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Give Me Just One Night


She fought her way through the sparse crowd, pushing her way closer and closer to her one and only opportunity. Him.. She had pictures, posters, hours worth of obsession that all culminated in this very moment.

Reaching the barricade, she glanced up at the stage and watched as he jumped, hopped, skipped and strummed. A virtual God atop a wooden pillar of rock n' roll. This was the man she wanted to spend tonight with; even if it was just tonight. Give me just this one chance, this one night, she thought as she yanked her shirt up in the air and grinned in his direction.


"Girls don't usually do, uh, girls don't usually take their...." his voice stuttered.

"So you're saying girls don't usually flash you?" she grinned.

"No," he laughed. "In fact, you're the first!"

"Well, I'm honored to be your first," she cooed, running a finger over the small silver hoop that decorated the corner of his lower lip.

His eyes traveled down her lowcut blouse, though his hands remained on the neutral territory of her hips.

She kissed his soft lips gently, then backed away and smirked. "I had to make my point, you know."

"Oh?" he croaked huskily. "What point was that?"

She shook her head, her small brunette ponytail bobbing softly. "That's for me to know and you to find out!"

He chewed on his bottom lip, smirking back at her. "I see."

"Do you have some place more...quiet we can go?" she whispered, in hopes his bandmates wouldn't hear her desperate plea to this beautiful creature.

"Uh, sure," he smiled, placing her on the sofa and standing up to stretch. "Let me go find my room key, we can go to the hotel."

"GO STEVE!" shrieked one of his bandmates, the jovial lead singer that had tried desperately to win her affections at the After-Party. He'd failed miserably to take her one-track mind off its course of destruction.

"Alright," he called to her, returning from the back of the band's spacious tour bus. "It's just round the corner, we can walk."

"Cool," she giggled, grabbing her purse and allowing him to clutch her hand inside his own.


"So," he grinned, resting on his elbows and eyeing her every move.

"So," she grinned back, swaying her hips with great exaggeration as she walked towards him.

"This doesn't usually happen to me," he laughed nervously.

"What's that?" she taunted, moving closer to him with great ease, sexual tension filling the air.

He shook his head. "Girls. They don't usually....come on this strong."

"I see," she cooed, crawling over his reclined body and straddling him.

"I like it," he laughed, his eyes beaming his sheer elation into her own.

It made her warm.

"I like you," she responded matter-of-factly, resting her lips against his, locking her hands firmly onto his shoulders as they fell further back into the mattress.

Their kiss was passionate. Their lips met in a sensual lock, tongues exploring inside the depths of one another. Strangers once, now intimately joined. She found herself intrigued by the silver barbell that traveled straight through his thick tongue, her own tongue swirling around its top multiple times; tasting, feeling, wanting. So sensual to have such an adornment, she found herself growing increasingly wet with the thought of feeling it on her most private parts.

Pulling out of the embrace, she licked her lips. "Mmm, Steve? I want your tongue on me."

"Okay," he laughed, pulling his shirt over his head and eyeing her with great interest as she did the same.

"Here," she whispered, reaching her hand down inside her panties.

He pushed her gently back onto the bed, spreading her legs slowly with his large hands. "I'll take care of you, baby," he grinned.

She felt her breathing escalate as he removed her silk thong, tossing it across the room. She strained to watch as his head traveled down her body, licking and sucking at her erect nipples, nipping at her stomach, lapping her belly-button, and slowly finding the warmth between her legs. His tongue reached out, the silver barbell glinting in the faint light of the overhead lamp, and she felt her body shiver as he made contact with her swollen lips.

"Oh god," she moaned. His work was divine. Surely, he was Heaven.

She stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity. His attentions directed on her clitoris and her soaking wet lips, his expert tongue working to bring her toward a climax. She felt her body convulse, and she practiced no restraint when she screamed his name as loud as her vocal chords would allow.

"Well then," he laughed, coming to rest alongside her on the bed.

"It's your turn," she panted, reaching between their bodies and planting a firm grasp on his amazingly hard cock.

She straddled his body once again, nipping at his earlobe, licking his lip ring, and then traveling towards his nipples as she headed quickly South on his gorgeous body. "I see you're ready for me," she laughed as she wrapped her lips around his warm length.

"Mmmhmm," he moaned softly, grabbing onto the edge of the bed.

Her expert tongue worked circles around his hard shaft, driving up and down in time with his grunts and groans. When she sensed he was close to his breaking point, she raised off his length, replacing her tongue with her tiny hand.

"Mmmm, more?" he begged, his look lust-filled and confused.

"Not yet, big boy," she laughed, heading for the bathroom and her purse.

"Wha- where you going?" he called, taking himself inside his own fist and pumping slowly. Clearly, he was having a hard time formulating coherent thoughts.

She stood in the doorway, watching his sweat-soaked body, hand pumping himself so slowly, his breath ragged and filling the room. "I could watch you all night," she grinned.

"Care to join me?" he rasped, slowing his strokes long enough to construct his response.

"Of course," she grinned, diving back onto the bed and tearing open the condom wrapper.

"What's that?" he grinned, still stroking himself slowly as he watched her roll on the bed next to him.

"Protection," she laughed, handing the opened wrapper to him.

He glanced at her and took the offered Trojan. "I didn't realize what you had there," he laughed.

"Mmmm, better safe than sorry," she cooed into his ear as she swirled her tongue over his earlobe slowly.

"Always," he groaned as he rolled the latex onto his pulsing erection.

"Ready?" she teased, circling a finger around his nipple.

"Ah fuck am I ever," he groaned as he rolled on top of her and drove into her in one deep thrust.

"Fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me good, Steve!"

"I intend to," he rasped, speeding his pace and bottoming out inside her body over and over again.

"Oh...fuckin....Oh....god...jesus...." she screamed, trailing her fingernails over his shoulderblades and carving patterns into his bare skin.

"Ah fuck. You're....fuckin....stabbing....me," he hissed.

"Sorry," she laughed, moving her fingers down to his hips and pushing him to thrust into harder, faster, with greater intensity.

"Oh Steve," she screamed, feeling herself nearing the end of her journey. "Fuck me! Yes, yes, yes, yes," she ranted, her voice barely more than a mumble.

He grumbled something inaudible as he came, falling atop her, and kissing her lips softly. "Jesus," he grinned. "That was amazing."

"It was," she smiled warmly, rolling out from underneath him and beginning to scout the room for her abandoned clothing.

"Where are you going?" he called as she grabbed her panties from the back of a chair, and headed for the tiny bathroom.

"To get dressed," she called back.

"Oh," he mumbled to himself, staring up at the ceiling and pulling a pillow underneath his head.

"You don't have to race off," he called to her.

No answer.

"I don't even know your name."

No answer.

"Let me give you my cell number before you leave," he called into the darkness. "So we can see each other again."


"Hello?" he called.

He climbed off the bed, searching for his discarded boxers, finding them tangled with his Dickies on the floor beside the bed. He grabbed them, pulling them on as he walked towards the bathroom.

"Hey?" he laughed as he knocked gently on the bathroom door. "Can I come in?"

No answer.

"I feel like an asshole here."


He turned the knob and felt no resistance. He glanced into the bathroom, only to see her dirty towel strewn over the shower curtain, flapping in the breeze from an open window.

"Uh, hi?" he grimaced, glancing around the room to confer what he had already known was true: she was gone.

"Dude, what the fuck?" called another male from inside the bedroom.

"Huh?" he turned to meet the eyes of his bandmate and roommate for this evening.

"That girl you were with all night," his bandmate chuckled. "She came flying past me in the hallway, almost trampled me."

Steve raised his eyebrows in confused intrigue.

"She said to tell you 'Goodbye' and she was 'Sorry', and then she fuckin took off like a shot."

Steve processed his friend's words, and fell back onto the bed that he had shared with her only minutes previous.

"What's wrong, man?"

"Nothing, dude."

"Something's wrong," his bandmate sighed. "I know you."

Silence passed between the pair.

Finally, with a mix of disgust and amusement, Steve sighed loudly and turned to face his bandmate. "She used me, bro."

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