Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Goldilocks. She was a blessed young woman, tall and slender, with slim strong legs from walking and running the fields in her duties as a milkmaid. She had a small waist, a firm tight ass, and two gloriously perfect C cup breasts. Her face was that of a young goddess, smooth flawless skin, big blue eyes, pouting red lips, and long flowing blond hair. She was fond of wearing scandalously short dresses that exposed miles of her perfect legs, and her cleavage was lifted with the aid of a bra and bared nearly to her almost always perky nipples.

Goldilocks had a secret that she couldn't share with anyone in her village. She had a nearly boundless sexual desire, the lips between her legs were always wet, and the sight of a muscular man would make her nipples hard and her knees go weak. She longed to get one of those farm boys alone and...well, she didn't know what she'd do if she had one, but she wanted that so badly her little pussy would ache when she thought about it. Goldilocks had discovered one night alone in bed that if she touched that aching pussy of hers, it sent thrills of pleasure through her body. If she kept touching, those thrills would build and build, hot pleasure would run through her, and eventually her body would curl up as spasms shook her and a flood of wetness would soak her thighs. She had also discovered once when trying to smooth her always hard nipples that brushing those felt really good too. Goldilocks liked to lay in her little bed at night and rub her full breasts through her nightgown, getting a pleasant mellow feeling and then slide her hand between her legs and rub until the wetness came.

The more Goldilocks did this, the more she craved those pleasurable feelings. She would have to find corners of the fields, out of sight of the village to lay in the grass and touch her young firm body. She dreamed of a strong handsome man touching her like she touched herself. In her deepest darkest thoughts, she sometimes thought of the soft lips and gentle hands of a woman running over her body. She knew women didn't do those sort of things, but thinking about them made her feel hot and naughty in a very pleasurable way.

One night, Goldilocks finally got one of the farm boys alone, and discovered what a man could do for her. The pleasure, and the sense of being filled in a way that seemed right was amazing. Goldilocks had a sense that this was only the beginning of what she could feel, that the more she did this, the better it would be. Her experience was so brief, the boy only lasted a couple minutes thrusting inside her tight pussy, that she knew she'd only gotten a taste of pleasure, and nowhere near bringing those pleasurable spasms she could give herself. She wanted to do this with every man in her village under forty, but knew that she'd be an outcast if she tried. The boy she had bedded started talking about her, and Goldilocks knew that her small village was not the place for more play with men, as sad as that made her. So she contented herself with touching her own body, rubbing and stroking herself, learning her body, and bringing herself to greater and greater pleasure.

One day Goldilocks decided to go exploring in the nearby woods. She felt a restlessness that she couldn't hold back, a desire to get out of her tiny village, and she thought she might find a new place where she could touch herself and relieve the ever building pressure within her. She wandered off, breasts bouncing, skirt flipping in the wind as she skipped down the path into the forest. Before long she encountered a house in the woods that she'd never seen before. Being a curious young girl, she walked up to the door and knocked, wondering who lived there. There was no answer, so she stepped carefully over to a nearby window and peered inside. Her skirt lifted as she bent to look in the window, giving a passing badger an eyeful. She saw a tastefully apointed kitchen, but no people. Her curiosity about who lived there in this strange house in the middle of the forest was overwhelming, and Goldilocks decided to try the door, for surely no one could be angry with such a beautiful maiden as her.

To her surprise, the door was open. She stepped inside, and looked around. On the table of the kitchen she had seen earlier were three bottles of different shapes and three glasses. After her skip through in the woods, Goldilocks was thirsty, and decided to pour herself a drink from the first bottle. Inside was a dark red fluid that she recognized as wine, something that the adults at home would never let her taste. She looked around the home and saw no adults, so she decided to have a sip. The stuff tasted pleasant, and made her feel warm, so she took several gulps to drain the glass. She wondered what was in the second bottle, it was a brownish color and had a much stronger smell, so she decided to have a glass of that next. Drinking the brown liquid burned all the way down her throat, but it made her belly warm and her body feel sort of loose. She finished that glass too, deciding that it must be something like the stuff the men drank in the village. What did they call it? Rum, they said it came from the sea. The third bottle contained a clear liquid that smelled so strongly as to nearly make Goldilocks gag, but she decided to try that since she'd already drunk and enjoyed the first two. This stuff burned even stronger than the rum, but now she felt giddy and silly, and was suddenly aware of a flush of heat and desire through her body. Goldilocks took a step, and discovered an unsteadiness in her legs. She decided to try and find someplace to lay down. A bedroom would probably be upstairs, and surely the owners wouldn't mind.

Upstairs, she slowly wove her way down the hall and discovered an open door leading to a bedroom with three soft beds. On the nightstand next to each of the beds was an object that looked like what the boy had had between his legs. She laid down on the first bed, next to the boy part that looked most like the one she had seen, and picked it up. It was hard and soft all at once, not as warm as the one she had touched, but it had pleasing veins and shapes, so she decided to try sliding it inside her. Goldilocks laid back, spread her legs, and pulled her damp panties aside. She carefully slid the boy-part inside of her, and her head fell back on the pillow at the delicious feeling of being filled again. She slid it in and out of herself, and rubbed at her clit, generating delicious waves of pleasure that made her toes curl, her nipples go hard, and her juices dampen the bedsheets. As she was doing this, she glanced over at the next bed, with a boy-part on the nightstand that was bigger than the one she was using. If this one felt so good, how would the larger one feel inside her? She put hers down, and moved to the next bed to try the bigger one. When she slid that in her, Goldilocks let out a moan at how much stronger the feelings were with this larger one. She discovered that if she bent the end of the boy part up as she slid it in and out of her, it would brush her clit. This freed her other hand, so Goldilocks used it to unbutton her blouse, revealing her full firm breasts in her bra. With some difficulty she tugged the straps down somewhat so that she was able to lift her breasts out of their cups and then rub them while sliding in and out of herself and rubbing her clit. The combination of feelings nearly drove her over the edge, her lips above and below puffy with desire, her pussy dripping wet and stretched full with the boy-part inside. A corner of her mind wondered about the third bed, and the third boy part, so not stopping what she was doing, Goldilocks looked over and her mouth dropped open at the sight of the third boy-part. It had to be at least ten inches long, and three or four inches around. She had to try it, and the now half naked Goldilocks almost leaped for the third bed in her haste. She stopped to remove her bra and panties, and then slowly slid the huge boy-part inside of her. She had to push pretty hard, but once it was inside, Goldilocks liked this one best of all. She began to work herself in earnest, building towards what she knew would be a monstrous explosion of pleasure.

Meanwhile, three beautiful sisters entered their house, and saw the open bottles, and the lipstick on the three glasses.

"Hey, someone's been drinking my wine!" said the youngest, a petite blond.

"Someone's been drinking my rum," said the middle one, a ravishing brunette.

"And someone's been drinking my vodka," said the eldest, a smoking hot redhead.

Before the sisters could talk further, a moan from Goldilocks echoed down the stairs. The three sisters looked at each other and headed upstairs to investigate. Goldilocks was lost in her pleasure. She did not hear the sisters mount the stairs and peer into their room.

"Someone's been using my dildo!" said the youngest angrily.

"And someone's been using my dildo," said the middle one, a trifle turned on.

"Look, someone is using my dildo right now on my bed, and hey, she's pretty hot!" said the eldest, walking over to stand above Goldilocks as she worked herself in a frenzy, approaching orgasam and soaking the sheets with sweat and her juices. Her breasts were bare on her chest, nipples hard as she roughly massaged them, the tendons in her neck were tight with her effort, her long golden hair askew from her thrashings. Goldilocks wet panties and bra were on the floor, her tender legs spread wide to admit the dildo she was enthusiastically thrusting into her dripping pussy. The three sisters gathered around the bed, finding themselves turned on despite the invasion of their privacy. Each looked at the other and saw their triplicate lust for this beautiful innocent looking girl fucking herself on the eldest sister's bed, and as one, the middle and eldest moved for Goldilocks right and left breasts, and the youngest went straight for her pussy. Goldilocks snapped out of her trance at the sensation of warm wet mouths on her nipples and a very talented tongue between her pussy lips, but the immediate tsunami wave of pleasure that those mouths and hands brought her washed away any objections. Goldilocks had only dreamed of a woman's touch before, and these three sisters showed her everything that a woman's knowledge of a woman's body could do. Goldilocks came quickly, screaming at the overwhelming pleasure, and was carried quickly to a second and a third orgasm by the nimble mouths of the sisters.

Downstairs, the three brothers (not related to the sisters) that also lived in the house entered. They heard moans and screams of orgasm, and unsurprisingly were interested and dashed upstairs. They entered the sisters' room, and saw the girls draped over Goldilocks. All three young men were handsome, chiseled features and hard muscular bodies. Their brunette hair was cut short, and their bodies one and all looked like young gods. The three men looked at each other, and as one removed their shirts. As they were doing this, the sisters saw their entrance, and motioned them to join the four women on the bed since their mouths were full of various parts of Goldilocks. The brothers walked over, and the three sisters rose from Goldilocks to join them. The sisters went to their favorite brothers and gave them long passionate kisses of welcome, while Goldilocks lay on the bed mostly nude in a post-orgasmic daze. The three sisters rubbed their hands over the brother's muscular chests, and the pairs smiled at one another in love and more than a little lust. As they were doing this, Goldilocks awoke from her daze.

"Who are you people? What have you done to me?"

"We should be asking you the same thing, coming into our house, drinking our alcohol, playing with our toys. Who the hell are you?" said the eldest sister. The others nodded in agreement.

"Why, I am Goldilocks, a tender young maiden from the village just outside of the forest."

The eldest brother stepped over and plunged his first two fingers in Goldilocks still dripping pussy. She cried out in surprise and a little pain since her pussy was tender from her earlier dildo fucking. "Maiden? I don't think so." said the eldest brother with amusement. He pulled his fingers out of her and cleaned them with his long tongue.

"So I'm not a maiden...all right. No one in my village could understand how much I long to be touched, to feel the pleasure that another can give me inside and outside me. I got used to calling myself a maiden so I wouldn't stand out there." said Goldilocks.

"You like pleasure, huh?" said the middle brother.

"The more of it I get, the more I want." said Goldilocks.

"I think I know how you can repay us for your use of our house, and get some pleasure out of it for yourself." said the eldest brother.


"Service each of us," the eldest brother said, gesturing to himself and his brothers and the sisters, "and we'll let you go in the morning, and if you're good enough, you can come back whenever you want for more fun."

Goldilocks eyes went wide and she began to shake her head at the scandalous, but yet higly appealing thought of all the pleasure that awaited her from these beautiful men and women.

The eldest brother held up his hand, smiling and said, "No my dear you see, if you refuse, we will tell your whole village who and what you really are." He paused a moment to let that sink in and continued, "We're not asking that much, really, and I really think you'd like it." He trailed his fingers over Goldilocks bare thigh, and she shivered.

Goldilocks looked up at the six beautiful people around her, and thought. Her blue eyes trailed over each of their perfect bodies, high firm breasts, flat tummies, lean muscle, and three large bulges in the pants of each of the boys. Despite the amazing orgasms she had just had, despite the girth of the boy part she had taken, Goldilocks realized something. She wanted more. She wanted all those cocks in her, those beautiful pussies in her face, she wanted it all. Those large firm breasts bare so that she could touch and taste...Goldilocks was horny again. She locked eyes with the eldest brother, and she nodded sharply, and felt a grin of hungry pleasure come over her face. "What should I do first?" she asked.

"Well, get out of those clothes, you won't be needing them! While you're doing that, we'll introduce ourselves," said the eldest sister. Goldilocks began to remove her crumpled sweaty blue dress, white knee high stockings, and cute little black shoes.

The eldest sister stood, saying, "I'm Kara." She was a tall, slender redhead, hair trailing halfway down her back, with ample breasts well lifted by her bra and exposed by her provocatively low cut shirt. Kara's eyes were bright green, sparkling with mischief. Her face was open, with a lush mouth that promised delights wherever she should put her lips. Her breasts were a D cup, her waist tiny for her size, her ass firm, her legs long with lean muscle. Her tummy was flat, exposed by her shirt tied up just under her breasts, and she was wearing a short skirt that showed off her slender tanned legs, her feet covered by a pair of slipper shoes.

The middle sister stepped forward, saying, "I'm Dawn." She had shoulder length brown hair, cut attractively to frame her face. Her eyes were brown, her features exotic, her lips full, and her smile alluring. Her breasts were a C cup, firm and high, displayed in similar manner to her sister, her body was firm and taut, her smile giving something of a question to the seeming innocence of her appearance. Her ass was a little rounder than her elder sister's but it somehow seemed to invite a spanking.

The third and youngest sister elbowed her way to the front, saying, "Hi! I'm Ellie!" She was shorter than her sisters, obviously a little younger, blond hair cut in a curly mop that seemed to defy any attempt to put it in place. Her eyes were blue, her features young, innocent and open, her lips thin, but her smile infectious. Her breasts were a B, her body lean and athletic, animated by a lively energy.

The three brothers stepped forward together.

The eldest said, "Hi, I'm Henry. We're triplets."

"We're pretty much the same from head to toe. I'm Brad," continued the middle brother.

"And we can't wait to give you a good time. I'm James," finished the youngest.

Henry said, "I think I'll have you first. The others can join in as they please." Heads nodded in agreement, and James and Dawn and Ellie and Kara and Brad began to strip each other, revealing bodies as beautiful as promised by the shapes beneath the clothing. Skin was smooth and tight, flesh firm and muscular. The boys were all three hard, and both nearly equal to the largest boy-part that Goldilocks had been using in length, and easily equal in girth. The girls' breasts were beautiful and firm, their pussies shaved and already visibly wet, and Goldilocks watched in awe and lust as Dawn took James' beautiful hard cock in her mouth and began to lick suck and stroke, and as Ellie did the same to Brad, while Brad fondled Kara and played with her pussy.

Henry moved over to Goldilocks and ran his fingers up her arm, smiling at her. He pulled her close so she was sitting on his lap, feeling his hardness poke through his pants, and he kissed her and began to massage her breasts. His lips were firm and his hands on her breasts made Goldilocks spread her legs with unconscious desire to have him give her more pleasure. Gently, Henry guided her onto the floor, so that she was on her knees facing his lap. He indicated that he wanted her to unzip his pants and reach inside, so she did, and she felt her nipples go hard and her pussy moisten at the feel of his huge member in her hand. Carefully, she drew it out, and Henry pushed her head towards it. Goldilocks wasn't sure exactly what she was supposed to do, so she watched Dawn out of the corner of her eye, and tried to imitate her motions on Henry's cock. Henry threw back his head and moaned as she began to lick, suck and stroke, swirling her tongue around the head, licking the big vein underneath, and taking his length as far down her throat as she could manage. She loved the taste of his cock, the salty sweet taste and the warmth of it. She wanted more and more, and soon Henry, panting stopped her. He then guided her around to the foot of the bed and bent her over it. Goldilocks didn't know what was coming next, but moaned as she was filled from behind by Henry, his huge dick thrusting deep inside her pussy. He began to slowly side in and out of her, and then build speed, his balls slapping Goldilocks's ass. She clutched at the bed, as the amazing feeling of his cock moving like a piston and out of her began to build and build. Goldilocks eyes were closed, but they were surprised open when she felt her face shoved in something warm and wet. It was Kara's pussy, and Goldilocks began to happily lick it as Henry leaned forward to grab her breasts and rub her clit with his thumb. Goldilocks moaned and ran her tongue up and down Kara's slit, quickly finding the button that made Kara go crazy. She swirled her tongue around, and slid her fingers inside Kara, making her moan and buck her hips. Kara grabbed Goldilocks' head and shoved it deeper into her pussy. The taste and smell of pussy was equally exciting to Goldilocks as Henry's boy-part had been. She loved making Kara writhe and shake, every little noise or movement made her want to lick harder and faster. Henry's hand's on Goldilocks' breasts were replaced with a pair of warm wet lips and Goldilocks gasped into Kara's pussy. Goldilocks head popped up for a second, and she noticed that Brad had shoved himself in Kara's mouth. She was sucking him eagerly and saliva was spooling down her chest and down Brad too. She smiled and then dove back into Kara's dripping pussy.

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