tagErotic PoetryGone Missing

Gone Missing


How could I miss you? you asked.
Well, here’s how.

I miss seeing the skin around the scar
on the underside of your chin
from where you slipped
and then hung in a tree as a small boy
fall forward loosely
while, on top of me, you slowly
yet firmly grind your hips and
hard, thickened cock deep inside me.

I miss touching the tender, moist
pale places which lie secretly
between the hard globes of your ass
and just around the darkened ring of bliss
that tightens at the brush of my breath.

I miss smelling the scent of your
laundry detergent which you’ve hot-pressed
into the seam of your pants
that I swiftly unzip
and hear fall to the floor
as I eagerly push my flushed face
between your legs and swallow
the all of your root.

I miss tasting your offered fingers
with nails bitten down to the quick,
all jammed and bent crooked
from too many hikes and passes,
which have just spelunked the depth
of my cunt and are coated creamy smooth
with my particular condiment.

I miss hearing the closeness
of your warm breathing as,
with spasms and twitches,
you awkwardly collide with sleep
after hours of fierce and tender lovemaking,
finally brimming me full
of your salty foam.

*~* Thank you for reading my poem. I truly hope you were pleased. Please take a moment to vote and maybe even leave a comment. I love getting any and all feedback. Thanks again! *~*

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