tagErotic CouplingsGolden Touch

Golden Touch

byAvalanche Man©

In the dim light of the night club, through the smoke and haze, people and things became just blurs of colors and shapes. Only when you were up close and almost squinted could you make out the details and facial features of the various people around you. The flashing strobe light overhead didn't help a lot, but it matched the pulsing beat of the music.

A jumping, very upbeat and trendy club at its' best, and a faint glimmer of a guy near you caught your attention.

Definitely cute and a sharp dresser from what you could see, but the brief eye contact wasn't enough for you to tell if your suspecions were real or not. Having planned, in case an opportunity came up (what a pun, you thought), you had dressed carefully for the evening. A loose, glittering gold camisole top and short silky black skirt with white thigh high hose and black garter belt should be enough to catch the right one. After some argument with yourself, you have decided to be brave and skipped wearing a bra or panties of any kind.

Dancing with different guys that had asked nicely, the metallic fabric in the camisole rubbing on your nipples had them sticking out full force. You would have been embarrassed, but the low light of the club only let them show to those standing right next to you. The silky feel of the skirt against your bare butt and pussy definitely had your motor running and wanting to go for passing (well, fucking) gear. You were HOT, knew you looked hot, and really, really wanted to get hotter.

Finally, unable to restrain your wondering mind any longer, you had pushed your way through the crowd to get next to the cute guy that possibly had something you just had to see. Several hands had groped your butt, pussy, and even pulled your nipples as you had forced your way through. Panting, you stood beside the guy that had your eye most of the night. He was totally absorbed in watching the dancing mass that was rubbing, dipping, and weaving all over each other on the dance floor.

Bumping into him several times, and a few "AH, HUMS" had at last gotten his attention, and he smiled as he turned and looked you over. About 6' compared to your 5'5' had him starring down on you, and his eyes roved all over your nipples almost sticking out of the top. A wet feeling between your legs and you knew that you would do whatever he asked.

As he leaned his head next to you and almost shouted his answers to your questions, the smell of his cologne made you want to strip off and jump his bones right there and then. Eventually, you had managed to regain enough sense to check what had bothered you all night. And , sure enough, even the dim hazy light, you could tell that his finger tips were golden......Well, a gold color. Not just one or two, but all of his fingertips were a bright gold color.

Several more drinks and dances together, there was no doubt that the two of you meshed beautifully. Since, he didn't seem inclined, you stepped up and rubbing your breasts and pussy against him, had asked him back to your apartment for a nightcap. YEAH, right, a full and complete nightcap, and maybe breakfast tomorrow, was what you had in mind. Fortunately, you had taken a cab to the club as he escorted you to a gleaming, black Porshe.

The view that he got when you got in left a big smile on his face all the way to your apartment. Blushing a bit, as you knew he had seen all of your bare, shaved pussy when you had sat on the black, leather seat. Small talk was nonexistent as the rush of power from the deep throaty exhaust sound of the car had you hoping you wouldn't leave a giant, wet spot on the seat.

Holding tightly onto his waist, and rubbing your nipples and body against him, you had dragged him to your lair (Well, really, your apartment, but lair sounds so much better). Weak kneed and wobbly after the rush of the ride there, it wasn't too much to pretend the need of his arm around you in going from the car to the apartment.

No lights or talk was needed as you both began to strip each other the moment you had tumbled in the door and kicked it closed. His black shirt and pants went flying wherever as he almost ripped the camisole top off and dropped the skirt to the floor. Picking you up and carrying you to the bed as if he knew exactly where it was, and then falling with you still in his arms onto it. Kissing you all over, with special attention to your aching nipples, and finally to your hungry pussy had driven you almost crazy. Faintly, it crossed your mind that you still had on your hose and garter belt, but things were too intense to worry as these weren't getting in the way of urgent needs.

Strangely, he had asked, "Are you sure you want this??"

You had screamed, "YES, YES, YES, I want all of IT!!!"

Pulling on your nipples, he had gotten on top and plunged into your pussy, filling you with more than you had ever thought to dream of before. It seemed like hours of raw, uninhibited passion left you gasping and satisfied as never before in all your life. Stretched, but not painfully, just fully and completely had given you one orgasm after another. Constantly pulling on your nipples made them tingle and seem to grow as they pulsed with total excitement.

Brief spasms shook your body as your lay in the afterglow of all the enjoyment that had found you and washed over your body. Unable to handle any more, you had drifted off to sleep, as you cuddled next to this marvelous lover. Anything he wants for breakfast, or maybe lunch crossed you mind as you faded into blissfulness.

Half awaking once, you thought, "I still have on my hose and garter belt.....How Kinky!!",and with a light giggle had gone back to sleep. Finally, the afternoon sun coming in the window had woken you. Stretching like a cat, you realized that you were alone and nude except for the hose and garter belt. After pealing off the hose and unsnapping the garter belt, you padded to the bathroom as there was an urgent need making itself known.

Once you had wiped your pussy, you began to comb your hair and then started screaming, and screaming...........................As you looked in the mirror and realized that your nipples were a bright, hard gold color or metal that wasn't ever going to come off.

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