocks away, and we all agreed. We took a nice, leisurely stroll over, and the whole time I wondered how big Curtis's cock was. Barbara and Bryan walked along like they were high school sweethearts, and it was nice to see her acting so girlish and giddy. We got to his place and settled in on the couch, barely able to keep our hands to ourselves.

Curtis brought out a deck of cards and we decided to play strip poker. During the first few months after my divorce I was alone a lot, and I took the time to teach myself a few card games, poker is the one I excelled at. But Curtis played very well also. We teamed up, "gals vs. guys", with Barbara sitting opposite me.

They won the first two hands, but I was able to make a come-back (Barbara is a terrible card player!). After just eight hands, Barbara was wearing nothing but a sly grin. Her cocoa-brown skin seemed to glow in the single kitchen light, and her firm athletic build looked damn good for a woman of 44. Her nipples were standing straight up and seeing them made mine do the same.

"Oh well," Bryan said to her, "I guess that means you lose!"

She continued to grin at him.

"Guess that means you have to pay the penalty!" he continued.

"Penalty?", we all wondered, what "penalty"? He quickly disappeared under the table. Judging from the quick gasps and the elated expression on Barbara's face, we soon figured what the penalty was. Hearing the slurps as he lapped at her cunt, and seeing her eyes roll up in her head made it hard to concentrate on the game.

"So, Red," Curtis inquired, "you wanna hold 'em or fold 'em?"

"First I'll fold 'em," I smiled staring down at the bulge in his lap, "then I'd like to hold 'em!"

He took my cue and lead me back to the couch. We kissed and felt each other up like two teenagers on prom night. Then we literally tore each others clothes off and I finally got what I was craving most of the night: his big, beautiful, brown cock in my hands. I stroked it firmly while his fingers gently played between the lips of my moist snatch. I knelt on the floor in front of him and took the swelling head of his cock into my mouth as I massaged his balls. I toyed with him for a few minutes before swallowing him whole. I was surprised that I was able to take in at least 2/3rds of his enlarged prick.

A few minutes later he pulled me up onto the couch next to him.

"I have to taste that sweet pussy." Curtis whispered.

His skillful tongue played inside my ear for a moment, sending chills down my spine. He proceeded to move on to my neck and my breasts, playing with my nipples until they swelled to a bright cherry-red. Finally, he found my navel and then rested his tongue between my throbbing, wet lips and played with my swollen clit.

My first orgasm of the night came in only two minutes.

Over in the kitchen, Bryan and Barbara were 69ing on the kitchen table. Her firm, round ass bounced gently on his tongue while she hungrily swallowed his stiff cock.

While my thighs were still trembling, Curtis laid me back on the couch and mounted my chest. I was so turned on at seeing that hard, black meat sandwiched between my tits that I was ready to cum again at any second. Small droplets of pre-cum squirted out of his cock and trickled onto my chin, I quickly lapped it up and hoped for more.

Curtis slowly raised himself up and moved down between my legs, where he pushed his cock inside of me. No sooner had he gotten halfway in, when orgasm #2 shot up and down my spine. I guess he thought he had hurt me, because he stopped and started to withdraw.

"No, please, don't stop. Fuck me, please!" I begged him.

He smiled and we kissed as he pushed himself all the way in. When Curtis had completely inserted himself I wrapped my arms and legs around him and held on tightly. In no more than ten minutes, I'd had orgasms 3 through 6. After that I lost count.

Barbara and Bryan had now moved to the living room floor just a few feet away. I was worried that they may have broken the kitchen table had they stayed there. Barbara smoothly rode his cock, her beautiful ass bouncing rhythmically as her voice began to raise in pitch. It always amazed me that such a quiet, reserved person as she is could be so loud and wild sexually. I guess the animal in all of us has to come out somehow.

Just when I thought I would "pass out" from exhaustion, Curtis rolled me over and lifted my ass into the air. When he slipped his cock in he went even deeper than he had before. He pumped me hard this time, his thighs smacking loudly against my ass. Right before he shot his load, he wet his fingers and gently slipped his pinkie into my ass, which caused me to have one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had in my life. I do believe I did pass out for a few seconds, because the next thing I knew, we were laying in each others arms on the couch. Barbara sat in Bryan's lap on the recliner just opposite us.

"So, what do you ladies want to do now?" Bryan asked with a grin.

"How about a month's worth of sleep?" I said.

We all laughed.

I woke up the following morning in bed next to Curtis. We went into the kitchen and made ourselves breakfast. While we ate we listened to Barbara's voice as it went up several octaves again in Bryan's room. We got so aroused that we pushed the plates aside and had sex right there on the table. Thank God it was actually sturdy enough to hold us!

Barb and I left later that afternoon. We had our usual Friday night get-together and swapped stories with Rebecca. Her banker turned out to be a real dud, so she was pretty pissed with herself for not going with us. Serves her right for turning down a friend in need!

Curtis and I have seen each other at least four or five times since that evening. We've gone out to the movies or bars, and even went on a picnic once. Our relationship is only semi-serious, we call each other when we're really horny, but for now it works for both of us.

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