tagIncest/TabooGiving More Than Advice Ch. 02

Giving More Than Advice Ch. 02


It is recommended that you read "Giving More Than Advice Chapter One" to be able to fully appreciate chapter two.


On the drive home my mind was racing. Did that just really happen? If somebody would have told me that I would be driving home with the lingering fragrance of my sister in law's pussy on my face, I wouldn't have believed them. But it did happen, and now there were two words that kept popping into my head. What now?

I had no problem going to sleep that night (the wine helped with that) but as the clouds in my head started to clear the next morning those two words kept coming back. What now? Do I call her and see how she is doing? Do I call and apologize? Do I just pretend like nothing ever happened? Would she call me? The questions seemed endless but there were no answers. What should I do? I decided to do what I always did when I needed to think. I put on my jogging gear and went for a run. Beth and the kids wouldn't get home until late that evening so I had all day to figure it out.

On my run I decided the best course of action was no action at all. If I didn't have any contact from Allison for over a month, then I would contact her. It was not uncommon at all to not talk for long periods of time especially if she was working on a big project. I was also reminded of what Beth had said at Thanksgiving dinner. If I helped her sister out, I would be rewarded when she returned. I don't think she meant the kind of help I gave her but we would see. Oh, SHIT!!!! I bet Beth would call Allison on the way home to get the report of my assistance. What would Allison tell her? This could be really bad.

At that point, I decided to make a preemptive strike. I would call Beth before she would have time to check in with her sister. So, around 2:00pm, I called Beth's cell phone. Sure enough, she had just gotten on the road and would be home in about 3 hours. After some chit chat about her weekend, I got to the point.

"So honey, do you remember what you said at Thanksgiving dinner about helping your sister?"

"Yeah," she answered

"If I gave her my best, than you would give me your best when you got home?"

"Yes," she said in a playful manor.

"Well, I spent quite a bit of time on Allison's new compensation plan and went over to her house to load it in a spread sheet. She was nice enough to fix dinner but I wanted to let you know that I had done as you suggested."

"I know," she said.

How could she know? Had she already talked to Allison? She was acting very sweet on the phone so she didn't know about the sex coaching, or did she?

"How'd you know?"

"Allison called me yesterday to get suggestions on what you would like for dinner. I haven't talked to her since but I assumed you would follow through," she replied.

"Got it; so I guess I will see you when you get home?"

"Yes you will, and brace yourself, I have been thinking of you all weekend."

That went well. Apparently her sister hadn't ratted out my antics from the night before. However, they would have to talk sometime. Allison will have to withhold information from her or risk the spurn of her sister. Not to mention what Beth would do to me. Whatever the case, this was going to be an interesting holiday season.

After everyone was home and Beth had me finish putting the kids to bed, I made my way to our bedroom. When I walked in, much to my enjoyment, Beth was ready to go. She was wearing a black lace see-through top with a matching black thong (something I didn't ever remember her wearing). She was positioned on her hands and knees on the bed with her ass pointed toward the door. When I came in she simply looked over her shoulder and asked, "See anything you like?" I sure did. We had sex for over an hour. She came more times than I could remember and I even had time to cum twice. It was definitely a night to remember.

I came to find out, Beth had done a little shopping while she was out of town in anticipation of our evening. Whenever she starts thinking about sex for multiple days, she becomes a sexual dynamo once the time arrives. Not to say she is a prude most of the time, it's just with our schedule, sex is normally a "get what you can when you can" proposition.

On Tuesday evening of the following week, Beth informed me that Allison had invited her to lunch. "Here it comes" I thought to myself. I immediately felt sick at my stomach and went for a jog to calm down. It occurred to me that there was nothing I could do now except to hope that Allison wouldn't divulge anything.

Wednesday evening:

Everything seemed normal with Beth so I knew that Allison had played it cool. When I asked Allison what the occasion was for lunch, she said that Allison just wanted to talk. I decided not to push it and if she wanted to say more, she would tell me later.

By Thursday I was going nuts wondering what was going on in Allison's head. I was driving to an appointment and was on the phone with a very important client. I heard my call waiting beep in and made a quick glance to the screen to see who it was. The number on my phone created an instant lump in my throat. It was Allison finally breaking the silence. The last time I had talked to her, it was right after I brought her off to three orgasms and she still had the taste of my cum in her mouth. All of that in the name of research to help her with her marriage....right. I quickly made some excuse to get off the phone with my client and switched over to answer the call from Allison. "Hello, this is Robert," I answered in a professional manor like I didn't know who it was.

"Hey Robert, its Allison." I could tell she was nervous but trying to sound put together.

"Hello Allison, what's up?" I said, trying to get right to the point.

"I was wondering if I could get a favor."

"Sure, is it about your compensation plan rollout?" I tried to sound all business, but I just really wanted her to do the talking.

"As a matter of fact, it is. I need to add some sizzle to the presentation I am preparing for tomorrow. I added an element of a trip to Hawaii that could be earned and I need a video to promote the trip. Beth said at lunch yesterday that you had some stuff like that. Could you help me out?"

Of course I would help her. But on the other hand, I was so busy I didn't know how I was going to get it done. "Sure, but I won't be home until late tonight, how will I get it to you?"

"I have that figured out because Beth said you would be super busy today. I am starting my presentation at 9:00 tomorrow morning at the Sterling Hotel and Conference Center. If you could be there by 8:30, you could get it loaded and be on your way. How does that sound?"

"It sound's like you have this all planned out. However, I have to be some place by 8:30. How early are you going to be there?"

"I rented some rooms for myself and my staff that have to travel in so I'll be on site. I can meet you in the conference room as early as 7:00 if you like."

"Alright, I'll see you then," I answered. She sounded very business like but not so much that she appeared cold. It was hard to read her.

"Thanks Robert," was all she said and with that she hung up. I decided I would see if I could get some more information from Beth about their lunch meeting the day before. That would have to wait until I got home so I had plenty of time to plan how I would get her talking.

Thursday evening:

By the time I arrived home that evening, the kids were in bed and Beth was on the couch watching her favorite reality show. I kissed her on the cheek as I made my way to the end of the couch to rub her feet. She gave me a "You read my mind" look as I put one of her feet on my lap and started to massage it ever so slowly. "Well, I figured out what you and Allison talked about at lunch." Beth looked at me in surprise.

"What's that?" she questioned.

"You two were talking about how I could add some video elements to her presentation. You have quite a knack for volunteering me to help your sister."

"Well yes, I did mention that, but it wasn't the point of our conversation."

"Well, then you better tell me what you two talked about so I can be prepared for anything else that you may have volunteered me for."

She laughed and said, "Trust me honey, we didn't talk about you, exactly."

"Ok, am I supposed to guess?"

"You can try but I doubt you will figure it out. It was girl talk anyway."

I paused for a while like I was trying to figure it out. As I switched the foot that I was massaging, I took a shot. "I'll bet Allison and John are having issues and she wanted to talk to her big sister to get some advice."

She looked a little surprised and said, "How did you know? Oh, did she talk to you about it while you were over there Saturday?" Apparently, Allison hadn't divulged anything to Beth so I played it cool.

"Honey, anybody that is happily married can see that John and Allison aren't. Everybody that knows them can see that their marriage is more of a business partnership than it is a committed relationship. Am I getting close?"

"Pretty good but we didn't try to solve every part of their relationship, just one."

"Let me guess, she wanted to talk about sex."

"Now this is getting weird. How did you guess that?"

"Because if it was anything else, you would have already told me. I mean, what wife would want to discuss the sex life of her sister with her husband?"

"That's pretty insightful."

"It's a gift," I smiled.

Beth paused for a moment and then reluctantly disclosed, "Let's just say that Allison may have never experienced what really good sex is and she had some questions about what she was missing in an effort to maybe add something to her marriage."

"And since you have some of the best sex on the planet, you had a lot to offer," I said proudly.

"Well yes, I do have a great sex life thanks to you, but you weren't always that great. You too have been a work in progress."

"Yes I am, but you shouldn't tell her everything. The bar would be so high that she wouldn't have a prayer of reaching it."

We both laughed at my prideful remarks which seemed to lighten the mood. "So what did you tell her?"

"I told her about the effort you put into our sex life. Like when you bought a portable massage table, took a couple of classes and then gave me a one hour massage before giving me another hour of sexual ecstasy."

I smiled as I remembered that first night with the massage table, "And I would love to give you another massage but I now have to go put together a video for your needy sister."

She gave me a smile as I rose to leave and said, "You are a good brother in law. Just pretend like everything you're doing for her, you're doing for me."

She had no idea how accurate her statement was. However, I felt a little puzzled as to Allison's intentions. She was checking with Beth about our sex life. What was she up to? I wished that somehow I could get into her mind to see what was going on. I decided to stop trying to figure it all out and focus on the task at hand.

Putting the video together took about an hour and by the time I was finished, Beth was already asleep. I arose early the next morning so that I could make it to the hotel to load the video for Allison. I checked my email before I left and noticed that Allison had sent me an email after I went to bed. I opened it assuming she was confirming that I was going to bring the video. I was wrong.


Tomorrow we will see each other for the first time since Saturday night. I didn't want this meeting or any other meeting to follow to be uncomfortable and I thought this email could help to ease any tensions.

First of all, I need to say that I think what we did Saturday night was very wrong. You are my sister's husband for God sakes and we performed oral sex on each other. I know that the primary contributor was probably the wine and my lack of a recent satisfying sex life so I am not blaming you. However, the idea that you were coaching me didn't reconcile with my sober mind on the following day.

I recommend that we both forget about what happened. I hope that my lack of sober judgment didn't give you the wrong idea. I do love my husband and I know you love my sister so let's go back to how we were. My hope is that after we have cleared this up we can still be brother in law and sister in law.


Well, now I knew. At least she acknowledged that something had happened. But how were we going to go back to the way things were? I was relived to hear that I wasn't to blame but deep down I knew that I had really wanted something to come out of our meeting on Saturday. So now she was back in control of the situation. I guessed I would do what she requested and try to forget it. But the look on her face from that first orgasm was forever burnt into my mind. This wasn't going to be easy.

When I arrived to the lobby, I called Allison on her cell phone. She answered politely and directed me to the small conference room where she was already busy at work getting ready for her presentation.

"Hey Robert," she said as I entered the room. She looked awesome in her dark business suit. The words of her email about going back to how we were still echoed in my mind, however, I couldn't help but admire the fact that she was beautiful.

"Hey Allison. I guess you want the video on your laptop?"

"That would be great. I really appreciate you doing this."

"No problem, just trying to help," I said as I hooked an external drive to her lap top. It occurred to me that I hadn't planned on needing to make small talk to avoid the awkward silence but that is exactly where we were. Allison seemed to be looking over notes of some kind while I was loading the video.

"So, are you ready for today?" I asked.

"Actually, we're doing two days. I wanted to do some additional training with my team since I had them here anyway."

"I see...is John taking care of the kids while you're here?"

"No, he's out of town so Mom is staying with them."

"Good. I'm sure Mom is enjoying that."

She still seemed focused on her task and thus didn't respond. With the video loaded, it was time for me to leave. "Ok, the video's loaded and you're ready to go."

"Great. By the way, do you have any motivational music you could load for me too?"

"I do at my office but not on me now."

"Would it be possible for you to bring it tomorrow morning? I would really like to give my team a good send off. I can't believe I forgot to ask for it sooner."

"I can just drop it by on my way home this evening. What time works for you?"

"We'll be wrapping up the meeting at 4:30, taking an hour and a half break, and then I am treating them to dinner at the hotel restaurant. You can come by either before dinner or after."

It quickly occurred to me that if I choose after dinner, I would have an opportunity to be alone in a hotel with my gorgeous sister in law. "I will drop by around 7:30. Will that give everyone enough time for dinner?"

"Sure, just call my cell phone when you get here and I'll let you know where we are."

"Alright," I said as I started to leave.

"Thanks again Robert," she said as I walked out. She said nothing else about rewarding me for my diligent service or anything. I concluded that she had a lot on her mind and she had truly done a good job of forgetting what happened almost a week ago.

Friday evening:

I arrived at the hotel around 8 pm. When I called Allison's cell phone I had a hard time hearing her with all of the talking in the back ground. I was finally able to discern that she was in the hotel lounge with a few of her top leaders.

As I approached the lounge it was easy to find the group I was looking for. There were six very attractive women talking, laughing and having a really good time. I could see Allison in the middle of the group and I caught her eye mid sip of what ever it was she was drinking. She quickly removed the glass, swallowed and yelled, "Robert, we're over here." I quickly determined that they were all a little tipsy as the five other ladies turned to watch my approach.

"Ok team," Allison announced, "This is Robert, the best brother in law in the world. He was the person responsible for that awesome video we saw today and he has once again arrived at my beck and call to add something for tomorrow's wrap up."

'Why thank you, Allison," I said in a jovial way trying to match their mood. "Ladies, I don't want to disturb your evening festivities so Allison, if you could tell me where your laptop is, I'll get your required files loaded and be on my way."

"See girls, that's why Robert's the best. Always mindful of everybody else." I was starting to get the sense that she was more tipsy than I'd originally thought.

"I locked it away safe and sound in my room. Here's the room key and I think I'm in room 903. I left the computer sitting on the desk."

"Got it," I said as I reached for the key. "I'll be sure and bring this back when I am finished."

"That's fine but I don't know how much longer we'll be here. We have an early day tomorrow." You could tell that by hearing her own words she was questioning her actions of staying out drinking with her team. As I turned to leave she said, "Thanks again Robert." She said it in a way that I felt like she was only saying it to prove to her team that she was capable of being polite.

When I arrived at the room, I realized she was staying in a very nice suite. Everything was very tidy and the laptop was right where she said it was. When I turned it on, it asked for a password to log in. I felt a little silly for not thinking of asking if she had a secure login. I reached for my cell phone and called Allison.

"Allison here," she answered in lively tone.

"Hey Allison, its Robert. Sorry to bother you but I forgot to get the password."

"Right, I forgot about that too."

"I know you don't want to say what it is publicly, so I'll come down and you can write it down for me."

"No, I'll bring it up."

"I don't want to break up the party."

"That's ok, it's getting late and we need to wrap up anyway. I'll be there in five minutes."

Ok, I didn't expect to be in this position but I had secretly hoped for it. I was about to be alone in a hotel suite with my gorgeous sister in law that I brought to three orgasms less than a week ago. She had once again been drinking, which by her own admission via email was the primary cause of our encounter in the first place. "Stay cool Robert," I said to myself and waited for Allison's arrival.

She knocked on the door because I still had her room key. "Who is it?" I asked trying to be cute.

"Very funny Robert," was her response.

I opened the door and Allison made a beeline to her computer to put in the password. "Sorry about that," she said as the computer continuing booting up.

"No problem," I said as I sat down to load some the files.

"My feet are killing me" she said as she flopped down in a chair. "I was standing for at least six hours during our meeting."

"Maybe you should call the front desk to see if they would send up a massage therapist to rub those aching feet of yours."

"Good idea, or I could ask my talented brother in law to rub them before he left."

What was she up to? If what we did last week was wrong, I could see this being the first step of doing something wrong again. Or, had she done such a good job of forgetting last week that she thought a foot rub would be innocent enough? "What makes you think I'm talented at rubbing feet?"

"My sister told me about those massage classes you took so you're out of luck if you're trying to get out of it."

She was acting pretty determined. Wait a minute, not determined, but controlling. That's how everything got started last Saturday. I think it's time for me to take a little control and see where this leads.

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