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Going Green


"It's the most fascinating find from my trip to date," Mary proclaimed proudly. "I suspect the bud will open in the next couple of days, and I want to be here when it blooms." The board of directors of the arboretum gave their approval without hesitation, giving her permission to extend her stay in the Amazon. Mary was thrilled and promised a full report, showing them photos of her amazing new find. She couldn't wait to return to the site.

Mary's second visit was uneventful, but the next day she did notice that the bud had lost all traces of green color and seemed less pointy at the tip. She carefully measured the bud, which was indeed slightly fatter than it was on the previous day, and she continued writing her report into the afternoon. After dinner she returned and settled down in front of the strange plant and continued to take notes.

The huge flower opened at last, the large white petals unfurling to reveal the sexual organs of the plant. It began to release a sweet, yet musky fragrance, and this was what attracted her attention at last. She looked up, nearly dropping her notebook when she saw the size and beauty of the plant's display.

"It's a rapid-bloomer, just as I thought!" she exclaimed to no one in particular.

The botanist strode quickly over to her discovery, fumbling with her notes. She noted the size of the open flower, measured its four silky petals, noted the absence of any stamens, and examined the pistol, the flowers most interesting and unusual structure.

It was the shape of the handle end of a baseball bat, but with a few differences. The flat knob at the tip was ruffled and fluted, appearing delicate, but the structure was actually quite firm to the touch. Another interesting feature, she noted, was the series of raised ribs encircling the shaft. She got out her measuring tape.

"Pistol 7-1/8" in length, superior position. Ruffled, head-like stigma, 1-1/2" in width." she scribbled eagerly. "Style and ovary ribbed, style 3/4" in width at narrowest point, ovary 2-1/8" at base. Entire flower is highly fragrant."

Turning her attention now to the intoxicating scent, she bent down and breathed deeply. The effect was immediate; she became slightly dizzy, and felt a tingling throughout her body, something she suddenly realized she had missed in the last couple of months. She immediately got down onto her knees, ignoring the twigs that poked her from out of the soft, moist earth, and inhaled the wonderful perfume again. The effect was stronger this time, and the tingle began creeping towards real stimulation.

"Fragrance of flower seems unusual and should..." she began to write, breathing deeply of the heavy scent. The scent's effect was cumulative, and the shy tingle had now turned into an insistent pulsation, accompanied by moisture and desire.

Mary set her notes down hastily and breathed in again, closing her eyes. She only half heard a rustling sound around her as she continued to inhale the aroma of the unique plant, becoming more and more stimulated with each breath. Her hand moved underneath her skirt and past her underwear, which were now quite wet. As if in a dream, she took her soaked panties off with one hand as she sought out her pussy with the other, and her head lolled from side to side as her eyes closed. Off in the distance, Mary thought she could hear the faint moaning of a woman, but she remained completely entranced by the mysterious plant.

The potent aphrodisiac of the flower had her fully aroused, and she began to delicately lick the sweet beads of sticky nectar from the sides of the pistol's ribbed shaft. Vines began to rustle and move around her, but she merely found stimulation in the leafy caresses of the strange plant.

The vines moved around Mary's legs, gently yet strongly encircling her firm tanned thighs and arms as she groaned softly with pleasure. She surrendered to it, throwing her arms back to let the plant do with her as it would. The pale, ghostly white flower began to move as well. It moved steadily towards Mary's dripping cunt, and then slowly, gently, touched the ruffled head of its sex to her now swollen pussy lips.

Mary gasped with pleasure, as the flower pressed against her insistently. She reached down with both hands and spread herself apart eagerly to accept it. The rough head of the flowers organ slipped past her lips and entered her wet pussy, its irregular texture stimulating her to incredible heights. She groaned and writhed impaled, and the more her cunt twitched, the more stimulated she became by the plants organ.

It slipped deeper, and just as the ruffled head passed by her sensitive cervix, her pussy lips began to encounter the ribbed shaft. Ring after ring popped inside deliciously as the head pushed ever deeper. She felt herself being stretched wide open as the progressively thicker shaft forced her farther open, her pleasure intensifying when the rough head reached her deepest regions. Still it pushed deeper, stretching and straining at the very back of her canal, the last few ribs popping their way suddenly past her entrance.

Finally the cool, silky petals caressed her thighs, clit, and ass, and she exploded into orgasm as she foggily realized the entire thing was deep inside her. She bucked and thrashed, screaming in pleasure, as the flower's organ twisted inside her, stimulating her beyond anything she had known before.

Her orgasm began to wane, but the flower added slow thrusts in and out to the twisting motion, causing the ribbed shaft to work her lips and clit. She approached orgasm a second time, and felt a change in the plants pistol inside her. It began to enlarge slightly, and then gave a great spasm as the thinnest part of the shaft suddenly swelled deep inside her as she climaxed yet again. She felt a cool, wet pressure against the back of her already stretched tunnel.

She shuddered as the shaft, which had returned to its original dimensions, slid out of her engorged and pulsating cunt. The vines loosened their hold on her arms and legs and returned to their former positions, eventually releasing them altogether. As she glanced into the forest, she thought she saw a beautiful nude woman in the distance, but when she looked back, the woman was gone.

She lay on the ground for hours. As the aphrodisiac began to wear off, she sat up and looked at herself. Thick, sticky liquid seeped out from her pussy, so she took some on her finger and examined it carefully.

She noted the texture, which was the consistency of honey, and even tasted it. It was sweet, just as she had expected. The color was yellowish, and upon closer examination, she determined that it was from the tiny yellow specks that were suspended in the thick, clear liquid. Taking out a large plastic collection bag from her field kit, she stood up and let as much of the liquid as she could run from her vagina into the collecting bag. She then collected her notes, discarding her soaked panties and headed back to her cabin.

Under the microscope on her dining room table, Mary confirmed her suspicions that the yellow specks were pollen grains.

"So it only appears to be a female flower, with no visible stamens, but it's really the male flower. The pollen must be stored inside what looks like the ovary. How odd."

She got a sudden chill as another thought occurred to her.

"If that's the case, then how does the plant reproduce? What do the female flowers look like?"

In the subsequent weeks that Mary studied the plant and its blooms, the only type of flower she saw develop were like the one that she had...encountered. Perhaps it was a male plant and needed a whole separate female plant to propagate, like many fruit trees, she speculated.

It took Mary two months to notice that her period had stopped. Of course, she didn't know about the tiny green bulb that was growing inside her at the time, the union of her egg and the plant's pollen, but she had her suspicions. By the middle of December, three months after her experience with the flower, she began to notice that her pants were getting harder to fasten as an increasingly pronounced bulge formed in her belly. As her belly continued to grow, Mary knew there was only one, seemingly impossible explanation for what was happening to her.

Upon reflection, she also wryly concluded that there was probably no need for female flowers at all, and wondered how many Amazonian girls had found themselves in the same situation. She wondered what would happen to her in the months to come, her scientific mind still reeling at the thought of being pregnant with a plant. A small part of her was secretly excited, and she reveled carrying out this unusual pregnancy to the end, whatever it was.

By the end of January, Mary looked seven months pregnant. She had abandoned her explorations of the rainforest, spending most of her time near the cabin, completely focused on her pregnancy. As her belly grew, so did her breasts, becoming engorged with a liquid that seemed far more like nectar than milk. Mary couldn't resist tasting some from time to time, savoring its sweetness.

By far the strangest factor of Mary's pregnancy, other than the manner in which it occurred, was when her skin began to change color. Her fair, smooth skin took on a faint, green tint as chlorophyll flowed through her veins. She embraced it with scientific intrigue and continued to take notes over the next few weeks. By the sixth month, she looked about ten months pregnant with twins, her breasts at least two cup sizes larger and fully engorged with nectar, and her skin, nails, eyes, and even hair were tinted green.

On the first day of March, Mary felt a strange twinge in her womb. Knowing somehow that the time had finally come, she waddled her way into the jungle, looking for the perfect spot to bring her remarkable experience to a close.

Sinking to the ground, she closed her eyes and panted as sensations inside her womb increased. Mary shuddered with another wave of pleasure rocked her body, mixed with the strong desire to push. She felt no pain as she gently, but firmly bore down with her pelvic muscles, feeling something slowly emerging from between her pussy lips. Mary opened her eyes and saw a, pale green shoot emerging from between her legs, its large leaves slowly unfurling as it moved to collect the sunshine.

Transfixed, Mary simply sat on the ground and watched what was happening to her, her analytical mind absorbing every detail. She continued to obey the urge to push, enjoying the surge of pleasure that accompanied it. The shoot grew larger as it continued to slowly push its way out, and she could feel the moving stalk begin to stretch her slit open as two more large leaves unfurled themselves toward the sun.

The stalk continued to issue from Mary's cunt, spreading across the soft earth. She kept her legs spread apart, looking down at the green, heart-shaped leaves that quivered as she continued to push. Mary tentatively touched the substantial leaves, and they were velvety on the underside with thick veins. Exploring further, she used her fingers to follow the stem downward, feeling the smooth surface and the union where the leaves emerged from it.

She continued, feeling her way down the shaft. She eventually found the point at which the vine emerged from her vagina, and shuddered again with the feeling of it, her inner muscles twitching against the thick stalk. She grew restless, the slow movement and increasing pressure causing her pussy juices to begin flowing and her inner thighs to tingle. Then, catching her by surprise, a wave of pleasure so intense it almost knocked her over. Still, the plant continued to grow.

From within, Mary could feel that the true bulk of the plant remained firmly anchored in her uterus. In her vagina, the stalk kept enlarging, pushing the stretchy walls ever outward behind the ring of muscle at the entrance. Her slit continued to open, growing wider still as the stalk of the plant enlarged and grew thicker. She sat in the sun, encouraging it, fondling the large, heavy leaves, loving what was happening.

She felt a new pressure now, and grunted a bit as a second shoot issued from her pussy lips, two more leaves slowly unfurling to catch the sunlight. The first stalk was just putting up two more large leaves, and she continued to push as she rode another intense orgasm. The sun was glowing strongly, bathing her body and the plant with warmth.

A third shoot pushed it way out of her already stretched cunt, and the sensation made her begin to masturbate once again. Pushing the leaves out of the way, Mary rhythmically fingered her clit, the enlarging green bush shaking back and forth with her movements. She looked down at her belly, which was still heavily distended, and at her cunt, the triple pale green rods sticking out of her slit, forcing the reddened lips wide apart.

Two more leaves unfurled near her face as she came, her entire body writhing with the force of it. Her straining cunt muscles attempted to tighten around the huge shape stuffed inside her. She squeezed her legs together and felt the cool stalks of the plant against her soft thighs.

Mary looked down at her body and saw that her belly was still huge, as if she were seven months pregnant. Feeling the urge to push again, she bore down as another wave of pleasure hit her again. Looking down, she smiled broadly as another shoot found its way out of her stretching pussy lips.

This new shoot was white and started burrowing downward, right into the soft earth. Mary didn't realize what had happened, however, until she tried to shift her position in order to take advantage of the moving shaft of sunlight. She was stuck firmly to the ground, the root having penetrated the deep into the earth. She pulled as best she could, but it was no use. The pulling, however, brought back more feelings of pleasure and desire, her hand working her clitoris up to another rampaging orgasm, her pussy muscles clamping down on the four thick vines, her thighs lovingly caressing the leaves of the strange plant growing from within her.

Two more roots emerged and pierced the earth below her as more leaves sprouted from the spreading vines. Mary had never heard of a plant growing this quickly, but of course she had never heard of a plant growing inside a person before either. She found her way through the leaves to her clitoris again, and fingered her way to another amazing orgasm.

Mary was growing thirsty, the hot sun continuing to shine on her transformed body, the plant drawing moisture from her flesh. Suddenly she felt cool liquid inside her abdomen, somehow knowing that the roots had made it deep enough to begin drawing water from the earth. She felt renewed and nourished as the plant drank, and felt peaceful as the rustling leaves spread further out, having lost all sense of time. At first she wondered why she didn't grow hungry, but then she understood that the sunlight was feeding her now, too. Satisfied, she fell into a dreamless sleep.

Awakening several hours later, Mary that the plant's growth had started to slow. She no longer felt the insistent urge to push, though her belly still remained swollen, as though she were about five months pregnant. She still felt a vague sense of perpetual arousal, as though she were just on the edge of cumming. Glancing down between her legs, she noticed that the various vines and roots and merged together into a single, thick stalk, her cunt stretched to the fullest to accommodate it.

The stalk was strong, but flexible, and Mary realized that it was long enough to give her some freedom of movement. She stood up, dragging the long thick vine between her legs as she walked around and took stock of her surroundings. As she tested the limits of her new tether, she noticed several very familiar flowers. Without thinking about it, she squeezed her own cunt muscles tight. The flowers slowly bloomed, their pale petals glinting in the sunlight. As she relaxed, the flowers began to close.

Wondering at this, she squeezed again. The flowers opened once again. She could feel the cool water slowly moving through her body, the water being taken from the ground and upward to the leaves. She realized that she thought of them as her leaves now. As drops of sweet nectar leaked from her swollen breasts, Mary smiled at sheer wonder of her transformation. She glanced lovingly at her flowers, understanding at last the new life she had been given.

Several months later, Naomi, a member of Mary's research team was surveying the abandoned research site. Armed with week's worth of Mary's notes, Naomi marched off the beaten path, determined to learn the fate of her missing coworker. As she wandered deeper into the forest, she noticed a series of strange, heart-shaped leaves. Remembering them from the notes, she followed the vines deeper into the forest.

She caught wind of a sweet, musky fragrance. Following both the intoxicating scent and the series of vines, Naomi caught sight of a beautiful pale flower. Just past it was a nude, pregnant, green Mary plant, resting peacefully on a bed of large heart-shaped leaves. Naomi froze in shock, glancing back and forth at her friend's radically changed appearance and the large stalk issuing from her cunt. As Naomi stepped closer, trying to get a better look, Mary's eyes opened. Gazing into Naomi's astonished face, Mary smiled warmly, saying, "Hi."

Naomi finally snapped to. "That is the understatement of the century," she replied with amazement.

Mary giggled. "So," she asked coyly. "What do you think of my research?"

"I think you took the whole green thumb thing to a whole new level," Naomi quipped.

"Care to learn about my discovery first hand?" Mary asked coyly, contracting her cunt muscles and releasing more pheromones into the air.

"Why not?" Naomi panted in reply, walking towards her old friend as juices flowed freely from her pussy. Mary smiled, and a great pale flower opened its petals wide. And as the two women kissed passionately, Mary's flower pushing deeper and deeper into Naomi as it filled her with womb sweet sticky pollen, both of them couldn't help but marvel at the thought of the new life Naomi would soon carry inside her back to the States.

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