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Glory Hole


It was going to be a special night. We were going out to dinner. I was wearing a short black dress with black stay-up stockings, a black thong, , black high heels, and a black shelf bra. I like to dress wild so I can tease Doug whenever we went out. He loves to be teased! After dinner, and several drinks we were on the way home when he told me he had a surprise for me and pulled into an adult bookstore. I always told him I wanted to go there to see what it was like... so he was taking me.

We walked in and began to look at the movies and books on display. I could feel the eyes of several of the men looking at me... I even caught Doug looking up my dress while kneeling down pretending to look at a book. Several men brushed past me... and up against me... I was getting very scared and excited. Doug had a big smile on his face... "lets go watch a movie" he said as he led me back to the peep show booths.

It was dark back there... he showed me the movie on display so you can pick what you want to watch... just looking at them was exciting... every sexual subject was there. He led me to a booth where we both went in and he locked the door behind us. It was small and cramped... he put in some quarters and started to watch a movie. He was standing behind me... running his hands up and down my body... he unzipped my dress and pulled it off me... placing it on the bench behind him. He cupped my breasts... tweaked and pulled on my nipples... I was so hot!

When I looked around a little, I noticed a hole in the left wall of the booth... and a guys hand was coming through. I was startled... I almost screamed... Doug calmed me and told me they were called "glory holes..." where you could give or get anonymous hand or blow jobs. I was shocked at first... then wondered to myself if Doug was getting or giving... and that excited me even more.

Doug pushed me towards the hole... the hand touched my thigh... the feeling was electric... then it moved to my ass... squeezing it... trying to get between my legs. I pushed Doug back and told him to sit down... I squatted down and got his stiff prick out of his pants... I stroked it... then licked it... I reached back towards the stranger's hand... his hand took mine and led it to his cock... it was rock hard.

The stranger had pushed his cock through the hole... I looked at Doug... He said "touch it." I moved closer to the hole and started stroking this strange cock... "Is this what you want?..." I squatted down... I rubbed it over my tits... rubbed it against my cheek... "Hmmmm... Is this what you want me to do?" I asked again. "Yes... Yes" he said... I licked this strangers cock... then sucked it in... stroking and sucking him while Doug masturbated. Soon the cock I was sucking tensed... then came... I swallowed as much as I could... just a little running down my chin. I felt like such a slut.

Doug was hard as a rock... his eyes glazed in lust... when I noticed a cock come through the other hole in the wall closest to him... "your turn," I said. He looked at the cock... then shook his head no. Meanwhile another cock came through the hole closest to me... I rubbed it over my tits... stood up and rubbed it between my wet pussy lips... "No?..." not even for me?... I bent down to suck this new cock and just as I started to suck him and stroke him he came all over the place... splashing my tits and face. He was too excited I guess... I started to suck Doug and stroke the cock that was through the other hole... "Come on baby... share it with me... feed it to me..." He reached up and held this guys cock and pointed it toward my mouth... I sucked it in hungrily... I was strangely excited seeing him touch another man's cock.

Soon that cock was throbbing and pulsing a load of hot cum into my mouth... I was so hot and excited... I felt a hand reach for my ass and pussy... It was a guy reaching through the other hole... I backed up and let him finger fuck me while I sucked Doug's cock... Doug couldn't take it anymore, he stood me up, turned me around, told me to bend over, and slid his cock into my pussy with one swift movement... I reached for the cock in the glory hole and pulled it toward my mouth... licking, stroking and sucking it while Doug pounded my pussy. Soon he groaned and came with a gush...

He sat down on the benches I stood in front of him... stroking my body... squeezing my nipples... rubbing my clit... I was so excited. Another hand had come through the hole and was rubbing my thigh... he pushed his cock through... It was really big... of all the cocks I had seen tonight... this was the biggest! I held it with both hands and ran my tongue around the tip. I looked over at Doug... he was hard and masturbating again... I stood up and ran this cock between my dripping pussy... Then, I guided it inside me... pressing myself against the wall... the stranger drove his cock into me... deep... it felt so good... I felt so full... He fucked me harder and faster... then with one deep thrust he came... I could feel his cock pulse inside me... then I pulled away.

Doug was behind me and wanted me one more time... again he bent me over and fucked my just fucked, dripping pussy. He said "you're my little slut... aren't you?" as he fucked me and spanked my ass. I said "Yes... yes... " as he pounded me... and I sucked one more cock... and came again.

We decided it was time to leave... I dressed and we left... but I know I'll be back again soon... after all... I left a good pair of black thong panties in the booth.

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by Familyluv2114u04/16/18


Very good for you're first story.
Please continue...I love mature women authors the most! Their stories are seem more genuinely authentic to me.

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