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Glory Hole Favors


I first started going to glory holes when I was around 20 years old. I loved having anonymous guys and the occasional woman or couple slobber all over my pride and joy. I had a beauty that was always hard, 10 thick cut inches with an oversized smooth bulbous head and a shaft as fat as a can of air freshener. These anonymous cock suckers gave the best head ever. They all wanted it so bad, they were hungry for it and they worshiped my cock like nobody else ever had before. All I had to do was pay six dollars for a handful of tokens and I got all the attention I wanted. Hell, I would usually leave in thirty minutes after feeding a mouthful of cum to two or three people.

Not just some regular blow job either. Some of them weren't happy til they finally managed to slam it all the way down their throats while they choked profusely all over it. Some tried really hard to fill their throats but would eventually give up, admitting defeat and resigning to doing the best they could. To them, conquering a big dick was what it was all about. They had no guilt, they didn't care if strangers standing outside our booths could hear them. Making loud and obscene choking noises that filled the dark corridors, they struggled to fulfill their cock worshiping desires. Slobbering shamefully and gagging noisily, all the way down to the root, til I felt their tight throat stretch to accommodate the entirety of my fat cock. I never had a girlfriend that was so hungry for some cock that she could swallow all of it like these guys could.

Some of them seemed to enjoy just worshiping and paying homage to my big dick. These dick lickers would get me rock hard and just savor my cock. Licking and slurping on my balls, polishing the head and going so slow I would get irritated with them. Growing impatient, even though it felt great, I would usually have to pull it out the hole and whisper to them to suck it deep and hard, or I was leaving. Believe me, once I threatened them with no more meat, they did it my way. Rarely did I ever leave a willing cock sucker. They knew that I had a gorgeous piece of meat and that kind of cock wasn't that easy to come by, so I eventually got it my way.

Some were content to just suck they head, wax the wick or swab the knob, while they put both hands around the shaft and twisted and groped. They would usually hold about 3 inches in their mouths and basically stroke the shaft like half blow job and half hand job. It was really mostly a hand job, but I suppose they couldn't stand the idea of missing all my hot load. I guess they knew that they couldn't suck the whole thing so they did the best they could. I really preferred these to the cock worshipers cause I liked the tight friction on my shaft.

Occasionally, there were the bona fide faggots, that would suck it til I was thumping rock hard and then impale their tight hot ass on my thick cock. These guys had something to prove too, no shame, no guilt, they were never happy til they had all 10 inches bottomed out in their hungry butts. These guys were my absolute favorites, they would suck it like a pro and then fuck it like a whore. I mean, once they got it wedged in their tight butts, they would gasp, grunt, grind and groan til I blasted their guts with 8 or 10 squirts. Eventually slamming their ass against the wood partition and battling against the law of physics to force it all in their tight butts. I actually heard some of them crying and sobbing while riding my cock. I was also slipped cash along with phone numbers on more than one occasion, but I never met anybody outside the arcade, I tried to remain anonymously discreet.

Glory holes and the arcades were a way of life for me. Even though my girl friend gave me all the pussy I wanted, she also gave some pretty bad blow jobs and refused to give up the ass. We tried it in her ass a couple of times, but she bitched and whined so much I never really got more than half of it in her. Eventually, it wasn't even an option with her after a couple of attempts.

So, I was at the arcade at least 2 or 3 times a week. There was always somebody eager to play with my cock there. I know I made a lot of people happy, I know I made their day for them. I'm sure when they got into bed that night, some of them would dream about my cock in their mouth or ass. These people loved to suck and fuck my big stick.

Sometimes a guy would stick his cock through the hole first, but I wouldn't touch it. Finally, when he would withdraw and look through the hole, I would whip out my big dick. That was it for them, they were hooked once they saw it, their lips would shortly appear pressed against the hole and they soon forgot all about their hard cock and became my willing cock pleaser immediately. Even after I blew a load deep in their ass or mouth and they would look for reciprocation by shoving their hard cock through the hole, I just left them hanging, untouched and hard, while I exited or went to the next booth.

It was good for my sex drive and it was good for my ego. I got so many compliments whispered to me and so many offers for cash or second meetings, that I knew as long as there were glory holes, I would never be horny. They were as insatiable as me, I was always horny and they were always hungry. No reciprocation was ever offered by me, I just used their mouths and butts.

Then one day as usual, I went to the arcade and went into my favorite booth. I preferred this booth over the others because the hole was smaller. My cock and nuts would barely fit through this hole erect, so that when I was fully hard, the hole worked like a cock ring on my dick. It was such a tight fit, that when I was fully erect and expanded, the hole was a very tight snug fit on my cock and balls. I had to insert my balls before my cock got fully erect or else they wouldn't fit in the hole. But with my full package in, it kept the blood from escaping and giving my cock sucker all he deserved.

I locked my door as usual and it didn't take long before the booth joining access to my glory hole opened and closed. In my booth, the hole was on the far wall from the door. If you were in this hole, feeding cock to someone else, your back would be to the locked door. Watching the hole, an eye appeared immediately and stared at me.

I waited until his eye left the hole and then I knelt and peeked through, looking to see who the lucky cock sucker was today. There were two real big guys in there, I recognized both of them from past visits. They were around 30 or 40 years old. Both of them had sucked my cock separately before, more than once each, and I had left both of them hanging, no reciprocation. I distinctly remembered them both from before on many several occasions, because after getting my dick sucked separately by each, they had shoved their hard dicks through the hole for reciprocation and I was impressed with their individual cock endowments.

I have had my cock sucked several times by couples before, never these two guys at once, but I knew what a treat two mouths were. He made the first move and as usual a cock and a pair of balls, not yet fully erect, entered my booth through the hole. Yea, it was him for sure, I recognized his cock immediately. This guy was pretty well hung, about 8 inches, cut and almost as thick as mine. Very impressive for sure, but I didn't suck cock, so the waiting game began. Slowly but surely, it rose to full erection, and just swayed heavily on my side of the wall. As soon as he withdrew, I would shove my meat in and they would soon be slobbering all over it.

That cock just stayed in the hole for several minutes, bouncing and throbbing. I didn't touch it so, I don't know why he didn't take the hint and withdraw it. His cock and balls were fully inserted when I noticed a thrusting movement. He wasn't pumping it forward, it was more like someone was pushing his hips rhythmically, so back and forth his cock hunched through the hole. I think his friend was fucking him and he wanted me to suck his dick at the same time. No chance, that wasn't going to happen, I came here to get my dick sucked, not the other way around.

I was just getting ready to find another booth when he finally withdrew his cock. Just out of curiosity, I knelt and peeked through the hole. Both guys had their cocks out and were kissing. That was so gross to me, I was turned off by guys kissing. I liked my dick sucked by a man, but a man kissing another man part is not a turn on to me.

As I watched for a second, both guys knelt and pressed their two sets of lips to the hole. That's more like it I thought, so I stood and dropped my jeans to the floor. My cock was still pretty hard and I slid the tip into the hole to let them feed on it.

Oh yea, these guys knew how to work a dick good. One guy slurped on the tip while the other guy tried to pull my nuts through the hole before I got too hard. Once he succeeded in getting both my balls through I felt a warm mouth enclose both of them. I just leaned against the wall and pressed my full body into it. These two faggots were working me over good and my cock was at full mast. The guy working my cock was a total pro but the guy sucking my nuts was kind of fumbling around and stretching my nut sac too low. In fact the tugging on my nuts was kind of hurting a little, or at least it could have felt better. I just laid against the wall and let them do their thing. I was going to give these queers a sweet load to share pretty soon.

My balls felt like they were now stretched as low as they would go when I suddenly felt a tight pinching around my nut sac. I was getting off on that pinching feeling and felt the tingle of my cum starting to boil up. Their door opened and closed quickly as the faggot on my cock was sucking me off like a starving man.

I was just getting ready to blow a load when my door swung opened and in walked one of the big guys from the other booth. He had somehow pried my door open, and as he locked it behind him I tried to pull away from the hole to pull up my pants. As I tried to pull away from the hole an excruciating pain went to my balls which stopped any more movement. The more I pulled away from the hole, the more it hurt.

In his hands he held several straps of leather, like belts, but with no buckles. I couldn't turn fully around because my cock wouldn't come out of the hole so I had to crane my neck to get a good look at him. The more I pulled, the more my balls hurt. The guy sucking my cock never missed a beat though, he just kept slurping and gobbling on my hard dick.

"Don't struggle, I tied your nut sac to the wall with 200 pound test fish line. You are not going anywhere. I would really hate for you to rip your nuts off," he smiled and laughed.

My first thought was to scream for help, but if someone came to my aid, I would be found out. I panicked and all sorts of thoughts ran through my head. The cops, my parents, my girlfriend, my job, the newspaper all flashed quickly through my mind. There wasn't time to think as he quickly came up behind me.

"Stand still, be quiet and be a good boy. You might like this. We're going to do this and then we will let you go," he whispered in my ear.

He took the longest strap and laid it flat across my back. Someone had cut two thin slits into the plywood wall around the outside of my waist. As he fed both ends into each hole, I felt the cock sucker stop sucking and tighten the straps on the other side of the booth. My stomach was now pressed tightly into the wall and I couldn't move at all.

As I stood frozen to the wall, he forcibly stretched both of my arms straight up against the wall and used a smaller strap on each hand to insert into small slits in the plywood over my head. Those were now tightened on the other side by the cock sucker so that both arms were now stretched out while my hands were strapped tightly to the wall.

"Hey man, really, let me go or I'm gonna scream for help. I swear to God," I pleaded.

"You're not gonna do shit asshole. I'll kick your ass real good before I leave and my friend will whack your nuts so many times and so fucking hard, you'll cry like a baby. So shut the fuck up asshole," he hissed at me.

As he stuffed a pair of smelly underwear in my mouth, I resigned to my fate. I didn't want an ass whipping and I didn't want this public either. I remember praying, that if I ever got out of this I would never come here again.

The fourth strap went around my neck into two small slits on each side of the wall. As his friend on the other side tightened the strap around my neck, he turned my face sideways against the wall. He took his fingers shoving the underwear deeper into my mouth and now I couldn't even talk.

He pulled the collar of my t-shirt down a couple of inches and chewed on my neck, shoulder and back. His rough whiskers and the sharp teeth, combined with his slurping were not unpleasant, just different. His face was awful close to mine and this worried me, but I had bigger things to worry about.

As he began to remove my jeans, I finally started to struggle. I don't know why I didn't fight before, it was really useless at this point. My pants were already down to my ankles when he entered the room, so all he really had to do was remove my shoes and yank my jeans off. All the tokens in my pocket clanked on the floor as he tugged my pants off and I was glad that I had left my wallet in the car.

Once he removed my socks, he took my left foot and spread it out far enough to reach a spot on the plywood where two slits were in the wall. He took another strap and fed it through two small slits in the wall. Again his friend tightened it and he finally locked and tightened my right foot in the same manner.

"We have been patiently waiting for weeks for you to show up. I cut these holes in this booth knowing it was your favorite. Now, all the times we sucked your dick and let you fuck our ass with no reciprocation are done. It's your turn to give a little pay back," he growled at me.

I couldn't move an inch, the straps held me tightly in place. I was spread eagle against the plywood wall just wearing a t shirt and nothing else. My ass was completely exposed and wide open. My cock had long since gone soft and limp. He then took a knife and started cutting off my t shirt, which left me completely naked.

Being completely and securely tied to the wall, he now tapped 3 times on the plywood with his knife, some kind of signal I guess, and his friend untied my nut sack from the wall. That felt so good because the pain in my balls had been killing me.

Without saying a word, I felt the palm and fingernails of his hand slide up and down my back to my ass cheeks. At the same time, his friend on the other side started sucking again. He nursed my sore nuts at first and it was fantastic. Gently he sucked on my sac and administered relief to my aching balls next.

I couldn't help myself, I started to swell again, my cock got thicker and thicker as he sucked and the other guy tickled my back and ass cheeks with his fingernails. As it grew, he finally took my cock into his mouth and started working it to full erection. The guy behind me hadn't moved in a while, but I sensed he was removing his clothes as I got my cock sucked.

"My buddy gives good head, you getting hard yet?" he whispered in my ear.

With my neck strapped in tight against the plywood and the side of my face pressed flush against the wall, I tried to nod my head affirmatively, since my mouth was full of underwear.

"Good boy, it might help you get through this easier if you just relax and concentrate on the blow job. It might not, but either way this is going to happen. It didn't have to happen this way, but did you really think you could just use us and not give anything back in return. You greedy mother fucker," he whispered in my ear.

My cock was now at a full erection and the guy on the other side was munching out on it. All the sudden he stopped the vigorous blow job and started one of those cock worshiping things that I hated. Not enough action to make me cum, just enough action to tease me and keep me on the edge.

The cock sucker tapped on the wall 5 times now, some kind of a signal again, and the guy behind me started fingering my ass hole and chewing on my neck. The slurping and sucking on my back with those raspy whiskers felt good, but I was really surprised how good the gentle manipulations on my ass cheeks felt.

He would chew and slurp on the inside of my neck, giving me goose bumps and making me shiver. Opening his mouth wide he would suck the flesh of my neck hard and purposely rub his whiskers hard into my soft flesh. I would tremble and he would laugh.

"You never been fucked before have you?" he whispered again.

I tried to nod my head in a no position, but he already knew the answer.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you, I'll be gentle and make you like it. You don't know what you been missing sweet cheeks," he assured me.

This may sound stupid, but in a way I kind of trusted him. Even though I didn't know him, had barely seen his face a few times and was tied wide open, I kind of trusted him. He was acting more like my mentor than someone set to abuse me. Sort of like, his purpose was to convert me into more of a giver instead of just a taker. I relaxed and concentrated on the blow job, my cock felt as hard as it had ever been in my life while the guy on the other side of the wall worked his magic. He sucked on the tip real softly and nibbled on the sides of my shaft so gently. I clenched my cheeks even though they were wide open and just squeezed my eyes shut hard.

The guy behind me trailed his mouth down my back to my exposed cheeks. He would alternate between gently biting my ass and sucking large pieces of flesh into his mouth. I was squeezing my eyes shut hard and gritting my teeth together through the underwear in my mouth as he nibbled, tickled and pinched my ass, while his friend agonizingly tortured my steel hard cock with his slow deliberate sucking.

Finally he knelt behind me and spread both my ass cheeks wide apart with his strong hands. I felt his tongue invade my tight ass hole and sparks went up and down my body. I shook from head to toe and as he pumped my hole as hard as he could with his tongue. My body shuddered uncontrollably as he made me spasm and twitch.

I was ready to cum and the cock sucker knew it. He pinched my balls gently, which felt great, but he completely stopped sucking my cock sensing my orgasm. My cock was too hard, I actually had thoughts of it exploding. I loved this but I hated it, and he knew it. He wasn't about to let me cum and I knew it. As he pinched my nut sac gently, occasionally he would pinch the tip of my cock hard enough to make me wince and forget about blowing a load. I was either going to get left hanging like I had done to them so many times before, or I was going to be the last to get pleasured.

The guy kneeling behind me was now eating my ass like it was a pussy. He shoved his tongue in deep and slurped on my ass while he strongly held my cheeks apart. When the cock sucker would stop his pleasure on my dick, I would try to grind my ass on the guy's mouth kneeling behind me. If he had been straight, he would have been the world's best pussy eater. This guy made a meal out of my ass. His tongue was so deep in the crack of my ass, I knew that his face had to be soaking wet.

My ass tingled and itched so bad. The farther he stuck his tongue up there, the farther I wanted it. My ass was so relaxed and sensitive, I knew he had rubbed his tongue on every single nerve ending I had and they were all awakened and completely alive. Finally he stopped and stood with his mouth to my ear, he then gave me one hard swat on the ass.

"Yea baby boy, you like that sweet ass played with. It's going to get better," he promised me.

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