Giving Britney a Lift


"Oh yeah! Your dick feels sooo big in my tight little ass!" I held her cute little feet, one in each hand to help hold her into place as she brutally fucked her own ass with my cock.

Britney than showed her unbelievable athleticism by arching her back, without slowing down the pace. She arched her back so that we were face to face and she sucked on my bottom lip while I sucked her bottom lip. I started to thrust my hips up to meet her thrusts, Britney moaned into my mouth and gently bit hold of my bottom lip.

Britney let go of my lip and started to scream with every thrust. "AHHH! AHHHH!" She straightened her head, with her back still arched and watched her pussy jump with every thrust. I let go off her feet and held a boob in each hand holding her into place again, as Britney leaned back and let me do all the work.

"OH MI GOD!" Britney screamed as I went to work on her ass so fast that my dick ached to cum. Britney pushed herself up with her hands, pressed against my chest. She pushed all her weight down on her thick, round ass, as she positioned her legs so she was squatting. Britney leaned back on her hands, which were still on my chest for support and pushed herself up using her feet. She didn't go all the way up or all the way down, she just rubbed the same couple of inches in the middle up and down really fast.

"Ohhh Yeah! That's the stuff" Britney moaned. She started to lose footing from going so fast and dropped down but pushed herself up instantly. I decided to help her out. I reached down and held her ankles in place. Britney turned her head to face me. She smiled and kissed me as if to say thank you and carried on her assault on my cock.

"Oooohhhh! ARRGGGHHH! Huh!" Britney screamed and gasped as she went as fast as she could, still going up and down on that same inch on my cock. I started to thrust my hips up and my dick started to go in deeper into her rear as she continued her little thrust still only covering an inch, but as my cock went in deeper, it was fast little strokes going up and down my shaft causing an unbelievable sensation on my full length and I knew that I was going to finally cum again.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Britney kept repeating "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna CUM!" She screamed pushing her hips slightly to the left. "That's... the fucking... SPOT!" She screamed and that was it. I slammed my dick up into her tight butt hole and I erupted hard into her ass. Britney's orgasm hit at the exact same time, a fast flow of cum shot up nearly a foot into the air and came down onto my balls, thighs and all over the bed in between my legs.

"AHHH! AAHHHH!" Britney screamed timing her orgasm with mine. Stopping her cum in mid flow as I shot a load into her ass. As I shot a second load into her rectum she let go another spurt of cum even higher than the last splashing down onto her wet cunt. Britney came when I came and paused in between each of my loads. Between the two of us I think we unleashed enough cum to fill up a glass.

Just watching her love piss shooting up into the air, higher and higher each time made me shoot out more cum to keep up with her! I shot out more cum in one go than I had ever done before. I must've shot out 8 loads easily and they all felt like the first big powerful load that you shoot out and cause I had held out for so long, it felt like each load that I shot out was two loads of cum shooting out at the same time. It was the most unbelievable orgasm I had ever had.

"Hmmm... Hmmm..." Britney moaned and her hips bucked as her orgasm died down. "Hngh!" Britney moaned as she clenched her butt hole around my throbbing member, forcing more cum from my cock. She kept her ass hole tight while she slowly worked her tight ring up my shaft, milking my cock for any cum it may have, forcing out nearly a whole load worth of cum. Britney then dropped her weight down and my dick shot right up deep into her rectum and she let out a cute little yelp.

I could feel my own cum in her ass on the head of my cock. "Huh!" Britney sighed both of us realizing the sex had finally come to an end. "That was fun!" Britney claimed and giggled getting off my dick slowly. "Mmm... cum!" Britney said and started to lick my cock.

"You blondes really have a problem with grammar don't you?"

"What do you mean?" Britney asked with her voice muffled due to my dick being in her mouth.

"Mixing up your past and present tense."

"When?" Britney said playfully slapping my stomach.

"Just now. When you said that was fun."

"Well it was!" Britney protested.

"It is."

"It is?" Britney said confused wrinkling her nose in that cute way she does.

"Yeah. 'Cause if you think I'm done with you then you are wrong. But first. It's my turn." I said pushing Britney onto her back, licking her cum that she shot, out, off her belly. I spread her legs to get more of her sweet nectar off the inside of her thighs, groin and her tight pussy.

"You've been there a long time." Britney said after a few minutes. "I must taste really good."

"Mmm-hmm." I mumbled with my tongue in her womanhood.

"Here." Britney said sitting up. "Give me a taste." She said sticking her tongue out, saying "aahhh." A strange request but I stood up any way, and positioned my mouth over Britney' and opened my mouth and let a mixture of her cum and my saliva pour out of my mouth and into hers. She closed her mouth and with an audible gulp swallowed it all.

"Mmm... I taste almost as good as you!" She claimed kissing me lightly on the lips. "Watch this!" Britney said with a wicked smile. She turned around, her back to me and squatted over my cock. "Hnnghh!" Britney moaned as she slowly started to slowly shit out my cum on my dick and balls. She then lay down beside me, on her front, waving her feet in the air over my head.

"Mmm..." Britney moaned as she lowered her open mouth onto my thick white fluid covered manhood. She started to suck the cum off my dick and once she was satisfied with how clean she had gotten my member, she started to suck the cum off my balls while she stroked my cock at quite a fast rate.

Her feet were waving in front of my face and I couldn't help myself. I had to get another taste of her cute little feet. I started to lick the soles of her beautiful feet, which made Britney moan. I sucked her toes every time my tongue was near the balls of her feet.

"Oh lordy, look at you!" Britney said with that adorable, yet goofy look and tone in her voice to go with it, that we've seen and heard on TV. I stopped sucking her big toe and looked down trying to see her angelic face, but my erect member was obstructing my view. "I swear it's gone bigger than before!" Britney claimed.

"What's wrong with that?"

"What's wrong with that?!" Britney repeated the question. "What's wrong with that, is that I'm gonna have to fuck it again!" Britney said in her southern accent, while she continued stroking it.

"You wanna ride it again Britney?" I asked, being lazy, 'cause I was slightly tired out from the sex crazed Goddess.

"Yeah!" Britney said kissing my cock, as if she was kissing it goodbye. "But, I got a special little sumthin' sumthin' for ya." She said trying to sound ghetto.

"What's that?" I asked as she straddled me.

"This!" she replied rubbing my cock against her clit, sliding it down her slit and pushing it into the opening of her womanhood for the first time. I gasped at the tightness of her pussy lips and walls, as she worked her way down my pole. She only got half way down.

"I'm not wearing a rubber."

"Don't worry..." Britney responded and started to ride my cock slowly, taking more in every time she came down. "...I'm not gonna let you cum inside me." She said stopping to kiss me. "This time... ugh... I want you to cum... ahh... to cum... to cum in my mouth."

"You got a fetish for cum?" I teased her.

"No!" Britney stopped and smiled. "I just love the taste of your cum." Britney kissed me again, this time a long, passionate kiss, which was eventually broken by Britney's pussy's thirst for cock as she started to ride me. Slow at first, getting faster with every stroke. Britney pushed herself up, pressing her hands on my chest. I just lay back and watched her gorgeous sex faces as she rode me for all she was worth.

All that could be heard was the squishing sound of my dick splashing in and out of Britney's tight hole and her screams. My dick ached to cum and I felt like I was going to, but I knew it was going to be a little longer before I did.

"Oh God! Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Britney kept repeating as I felt her pussy walls starting to contract around my shaft and I knew she was seconds away from cumming again. "AAAAHHHHH! FUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEE!" Britney screamed as she slammed down and I felt her warm cum gush out and splash all over my groin and balls. Once her orgasm subsided, she fell over backwards, still kneeling showing her flexibility once more. She gasped and panted hard for air.

"I've never cum that hard before!" Britney gasped. We stayed in this position for a couple of minutes as we both got our breaths back. "You know what position we haven't tried yet?" Britney asked.

"Doggy style." Britney smiled.

"God! You are like a total mind reader!" Britney said rolling off me and onto her knees beside me, giving me a kiss, quickly darting her tongue in and out of my mouth, but long enough for me to suck her tongue and get another taste of her mouth.

Britney got on all fours beside me. I quickly got up onto my knees and got behind her. Britney shaked her big round rump and giggled. "Come on Kash! Fuck me real good and hard!" I took my cue and positioned my cock at her moist opening and pushed my wet cock head in to her pussy

"Wrong hole Kash." Britney said turning her head to face me. I never thought I'd ever hear a woman ever say that to me. I've had women say that to me when I 'accidentally' put it in their ass (when I say 'accidentally' I mean on purpose, accident is the word I use when they say wrong hole), but never when I put it in their pussy "This is the hole you're looking for." Britney said reaching back and pulling her butt cheeks apart to reveal her tight, puckered cum glistening shit hole, which was a slight shade of red from all the onslaught it had taken.

"Aaaahhhh!" Britney moaned as my cock head invaded her ass hole once again, pushing past her tight sphincter. I thrust forward, trying to get my full length in one swift motion, but Britney jumped forward slightly and my cock popped out of her anus with a loud 'plop.'

"What's wrong?" I asked slightly confused, after all she said that's the hole she wanted it in now.

"I'm sorry Kash!" She said getting up to her knees, reaching out with her hands, pulling me towards her and kissing me. "I know you've been fucking my ass for a couple of hours now, but I don't think my ass will ever be able to adjust to your dick straight away." She explained. "'Cause it's like... so huge!" She said using that adorable yet goofy tone again. "Just ease it in. O.K?" She said kissing me again.

"O.K." I answered as she assumed the position again. I held my dick and pushed into her butt crack, gently rubbing up and down until I felt her ass hole at the tip of my dick and then gently pushed forward. Britney's ass hole widened slightly as my cock invaded her bowels, probably for the last time. I worked half of my manhood in and then gently pushed in and out, then I pushed in hard but slowly forcing her to take my cock and this made her yelp out loud.

"Ahhhh!" Britney screamed as I pulled out only leaving the tip in. I spread her ass cheeks apart to get a better view of my cock in her ass. I slowly pushed my hips forward and forced the entire length in her in one hard, slow thrust. I repeated this a couple of times, watching her ass engulf my cock each time and got the same reaction from her each time.

"Oh God Britney!" I moaned "I wish you see your ass swallow my dick!"

"Don't worry." Britney said turning her head around, looking back at me. "I will!" She continued to say, giving me that beautiful grin of hers. Almost like an instant reaction to her smile, my hips started to thrust back and forth really fast. Britney didn't complain that I had started a full on assault on her ass after a couple of thrusts, which I took as a sign that she had already adjusted to the size and carried on with my brutal onslaught and all Britney did was scream, moan and egg me on.

"Oh YEAH! FUCK MY ASS KASH! Oh God! Yeah! AHH! UHHH! UUUhhhh!" Britney moaned pushing her ass back, meeting my thrusts and keeping up with me. Her screams were getting louder and so were my grunts as I drilled into her for all I was worth.

"Oh mi God! Oh mi God! Huh-huh-huh-hu..." Britney panted and gripped the sheets hard, clenching onto them for dear life, gasping and panting in cute little, high pitched yelps. I could feel her feet at the side of my calves and her toes were curled. As I thrust into Britney's ass harder, she raised her feet up into the air. I held onto her cute little feet, as I drilled into her relentlessly.

"AAAHHHH! Oh! Oh! You... (gasps) you cumming?" Britney managed to moan out, in between her screams.

"Give me a minute..." I grunted as I tried to thrust deeper into Britney's bowels. "...maybe two!"

"Ungh! Ungh!" Britney grunted as she thrust her big round ass back against me, still keeping up with me. "I... ungh... wanna... make... you cum!" Britney moaned after a couple of minutes

"O.K." I said slamming into her warm ass hard. Britney was getting ready to turn around but I held onto her hips "Last one." I said and thrust into her one last time even harder than before, Britney moaned and then let out a cute little giggle and got up on her knees, my dick still in her ass, turned her head and kissed me. She darted her tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it hungrily.

"I got something special for you!" Britney claimed as she laid on her back sideways on the bed, grabbing a pillow and put it under her head.

"Oh yeah?" I said remembering what happened the last time she said that. Britney patted her belly. "You want me to straddle your belly?" Britney smiled and nodded, so I did as she wanted. She stroked my cock, slapping her own tits with it, rubbing the cock head around her nipples. She then leaned her head forward and swallowed over half my cock, taking it down her warm throat, not gagging at all.

"Spit on my tits!" She ordered me. So I moved my dick to one side and spat on her left boob. "The other one as well." So I spat on the other one too. My saliva oozed down her big mounds, onto the part in between them. Britney started to rub her tits, rubbing my saliva all over them and then held my cock stroking it and gave the head a little suck before placing my throbbing member in between her huge tits. She pushed her tits together, clamping her soft flesh over my dick. She then looked into my eyes and gave me a smile and I already knew what she was going for, but now she gave me the go ahead. I slowly eased my cock up, in between her tits until I felt her big soft mounds against my crotch and then slowly eased it back down, making sure that her tits were well lubed on the part that I was about to fuck.

"Yeah! That's it Kash! Fuck my tits!" Britney started to talk dirty as I started sliding up and down in between her gorgeous tits. Britney had her mouth open and licked the head every time I thrusted up her tits. "Yeah! You like that? You like having Britney Spear' tits around you big.. fat... thick... cock?"

"Yeah!" I grunted.

"You want me to suck your fat, ass covered, nasty dick?"

"Yeah!" I moaned, stopping as I pushed up and into Britney's mouth.

"Mmmm mmmm..." Britney moaned as she leaned forward and sucked my fat prick looking up at me and then closing her eyes. "Mmmmmmmmmmm!" She moaned as she let me dick out of her mouth with a loud sloppy pop. Her lips were still in the shape of having my cock in it as a trail of saliva hung from her lips to the tip of my cock. "Now... fuck my tits real good and cum on my face 'cause I need that cum!" She said lying back down. I placed my cock in between her tits and she pushed them together again with her hands and I started thrusting in between her gorgeous fleshy mounds once again.

"YEAH! Come on! THAT"S IT!" She yelled. "FUCK MY TITS! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yeahhhh... that's itttt!" I fucked her tits as fast as I could, savouring yet another incredible feeling with this gorgeous girl, her tits around my prick. I was trying my hardest to hold back my salty brew and at the same time I was trying my hardest to unleash all the protein all over her beautiful face. My dick was so hard right now and in desperate need to cum that it hurt.

"You gonna cum?" Britney asked. "I need to taste that cum! C'mon Kash! Cum in my mouth! Cum in Britney Spears' mouth! Fill it with your hot... thick.. white... salty... piss!" Britney moaned and I felt my ball brew starting to rise from my balls up to my cock.

"I'M GONNA CUMMMM!" I yelled.

"YEAH! CUM IN MY MOUTH!" Britney yelled back. "AAAAAHHHHH!" She opened wide, as I thrust up in between her tits and my cum finally erupted.

"AAAHHHHHH!" I screamed as I finally climaxed, my first load shot up into Britney's open mouth. Britney enveloped her lips around my cock head.

"MMMM-MMMM-MMM." Britney moaned as loud as she could while she jerked me off filling her warm mouth with my hot spunk. As my cum started to burst out of my cock less frequently and my cock got softer, Britney pulled away and opened her mouth to show me her mouth filled with my white piss and my cock got harder and shot a final load, half landing in her mouth half on her upper lip. Britney giggled slightly and closed her mouth and swallowed with an audible gulp and then licked her upper lip to get the cum off and swallowed that too. Britney then sucked my cock to get any excess cum from my cock and licking the head clean at the same time.

"That was the greatest 3 and a half hours of my life and it's all thanks to you and your big friend down her." She said kissing my dick. I smiled and then got off the Beautiful goddess and lay on my back, exhausted, breathing hard to try and get my breath back. Britney walked over to where the counter with the TV unit was and picked up a remote and started to press some buttons. She went into the bathroom and rinsed her mouth out, came back, picked up a different remote and lay down beside me.

"Watch this!" She said switching the TV on. "I told you I'll see my ass swallow your cock!" She said as we watched my dick penetrate her ass on TV.

"You taped it?" I said surprised.

"Yeah!" She said walking up to the VCR, shaking her gorgeous round ass side to side, which was still red from the ass fucking and ejected the tape. "This is for you." She said handing the tape to me. "I had to tape it." She claimed "Once I saw how big you are. I thought 'Oh lordy when am I ever gonna get a dick this big?' So I set the camera up while you were looking for condoms in the bathroom," Britney explained. "And am I glad I did! I got the best fuck of our lives on tape and now we can masturbate to it whenever we want!" Britney smiled.

"If I get the tape, how will you masturbate to it?"

"'Cause I have the original silly!" She said pointing to the digital camera which was hooked up to the TV right beside it in front of the mirror. That's why she positioned herself the way she did, to get a better angle for the camera.

"Now who's being blonde?" Britney laughed.

"Touché!" I said, as she managed to make me look like a fool.

"I wish I didn't have to leave today." Britney said being more serious, bending over and kissing me. "If only we met a couple of days earlier. Imagine all the sex we could have had." Damn! I thought to myself. "I guess it's a good thing, 'cause I don't have enough tape to catch it all on tape." Damn!

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