Glory Hole Gone Wrong


I felt a hand take hold of my balls, and instinctively tried to squirm away. The hand tightened only slightly around my battered balls, immediately incapacitating me. I wailed as my face mashed to the floor. I tried to look back between my legs, and saw a zip tie being pulled tight around my scrotum just above my balls. There was a long cord attached to the zip tie. My balls were now leashed.

The guy spoke, still utterly calm, unnervingly dispassionate.

'Ok, now we are ready to move on to stage two, now that you are...more amenable shall we say. It's amazing how receptive a guy is when he is wearing handcuffs with a hard dick and aching balls.'

I had dragged myself to my knees, and to my horror my dick was still fully engorged, and obscenely jutting forward. The leash trailed from behind my scrotum to my still un-named tormentor. His superior status was quickly reinforced with a sharp tug on the leash, punishing my throbbing nuts. I coughed and moaned.

'Follow me, get up.'

I awkwardly scrambled to my feet as the slack disappeared from the leash. He walked down the hall, I followed closely on the too short leash, desperate to avoid any further abuse to my balls. We turned the corner, and I found an empty room saving a single chair in front of what was apparently the other side of the wall. Clearly he had been seated in that chair when he administered the debilitating cock teasing blowjob that had put me in this predicament. Now the chair was pulled roughly from the wall.

'Get on your knees, put the head of your dick through that hole.'

He was gesturing to the unused lower hole, the one about 18 inches from the floor. This hole appeared to slightly bigger than the other hole. I dropped to my knees, and shuffled up to the hole. Satisfied I was in position, he leaned down and threaded the beginning of the leash through the hole, carefully avoiding any contact with my hard shaft.

'Don't move, don't move or your balls will hear about it.'

He stepped back and looked at his handwork, I was completely broken, no thought of resistance in my vulnerable state. He slowly made his way back down the hall, and over to the other side of the wall. I could hear him approach, then there was terrifying quiet.

The leash began to disappear through the hole, but didn't stop when it had fully played out. Instead it tugged my cock and forced my balls through the slightly larger hole. The leash tugged until my hips were snug against the wall, then I could feel some tugging and adjusting. Once again I was snugly secured to the wall, only now I was on the other side with the hole that originally held me captive directly across from my face. It didn't take much imagination to figure out why I was secured here.

Now the voice spoke to me through the hole in front of my face.

'Simple deal. Guys come in, you suck them off. You can see how the working side of the hole works for a change. Just for your information, there are two signs on this side of the wall. Above the upper hole it says "No condoms needed". Above where your dick and your balls are sticking out it says "Slap these balls if you don't like the service.".'

'Your quota is six tonight.'

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/19/18

More! Please! I beg you, Sir!

I feel like I’ve got zip ties and a leash on my poor aching balls after I read this.

You have to finish this!

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