tagInterracial LoveGlory McBee's Deep Dark Secret

Glory McBee's Deep Dark Secret

byGeorgette Glass©

I suppose you could call me a good looking old broad considering the fact that I just celebrated my thirty-third birthday last week. I've worked overtime at keeping myself healthy and in good physical shape despite my considerably liberated lifestyle. Then I have two outstanding qualities I usually keep corralled in my DD cup harness. Add to this a shapely body, sandy red hair top and bottom, and light green eyes with copper flakes in the irises, and you have an eye catcher in most circles - men and women.

Bartending was not my first choice as a launching pad for my journey to fame and fortune, but since I left home at the age of fifteen and didn't finish high school, it was my best bet. I was serving drinks and getting my ass pinched by the time I was seventeen, and I was in South Louisiana where the liquor control board was more into personal gain than it was enforcing regulations for operating a bar.

My high energy, my big tits, my declining moral standards and occasional special treatment for my boss earned me many benefits and privileges right from the start. I had one boss that gave me three raises in a one-year period just because I gave him hand-jobs in the storeroom twice during that same period of time. Of course, he got to play with my titties while I pounded his pud. I was convinced it was a fair exchange . . . so was he.

Presently, I am night manager for a very popular neighborhood bar where business is as cyclic as the stock market. Some days it's booming - some days it's dead. This was one of the dead nights. It was almost closing time. In fact, the last two customers were leaving as I heard this noise in the back rooms.

With all the customers gone, I was the only person in the building or so I thought, and the backdoor was always locked. What the Hell was going on? I listened again. There it was - a dull rattle probably in the storeroom. Picking up the butt end of a #21 cue stick that Murphy kept under the bar for just such occasions, I eased myself toward the door leading to the rooms in back of the main bar.

As I drew nearer it became obvious that the noises were coming from one of the restrooms. It was the men's restroom. With this realization, I relaxed slightly. 'Probably not a burglar,' I decided, 'but it wasn't a drunk either.' I saw what few customers there was leave before I locked the front door. I crept up to the men's room door and twisted the knob slowly - then I yanked the door open.

"Oh, shit," I exclaimed when I saw the tall black man at the urinal.

"Aggghhhh," he cried at the unexpected intrusion.

"Nick," I yelled. "You scared the crap out of me."

"Sorry, Miss Glory," he said apologetically. "Remember I changed my night to clean up last week." He had turned from the urinal, but he was still holding his limp penis between his fingers.

"My God, Nick," I cried. "Is that yours, or is that the radiator hose out of your truck?" I was referring to the enormous black cock Nick had not returned to his pants yet.

"Oh, excuse me, Miss Glory," the gentle black man said apologetically as he fumbled to get his pleasure prod back into his pants.

"Hold it, Nick," I said in a more relaxed tone. My eyes were frozen on his massive penis. "Mind if I take a closer look?" I asked. Cocks were my favorite male muscles, and I believe I was looking at a grand champion.

"No ma'am," he stammered with obvious confusion. "Go ahead on."

"I would like to touch it," I said cautiously as she neared Nick. "That is if you don't mind."

"Be my guest," he said smiling broadly. "I dearly love for beautiful women to play with my pecker. Careful though. It gets bigger."

I reached down and lifted this slab of dark meat gently with my hand. It had soft, velvety skin, it was warm, and it was growing as I held it. My first impulse was to squeeze this sleeping giant, but I thought better of that idea. I just jiggled it in my hand. It grew some more.

"How big does this thing get, Nick?" I asked already breathing deeper because of my excitement. I had no intention of releasing my hold on this mutant love muscle. My hand trembled slightly causing the gentle giant to swell even more.

"Oh, it goes deep enough, Miss Glory," he responded proudly. He was thoroughly enjoying her hand on his cock. "I've never put a ruler to it so I don't know how many inches it is. Do you want to measure it?"

"Not just yet, Nick," I said. My bated breath was restricting my speech. "Maybe I will later." Then I surprised myself. I stooped down in front of him. "May I?"


Without further ado I leaned forward and pressed my lips against the massive black head. I believe his soft moan enticed me to spread my lips and slide farther down his silo. Shortly after I had the entire head inside, my mouth felt full. This was my limit. Then I heard an object hit the floor. I opened my eyes to find that he had dropped his trousers - he wasn't wearing underwear.

"Take your time, Miss Glory," he said in a comforting tone. "It takes most people time to get used to."

"I'll bet your black lady friends like this jumbo prod," I said after removing my mouth for a moment. "Can they take it all at once?" I immediately returned to my challenge.

"My black lady friends like a big cock," he said proudly, "but I have just as many white lady friends that like it just as much." He paused for a moment and then, "Can you tell its black just from it being in your mouth?"

I realized I had gotten a little out of line with my 'black lady' remark. I reluctantly removed my mouth from his majestic pole once again, but I didn't turn loose with my hand, correction, make that hands. It had grown sufficiently for both of my hands to fit on its barrel side by side.

"I apologize, Nick," I said sincerely. "I have some black female customers in the bar that are always talking about the big black cocks they get so I just figured at least some of them know you."

"Could be," Nick said pensively. "Several have had the opportunity."

I was already back at my challenge, and my efforts were paying off. I had gotten to a point where I had the enormous head and about two inches of his shaft in my mouth. I could feel the head touching the entrance to my throat. My engine was racing, and outward appearances convinced me that Nick was warming up too. I fondled his balls to further my conquest. I was so hot by now that I knew I was going to fuck this man before the night was over.

"Okay, Nick," I said as I unplugged myself from his cock and rose to my feet. "I've checked your plumbing, and I like it. Want to check some of mine."

"I've been dreaming and hoping I could one day get my mouth on those luscious tits of yours, Miss Glory," he said eyeing my bosom with lust, "but I never thought I would get the chance."

"Nick, you've gotten me so hot." My arousal was causing my large breasts to rise and fall noticeably as I gasped for breath, and Nick's eyes were following their path as they did so. "You can have anything you want from me besides my backdoor." With this I began opening the buttons to my blouse. He watched with obvious interest.

"Them sure is pretty," he exclaimed as the opening in my blouse widen and my haltered breasts emerged more and more.

"Unhook me in back, and they are all yours," I said teasingly. I never was one real strong on pomp and circumstance. I knew I wanted to fuck this black man, and his gorgeous giant cock convinced me he wanted the same. Why mess with ceremony.

Nick reached around from behind and cupped a large boob in each hand. When he stepped up close from behind, his big bad bone followed. It was sticking between the legs of my jeans.

I squeezed my thighs together, and fondled the apple-sized head I had captured. I couldn't help but noticed that Nick was kneading the soft flesh of my boobs, and massaging my nipples with his thumbs and forefingers. I clamped my thighs tighter against his shaft only to realize I had no more pressure to bring to bear. I reached up and took both of his hands from their breast play, and released the pressure on his cock. I turned to face him and surprised myself again once again. I kissed him hard on his full lips darting my tongue inside his mouth as I did so. He responded beautifully. Then I leaned back against the lavatory stand.

"Take off my boots and jeans, Nick," I said in a husky voice.

He looked at me for a moment.

"We are going to fuck, Lover. I want as much of that cock as I can handle before you get out of here tonight. Okay?"

He didn't speak, but he made short order out of removing my boots, jeans and panties. I stood there butt-assed naked, and Nick gave me a thorough going over head to toe. I'm sure he noticed the juices trickling down my inner thighs, and I'm sure he knew that was a positive sign that I was ready for him. He stepped forward.

I handed him a tit to suck on while I massaged his ramrod against my wet pussy. He certainly knew how to make a breast happy. But it turned out he too was full of surprises. About the time my biological thermostat told me I was primed for entry, Nick put his hands behind my knees and lifted me above the lavatory cabinet. He rested my butt on the edge of the stand, and pressed my spread legs up against my boobs. This put Miss Kitty way out in front for God and everybody to see. He kissed me again as he trailed his fingers up and down the length of my slit.

I grabbed his throbbing extension and trailed the head of it along behind his fingers. I was on fire. I was going to explode. Hold on girl - he hasn't even entered your pussy yet. When I felt his fingers stop at my clitoris and begin to play I placed the head of this monstrous tool against the entrance to my vagina.

"Push!" I commanded gasping as I did so. "Give me all of that salami."

Bless his sweet heart, he did not do as I commanded. Instead he gradually applied pressure until the head of his serpent forced its way between my swollen lips and into my vaginal chute. He had probed my treasure chest with the head and approximately three inches of his artillery piece, and I felt filled to capacity.

"I wasn't sure I could take it all, Nick," she said in a strained husky voice. Then I looked down between my legs, and I saw at least half of that black bandit still on the outside of me. "Oh, my God," she sighed. "What am I going to do with you, Nick." When she laughed nervously she was sure she felt more of him slide into her channel. "Ooooh."

"We're going to take it slow, Glory," he said softly. "Work with me."

There was no Miss in front of Glory this time. That's one more barrier broken tonight.

I was concentrating on the main event again. I pushed gently against his magnificent intruder, and he as gently pressed another increment of joy into my hole. I felt stuffed. Stuffed with bliss. I pushed on. He responded in kind. I laced my hands behind his head and pressed my lips to his. My kiss was sweet, and soft, and long, yet passionate to the core. His was very much the same.

He slowly and gently pressed his cock into my hole. As long as he felt no resistance from me, he continued to push. Then he stopped and carefully broke our embrace.

I moaned disapproval.

"I think we are at a good place, Glory," he said. His voice was warm and reassuring.

I looked down once more at our connection. He was at least two-thirds of the way into me. I was surprised. I was thrilled. I was proud. I was full. I lay back and hooked my legs around his waist, and I moved his hands to my boobs.

"Do me," I said in my most sensuous tone. I felt him move slowly in and out of my pussy. Every nerve end in my body was on alert. Something wonderful was happening, and the thrill and excitement of the experience was all mine. Nothing else mattered. I was certain the head of his cock just pressed against her cervix. How much more did I need?

Nick was slow and methodical as he pumped my pussy. His hands were doing wonderful things to my breasts, and he smiled down at me as he elevated my body and soul to rapturous heights.

My first impulse, being the skilled fucker I am, was to press against his advances, but this man definitely did not need the help. Besides, I might hurt myself considering the weapon stuffing my chute. I squeezed my legs more snugly around his midsection, and moved my hands up to cover his at my boobs.

We both squeezed pleasure into my breasts and electricity into my nipples. And somebody triggered the switch on my orgasm button.

"You getting close, Glory?" Nick said between grunts. "I can feel you comin' at me stronger," he added with more grunts.

He was absolutely right. My body was responding to his every move. My legs contracted as he pushed his battering ram into me, and my hips recoiled in concert with his.

"I'm coming alright, Nick-baby," I almost growled, "but I'm coming all over you, not at you." With that she released her fountain of fulfillment. There was little doubt that Nick didn't feel the flood of juices crowding around his shaft and oozing down my legs and into the crack of my ass. I spared no decibels in announcing my excitement and my satisfaction.

Nick took my hands into his and pulled me up so I could see our union. He was all the way in me! I had that entire forty-pound cock in my pussy, and the muscles surrounding my vagina were massaging the length of his shaft to show their appreciation. He was still rock-hard and throbbing deep within me.

"God, Nick," she exclaimed breathlessly, " that was fantastic." Her breasts were rising and falling in tempo with her arousal, and Nick's hands were back on duty. "But you're still hard, Big Guy."

"First time is always the roughest, Glory," he said with a smile. "Now let's rings some bells and blow some whistles. Okay?"

Before I could respond, he was already moving in and out of me again. This time, however, he was making a full stroke. I could feel his pelvis push against my crotch with gentle force. I had no idea where his cock head was at that moment, nor did I care in the least little bit. I had his full gigantic cock buried to the hilt in my pussy, and I knew it would be back again and again. I moaned sensually as I pushed hard against this source of joy.

Nick was extremely predictable with his delivery of sexual pleasure. Each stroke of his magic wand, whether in or out, created an overwhelming sense of unbridled rapture that made me crave more and more. But even a stallion like this had his limits.

I felt Nick's tempo quicken. I couldn't believe it, but his cock seemed to be enlarging and it was convulsing with demands for his body to release the semen collected in his balls. The full length of his tool hammered in and out of my pussy. I had no control on the situation, and apparently, neither did Nick.

"Aaaagggghhh," he roared as he spewed massive wads of white joy juice deep into my happy hole.

Not to be outdone, Glory was also making a generous donation of her own. It wasn't often that she was brought to orgasm twice in succession like this, but there was no doubt in her mind as to why it happened.

They were wrapped in deep and passionate embrace as they felt the product of their ecstasy seep past Nick's big cock still buried deep in me and down both of my legs en route to the restroom floor. They remained in this position for the longest time. Then Nick straightened his body and slowly removed his ogre from my very happy, but sore, pussy.

I waited until he was erect, his body that is, before I dropped to my knees. I cradled his limp dick in my hand much like I did when this all started. Slowly, I stuffed the limp noodle into my mouth. Most of it anyway. Then I let it slide out and drop between his legs.

"I just wanted to see how much of that big bastard I could get in my mouth before it got all excited," I explained. "You are one terrific fuck, Mister," I said as I rose to my feet.

"I just have one thing to say about all this, Ma'am …"

Before the question could escape my mouth, he continued.

"Glory, glory, hallelujah!"

We both laughed the entire time they dressed.

"Next Thursday?" I asked as I slipped on my last boot.

"Looking forward to it," he replied smiling broadly.

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