tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGlory Hole Blues

Glory Hole Blues


Sammy Wayne's life was a puzzle and he was having a hard time putting the pieces together. How had he got into this situation? He thought about his situation and his life in general. He tried to see himself as someone else might see him, and found that his life could be compressed into three sentences.

A young man still, only thirty-two this year, held a degree in political science and the position of city clerk at the courthouse. He had important friends and lived in a nice house, he wasn't rich but he was not uncomfortably poor. Loved, and was loved by his wife, Sloan and their son Matt, soon to be ten years old.

The piece missing from this happy scene was the thing that spoiled the puzzle. His sex life was not doing too well. He had been a normal male with normal sexual desires; all he had wanted was a source of regular sex from a woman. Was that asking too much? It seems that it was.

In the beginning when he was dating Sloan he lived for his expectations, she would not consent to sex until after they were married. While they were honeymooning Sammy found that anything to do with sex, other then missionary, was something that held no interest for Sloan. But she did seem to enjoy sex in her limited way, and Sammy did enjoy spending time with her.

After they had Matt things changed, she didn't seem interested in sex and it began to become a chore to her. One more thing to do before the day was done, cook supper, clean the kitchen, help Matt with his homework and fuck Sammy Wayne. Her attitude came through so clearly that Sammy quit looking for sex at home with her. Sloan never acted like she missed his advances so they both let their sex life die a natural death.

If nothing else Sammy Wayne was adaptable, he just started to beat his meat much as he had before he was married. He was ashamed of doing it; the thought of getting caught in the act pretty much meant that he didn't do it when his wife was at home. Which made her an obstacle to his sexual satisfaction rather then the solution. He got to the point that he would lose his erection whenever she was around him.

As time passed Sammy Wayne became less and less satisfied with the 'oneness' of beating his meat. He wanted to have sex with somebody. He was hungry for some ' two person' sex. He didn't want to hurt his wife but he was tired of doing without. Besides if she wanted him to stay within the marriage sexually then she had to come across with the sex he needed. He wanted more sex but without having to have a 'relationship' with another woman. Even though he thought that the whole mess was the fault of his wife, he didn't want to hurt her. He not only didn't find her sexy anymore, but he didn't find any other woman sexy anymore either. Whatever feelings he had about her these days didn't include thinking of her as a lover. He loved her as the wife in his marriage and the woman who mothered the child that he loved but he did not think of her as a lover.

There was another angle to this also, what if he was impotent? His dick would not sustain an erection the last time he had tried to fuck Sloan. He felt that it was just the thing between them. The only way he could be sure was to try to fuck another woman and he really wasn't ready to betray his wife that badly.

He wasn't gay but he wanted a no strings attached sort of thing so he found himself at the local bookstore getting blowjobs at glory holes. He could get away with this because he knew that he truthfully was not attracted to men. As a matter of fact it was a great help not to have to see the man who was doing the sucking. Lips were lips and their sex didn't matter.

This makeshift solution to his sex problem seemed to have worked out very well and Sammy was as happy as a married man can reasonably expect to be. Since he didn't hound her like he used to in the past, his wife thought that he had adjusted to her sexual moods and was happy. Without the demands for sex putting a strain on their marriage they both were getting along better with each other.

So Sammy had no reason to think that any thing out of the ordinary was going to happen that Friday night that he went to the bookstore.

But he was wrong about that.

He had gotten his tokens and went into the back room where the stalls were located. Over the years of coming here he had come to enjoy the center stall because it had two holes, one on each side. He was happy to see that his favorite stall was open. When he went to insert his tokens into the slot they somehow spilled to the floor where they rolled all over the place. Sammy got to his knees and started to pick up the tokens. He didn't notice the sound of the door in the next stall closing. He had no ideal that anybody was watching him as he crawled around on his knees looking for tokens. The first thing that alerted Sammy to his situation was when the dick brushed against his ear. In a reflex motion he turned his head to see what he had brushed against.

That's how he came to find himself eyeball to eyeball with a big hard cock. It hung there heavy and thick looking, bigger then his cock both in length and girth. The cock seemed to be a beggar in the way it seemed to bow toward him and yet there was a demanding aspect to it also. Sammy was frozen solid and seemed to be confused about what was the polite way to deal with this. Sammy Wayne was always considerate of others, and he knew from experience what was going through the apparently blood-starved brain of the man who owned this cock.

Sammy knew that on the other side of the wall was a guy like himself who wanted relief from the sexual tensions of his day. An old song flashed through Sammy Wayne's brain, something about seeing clouds from both sides. Now he knew what the guy on the other side saw. Now he knew what the guy on his knees felt like as he looked at the cock.

The stranger on the other side had almost given up and had started to withdraw his offering, when Sammy touched it. The cock was surprisingly soft to the touch; Sammy had held his dick so many times that if you added all the minutes up it would be several months of his life. But his dick had never felt like this. There was a power in this cock and Sammy could feel it as it worked on him. He started to stroke it much as he would his own cock. He knew what felt good to him and that is what he did for the faceless man in the next stall.

The cock was much harder now and seemed to have grown a bit also. His thumb just touched his fingers when he wrapped his hand around the shaft. Sammy could tell that the guy was getting excited, as his dick seemed to jump in Sammy's hand as he pumped it at a steady pace.

"Suck it." The voice had a hoarse sound to it as though the owner needed to clear his throat or something. "Go on suck it."

Sammy Wayne heard the demand / request, but he just continued to stroke the cock in his hand. His face was very close to the cock he could see the slit winking at him as he stroked the cock. He was staring down the barrel of an overheated cock that could blow at any minute. Yet he made no effort to move out of the line of fire. He wanted to watch it as it spit it's cum at him.

"Fuck you" came the gruff voice from the other side, as the cock was withdrawn from the hole. "I want a fucking blowjob, I don't need help to beat my meat."

Sammy heard the door on the adjoining booth slam shut and knew that the man was gone. He sat on the bench in the booth and mechanically started to put his rescued tokens in the slot. The screen came to life with a redheaded woman getting it from behind from a skinny white kid. He hardly noticed as he was considering the strange mixture of rejection and relief that he was feeling. More then anything else he felt like he had failed somehow, like he should have finished what he had started and he was a little ashamed that he couldn't keep the man interested.

Sammy Wayne might have made a great leap forward in self-understanding that night but he was saved at the last moment by the friendly finger of fate. It moved around the glory hole rubbing the opening like a lover caressing a thigh, wanting to move higher.

The invitation came at just the right time to jerk Sammy's mind back to his crotch, saving it from the deeper thoughts that had just been troubling him. He rewarded the finger of fate by giving it his hard dick and sighed when he felt the mouth began to work it's magic. For the first time since he had started to come here for sex he considered the guy on the other side. Why was he there? Did he enjoy sucking as much as Sammy enjoyed getting sucked? Thoughts of why he had started to stroke a stranger's dick haunted his mind.

He pressed his body against the wall pushing his pelvis at the hole, feeding the hungry mouth that was giving him such a great blowjob. Sammy Wayne eyes were squeezed shut with the intense pleasure the mouth was giving him, his hands and body pressed flat against the wall. The sounds of the lady with the skinny kid filled his ears, but it was the feel of that other cock in his hand filling his mind as he shot his load into the hard working mouth.

The mouth seemed to shift into a lower gear as it slowed to suck lovingly on his cock head as his cum was vacuumed from his body. Sammy's toes were curled so far under his feet that he experienced painful cramps but he continued to push his cock at that mouth, his cum as well as most of the moisture in his body seemingly sucked away by that wonderful mouth.

His mouth so dry that his lips were sticking to his teeth, Sammy found himself muttering heartfelt 'thank you' s almost like a mantra, more of a whisper to himself. He gave himself to the mouth as it kept licking and sucking his cock. It was so increbabley sensitive to Sammy that he could hardly stand it but he stayed on his feet, kept his cock in the hole and inside that mouth until he finally felt himself starting to soften.

The mouth slowly worked its way down his shaft until it reached the head where it gave Sammy a kiss and told him. "Honey you needed that, you must of cum a cup full. Damn you got a nice cock too." The voice of the mouth was young and perky, well aware of the quality of work it had delivered.

"Thank you," Sammy Wayne was still a little dazed. "That was the best thing to happen to me in a long time. Thanks." The words were hardly out of his mouth before Sammy heard the door next door shut. The mouth was gone, Sammy wasn't sure if the man had heard his thank you. It was damn sure a great blowjob though.

The redheaded woman had finished with the skinny kid and was now kneeling in front of a huge black man sucking his cock. Sammy leaned back against the wall and let the movie entertain him while he got his wits about him again.

A strange thought was crossing Sammy Wayne's mind. He was wondering if his reluctance to suck that cock tonight was the same sort of reluctance that stopped his wife from wanting to fuck. He had always blamed the church and her parents for the way that she looked at everything. Even back when they were still fucking, she was always against sex until he sometimes could get past her defenses and give her enough foreplay to get her going. When that happened, when she turned loose and let her body take over. My God, she was the sexiest woman Sammy had ever seen. But afterward she would mope around feeling so guilty that Sammy sometimes felt guilty as well for pushing her into it.

She was afraid to let go of the teachings of her parents. She was trapped in the maze of their rights and wrongs, even though what was right for her was different. She should turn loose of all her concepts of right and wrong and go with what feels good and what doesn't.

Sammy had barely finished working out all the things that his wife needed to do to become free from her entrapment to out dated morals, when a challenge to his poked its head through the hole in the wall.

As Sammy Wayne sat there staring at the cock he wondered what it would feel like in his mouth. As sudden as a lighting strike the thought struck him. Did Sloan feel as reluctant to take his cock into her mouth as he felt toward this stranger's cock hanging through the wall? Was it different for a woman to suck a man's cock then it was for a man? If he wouldn't suck a cock how could he blame her if she didn't want to either?

The combined weight of all these questions seemed to push him to his knees. He found himself kneeling before the dick even as he was asking himself if he could go through with this. He wasn't sure that he wanted to but somehow he felt that he needed to know what it felt like to give a blowjob. He was still unsure if he could do this even as he took the head of the cock inside his mouth.

It was a smallish cock and Sammy had no trouble getting it all inside his mouth.

"That's a good boy, take it all deep inside that hot little mouth."

It was a woman's voice and it seemed to be inside the stall with Sammy. He raised his head from his work and looked around the stall.

"Don't stop, poor little Willy is just dying for you to finish sucking his little pee pee. "

The voice was coming from the hole in the other wall. Sammy turned his head and met two of the most dramatic eyes he had ever seen. Both of them were focused on him as he squatted before another man's cock.

"Go on and get to sucking that cock, you know you want to. SUCK IT NOW. "

There was a note of command in her voice and before Sammy even thought about it he was face deep onto that cock again. The voice seemed to be part of the act now and it encouraged him as he set about giving a good blowjob to his first man.

The cock was responding to his efforts and had started to push into his mouth a little more then Sammy would have liked but he was able to manage to avoid gagging.

The woman at the other glory hole kept talking to him the whole time telling him how sexy he looked sucking on that big cock. Urging him on, telling him to go for it, telling him how sexy he looked with that cock in his mouth. Strangely enough the thought of having a woman involved in his sex life was a turn on in itself. With the sexy voice giving them both commands the cock and the mouth rushed toward completion.

Sammy Wayne felt the cock as it began so swell in his mouth, felt it twitch and jump as it began to shoot its hot juices deep into Sammy's throat.

The voice was filling Sammy's ears as the cock was filling his mouth.

"Swallow it, swallow it all, you get every drop. Goddamn that is sexy." There was a pause almost as if she were as excited as Sammy was. Willy just kept pushing his cock through the hole and into Sammy's mouth.

"When you get your shit together meet us out front. Me and little Willy will be waiting, so don't take too long." Sammy heard the voice of the woman and then the door closing on the booth she had been in. Willy pulled his dick from Sammy's lips and left his booth also. Sammy sat there alone with his thoughts.

The taste of cum lingered in his mouth long after the cock was gone. He was still running his tongue around his teeth finding the aftertaste everywhere, when he walked out the front door and onto the sidewalk he saw the woman and her boyfriend. It was going to be very strange for Sammy to stand there and talk to this stranger, knowing that he had just sucked his dick. Awkward just didn't seem to cover the situation. He decided that if they didn't see him that he would just go to his car and go home

The Woman though, the woman was something, she was like the women in his fantasies. Straight out of one of his dreams. She was tall, at one time he was sure she was tall and slim but as the years had passed she had gained a bit around the middle and on the hips. She was still good looking and had her share of curves; she was just not a lightweight. Not at all like Sloan who avoided good food as much as good sex. Sammy would have guessed that she was around a hundred and fifty pounds or so and stood about five foot six or so above the ground. Her ample breast matched her body type and looked very inviting to him.

She had seen him and was approaching with little Willy in tow behind her like a small dog who can't keep up. Her hand was out-stretched toward him; he had no choice other then to take it. As they shook hands she introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Wendy, Wendy Wright and you have already met Willy." She turned toward Willy, who just stood there looking at the sidewalk. "Come here boy! Tell the nice man thank you."

Willy approached with the small steps of an old man, yet he appeared no older then forty. He slight of build, blond with a dark tanned complexion, he looked like an aged beach boy. His eyes, looking too big for his face, found Sammy's as he spoke.

"Thank you, sir."

He would have left it at that but Wendy would have none of that. She grabbed his arm and pushed him back toward Sammy. "Boy you better shape up." Her hand slapped the back of Willy's head as she turned to an amazed Sammy Wayne. "What is your name?"

"Sammy Wayne" he heard himself reply as he watched this woman treat this grown man like a misbehaving child. The power that she wielded was so real in Willy's eyes that it convinced Sammy as well. He did not want this woman mad at him.

Willy's eyes seemed to wander about on Sammy's face as he started to speak again. Wendy's eyes were glaring promises of what was in store if he failed to do as he had been told.

"Thank you sir for sucking my little pee pee." His overly large eyes were flooding with tears as he looked into mine. He had such a baby face, his skin looked soft, his eyes looked as if he was wearing make up but he wasn't. " I will always be glad to repay the service at your command"

"Mr. Wayne, I would like to have a few minutes to talk with you, could you come with us for a cup of coffee at Denny's?" Wendy stood there like picture of a demanding fem-Dom from a magazine he had once read. Willy seemed to have a talent for fading into the background and was lurking in his mistress's shadow.

"The name is Sammy Wayne Richards, my friends call me Sammy Wayne, and I could use a cup of coffee. You want to take both cars?" Sammy was surprised how excited he was to be playing the game again. And with a woman, who would have thought it possible?

"Why don't you ride with us and we will bring you back to your car." Her hand wrapped itself around Sammy's arm and he felt himself being lead toward an extended cab pick-up truck, one of the expensive four wheel drive trucks that stand so tall off the ground. Wendy directed her voice at Willy "Boy, you get in the front with us and get to work"

"Yes mistress, " Willy replied as he ran ahead to get into the front floorboard and hunker himself down under the dashboard.

Wendy turned to me and asked. "I hope that you don't mind but I want to make Willy suck a cock tonight and I want to watch." Her hand slid down to cup Sammy's cock that was hard as a rock. " If you will just set in the passenger seat Willy will take care of everything else and we will have a chance to talk."

At this point Sammy wanted to get to know this amazing woman more then he wanted the blowjob but he felt that he could handle them both. He climbed into the truck and stretched his legs out on either side of the kneeling Willy. The boy/man wasted no time in getting Sammy's dick out and into his mouth; he was sucking before Wendy had managed to get the truck into the traffic flow on the street. He had a very talented mouth and Sammy Wayne was enjoying his efforts, it was obvious that Willy had done this before.

They never made it to Denny's instead they rode and talked of their lives and how they had become the people that they were. She asked probing questions and Sammy gave her truthful answers all the while little Willy was sucking and loving on Sammy's cock.

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