tagNovels and NovellasGirl's Night In Ch. 03

Girl's Night In Ch. 03


"I'll be back soon ladies," Lori said before whispering to Ashley, "Remember this is my house Ash; don't let them get too crazy. I really don't want to explain to Mark why there's another guy's cum on our furniture."

"Ladies, Lori wants me to let you all know that she does not want John's cum on her furniture," Ashley laughed, "Do you think we can manage to keep from spilling it while she is off playing hostess?"

"Do you mind if his cum is in me," Terry joked. Apparently Lori didn't want to continue down that path because the next person that spoke was Ashley.

"Well now that the boss has left, she put me in charge of our boy toy here and I know she said this would be done by contest but I'm going to shake things up a little here. I am making the executive decision that Ellen will be next."

"Bitch," and "No fair," were among the responses I heard from the other ladies.

"First of all Ellen has been married longer than anyone else here so she's been waiting longer than all of us for this," Ashley continued.

"All my life, for something like that," My mother in law agreed.

"Plus I think this is better for Lori and Ellen," Ashley explained, "I know I wouldn't want to see my Mom playing with cock and I'm guessing Ellen would prefer not to have her daughter staring at her while she checks out the merchandise."

Reluctantly the other ladies agreed with Ashley's decision and I was led over to be used by my wife's mother. I was relieved that my wife was out of the room because the awkwardness might have been too much for Lori or I and I sure didn't want this night to end yet.

The room was silent for a moment as I stood there wondering what was about to happen to me. During the quiet my mind wandered to the last time I had been in this room with Ellen. We had been celebrating Lori's thirtieth birthday and I remember seeing the two of them together and thinking I'd be happy if Lori aged as well as her Mom, as long as she wasn't as uptight as Ellen.

"What a gorgeous piece of man meat," Ellen said as she took a firm hold of the base of my cock. Uptight will never be a word I associate again with my mother-in-law. "Come closer so Mommy can have a better look," she said to herself as she pulled me by my cock.

"He's young enough to be your son Ellen but you are so hot. You two look great together," Sharon said. She was one of Lori's oldest friends and had known Ellen since she and Lori were kids. "I always thought you and Paul made a hot couple and always hoped my husband and I would be as sexy as you two when I grew up."

"That's sweet Sharon. You have no idea how unsexy you feel when you get to be my age. Your body goes and you stop feeling sexy, so you stop being sexy. I swear holding this right now is the sexiest I've felt in 20 years. I don't know if I've ever been this wet," Ellen's mouth was so close to me that I could feel her heavy breaths on my still wet head as she spoke.

She pulled me even closer so my legs were brushing against her long dress. Ellen lifted my cock with one hand while she took my balls in the other hand and gently massage them. "Mmmm a hard man is good to find, am I right ladies?" she joked while rubbing my cock on her cheeks and dragging my head across her lips. "Ladies you may want to look away for a second because I need to get out of these soaking panties and get some relief."

Ellen took both hands off of me and I could feel her lifting her dress as it rubbed along my legs. I had not moved back from her so as she rose from her chair to remover her panties, she pressed her face tightly against my groin.

"Wow Mrs. M," Sharon yelled out, "Look at you sporting the sexy thong. Whoever said your body is going is crazy. You still have a great ass." Several other ladies were also cheering on Ellen.

I felt her sit back down as her face moved away from me. Her bare calves were now rubbing the outside of my legs so I knew she had not completely lowered her dress. "We're at a sex toy party but I still feel the need to make sure no one is offended by the fact I need to get myself off," she said while re-gripping me with one hand.

"You go girl, I think we're all in agreement on this one. Does it even need to be said what goes on at Lori's, stays at Lori's?" Terry asked everyone.

"You do what you need to do Auntie just do it fast, I want to see how those rings feel," Diane encouraged.

"I love you girls. Although to be honest I would have ignored you all anyway if you had said you were offended," Ellen answered.

"Do you want to try out one of the toys Ellen?" Sharon asked.

"I've been dying to dear," Ellen replied coyly. I felt her dress brushing my legs again as she stood up. Her grip tightened on me and I was surprised to feel her lips press firmly against mine. After a moment of shock I eagerly opened my lips to allow her tongue into my mouth. Her entire body pressed tightly against me and I cursed the handcuffs for preventing me from fully embracing her. As we kissed I could feel her soft breasts press against my chest and feel both her hands working feverishly to bring each of us to climax.

She moaned into my mouth before breaking our kiss. I continued to press toward her trying to recapture her lips. I was caught off guard again as I licked my lips, savoring our kiss and got a strong taste of my mother-in-law's pussy. Ellen ran her soaked fingers across my lips and I eagerly sucked them into my mouth.

"Apparently this old broad has still got it ladies," Ellen boasted. "I didn't think he could get any harder but you ladies should have felt the way his cock throbbed in my hand when he tasted me."

"We can all see the how wet you're making him," Becky laughed. "I think he's dripped more pre-cum on your hand than my hubby produces when he orgasms."

Ellen released my cock and I could hear her lips smacking as I pictured her licking my juices from her fingers just as I had done.

"As much as I want to feel more of that cock, and god it does taste delicious. I love my husband too much to fuck this youngster," Ellen told the rest of the group. It was good to hear because my Father-in-law is a great guy and I'm not sure I would have been able to resist if Ellen had been willing. "But don't be too excited ladies I'm not done with John yet."

I felt the pull on my balls gently at first but the downward pressure steadily increased as my scrotum was being stretched toward the floor. I could hear some gasps and it felt like someone wanted to pull my balls off. The pain became so great that I fell forward onto my knees and my head landed in Ellen's lap. The leash had been released but the pain still remained causing me to groan loudly.

"Oh you poor thing," My mother-in-law said while patting my head. It wasn't sympathy but pleasure and excitement that I heard in her voice. "I wouldn't have pulled so hard if he had just gotten on his knees sooner," she explained to the others unapologetically. "Diane you said you wanted to feel those rings. Why don't you come over and make sure I didn't do any permanent damage there. It looks like he's going a little soft on us, so see if you can fix that."

Ellen must have a little dominatrix in her because she then grabbed me firmly by the hair and lifted my head off her lap. Thankfully the 2 masks and headphones kept the wig secure so my identity wasn't revealed. As she held me in front of her I felt another set of hands reach between my legs from behind and begin gently caressing all around my cock and balls. The gentle touches were an exciting change from the recent rough treatment. The pain was subsiding and my erection began building back to where it had been minutes before as I pictured how hot my wife's 21-year-old cousin would look right now stroking me.

Just as I was relaxing into the pleasure my head was pulled again by Ellen. This time she drew me back into her lap but when my face rested on her thigh I felt the warmth of her skin against my cheek. My next breath was filled with the sweet smell of arousal and I realized I was inches from her naked pussy. She continued to guide my head up her thigh until my nose was rubbing against her thick mound of pubic hair and my lips were brushing hers.

My tongue softly exploring the length of Ellen's slit caused a long groan from her and more cheers from the audience. The cheers must have been a little embarrassing for Ellen because I could feel her dress being pulled over my shoulders to cover us. The close confines intensified the heat radiating from between her legs. Her pussy was drenched and I took my time teasing around her clit and scooping the moisture from inside her with my tongue. Her legs clamped down tight on my head the first time I dragged my tongue lightly over her sensitive clit.

She tried to pull my mouth tightly to her and increase the pressure but I simply sucked her clit tenderly into my mouth and resisted her force with more soft contact. She squirmed against me and I let her frustration build because I was in no rush to let her cum. I wanted her to remember this orgasm as one of her best even if she would never know it was me.

"Oh my god," she groaned as my tongue sank deeply inside her before I dragged it back up the length of her slit and with calculated patience I applied firm but slow pressure to her clit. "I haven't had my pussy licked in 10 years and this fucking guy decides to tease me," she moaned through clenched teeth.

It was my turn to moan when I felt my aching balls sucked into someone's mouth. I hadn't felt her slide her head between my spread knees but my shaft was now resting across the length of her face while her tongue swirled around my bound scrotum.

"Whatever you are doing Diane, don't stop!" Ellen yelled. The pleasure of being sucked had overwhelmed me and without realizing it I had increased the speed and pressure of my licks. I knew I didn't want to let Ellen cum just yet so I forced myself to slow down and focused my attention back on making her orgasm build.

It would be easier said than done because Diane was following her Aunt's directions. She had taken a firm grip of both my ass cheeks and was holding me pressed tightly to her face while taking long licks the length of my cock from the base to the head. I used to take this girl for ice cream when she was a kid; never did I imagine she would one day grow up and use that same tongue like this.

I was desperate to have my hands free so I could fully explore Ellen but I had to be content with only being able to taste my way around her hairy pussy. Diane bent my cock down to her mouth and was kissing and swirling her tongue all around the sensitive head. I found myself licking and kissing Ellen's clit in rhythm with Diane as if I was just the connection to her licking her Aunt.

Diane was somehow able to bend my rigid cock enough to slip the first couple of inches into her mouth and the sensation caused me to pause for just a moment. Ellen would not allow that though, I could feel her need for release as she franticly grabbed at my covered head with both arms. It was so wrong and yet so sexy to hear my mother-in-law begging me not to stop.

"Please, please," she gasped forgetting I was supposedly unable to hear her. "So...close"

It was time to make Ellen cum. I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and firmly massaged it with my tongue. Ellen's moans transformed into a series of high pitched yeses and "ohmygod, OH MY GOD!" as she neared her climax.

I think my own deep moan caused the last vibrations she needed because as I reacted to the amazing blow job Diane was giving me; Ellen screamed "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! YES."

The flood of juices that accompanied her screams was intoxicating. I drank in her amazing orgasm and kept my mouth attached to her writhing hips as her tremors continued for what felt like minutes. The room was silent in shock at the powerful orgasm they had all just witnessed. Even Diane was simply lying beneath me with my head resting just inside her open mouth.

I continued massaging Ellen with my tongue as she calmed down. I kissed all over her dripping pussy, my face covered with her juices. I needed my relief now and began to fuck Diane's open mouth. I started slowly at first; testing how deep she could take me. On a couple of strokes as I sank half of my cock into her throat I felt her choke slightly but instead of struggling she just moaned around me as I slipped back out of her mouth. It was obvious she was completely comfortable with a dick in her mouth.

Ellen was recovering and her increasing moans sounded like she was beginning to build towards another orgasm. I slid my cock in and out of Diane's mouth in time with Ellen's hips pressing up to meet my tongue. She surprised me with how quickly her moans turned to yells again; my wife was multi orgasmic but needed some recovery. Ellen apparently was able to ride the wave of her first orgasm right into the second.

"Cumm...ing...ag...ain," She yelled through clenched teeth and I was once again drenched by my mother-in-law's sweet juices. I had slowed my thrusts as I focused on Ellen but poor Diane was now going to receive the full force of my frustration.

I was sinking more and more of my cock into Diane's throat but during one of my hard downward strokes I was gripped by the too familiar pain of my balls being tugged the opposite direction.

"What the hell is going on out here?" Lori's scolding tone surprised me into stopping deep in her cousin's mouth.

"Mom, what are you thinking?" Lori continued.

"I was thinking I hadn't been licked in years and I needed to cum," Ellen indignantly replied.

"Twice!" Terry joyously jumped into the conversation. There were some small laughs from the other ladies and some of the tension felt like it eased out of the room. I felt the leash being yanked upward and as I raised my hips with it, my cock was reluctantly pulled from Diane's lips. Lori pulled me out from underneath Ellen's skirt and left me kneeling over Diane.

I could hear Diane gasping as she tried to regain the breaths I had fucked out of her. "I was starting to worry he was going to choke me with that thing," she rasped out.

"There are worse ways to die," Becky joked and all the tension seemed to evaporate completely.

Jennifer re-entered the room and took charge of the conversation immediately. She re-focused the ladies onto the products and took orders on some of the different items she had demonstrated so far. I knelt silently, oblivious to the purchasing as I worried about the reaction from Lori. What had I done to our marriage?

"Lori, I need to write up these order forms really quickly. Can you take John into the back room and get him ready like we discussed," Jennifer instructed.

Lori didn't answer; I simply felt a tug on the leash and fearfully followed her lead into the back room. The headphones were removed when we entered the room but she left the mask covering my eyes.

"My mother you bastard," I cringed from the tone of her voice, "and my little cousin. I left for 10 minutes and you are all over my mother and my cousin. You sick fucker."

I started to open my mouth to try and formulate some type of defense, "I...I...I didn't..."

My words were cutoff as Lori pressed her lips to mine and sunk her tongue deeply into my mouth. She kissed me with more passion than we had shared in years and I willingly let her rape me with her tongue.

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