tagIncest/TabooGlenda: My Sister-In-Law, My Wife

Glenda: My Sister-In-Law, My Wife



Many years ago I met my wife Eileen with the help of a blind date. A mutual friend had suggested that I meet at her house with a group of people and Eileen would be there. A nice and safe way to meet a blind date. Eileen and I hit it off right then and there so we decided a year later to get married.

Eileen has a sister who lives with her mom and a brother that is married and has kids. Glenda, Eileen's sister is 4 years younger than me but has already been through college and is working as an Interior Decorator with a major firm. On several occasions we were thrown together for different projects around the house. It got to where I was spending more time on the weekends with Glenda than I was with my wife. I didn't mind at all.

Glenda's first love was cooking and she would work on recipes in her free time and I became her favorite guinea pig. It didn't matter if it was barbeque pork or vegetarian pizza, she would cook it and I ate it. She has this way of cooking that made my mouth water. I sure wish Eileen had half of her talent. If I didn't do most of the cooking at the house I would probably have starved to death. I also love to cook so sometimes Eileen and I would have her family over for dinner .

On one of these occasions I made a mistake of joking with Glenda about something. We were always joking with each other about something but we never made things really personal enough to hurt the other person's feelings. On this night though Glenda's mom, sister and grandmother picked up the joke and carried it way to far. I have since forgotten what it was all about but I do remember feeling lake such an ass for saying anything in front of the family. Glenda got up, gathered up her stuff and left, 100% pissed off and also 100% ready to walk the 10 miles back to her house. I just couldn't let her go without offering her a ride. No one said a word to me when I got up and left so I guess they felt bad but no one else jumped up to give Glenda a ride either.

I caught up with Glenda before she hit the main road. I pulled up next to her and got out of the truck.

"Glenda," I said "I really want to apologize for saying what I said back there. I know it hurt you and I feel like such an ass."

"David, it isn't your fault," she replied "I know you were just joking but the rest of the comments were just plain rude and mean."

"Well no matter," I said "I started it and I feel bad about it. Can I make it up to you by giving you a lift home?"

After a minutes thought she got into the passenger side of the truck and we started off. Glenda was near tears and I really felt bad because I was the one who started things going. Believe it or not but this was the first time that we were really alone. Sure we had worked many a project together at the house but there were always other people around but now it was just the two of us. No sooner did I get the truck onto the main road when Glenda started crying. I did the only thing I could think to do at the time without pulling off the road and that was to take her hand in mine.

"Glenda please don't cry," I pleaded.

"I can't help it," she told me "these people really piss me off. Can't they get it through their thick skulls that what they say hurts me?"

"I guess not" was all I could think of to say. I felt even lower for starting things but didn't say anything. I didn't have to.

"David, I know you didn't mean to hurt me when you made your comment. I know you were just joking. I know that you wouldn't do or say anything to hurt me, at least not intentionally."

"You got that one right," I affirmed. Then I found myself saying something that I had been thinking for a long time but never intended to say.

"Glenda, I wish I had met you first and that I had married you instead of your sister."

As soon as I said that things got awfully quiet. I was petrified because with all the things Glenda had going on, being hit on by her brother-in-law had to be the worst. I was getting ready to apologize when I heard a faint,

"Me too."

Both of us were quiet for a few minutes but as we turned onto her road...

"David can we go to the park for a few minutes? There are a few things I'd like to talk over with you."

"Sure Glenda. Any place in particular you want to stop at?" I asked.

"Just pull into any place near the dock. I think I'd just like to go sit on the benches at the far end and chat."

So that's what we did. I'd love to tell you that we decided it was ok for us to fool around but we just couldn't do that to the family. Both of us were pretty upset because we felt that the match would have been perfect but we just didn't know how to break up the marriage I was in and start one of our own without causing WW3. We did hug and even kissed a few times but that was it. We agreed that the subject would be closed and never get reopened. Ever hear the line that goes, "The best laid plans of mice and men..."?

The following day Eileen had a doctor's appointment to find out why she wasn't getting pregnant. We had been through all the tests, I even filled the cup for the good old sperm count. When she got home Eileen was crying and angry at the same time. It turns out that since she has only one ovary her chances of getting pregnant was halved. It also turns out that she developed another cyst on the remaining ovary that would cause this one to come out also. There would be no way for her to conceive and it looked like she also would not be able to be artificially inseminated either so that option was closed also. It looked like we were down to just two options, adopt from someone else or find someone that would carry our baby for her.

Money was tight so when the family got together over the weekend Eileen began talking to her mother about finding a surrogate mother. I was in the other room with Glenda, finishing up the floor for a new bedroom we had created out of a storage room.

"Glenda, can you come in here for a minute?' her mother called out.

A few minutes after she left, "David, can you come in here also?"

I didn't really knowing what was going on since Eileen hadn't mentioned anything to me on the ride over so I was surprised how solemn everyone was when I walked in.

"David, Glenda has volunteered to be a surrogate mother for you and Eileen." Mom stated.

"The problem is that no one has any money to be able to afford anything artificial so the question is do either of you have a problem with getting together personally and try for a baby?"

Wow. Imagine that, being asked if you would mind getting together with your in-law to have sex. Now throw into the equation that you love your in-law and would love nothing better than to have a relationship with them that is stronger than normally allowed. The really hard part was not acting to happy about the set up.

"Well ..... I'm not sure that would be a good idea." I started with. "I mean, wouldn't that be breaking our marriage vows Eileen?"

"David if this means that I get to have a daughter then I am okay with this." Eileen responded.

"Glenda, how do you feel?" her mom asked.

"Mom my first thought was what David brought up. If it is okay with Eileen then I guess I'm okay with it to."

After a bit of planning it was determined that Glenda would move into our spare room for a month and I was to get together with her when the mood struck us but after dinner the night we thought all of this up Eileen decided it might be better to move back home until the month was up to give us privacy. The first was only 6 days away so Glenda and I sat down to plan our month.

With neither one of us feeling totally sure about what we were doing, we went to our neighborhood priest and sat down with him. At first he didn't believe that we were on the level but after talking to Eileen on the phone, he decided to bless our efforts. We asked him if we could do this in a special ceremony and he agreed that he would do this on the first for us.

On the first Glenda and I dressed up in our finest and appeared in front of the whole family. The priest performed something close to a marriage ceremony, binding us together for our efforts and asking everyone to pray for our success. Afterwards Glenda and I went out for a special dinner and then went home. Just before Glenda got to the door I stopped her.

"Glenda, you know you can't just walk into the house like that!" I pointed out "I have to carry you over the threshold"

Glenda giggled but stood ready for my efforts. As soon as I got her inside I set her down and whispered to her.

"Welcome home, my love."

"It's great to be home sweetheart" Glenda answered, "now let's get to bed"

We both laughed but I knew deep inside that this was all I was waiting for.

"How do you want to do this?" Glenda asked.

"How about we undress in front of each other." I suggested.

"Ok" Glenda said, "but afterwards how about we jump in the pool for a swim."

I thought that was a great idea since we had had a very active day and it was a way to start things out with the both of us smelling and tasting fresh.

Now Glenda is about 5'8" and about 160 lbs so she is a little overweight but she really doesn't show it. She has dark brown hair that she keeps shoulder length. She was wearing a beautiful cream colored strapless gown. I couldn't tell if she was wearing a bra yet but knowing what I did about her I guessed that she was wearing a strapless bra and underpants beneath her cream colored pantyhose.

"David, you are going to have to unzip my dress for me." Glenda told me.

I did as she asked and then stood back to watch a dream come true. Glenda eased her arms out of the sleeves and then slowly pulled the dress up over her head. I found out that she was wearing what looked like a cross between a half slip and a strapless bra. It was silky and shear near the waist and I could see she wore matching panties I felt myself getting hard just over the show I was getting but Glenda wasn't done yet.

Glenda next ran her hands down her side until she reached the bottom of her bra. Guys if you can't imagine it I found out what she was wearing was called a Torsolette and boy did she look great in it. It turned out that she had gone tot eh store and bought it with a pair of matching thong underwear. All I can say now is wow. Anyway Glenda slipped her fingers under her bra and started lifting it up. I stood amazed then bedazzled as her breasts finally came into view. Finally Glenda was standing in front of me with just her thong underwear, her thigh high stockings and matching high heals. I couldn't tell which was hanging down further at this time, my tongue or my dick.

Glenda sat down in the bed to take off her shoes and then she took her time rolling each stocking down her legs. I could tell that her undressing was having an affect on her because her nipples looked huge and there was a definite wet spot growing in her underwear.

"David, I don't want to seem mean but I would feel better if we took off our underpants at the same time." Glenda stated.

I didn't bother answering, just began taking off my clothes. I am 5'9", have red hair cut short and weigh about 200lbs. I was wearing a dark blue suit with a white shirt, a dark blue clip-on tie and black dress shoes over black socks. I couldn't decide what to do first because I was so excited so I started with kicking off my shoes and taking off my tie at the same time. How I managed that without falling on my ass I will never know but I did it.

"Whoa there sport, slow down so I can enjoy watching you like you have me." Glenda laughed.

"Sorry Glenda. It's just that you look so hot, so beautiful sitting there like that. I just can't wait to see you naked and to hold you." I told her.

"Well that's one of the reasons I want to hit the pool. I figure it will give us a chance to cool down a bit and maybe even slow down some. I've never been naked with a guy and I'm feeling a bit nervous right now so please take your time, okay?" Glenda pleaded.

I'd never really thought about Glenda's sexual experience but I have to admit that I wasn't shocked to hear that she was a virgin. She hadn't been on many dates in the 2 years that I'd known her and all of them ended early from what I'd heard.

"I'm sorry Glenda. I didn't know you were a virgin. Are you sure you want me to be your first? We can always put this off a bit so you can get together with someone else first." I told her. Sure I was lying about letting her get away completely but I cared enough for her to let her choose who her first was going to be.

"David, I really love you. I meant what I'd said back at the park when I'd said that I wished we had met before you met my sister. Now that I've finally got a chance to make love with you, I'm not letting you go. You're just going to have to suffer with being patient with a 30 year old virgin." Glenda replied. "Now hurry up and get your clothes off, just not so fast."

I couldn't help but laugh and decided to tease her. I started inching my jacket off my shoulders and down my back. I laughed again when I got an exasperated, "David!!!"

Finally I shrugged off my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt one at a time. Luckily it was one of those short sleeve models so I didn't have to worry about those stupid cuffs. I hate long sleeve shirts! Next came the belt and then I slipped my pants down and stepped out of them. I had to sit down next to Glenda to take off my socks but she didn't mind. I stood up first and then helped her to get up.

I had purposely stood close to her so that when she stood up we would be standing even closer, the perfect range for a good hug. I can't tell you the feelings that coursed over me when our naked chests finally touched. I was trying to keep back a bit at our hips because my dick was straining to get out and was bobbing with a mind of it's own. Somehow Glenda still felt it moving and slid a little closer to me so we could touch. It was electric. She reached down between us and touched my dick for the first time. All she did was to guide my dick so it would rub between her legs as she moved closer to me but it felt wonderful.

We kissed then for the first time. Our lips melted together in a slow and gentle kiss. I eased my mouth open a little and let my tongue say hello to her lips. A few seconds later and her mouth opened and our tongues met and caressed each other. It wasn't one of those rough and ready kisses that we see in movies, you know the ones where everyone tries to swallow the other's tongue. No it was one of those slow, gentle kisses of those who are truly in love and have their whole lives to kiss. Afterwards Glenda and I walked hand in hand out to the pool.

For the very first time I was going to go skinny dipping with a woman. Eileen had never wanted to do anything sexual out doors even though we had all the privacy anyone could ask for. We had an 8' privacy fence that went from the garage and flowed through the trees to the other side of the house. Even if we didn't have the fence we wouldn't have had to worry because our closest neighbor was 4 miles away and our house was built inside a natural clearing of trees in the center of woods. Our driveway snaked though the trees from the road and I was so proud of the fact that we hadn't had to cut down any trees at all. With Glenda's help I had built flower boxes that bordered the pool. We had roses, violets and mums growing in the pots. The walkway from the house to the deck was surrounded by an arbor and on it we had planted honeysuckle and jasmine so the air was fragrant but not overpowering. The pool itself had mini floating fountains with multi colored lights that I had set up to come on in sync with the stereo. As the sound built the lights and water spray grew stronger and they dimmed as the sound eased off. This gave us the illusion that the water and lights danced to the music. All in all it could be very romantic at night.

Glenda and I got outside and into the pool in time to watch the sun go down. We chose some light music, a romantic combination I had gathered with Glenda's help over the years. Eileen had no real ear for music so she just turned it over to me. She knew that Glenda had helped me and didn't mind. In fact she could have cared less. If you really stopped to think about it I had more in common with Glenda then I did with Eileen but I had met her first and married her because at the time Eileen seemed fun to be around and Glenda was a bit stand offish. Over the years that had changed for some reason. Eileen was getting far harder to please and I had been banished to the spare bedroom because I "breathed to heavy" as she put it. I had no way of knowing it then but I was developing sleep apnea, one of those illnesses that makes a person stop breathing for seconds at a time and could kill me if I hadn't gotten ongoing treatment to keep me going at night.

After Glenda and I watched the sun go down we turned the pool light itself off and eased into the pool with nothing but the fountain lights glowing. We swam together for a few minutes just to relax and give ourselves time to get used to being mostly naked with each other. Glenda swam over to the seat we had built on the side of the pool near the deep end and settled herself onto it. I soon swam over and eased up to kiss her. Her breasts were floating a bit and the way she sat had her nipples even with the top of the water. I just couldn't resist so I leaned over and kissed each nipple. A gasp and a shiver was all the response I got from Glenda so I took her left nipple into my mouth and began sucking gently. I wrapped my left hand behind her back and reached up to rub her right breast.

"Oh my god David don't stop!" she groaned as she wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me closer to her.

I began gently moving my left hand around her back and down her bottom. I wasn't trying to do anything really, just moving my hand around but when she started moving around a bit but it must have been driving Glenda out of her mind, what with what I was doing to her breasts too. She just started shaking and convulsively pulling my head closer to her more. A moan escaped her lips that slowly gained in volume. I kept up what I was doing until she calmed down.

"Wow David. That was great. Now I can't wait until we get inside for the rest." Glenda wheezed, still trying to catch her breath.

"Glenda, do we have to wait until we get inside?" I asked.

"I guess not." she responded, "I never really thought about doing it out here."

"Why don't you ease off the seat while I get you the float." I told her.

"What do you want the float for." she asked while sliding off the step.

"Trust me." was all I told her.

I had her lay down on the float with it ending just before her butt and then I reached up to the top of her panties.

"May I?" I asked.

"Please do." she said.

I eased off her panties and for the first time, but thankfully not the last time I saw her pussy. Her hair was flattened against her skin but I could still tell that she had taken the time to trim her bush up. I found out later that she had done this just for me. I took my time and started kissing her belly just below her navel. I began just softly kissing her gently while slowly moving my head to the right and down. I circled her pussy with kisses without actually kissing it, just moving in closer. Finally I kissed her pussy and watched Glenda come close to jumping off the float.

"Sorry David. No one has ever done that and I wasn't expecting it to feel that good."

"That's ok," I reassured her, "let me know if things get to much and we can take a break."

"Ok," Glenda said, "but can you go back to what you were doing? That felt great."

My reply was to take the flat of my tongue and slide it up and down her pussy a few times before zeroing in on her clit. Once I found her love button, I just started flicking my tongue up and down. A few minutes later and I had Glenda cumming again.

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