tagErotic HorrorGoblin Under The Bed

Goblin Under The Bed

byMargin Walker©

He was kissing her legs. He loves to kiss her legs. Her legs are long and tight. He starts by kissing her left ankle. He crawls to the bottom of the bed, shoving the sheets out of his way, and begins kissing her ankle. He moves up her leg, kissing her calf. He lifts her leg up off of the bed to kiss the back of her calf, his tongue licking her skin. He slides his tongue up her leg to the back of her knee. She shivers and her nipples become erect. He lays her leg back down on the mattress and slowly moves up her thigh. His hands precede his mouth, gently stroking her skin.

He runs his tongue up her inner thigh, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin. His hard cock is rubbing against the mattress. His mouth approaches her pussy. He licks the skin at her crotch quickly and then moves over to her other leg, teasing her. He sucks at the skin on her right thigh. His hands move up her body and slide under the chemise that she wore especially for him tonight. He straddles her right leg. His dick slips out of his boxers and slides along her smooth leg as his kisses begin to move down her thigh.

She writhes against the sheets. She reaches down and grasps the hair on his head. She pulls his head to her wet pussy, wanting to feel his tongue inside her. He obeys and moves his head back up to her crotch. His hands slide along her stomach and reach up to fondle her breasts. She grabs one of his hands and pulls it out from under her chemise. She brings the hand up to her mouth and begins sucking on the index finder.

His tongue moves between the lips of her pussy. He laps gently up probing between the wet lips and gently flicks her clit. She moves his finger in and out of her mouth. Her tongue slides along the finger. His hand massages her breast and pinches the nipple gently. She wraps her long legs around his back and tilts her pelvis towards his mouth. He pushes his tongue inside of her. He rubs his cock against the mattress, wanting to feel it inside of her.

"Daddy! A monster!"

She sucks his finger into her mouth. He moves his tongue up her pussy and sucks her clitoris into his mouth. He begins flicking it with his tongue rhythmically. Her hips jerk uncontrollably against his mouth.

"Daddy! Help! There's a monster!" The yell comes from outside the bedroom door.

He quickly yanks his head from between her legs. He rolls over to the other side of the bed. She pulls her chemise down and covers her body.

"Danny! What is it?" Jack yells as he adjusts his boxers, making sure his penis is completely covered.

"There's a monster in my closet," Danny yells from the hallway.

"There's no monsters, Danny. Go back to bed," Jack yells back at him.

"There is. I saw it," Danny cries. The doorknob jiggles as he tries to open the door.

"Jack," Cindy says, "Go take care of him." She sighs, holding her arms tightly to her chest. Jack looks at her. She looks so incredibly sexy tonight. It's been so long since they've had sex. Tonight was going to be the night. Jack put their son to bed, and then he had come to bed, tired, and ready to go to sleep. But, Cindy had surprised him with the sexy chemise. He wanted her so bad. Their marriage has not been going well recently. They both work hard and rarely have time for each other. When they do have time to spend together they usually end up fighting. They had talked about divorce, but neither wanted that. They still love each other and want to work at repairing their damaged marriage.

"There's no monster in your closet, Danny. Just go back to bed," Jack yells, frustrated and horny. He brings his hand over to her leg, sliding it up her thigh. She grabs his hand.

"Stop it, Jack," she commands, "Go see what he wants." She releases his hand and strokes it softly. "I'll still be here when you get back and I'll still be wearing this." She stretches out along the bed, arching her back. Her full breasts push out against the chemise. He can see the nipples pushing through the thin fabric. He leans over and presses his lips to her mouth. She kisses him deeply. Then, she pushes him away. "Hurry back," she purrs.

Reluctantly, Jack stands up from the bed. The doorknob is jerking as Danny tries to open the locked door.

"Daddy, the door is stuck. Let me in. The monster will get me," Danny cries from the hallway.

"One minute, Danny, I'll be there," Jack says. He picks a t-shirt off of the floor, pulls it on, and walks to the door. He checks his boxers to make sure his penis has gone down and is firmly tucked inside. Then he unlocks the door and opens it slightly. Danny pushes against it and knocks the door open. He runs into his dad's leg and grabs it.

"The monster was gonna get me, Daddy," Danny whimpers and presses his head against Jack's thigh. Jack reaches down and places his hand on top of his son's head, ruffling the hair.

"Come on, Danny. It's all right. There is no monster," he reassures him.

"There is too. I saw it," Danny yells, looking up at his father. Jack reaches down and grabs his son under the arms. He lifts him up and holds him against his side.

"What do you say we go check it out? Then you go back to sleep," Jack says, looking his son in the eyes.

"No, I don't wanna go back," Danny says.

"Come on. I'll protect you," Jack says and begins walking out the door. Ginsburg, their nine-month old Chocolate Labrador Retriever slips through the bedroom. Jack sticks out his foot to stop him, but the dog sneaks by. "Ginsburg, get out of here," he yells at the dog. The dog jumps up on the bed and lies down on his side of the bed.

He looks back at his wife. She's lying in the bed, her back leaning against the headboard, one leg stretched out straight along the bed, the other propped up with her foot resting against the mattress. The chemise is pushed up high on her thighs and he can almost see between her legs.

"Don't make me finish without you, honey," she says and runs her fingers through her long, brown hair.

"Come on, Danny. You're going back to sleep right now," Jacks says and starts walking down the hallway.

"I can't go to sleep daddy, the monster will get me," Danny protests as they approach his bedroom.

"Here, I'll show you, Danny. There is no monster." Jack steps into Danny's bedroom, flips on the light, and sets his son down on the bed. "Where was the monster?" he asks.

"In the closet," Danny says hesitantly and points to the closet. Jack turns to look at the closet. The door is open halfway. "It looked out at me. It hissed and I ran away."

Jack walks over to the closet and opens the door. He turns on the light and looks around the closet. "I don't see anything, Dan. There are no monsters in here." He turns off the light and closes the door firmly. He walks back over to the bed and sits down next to his son. "I'm not going to be able to keep showing you those scary movies if you keep having nightmares, Danny. Your mom is not happy about these nightmares."

"They're not nightmares. I was awake. I saw it. It was in my closet," Danny pouts.

"Danny," Jack says firmly. "There are no monsters. You need to go back to sleep. Be daddy's big boy and go back to sleep," he pleads with his son. Danny looks at his dad. He wants to make his dad happy. He wants to be a big boy.

"Will you stay with me Daddy? Keep the monster away?" Danny asks shyly. Jack sighs, frustrated at his son. He wants to return to his wife, but he can't go back to bed until Danny is definitely asleep, or he'll just interrupt them again.

"Okay, Dan, how about this? I'll sit here with you, and read to you until you fall asleep?" Jack says.

"Okay, daddy," Danny says, happy that his dad is going to stay with him and protect him from the monster.

Jack stands up and pulls the covers up from the bed. "Get under the covers," he says. Danny curls up to his pillow and Jack tucks the covers over him. Jack turns on the light by Danny's bed and then walks over to the bedroom overhead light switch. He turns off the overhead light and walks back to Danny's bed. Danny moves over in his bed against the wall. Jack sits down on the bed next to his son, his back against the headboard and legs stretched out on the mattress. He picks up a Harry Potter book from the nightstand and opens it at the bookmark.

As he begins reading, Danny moves closer to his dad, snuggling against his warmth and protection. Jack lays a hand on son's shoulder and continues reading.

The goblin sighs quietly under the bed. It listens attentively to the father reading to his son. It peers from the shadows under the bed, waiting. The goblin ran from the closet and climbed under the bed when Danny fled the room. It tucked itself into the shadows knowing that no one could see it under there even if someone would look. It could disappear into any shadow.

The goblin is four and half feet tall with long, spidery legs and arms. Its skin is dark green with rough scales. Its skinny torso is covered with an open fur vest. A piece of fur is tied around its waist and a small knife dangles from the belt. Its feet and hands are long and bony, with pointed claws at the end of each toe and finger. Its head is small with a long, crooked nose. The large, yellow eyes are set deep in its head. The mouth is full of sharp, yellow teeth. Its ears are pointed over its head and turn to face any noise it might hear. A few tufts of black hair stick out on top of its head.

The goblin was born into this world from Danny's nightmares. Danny's fears feed the goblin and allow it to roam in this world. Danny is its link to this world, where it can cause trouble and breed fear. Danny's nightmares are not from the horror movies he watches as much as from the confusion and fear he experiences from watching his parents fight. The anxiety from seeing his parents' marriage collapse causes nightmares that the goblin uses to materialize in Danny's bedroom and terrify him even more.

It listens to Jack reading the book to Danny. It hears his voice getting tired and slow. It can already hear the soft, sleeping breath of the boy. Then, Jack stops reading and the goblin waits expectantly. Jack starts to breathe heavily as he falls asleep. The goblin holds a clawed hand to its mouth as it laughs quietly. It waits for a few minutes, listening to both of them fall further into sleep.

Slowly, it crawls towards the wall at the head of the bed and towards the nightstand. It reaches behind the nightstand and pulls the lamp's plug from the wall. The room becomes dark. The goblin waits, hearing if either of them will wake up, but both them are still sleeping soundly, the father now snoring quietly.

It crawls from under the bed, quietly pulling itself along the floor by its claws. It stands up by the bed and looks at the father and boy sleeping soundly. A gnarled hand reaches out and touches the father softly on the forehead. Jack stirs in his sleep. The goblin bares its teeth and hisses silently. It presses the palm of its hand against Jack's head, searching for his dreams. Jack is having an erotic dream about his wife. He's dreaming he left Danny's bed to go back to his bedroom where his wife is waiting, now dressed in a black teddy, black stockings, and high heels. The goblin closes the master bedroom door in Jack's dream, separating him from his wife. In his dream Jack stares at the now closed door. Jack sees a small window in the door and leans forward to look in the bedroom. He sees his wife lying on the bed, writhing as her hands play between her legs. He reaches down to grab the doorknob, but there isn't one. He watches through the window as a man walks into view and climbs into bed with his wife. He slams his hands into the door and yells, but his wife can't hear him. She turns to the stranger and leans forward to kiss him.

The goblin releases Jack's head. It cackles softly to itself and slaps Jack lightly on the cheek. Then, it stares at the boy, unable to know what Danny is dreaming about. It can't interfere with the boy directly. The boy is his link to this world and he cannot hurt the boy. It must create terror around the boy to keep the link strong.

It turns from the bed and quietly walks out of the room. It toddles down the hallway, sliding a hand along the wall. The light from the master bedroom shines into the hallway. The goblin approaches the lit doorway slowly, its eyes squinting against the light. It slides against the wall beside the doorway and tilts its head towards the room. It listens attentively and hears Cindy breathing heavily in her sleep. It peers into the room, the bright light almost blinding it. It can barely see her, stretched out, lying on the bed, and Ginsburg lying beside her, staring at it. The goblin reaches its hand inside the doorway, finds the light switch and turns off the light.

As the light flips off, Ginsburg jumps off the bed, and creeps towards the door, baring its teeth. The goblin steps into the doorway and faces the approaching dog. The dog growls deeply and arches its back. The goblin waves a hand in front of it, crouches down, and takes a step towards the dog. As the dog is about to bark the goblin springs forward and wraps a hand around the dog's snout. Ginsburg tries to snap his head away, but the goblin encircles the dog's head with its other arm. The dog struggles for a second, but then settles down as the goblin calms him. As the dog relaxes in its grip, the goblin slowly begins to release him. It steps away from the dog and then points at him. Ginsburg sits on the floor, waiting for the next command. The goblin listens to the woman, hearing that she's still deeply asleep. It points under the bed and Ginsburg crouches down to crawl under the bed.

Once the dog is out of sight, the goblin ambles to the side of the bed next to Cindy. It stares at her half naked body. She's lying on the bed, the chemise pushed up high on her thighs and her arms placed above her head. The covers are still bunched at the bottom of the bed. She lied in bed waiting for her husband to return. She rubbed her wet pussy, sliding her fingers between the folds, along her clitoris, and then down inside of her. She spread her legs wide, pleasuring herself, but denying the release as she waited for Jack. Eventually, tired and frustrated, she sank into the bed and fell asleep. The goblin watches her breasts rise and fall as she breathes. It reaches its clawed hand out to her head and places it on her forehead.

She's dreaming of Jack, having returned from Danny's room, and continuing where he left off. His head is between her thighs, his tongue flipping her clitoris, her legs wrapped around him as each lick of his tongue makes her body twitch against him. The goblin replaces Jack with a dark stranger, an unknown shape with only a tongue and a penis. The shape lifts its tongue from her pussy and moves up her body. The goblin removes its hand from her head. Its long, split tongue slips from its mouth and slides along its upper lip. It rubs its gnarled hands together as it watches her body move subtly and a soft moan escapes her mouth.

The goblin reaches down to the fur covering its crotch. It twists the fur to the side revealing its genitalia. It grabs its knobbed penis and strokes it as it watches the woman dream. Its cock stretches out to nine inches long, the head bulging out twice the width of its wide shaft. Its other hand reaches out and caresses her breast through the slim chemise. Cindy groans in her sleep when it pinches her nipple. Drool drips from the goblin's mouth and falls on her chest.

The goblin releases her breast and waddles to the foot of the bed. It climbs onto the bed. It crouches between her feet and slowly crawls up between her legs, groaning to itself in anticipation. The goblin grabs her legs and lifts them from the bed. It squirms its knees under her thighs and sits back on its calves as it drapes her legs over its scaly thighs.

It grabs its protuberant member and rubs the large head against her pussy lips wiping the moisture across the tip. She moans softly in her sleep. It places the head against her opening and pushes its hips forward. The large head presses into her, stretching her open. The goblin reaches an arm under her butt and tilts her hips up slightly. It leans its body forward and the head pops into her. The goblin groans ecstatically as his engorged penis slides inside of her, feeling her tight, wet cunt clenching his hard cock.

Cindy whimpers as the bulging head moves into her, stretching her vagina. Her pussy lips slide along the goblin's shaft as it moves its hips forward. It reaches its other hand around her other butt and lifts her hips up off of the bed. It sits up on its knees with Cindy's pelvis held in the air. It slides out of her slowly and pushes back in watching its scaly shaft sink into her until its hips press against her pelvis with its cock buried completely inside of her. Saliva drips from its mouth and falls on her bare thigh.

The goblin grasps its clawed hands into the meat of her butt and thrusts into her. In her dream, Cindy sees a dark shape between her legs, holding her in the air, plunging its cock into her.

"Yes, oh, yes," she moans. The goblin watches her face turned upwards in ecstasy, her mouth open as she pants in her sleep. It moves in and out of her, the bulbous head mashing into her deeply, then sliding back out along her vaginal walls, pressing against her g-spot, and then driving back into her. The bed shakes underneath their bodies as the goblin's rough hips slap against her smooth thighs making the bedsprings squeak and the headboard thump softly against the wall.

She grunts each time the goblin's cock head slams into the back of her vagina. The goblin begins to imitate her, grunting in unison. It watches her body jolted forward each time it thrusts into her. Her breasts jiggle under the chemise. Her hips rise slightly as the engorged cock head presses up and into her. The goblin increases the rhythm, pounding into her, her wet cunt sliding along his scaly, green shaft. It drops her hips to the bed and lower its body slightly over her, holding itself upright with its hands clawing into the mattress beside her waist.

Cindy begins to wake from her dream as the goblin pummels her tight cunt, driven awake by an erotic combination of pleasure and pain. She feels the large cock head pressing against her vaginal muscles, stretching her pussy. She moves her hips with the motion enjoying the feel of the member as it slides inside of her. Her eyes begin to open as she shakes the dream from her sleepy head. The goblin sees her body stirring as she wakes. It starts to move very quickly, slamming his cock into her. She hears the sounds of her wet cunt sliding along the moving shaft, the rough smack of the goblin's tough hide slapping against her thighs and pelvis, her own moans as the goblin's cock head rubs against her g-spot, the bed squeaking underneath them, and the goblin's grunts as he pushes frantically towards the conclusion.

She sees a small form propped above her, its hips plunging between her legs as her hips rise to meet each thrust. The cock sinks into her, moving faster, and her body pulls tightly against it, willing it further into her. Her eyes open wider as the dream evaporates. She sees the shape of the goblin's head moving above her, the ears sticking out at sharp points and the long nose bobbing above her. She feels the fur hanging from the goblin's waist rubbing against her thighs as the creature thrusts its hips against her.

The goblin plunges into her deeply and cum shoots from the tip of its engorged cock. Cindy screams in fear. Her hands push at the goblin's shoulders. The goblin pulls its cock from her, squirting its yellow semen on her body and face. She pulls her legs up to her body and twists away to the other side of the bed. The goblin drops from the bed, the sticky cum spurting onto the carpet as it dives under the bed.

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