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Ron Barr runs a trucking company in rural New South Wales, Australia, where his drivers like to race other trucks, drink till they drop and chase fast women when not too tired and they are still half sober.

They spend their money so quickly that Ron unilaterally decided to place half of their weekly pay into the bank account of their mothers, or if they live with a woman, into that female's bank account. The drivers consider they had no option but to sign consent forms because they knew what would happen to their job if they didn't cooperate.

As a result of that social engineering, Ron always has replacement drivers on a waiting list, many of the initial applications appearing to have been made in women's handwriting.

Ron had started out as a 17-year old in the trucking company owned in those days by his father. He didn't drink liquor but chased fast women and that's how he met Kathy whom he later married against his parents' wishes. They had picked out the Rev. Blake's daughter for him, thinking she'd tone Ron down.

Truckie Ron later entered management and eventually ownership of the firm knowing every trick in the book as well as some not yet known to run-of-the-road drivers and would sooner fire a driver gone bad than argue with him. If the guy wanted to fight to vent his anger on Ron he could try but probably would regret that decision.

A tough guy is Ron.

The years went by and Ron and Kathy (who turned out good) sent their kids to Sydney to university. Ben with a build and dark bushy eyebrows much like his father, completed an accounting degree and had been appointed general manager of his dad's business while blonde and deeply blue-eyed university graduate Cody had won a scholarship to the United States to complete her studies with a one-year accelerated MBA in Health Administration.


Before heading to the Midwest to her university, sweet-smiling Cody stayed in LA for a week to have a good look around. On the day she headed out to shop in Rodeo Drive her motel room was broken into and her two travel bags and all her unpacked possessions were stolen.

She had to report the theft to the police to get a travel insurance payout. Motel management denied any responsibility although admitting their security surveillance system had been out of action for more than a month. Cody looked dangerously menacing when told about that so management added its own compensation to pay Cody off from going to the media.

Cody called home to report her loss and her dad answered the phone.

He listened. Cody could almost feel his rising anger.

"You come home right this minute, do you hear? I'm not having you alone in that den of antiquity called America."

"You mean den of iniquity dad."

He roared, "I know what I mean and so do you."

With years of practice, Kathy wrestled the phone from her husband and said patiently, "What's all this about dear?"

They discussed the issue and her mom said. "You're going through with this advance in your education and that's that."

She asked, "What was Rodeo Drive like?" and her frustrated husband went out to kick two or three palings off the fence surrounding the homestead.

"What do you suggest mom?"

"Move into a quality hotel and buy replacement stuff and keep all receipts for insurance purposes. Catch your plane on schedule and go to your university and stop thinking what had happened to you. What happened to you could happen to anyone in any city, perhaps even here in Australia. Um even here in Australia."

"Yes mom. How are the fowls laying?"

At the university Cody found she was sharing a room with a fairly shy and watchful young woman off a ranch who was studying for a health support qualification.

"I had been dubious about being paired with you," Sarah Carter smiled. "I was half-expecting a fat black young woman with a nude kid on her hip."

"Oh you have seen pictures of Australian Aboriginals? I guess I could have expected you would like a an Indian squaw."

Sarah laughed. "I'm ignorant aren't I? You look like one of us and sound much like a West Coaster."

"Yeah well wait till I say g'day or fish."

"What was that last word?"

They laughed.

Sarah pulled a jug of fruit juice from the fridge and poured two glasses.

"This is freshly squeezed. I regulate the intake of nasty stuff because I come off a ranch and am used to eating wholesome food."

"Oh god, you watch what you eat too. How wonderful."

Sarah looked pleased. "Our ranch is almost 8500 acres but it includes a mountain."

"Wow," Cody said politely.

"I think you have bigger ranches than that in Australia, even larger than ranches in Texas?"

"Well yes, but there are lots of people with only 100 acres or even less."

"Want to come for a swim? We have a wonderful sports complex here."

"I know. I've played the video many times and that was one of the reasons I competed for a scholarship here. I'm really big into health and sport and your MBA in health admin here is pretty top-notch and I didn't want to go to a big city university. This looks and feels my kind of place."

At the pool Sarah introduced Cody to three other girls and a couple of guys appeared from nowhere and asked to be introduced to the stranger.

"A scholarship from Australia eh?" said Burt. "Don't they have a university there?"

"They have several. I did my BA at Sydney University and it has more than 30,000 undergrads and 16,000 grad students."

The students around her appeared impressed.

"Then why come here?" Lauren asked.

"My home town has 9,200 people and that's big enough for me. I found Sydney was too big for my and I chose to apply for a scholarship to this university because it's a valuable scholarship and the university is located in a smaller state and it offers the educational opportunity I also required."

By the time she'd finished saying that no one was listening.

The guys watched the girls swim two lengths and then Al said, "Burt and I can see you have the style of a coached swimmer Cody. Come on, race us."

"I don't wish to show off."

"It's the American way," one of the girls said and Sarah said, "Go give it to them Cody."

Cody creamed them and Burt said as they dried off, "Cody would you mind if I tell Coach White about you?"

"She wrote me, having seen my performance times in my CV when the scholarship was awarded. I'm here on a swim scholarship."

"Omigod and you told me you are an elite long distance cyclist," Sarah said.

"Look guys could we please get off me. I'm only an Aussie."

"Only an Aussie," Al laughed. "And cute."

Cody dated Al for just over a month before she dumped him, finding he'd been with Annie the previous night. Annie took up to three guys at a time.

Although the breakup with Al had been pretty private, it had been overheard and Cody found herself with guys practically lining up.

She went home with Sarah whenever invited, turning down other invitations because she and Sarah had become very close.

Cody had transformed Sarah, taking her in to get her hair cut to a more modern style and had give her advice about make-up and how to apply it and guided Sarah when she purchased some new skirts, getting the hem length up a good six inches. Within a short time Sarah was enjoying a significant increase in popularity and knew she had Cody to thank for that.

The two young women felt a developing affinity and in moving around the confines of their small apartment often lightly clad and falling into the habit of drying each other's hair, neither of them pulled back when they had their first sexy kiss and that same night Cody invited Sarah to come to bed with her. Sarah turned out the last light and arrived in the bed nude and they went slowly and enjoyed the touching and finally the petting gave way to desire and they repositioned into a sixty-nine.

* * *

Looking over the kitchen bench Lisa Carter saw the dust plume and said, "They're coming."

"Christ two more women in the house," her 26-year old Max snorted.

His dad John reading that morning's newspaper pushed up his glasses and growled, "Watch your mouth when talking to your mom or any female for that matter son."

The 14-year old twins Meg and Jess had already raced to the front porch.

"Dad why did she have to bring home someone, especially a loud-mouth Australian? You know we like being just family."

"I think it's about time you ventured out into the real world son and learned manners and how to communicate with other folk. Sarah said this girl is pretty."

"Yeah well if she only looks like Sarah that ain't pretty. Far from it."

John rattled his paper and sighed.

Lisa came in looking rather excited, wiping her hands on her apron and she said, "Out on to the porch you two lumps to welcome home Sarah. It's weeks since we last saw her."

The family peered when two blondes got out of the small Ford. Their Sarah had left home with almost auburn hair and both these young women were very pretty.

The twins had it sorted first. They yelled when the driver waved.

"It's Sarah, now blonde," yelled Meg and Jess yelled, "Mom can we go blonde? Please."

Lisa was too stunned to reply, not that it mattered because the twins would already know the reply would not have been yes.

"Jesus dad Sarah's all grown up in just a few months."

"Yeah and look at the babe with her."

"Wow dad, that's really top shelf. Sarah said she was new to the university but already was the female swim champ over middle distances. She has the face of a beauty queen and the body of an athlete."

"Yeah and probably the manner of a shrew. I know women son."

"Oh yeah, and where did you get such refined experience dad? You've rarely been more than ten miles from this ranch."

"Make that fifty and I might agree with you. I watch videos."

Lisa was hugging her daughter hugely and the twins were jumping up and down and casting shy glances at Cody.

Finally Meg said bravely, "Are you able to speak English?"

"Ah woogle dum seehill foxy mibilow," Cody teased and the twins darted behind their mom.

"Mom this is my very best friend ever," Cody Barr from Australia. "You spoke to her briefly a couple of times on my phone."

"Yes and a very warm welcome to Starlight Ranch Cody. It's so lovely having you here."

"Wait till you get to know me before you make expansive judgments about me," Cody grinned and the twins gawked. "May I kiss you? I'm missing my mom greatly."

"Oh darling," Lisa said, holding open her arms and Cody rushed to her and began crying.

"It's okay girls," Sarah said. "Cody began talking a lot about her folk on the trip here. She's at little homesick, that's all."

Copy wiped her eyes and sniffed, "Do you have poultry Mrs Carter?"

"Yes dear," Lisa said, knowing what this was about. "Your mother has hens and knows them by name, doesn't she?"

Cody nodded.

"Well come and see them and give them some wheat and I'll tell you their names."

They walked off around the house, the twins following.

"Jeez Sarah," Max said, hugging his sister and thumping her on the back. "You're brought home a real cry baby."

He was ignored and Sarah hugged her dad and was kissed.

"That Cody has fixed you up real good."

"How did you know it was Cody dad?"

"This is your fourth year at that university and no one else bothered that much about you in that time. I don't like you coloring your God-given hair but it's your decision at your age. And I think you now look real pretty."

"Thanks dad. And you Max?"

"Oh you look okay I guess."

"Thanks Max. Get our bags to my room Max."

"Aw can't Miss Weepy sleep with me."

"Get fucked Max and do what you're told and don't overly-bother Cody without her consent and you'll get a shotgun blast up your butt."

Both men grinned and looked impressed with the now assertive Sarah.

"Has Miss Weepy toughened you up?"

"Yes Max and if you value you teeth I would be careful about bad-naming Cody to her face. She has been trained in modern martial arts."

"You're kidding me."

"The bags and our other stuff Max. Chop, chop."

Max walked off, glancing at his sister uncertainly.

Her dad placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed affectionately. "I think you suckered him real real good."

"She's incredibly good at anything physical dad and probably can fight. She told me she grew up with practically all boys. But she's no Superwoman dad. She has a soft core and now mom is attending to that. Pity she's far too intelligent for Max eh?"

"Yeah right."

Dinner was a merry affair with Cody regaling them with stories about her tough-ass dad and how he met and married a Go-Go dancer, her mom, and his parents went almost a year before talking to him again although they lived nearby and they all worked in the same business. Then during the 7-year floods (the drought near the Outback is broken about every seven years by heavy monsoon rains from the north) his mom's sister Aunt Judy who was heavily pregnant, was scheduled to go to hospital at Dubbo for a caesarean birth to avoid complications because that hospital had the specialist support required.

All routes into their city were cut off and there were no helicopter services Outback in those days. Cody's father swam and waded for four miles to a roadwork's camp that had been abandoned ahead of rising floodwaters. He drove a grader back that four-miles to his astonished parents and uncle. It was the only vehicle built high enough that could have made it through floodwater that deep. Aunt Jess was loaded on a stretcher and tied to the grader with her husband and brother-in-law watching over her as their son/nephew, now a hero, drove them back through the floodwaters where Judy was loaded on to a truck and taken to Dubbo. Her boy was born safely and Judy insisted he be named Ron after Ron his heroic uncle.

"Tell us more stories," Meg begged.

"Well when I was fourteen, your age, I was considered pretty good at swimming and cleaned up everyone in my age group, boys too, within 200 miles and at Dubbo I won the 400-yards swim and that meant I had to go to Sydney for the state finals but rather than swim in my age group I insisted on swimming in the open group. God I could have dog-paddled and won my age event but I learnt my lesson about big-headedness in the finals. The race was won by a 16-year old who left me for dead in fourth place and a couple of years later those two top girls were swimming for Australia at the Olympics and both won medals."

"The big buildings and the sprawl of Sydney had me bug-eyed but nothing like that winner who swam the pants off us. She was so incredibly awesome. So after I returned home mom listened to my plea and drove me almost two hundred miles to Dubbo each Saturday for six months of the year until I was old enough to get my driver's license and get myself there in dad's spare pickup."

Hugely impressed Meg said, "Your mom drove your 400 miles each Saturday?"

"Yes. She loved it. She'd never done so much shopping in her entire life."

"Oh here's a story I love about mom. We had gone for a bit of a hike and were about a three-day walk away from our city when she was bitten by a snake and became sick very quickly. I had cut open her leg in a cross and tried to suck out the venom but obviously was too late or my technique was faulty."

"She was losing consciousness and of course I was worried sick. When she'd become delirious I knew it was only a matter of time. We had CB radios with us fortunately and I called the flying doctor service. I'd killed the snake with my bush knife so was able to give them a good description of it. But now they had to find me. It was summer and so dry that if I started a fire it could take off and then with a wind change perhaps come back at us. The guy was looking at his map and me at ours and he identified a landmark I could see, a rock the size of a house on the side of a small hill. It was an hour's hike away. I really didn't wish to leave mom but had no choice. I knew I had to save her life and take the risk I'd be back with the serum in time to save her."

"The aerial drop was successful and I raced back to mom, sweating like a pig and almost delirious myself saying over and over again, "Oh please God don't let me be too late, Oh please God."

"I raced into our camp and found mom sitting up, looking a bit groggy."

"She said where have you been Cody? How many times have I told you not to go walking off on your own way out here?"

"I threw myself at her bawling my eyes out and she asked what was wrong, had I hurt myself. She then said thanks for bandaging her leg, she didn't recall jagging her leg on a stump. I told her what had happened and she was most surprised and said she seemed okay now. I called the Flying Doctor service and mom conversed with a doctor and it was decided she didn't need to be injected with the serum. Mom said to me, "I wouldn't have let you inject with a big needle like that. You'd be too rough."

Everyone just loved the ending to that story.

Later Max asked Cody did she ride and she said yes.

"Come up Mt John with me tomorrow. It's really only a super big hill with a riding track up it."

"Well thanks but it depends on what Sarah wants to do."

"No you go with Max. I don't like riding much and you can see our entire spread from up there. I want to work on mom's hair and her makeup"

"Okay Max, it sounds good. Could we set out at dawn?"


"The weather is settled and dawn is the best time of day."

"Jesus, well I suppose."

Max came into the twin-bed room when it was still dark.

"Hoping to grab a breast while I was still asleep eh?"

"Er no."

Cody got up from the chair, full dressed and ready to go but as they left the bedroom she said, "Could you grab one of your mom's or Sarah's jackets for me. It's cold and although it's spring I saw there's still snow up on the tops."

"Have you ever seen snow?"

"Not until I was flying from LA to South Dakota. It was really something."

"What about boots? They'd be better than those sneakers."

Max fitted her out and then jammed a woolen cap on her head.

"Thanks sweetie, now I feel I could take on anything."

"What about sex?"

"Perhaps when it gets warmer; you've been a good boy."

The light reflecting off Max's teeth was enough to get them outside where two saddled horses were tied to the gate.

"Oooh, really good boy Max. Obviously you know how to get your ass into gear when necessary."

"We leave as early as 4:00 when we pack out to the far pastures."

"Don't you guys run a truck?"

"No we use tractors and trailers for hay."

"You could cart horses out at perhaps 30 miles and hour in a float bolted on the tray of the truck compared with riding perhaps at 5 to 6 miles an hour for a day's ride. Do the math Max."


"Never get tied to all the old ways Max. Some are good for your health and good for living but others rightly belong to the horse and cart days."


Cody smiled and guessed she knew Max's favorite word of surprise/exclamation.

They reached the top of the gently rising high hill that Cody thought probably only the locals called a mountain. It was a fine day so the air wasn't too cold on the summit. She gamboled in the snow, much to Max's amusement.

He then pointed out the boundaries of their ranch and having named distant landmarks he set off eagerly to the lower slopes for lunch and anything else on offer.

"No blanket?"

"No sit on your haunches to eat or sit on a saddlebag."

"Don't we need a blanket for comfortable sex?"

He looked at her keenly. "Do you really mean you'll have sex with me?"

"Yes you have been considerate to me and girls like sex too Max."

He appeared to accept that as new information.

"We can do it up against that tree."

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