tagErotic CouplingsGoing Back To My Youth...

Going Back To My Youth...


The young woman stepped slowly into the doorway of the jet liner as she boarded the plane. She moved down the aisle sideways to get past a few of the other passengers as she made her way to her seat half way back in the aircraft. Karen was 35 years old and she was her mother's last child of four, and she had come along as a late life surprise for her parents. Her father had long since passed away, and her mother had survived him by a good 20 years already.

The plane lifted off into the cloudy sky and her journey back home had begun... she didn't want to make the trip, but it had come suddenly. Her mom had taken ill and she wanted to be with her to help her. Take care of her.

Karen settled down into her seat and surveyed the other passengers in her immediate vicinity. A few business men travelling with her already had their laptops out and were pounding the keyboards. A younger woman had her child sleeping in her arms, a blanket covering the fact that she was breast feeding, although the child had stopped sucking and was merely lying on his mother's breast.

A young couple were deeply involved and gazing intently into each other's eyes, blissfully unaware of anyone around them... or the effect they were having on one or two of the other passengers. Karen watched them and felt a slight tingle in her tummy and her position changed in her chair as a result, she shifted to get a little more comfortable.

The flight was more or less uneventful otherwise and soon they were landing in Durban. The heat enveloped them all as soon as the doors to the plane were opened, and Karen felt a trickle of moisture run down between her boobs and she wished she had not worn that sports bra. It was so hot and clingy that now all she wanted was to get it off.

As she walked to the arrivals gates she kept looking to see who her mother had sent to collect her. When she had spoken to her mom last night she had said she was sending her someone special and it was a surprise. The doors got closer and then they opened as the faster passengers got to them, and she had more faces to scan.

Suddenly, her legs had a momentary lurch as she saw a face in the crowd. Gary was there. And he was holding a sign up with her name on it. He had an immense smile on his gorgeous rugged face and it was all she could do to withhold herself from flinging herself into his arms. As far back as she could remember she had wished that he would be a man and ask her out! And now he was here fetching her at the airport and he was alone.

She quickened her stride and tried not to look too eager in so doing. Her last few steps took her through the doors and into his warm huge hug of an embrace. She inhaled deeply, remembering the smells form so long ago, when she had been sitting next to him watching videos at her parents' home, too scared to even move. 'Good God was I a teenager with so many hang-ups?' she thought.

Now she hung onto him just that little bit longer, pressing herself into his chest and breathing in his aroma. She was in heaven again.

"Hi, Karen," his deep voice growled into her ear. "I was so glad when your mom told me that you were coming home for a visit and then when she asked me to fetch you, I simply had to say yes! How are you?"

"Hi there, Gary." She stumbled a little over the words, "such a pleasure to see you." She held onto him a little longer then stepped back but not far away, so that he could reach out and take her around her waist and walk with her after had taken her bag and was dragging it on its wheels.

The two of them exited the building and walked to the parking where Gary quickly paid the toll, located his car and stored her bag in the boot. Soon they were on the highway heading to her mom's house.

The house was a pleasant little cottage set in the thick lush bush and tropical forest of the coastal region, some sort of mangrove looking trees hung their fronds down over the road, on the approach to it, and around it were also a few of the tropical palm trees, tall and loaded with its fruit balls that the monkeys loved.

The music on the car stereo, playing on one of the local radio stations, and was a hint of the memories of when she had last lived in the area. Since moving to Cape Town she had lost touch a little with her high powered job taking her away from all that had made up her youth. She loved her job, but there were times that she missed it.

Gary helped her out of the car after they stopped at the garage door of the cottage where she had grown up. She sat in the car a moment letting the memories flood back over her. Her dad, and their car, her bike in the garage, the doll's house her dad had built for her, the tree house he had made in the big indigenous tree in the back yard. All young and innocent.

Then the times when she had sneaked out of the bedroom to meet any number of different boys she had met at the local pubs and clubs of her day. Young and silly, she mused. Still, it was all a part of her growing up. And it had led her to her present job, and position of some influence in the advertising industry.

But right now she was home and she had her mom to herself for a few days. And then there was the matter of Gary. Her mother always knew she had had a soft spot for him. They had discussed it often, as they had always had a very open and frank relationship. She was able to talk to her mother about all manner of things, condoms, the pill, masturbation, sex in general in fact. Always she had had an intense fascination with boys from a very early age, and her mother had been quick to notice it and focus it in the right way.

She had bought her all manner of books to help her get a grip on her own sexuality, and she had even gone so far as to buy her first vibrator for her. That one was no longer functional and had long since been replaced with a few others with varying degree of pleasure.

Gary helped her to the door to the cottage, and as they approached the door burst open and Beatrice, or Bea as she liked her friends to call her, her older looking mother, grey and wrinkled now, much more so than she remembered, bustled out and embraced her in another huge hug of welcome.

"Hello!" her mum said, warmly, as she embraced her daughter. A tear formed in her eye and she brushed it ashamedly away. "It is SO good to see you!"

"Hello, mum, I'm so happy to be home again."

"How was your flight?"

"Uneventful, thanks, just seemed to go on a bit, when all I wanted was to get here to see you."

The two women, and Gary moved into the cottage and Gary put the bags down in the small entry way. He walked up behind Karen and encircled her with his long arms, and hugged her once more, pulling her into his embrace and she enjoyed the warmth. He leaned down a little and nuzzled her neck.

Karen was a little taken aback, not expecting the intimacy of the embrace, but warmed by it none the less.

"Hmmm... that is so nice, Gary. Unexpected, and you are being a little forward, but nice." Karen leaned back into his chest. Gary could feel she was relaxing with it and stepped closer. "Oh my," she whispered to him, "what is this!..." she reached behind her back between them and rubbed the mound that had grown ever so slightly larger since the embrace became that little bit more warm and intense.

"That, my babe, is the happiness in my heart at seeing you again."

"That is nowhere NEAR your heart, young man." Karen responded playfully.

"I won't tell anyone if you won't."

"Don't let my mom see that thing...!"

"I promise. She'll chase me out of here if she knew. And I've only just got you 'back' again."

"Can't have that happen so soon after we have been reconnected, now can we?"

Karen swivelled around in Gary's hold, wrapping her arms around his neck as she did. Her mouth reached for his and for the first time since her arrival she kissed him really deeply and their tongues played a little game with each other. She breathed in taking as much of the aroma of his face as she could into her senses.

"Hey, you two, enough of that for now..." Her mother said as she came back into the kitchen. "Save something for later."

Gary immediately blushed a deep red. Karen giggled as she broke the kiss, and planted a last quick, wet smooch on Gary's nose and then on his lips again.

"Mom, you are such a killjoy..." Karen joked.

"I know my daughter!" was the reply.

"Welcome home my darling." Mom said again, "I've been up since very early this morning getting things ready for your arrival, and I'm exhausted, I think I'm going to have a little nap. You kids spend some time over a cup of tea getting reacquainted."

Bea got her cup of tea and her knitting bag together and headed out of the kitchen towards her bedroom. A smile playing over her lips, remembering her own days and her time of loving.

Gary and Karen hadn't really disengaged during all this, and so Karen leaned back in and kissed Gary softly, then whispered,

"I thought that your heart was a little misplaced earlier, do you need me to do some first aid and find out what the problem was for you?"

"I think that a little attention to the matter at hand would really go a long way in solving the stumbling block... and then we can make plans for the rest of your time here. Or what say you?"

Karen needed no further encouragement. She slid her hand down between them and found the growing mound had now become more of a mountain than she could remember seeing hiding in the board shorts she remembered Gary wearing all those years ago. "What have we here?" she asked.

You're the one with the explorer tag today, why don't you find out?"

Karen slipped down onto her knees and eyed the bulge in Gary's trousers from close up for the first time. Her hand went to the buckle on the belt and worked it loose, then pulled it free from the loops of his pants. The button next received attention as she swiftly made short work of that, and then the zipper slid down as she eased the top of the trousers open, and let them begin to fall from around his hips.

His shorts had a large mound that quivered and she ran her palm up the length of it getting a feel of the warmth of the shaft, and beginning to get an idea of the magnitude of the predicament she now found herself in.

"My goodness, this is a rather pleasant surprise." She said sweetly.

"Stop teasing me and do something." Gary begged.

She freed the beautiful cock that had hidden from her gaze for long enough and it bounced stiffly in front of her. She circled her hands around the hot shaft and kissed the tip gently. This is so gorgeous I could eat it, she thought.

She stood up and in doing so, she lifted her blouse off over her head quickly, and then just as quickly she lifted the sports bra that she had wanted to take off earlier, over her head as well. She stood in front of Gary topless with her large lovely boobs free for the first time since her shower this morning. Gary stared at them in amazement.

"I knew they were big, Karen, but I never knew how beautiful they were. This is incredible."

"Don't have a fucking conversation with them, kiss and suck them, damn you!" Karen insisted.

Gary immediately enveloped them in his hands and lips, kissing and sucking the nipples into this mouth and teasing them with his tongue till both were hard and stood out like pencil rubbers. While he did that, Karen once more took his hard cock in her hands and began to stroke it gently, rubbing the length with her hands and warming the shaft, as if it wasn't hot enough already. Gary's hands found and freed his shirt buttons and soon he was naked, pressing his hairy chest against Karen's tits and stimulating the nipples even more. He reached behind her and freed the hook and zipper of her skirt and that too joined the clothing pile on the kitchen floor.

Gary lifted Karen up turned around and put her down on the sturdy old kitchen table, her legs now wrapping around his waist pulling him to her. He reached one hand down, felt her pussy and found it extremely wet and very ready to receive him. He teased and played with her pussy making the whole thing very moist and wet, and then his thumb found her clit standing up at the front of her mons and began to play and cajole it so that it stood up even more.

His hand found his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, feeling the moisture they now both shared and then he found the one place he'd longed to be and slowly he thrust himself inside her pussy. Working slowly so as not to hurt her, he worked it in, backwards and forwards, little by little, then began to pump back and forth more vigorously, as she now began to moan and writhe as he did so.

"Oh yes, God, Gary, that is so good, what took us so long, Oh my god, that is good."

Karen reached up and pulled Gary down to her and kissed him, their tongues making a smacking sound as they sucked and kissed each other. She pulled on his lower lip with her lips and tongue, licking the moisture they created off his lip. Her hands hugged his shoulders as they pounded away at each other, the table moving gently under their bodies, the legs shifting and jerking with their movement.

Gary could feel his balls begin to throb and he could feel the moment build inside him and he began to pound faster and as he did so he noticed that Karen was moaning more, and rubbing her clit on the base of his shaft each time he was fully inside her, and she too was making more noise and moaning more each time his cock sank into her deeply.

They both got more and more frantic in their movements and suddenly they were rushing over the edge and thrusting and bouncing on the table and Karen was biting her lip to keep from screaming out how happy she was, Gary was also grunting rather than bellowing his feelings out.

He kissed Karen's ear lobe and sucked it tenderly, nibbling gently on her neck as they came together, and slowly came down off the high, holding each other close together.

"I could feel that you wanted this at the airport." Karen said, seductively. "That monster has a wonderful way of making his presence known..."

"Good, and just exactly how long are you staying with your mom whilst you are here?" Gary asked.

"I somehow think I am going to be extending my stay but it is planned for only a week."

"I have a travel agent for a friend and I am sure we can ask her to make some changes to the return flight for you." Gary suggested.

"Hmmm... that sounds like so tempting... Oh I wish I could do that, but I have to get back to finish a campaign."

"Can't you work on it remotely, online from here?"

"Let me find out. I will have to check with the client." Karen said, already half convinced that she could. "but who says that this is going to be a regular thing...?"

"If you think that I am going to let you get away AGAIN, then you have got another thing coming." Gary said very deliberately. "I think we'd better get dressed or your mom is going to have a very interesting time preparing supper."

They got up, washed and kissed each other clean, and dressed again, and were sitting drinking a warm cup of tea when Bea re-emerged from her room to make supper. She noticed that the table was not quite where she normally kept it, and the smile on her daughters face told her a story as well.

Bea smiled. 'I knew Gary would be a pleasant welcome home present.' She thought.

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