tagMatureGodson Ch. 2

Godson Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Triple Play

It was a Thursday afternoon and Dean's birthday. She was turning 41. Since the first time my mom's friend and me had started fuckin' on the regular, she kept tellin' me about wantin' to get with another woman.

At first I tried to set somethin' up but all the young girls that I knew either wasn't down or wasn't Dean's type. But that Monday she told me that she had found someone she'd be interested in doin' it with.

Sylvia was a sista who worked in her office. She was 31, had short hair and was kinda average lookin'. She looked like a 'librarian', especially with the thick-azz coke-bottle lenses she wore! She was brown-skinned, like me, not as tall as Dean; her ass was a little on the flat side, but the titties was huge! Bigger than Deans'!

Personality-wise, Sylvia was a lot like Dean, too. Kinda 'square' and 'churchy'. She probably didn't go out much and Dean told me she'd only had two or three boyfriends in her whole life. She would definitely be a big change from the ghetto-queens and chicken-heads that I was tryin' to line up!

So that night, she came home with Dean from work. She was carryin' a small suitcase to spend the weekend. Sylvia looked a little surprised to see me there, cause Dean told her it was gonna be just the girls hangin' out for her birthday. But me an Sylvia kinda hit it off at dinner; I had gotten a lot "smoother" and a lot more sure of myself since kickin' it with Dean. I let out some of the charms and did a little flirtin' with her. She ate up all the attention I sent her way and came lookin' for more.

It was about 9:30 and we were watchin' somethin' on HBO and sharin a bottle of zinfendel. Dean and Sylvia were laughin and gigglin about all kinds a silly shit: men, not-havin'-no men, shoes, sex, not-havin'-no sex. I noticed that Dean kept fillin up Sylvia's glass even if she was only half-finished. She didn't seem to mind or care much though.

"Chile, it's a good thing we took tomorrow off, or I'd be a complete mess at the job!" Sylvia laughed.

"Girl!" Dean chimed in, "they know better than to expect Miss Nadean down there tomorrow. This is the first time I've ever taken time off for my birthday and I do means to enjoy myself!"

Since the summer break had already started for me, I was looking forward to some fun as well!

After a few minutes Dean said she wanted to go change into her loungin clothes (house-coat and slippers) and me and Sylvia decided to do the same. The two of them went up to Dean's room and I went to mine and slipped into a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I met Dean back in the living room and we smiled at each other. She wore a pink silk teddy that matched the bunny-slippers. I could tell she was excited because her nipples were already rock hard!

"What you think, baby?" she whispered to me while looking back up the stairs to see if Sylvia was coming. "I think she likes you."

"That's cool," I said. "But does she like YOU? This is supposed to be YOUR birthday gift."

"Oh, I know she got a thing for me alright," she assured me. "I saw how her jaw dropped when I was changin in front of her upstairs."

We hi-fived and snuck in a quick "kiss-n-grope" before we heard Sylvia coming down the stairs. She wore a white cotton robe, plaid boxer shorts and a green athletic jersey and no shoes or socks. She had a nice pair of legs; long, brown and smooth. The jersey had the numbers "00" in white and her huge tits made them stand out even more.

We all settled in on the couch again. Sylvia curled up on one end, drinkin more wine; Dean in the middle, gigglin' and makin sure that Sylvia DRANK more wine; and me on the end channel surfin and waitin for my cue to get things going!

I finally came to the music video channel and we watched a few hip-hop and reggae dance hits, all featuring half-dressed hoochie mamas, shakin and grindin like crazy.

"I don't know if I could ever dance like that," Sylvia slurred. The wine was doin its thing.

"Girl, them young things ain't doin nothin new!" Dean told her. "I was doin a lot more dammage than that back in my day."

"Yeah," I said, "Dean was a hoochie-mama from way back when!" We all laughed and Dean playfully punched me in the shoulder.

"C'mon, girl!" Dean said bouncing up from the couch, "lemme show y'all what I can do!"

I helped her push the coffee table up against the entertainment unit, which gave her nice size "dance-floor" in front of the couch. Sylvia placed her drink on the side table and laughed in disbelief at her co-worker.

Dean started off imitating some of the moves she saw on the screen. She wasn't too bad either; she definitely had the booty-shakin part down. Her tits bounced and swayed so hard that I thought one of them might knock her out! And every now and then the back of her teddy would rise up and give us a quick peek at her ass. Sylvia was transfixed by Dean's dancin; I could see her left nipple poking through the center of one of the zeros. And my jimmy was more than just a little interested in what was going on. I had to shift and adjust myself a few times while I sat there; Sylvia caught a few glimpses out of the corner of her eye.

"C'mon, girl!" Dean commanded, grabbing Sylvia up from the couch. Sylvia tried to pull away but Dean had her around the waist and wasn't takin no for an answer. Sylvia, unfortunately, was one of those sistas born with very little rhythm; the girl couldn't dance to save her life!

But Dean and enough alcohol encouraged her to at least try. After a while she was able to get the shake and grind part down.

"How you expect to do anything with all this stuff on?" Dean said pulling at her robe. Sylvia protested at first, but Dean was able to get it off of her and toss it over to the nearest corner.

"C'mon, Leon!" Dean directed at me. "Get yourself on up here an' start shakin that stuff too!"

I didn't need much encouragement; I turned up the volume on the TV and joined the party. With me on one side and Dean on the other, we made a Sylvia-sandwich; bumping and grinding and gyrating all around her.

She looked like a dear caught in headlights at first, but eventually she got into it as best she could. She raised her arms and shook her hips along with us; her large, bra-less tits bounced and swayed just as much as Dean's did. I was rock hard as I pressed my 9-inch bone against Sylvia's little ass. Dean pressed into her from the front, placing her hands on Sylvia's hips to help her with her missing rhythm.

After the third video, we were all sweaty and worked up. Sylvia and Dean's nipples were at full salute and my dick was about to bust through my shorts. Sylvia had taken off the coke-bottles and tossed them onto the coffe table; her eyes were closed and she was totally taken away by the music, the alcohol and the heat building up between the three of us. Dean was literally lickin her lips, thinking about what she wanted to do to this lady. I just knew that if somethin' didn't happen soon I was gonna bust a nut right then and there!

"Woo, lord chile," Dean panted. "Let's sit down for a quick minute y'all." She led Sylvia over to the couch and they both plopped down. Sylvia was in a daze; like she wasn't sure where she was. Dean pulled me over and whispered in my ear to grab a scarf from her room. She kissed me and gave me a quick slap on the ass before I went upstairs.

When I got back, Dean and Sylvia were going at it. They were locked in a hot, wet tongue battle; Sylvia's hands' were all over Dean's tits and Dean's right hand was buried inside Sylvia's boxers.

I was in heaven!

I was only 18 and there were two hot, loose and horny older sistas on the couch, gropin and kissin each other right there in front on me! And at some point that night I was gonna fuck the hell outta both of them.

Dean glanced up briefly and noticed me. She smiled and motioned me over to the couch to take her place. I gave her the scarf and sat down. Sylvia didn't mind or care at all. Her tounge felt like something alive had crawled into my mouth. With one hand she had my shorts around my ankles and my dick in her other hand. I thought she was gonna rip it off by the way she jerked it so hard! This lady hadn't been with another man (or woman) in a long time and she was ready to make up for lost time.

Dean was over on the easy chair watchin an playin with herself. Once she was ready she rejoined us on the couch. Again we made another Sylvia-sandwich; Dean pulling off her boxers while I pulled off the jersey. We both paused when we saw how big and beautiful her tits were. The aerola were jet-black and musta been about six inches across and her nipples stood at least an inch high!

Dean and I smiled at each other as we both took one breast each and sucked those giant nipples. Sylvia kept a firm grip on my jimmy and stroked it slowly. Dean inserted two fingers in Sylvia's wet pussy and slowly finger fucked her. Less than a minute later, Sylvia had her first screaming, toe-curling orgasm!

"Ooohh! Oooohnn! Ooh, shit! I'm gon' cum, y'all!" she moaned. "I'm cummin'…! Ooohhnn!!"

Sylvia's hips started to buck and grind wildy against Dean's fingers. Her head thrown back, tears flowing, mouth and thighs quivering, she came; hard and long! She must have cum for almost two minutes, and when she was done there was a large wet spot on the couch between her legs. She fell back on the couch, like she had just run a marathon.

But me and Dean weren't done yet.

We decided to give Sylvia a little rest so we took care of each other. Dean came over to where I was sittin and gave me a blowjob. My godmother had definitely gotten a lot better since that first time; she knew everything to do to make me last or bust a nut whenever she wanted. She sucked on my jimmy real slow and soft at first, playing with me. And just when I was relaxed and kinda mellowed out, she slammed all nine inches down her throat and sucked as fast and hard as she could. She kept doin that for about 5 or 6 minutes; she was drivin me crazy!

And just when I was about to bust that first nut, I felt some lips and a tongue on my nipple, sucking hard: Sylvia had recovered enough to get back in the game. But I was gonna have to drop out for a minute cause I busted my first nut right down Dean's throat. She didn't spill a single drop.

I went to clean up and the ladies picked up where they left off from before. When I came back into the room Dean was puttin Sylvia right where she wanted her. Sylvia just went along with whatever Dean told her to do.

First, Dean tied her hands behind her with the silk scarf. Then she led Sylvia to the end of the couch and had her bend over the edge. Sylvia's l'il ass was wide open for Dean to do whatever she wanted.

And she did!

Dean had four fingers from her left hand inside Sylvia's pussy. She stuck her tongue in her ass while she played with her own pussy. Dean looked up and motioned for me to join in.

I went to Sylvia's head and gently lifted her face to my dick. She looked up at me through the sweat in her eyes and smiled as she sucked it into her mouth. I held her head and stroked her hair as she deep-throated me.

Nadean got herself so worked up that she came before Sylvia did. She fell face-first back onto the couch and grinded her hips into the cushions. I love watchin her buck aroun' wildly like this when she climaxes!

Sylvia devoted her full attention to getting me off. That lady sucked my dick like nobody's business! Before I knew what was goin on, I was bustin my wad all down her throat an on her face.

I had to sit down after that one. I flopped into the chair to catch my breath. But Sylvia wasn't done yet. The lady was horny and hungry, an nothin' was gonna stop her!

She was able to free her wrists from the scarf and turned to Dean since she was closest. She buried her face in between Dean's thighs. Dean tried to keep up as best she could and completely surrendered herself to Sylvia.

"Aww…..suck my cunt baby!" Dean screamed, "suck it good…!"

Dean was tremblin and almost clawin her way through the couch. Sylvia kept on top of her and followed wherever she went. Beads of sweat trickled down between Dean's tits and her toes curled as she dug her nails into the cushions.

It didn’t take long for my dick to come back to life. I was a li'l sore, but there was no way I was gonna miss out on this action. I stroke myself a couple times before I snuck up on Sylvia an entered her from behind.

"Oh!" she squealed as she turned to smile at me, "I wondered when you were gonna come back into the game…"

I was back in the game alright! I pounded her pussy with a hard and steady rhythm while she kept eatin' Dean's snatch. All the moans and smacks and slurps literally drowned out the music still coming from the television.

Dean was the first to cum again.

"Oooooh….oh shit!" she groaned through clenched teeth. She grabbed Sylvia by the back of her head and almost smothered her as she soaked her face with cream.

With Dean down for the count, me an Sylvia went at each other like crazy. We made our way back to the chair, where she mounted and rode me like a thoroughbred. I sucked at those big-ass titties while she bounced up an down on my cock.

Sylvia was the next one to cum again. Her voice got so high-pitched I thought she might break all the glass in the house!

"Yes, baby…..I'm cummin baby…..oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes baby yes!!!"

I felt her juice run down my dick an' onto my balls. I started to slow down but she wouldn't have it.

"What about you, baby?" she said with a sly grin. I was amazed at the woman's stamina; I wasn't sure if I could keep up.

We switched places and she spread her legs wide over the arms of the chair. She pulled me down an kissed me hard as I sunk myself deep into her. Sylvia's tongue was drivin me crazy. Then she found my weakness when she stuck her tongue in my ear. Finally it was my turn to cum again.

"Ooooh, fuck!" I moaned as I filled her with all the jism I could produce. The room got very bright and colorful this time, and it felt like I might pass out. We layed like that for a while until my cum started drippin out of her pussy.

Eventually, we all made it up to Dean's room an fell asleep in bed together. We got up an showered together the next afternoon.

Dean an me are still goin at it strong, an now we've added Sylvia into the mix. Sometimes she calls me over an I spend the night at her place. And one night we all got to know her white roommate…

…but I'll tell y'all about that next time.



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