tagNonHumanGone Camping Ch. 03

Gone Camping Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Discovery!

It had been three hours since the discovery of the wrecked truck and Donna's car. The discovery of Crystal's nude and abused body raised questions. Misty's bike was taken away for processing. The Cass County E.M.A. was called in and they pulled up to the sheriff's car. The woman got out and walked up to the sheriff.

"Why was we called?" She asked the officer.

"E.M.A.? Ain't you the people who deal with this kind of stuff? I'm Sheriff Burton, and what's your name?" He asked shaking her hand.

"Sherri and that is my partner Alisha. What are we dealing with here?" She asked as they walked to the site of the crash.

"A tanker full of toxic waste was being chased and we lost it. But it was found here almost twelve hours later. We also found it had hit a car and it was sitting over there at the edge." He pointed as he handed her the pictures. "We found a young woman who was naked and well, looked as if something had their way with her. She's in the hospital unconscious. A bike was found here along with torn clothing, females, but none have been found as of yet. We have to leave cause it's not in the budget to have all the officers on." He said as the deputy's began to leave.

"So, you are going to leave this to us? Toxic waste! We are not equipped for this!" Alisha argued.

"She is right. What happens if we get hurt out here?" Sherri asked.

"Okay, at shift change I will send out a deputy. She will be here to assist in any way. That is one hour. Ladies, this is your baby now, be careful." He said getting into his car and leaving the two women alone.

"Great, two, hot, young, women and toxic waste." Alisha said pulling out their bio hazard suits.

"I know, lets search for the hour and we will take a break." Sherri said sliding the suit over her tight uniform and curvy body.

They walked into the woods with flashlights and other equipment. Alisha took ground samples and put them in to her case. She marked the area where she took them. She saw Sherri waving her arms, she ran to her. She stopped and they had found Donna. Sherri and Alisha checked her vital signs and found the nude woman was alive. They grabbed the stretcher out of the truck and got her to the road. Sherri had called the ambulance and told them of the find. She also alerted the sheriff. With-in ten minutes, an ambulance was there and took Donna away. The two women went back into the woods.

They were being watched as they walked around searching the woods. Alisha discovered some torn clothing and followed the trail. Shelby was the next found! Alisha turned and Kelly jumped at her screaming!

"NO GO AWAY!!!" Kelly yelled punching the skinny blonde! "THEY FUCKED US!!!"

"STOP!" Alisha said as Kelly punched her in the ribs!

Sherri ran over and tackled the crazy woman and she pinned her to the ground. Kelly cried for help as Sherri held her down.

"THEY FUCKED US!!!" Kelly continued to scream.

"We are here to help. Whoever did this to you will be found! Relax!" Sherri said as Kelly tried to get away. "That is it!" Sherri yelled head butting her!

The woman was out cold. Sherri helped her hurt partner up and they got the two others to the road. As they did, the deputy pulled up. She saw the two nude women and radioed for the ambulance. She helped subdue Kelly and treated the minor wounds on both women.

"That bitch knocked the hell outta me." Alisha said dropping her haz-mat outfit.

She checked her torso and ribs. The woods eyed her nice, athletic body. She had on tight jeans and a tight tee shirt. She was blonde and they decided she was the next! Sherri was also sexy. She was about thirty, red hair, a great body, nice ass and nice sized rack. Both didn't know what to expect when they reentered the woods.

Alisha was sent out towards the creek to look and take more samples. She squatted down on the creek bank and picked up torn cloth. She put it in with her samples and moved on. She got to an area where the bank had gotten rough and was a muddy hill. She looked around and climbed up. She slipped and slid back down to the bank. Alisha was determined as the woods waited for their move. She got her footing and grabbed a root that hung out of the mud. She pulled and it pulled!

The root tied her wrist and had pulled her arm into the mud. It was submerged to her elbow! She dropped her case sand tried to free her arm with her other hand. The root grabbed it and pulled it to her elbow! She stood struggling as she saw more and more roots slowly appear out of the hill. Her eyes widened as one stood erect in front of her mask, it looked like a cock! Alisha tried to get away as they got a hold of her ankles and worked up the legs of her suit. She was stuck!

A root went behind her and found the zipper and decided it was time for her to see what Kelly meant! It pulled the zipper down just enough for it to enter the suit, along with a couple others to help; they pulled her jeans and shirt off. Then her bra and thong set was pulled out! She saw the cock root go around and she felt it rubbing between her legs! She screamed, but the mask worked against the woman and kept it muffled as the root prodded her now wet pussy!

It the forced into her body and grew once it got inside her! Alisha's eyes widened as it began to rape her tight pussy! She was feeling it ram deep into her blonde haired pussy as it made her orgasm! Her body had betrayed her as it was being violated by the roots! Another root enwrapped her firm, c- cups and began to squeeze and tease her tits! They pulled on her now rock hard nipples and her cum began to flow fast! They had another woman under their control! The one was special, she wasn't fully stripped. They didn't want her hot partner to find her as she screamed with pleasure! Alisha was doing just that as they ravaged her twenty six year old body!

She was growing weak fast as they pounded and rammed into her pussy! She felt her boots filling up with the sticky cum from her body. The root loved her hot body as it continued its assault! After a while, she hung limp. The roots had raped her unconscious. The root dug deep inside her and exploded! Cum poured out of her and filled her boots even higher as the root finished. It retreated and the others followed as the hot blonde fell to the creek bank. She was filled up and now swimming in a suit of green cum.

Sherri found the campsite and heard a noise. She turned and looked around, nothing there. She kept going deeper into the woods. She got to a point and went to step and tripped. Thorns dug into her suit and her leg. She sat up and untangled her leg as the thorns began to move. Sherri scooted back as they shot out and lodged themselves into the legs of the suit! Sherri felt them pulling on the suit and she tried to get away but with one hard pull, her suit tore in two! The thorns had also taken her jeans off showing her black panties and nice ass!

Sherri stood up and they attacked again! This time they grabbed the chest area and pulled! She cried for help as the suit gave way! Her top and bra were taken also! She fell to her stomach as the thorns tied her ankles and her arms up! Sherri cried but realized her mask was not letting her words pass through! She saw them rip her panties off revealing her nicely shaved pussy.

She now realized what Kelly was talking about as a large root rammed up into her body and it had its way with her sexy body. Sherri cried as the over-sized root forced itself deeper than any man had ever done! It hurt, but felt good at the same time! She forget about the thorns as the root fucked her hard and rough making her body begin to like it. As the others found out, the body betrayed them. Sherri's hot body was no exception to the cause. She was spewing out her cream as the root rammed and slammed into her! She felt the best orgasm she ever had hit and screamed as it felt so damn good!

Sherri fainted and was filled up. The roots retreated and waited for others to enter the woods. Sherri lay nude and screwed. The thorns had retreated and left their marks in her ankles and wrists. Both women were unaware of the others rape. But a woman ran in and dragged Alisha out. She ran back for Sherri, she had witnessed the rapes. Misty made sure the female deputy stayed out of the woods. But as she got Sherri to safety, they were after her naked ass again!

Misty and the officer turned as the vines enwrapped the hot red heads body and began to rape her right there! The deputy fired at the vines and stuck some. Misty couldn't fight as they rapped her again! The sexy officer fired and kept shooting the red head loose until the vines retreated and dropped the woman.

"How are we going to stop it?" The officer asked.

"Burn it, burn it all!" Misty said standing up. "That is the only way."

They got out all the flares they could and made sure Sherri and Alisha were safe in the truck. Misty had gotten some clothes out of the E.M.A. truck and put them on. They had all of the flares and combustible items they could find. They began to light the flares and toss them into the dry woods. It didn't take long for the woods to go up in flames.

Misty followed the cop car to the hospital as the woods burnt to the ground. Firefighters were called in and couldn't stop the blaze for nothing. The trees and brush was burnt to ashes. The women were all okay and treated. The officer wrote her report and was sent for mental evaluation. Misty, was honored for the rescue. Sherri and Alisha are still with the E.M.A. but they have been equipped with better equipment. The four women were released and listed okay.

The woods were burnt down and were ashes. Sherri and Alisha made sure it was. But they stood on the edge of the creek watching the water go by.

"Well, it is now over." Sherri said with a smile.

"Yup." Alisha said as they went to the truck and left.

Down by a farm, a woman laid at the edge of the water in nothing but a thong. She was about twenty and very sexy. She rolled onto her back and felt the water pull her down! She fought as it tore the thong off and raped her tight body! She was raped and left on the shore nude. Was it over? Or was this one last rape?

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