Good Cop Bad Cop


"Oh fuck. That was good," Jalen said in a slightly slurred voice.

"Tomorrow. I'll need you tomorrow." Jalen turned her head with questions in his eyes. "I can only fuck you and I know that tomorrow I'll definitely be horny." Jalen laughed and closed her eyes drifting into a light sleep.

Jon watched her sleep. She was perfect. Her skin was just the right shade of caramel meet sun kissed and her hair. He could stare at her hair forever. So many different shades and the silkiest softest thing he had ever touched. Her arms were slightly toned indicating she was muscular and not just skinny. He peeked down the covers again looking at her hips flare out into a shapely ass and long legs. Jon stifled a groan as his dick twitch wanting more.

The moment she awoken he knew. She was pretending to be asleep, so he did the same. His eyes were mostly close, but open enough he could see her. He watched as she glanced his way and then slowly extracted herself from his bed. She quickly grabbed her clothes and gotten dressed. She went to the window and was gone. Jon opened his eyes and smiled. "Wham, Bam, Thank you Maam indeed."

Jalen was a wreck. What if she was pregnant? She wasn't on birth control. She didn't have sex to be on birth control and she was fairly certain Jon hadn't put on a condom. Jalen drove with the recklessness of a drunk driver as she went to the pharmacy. She asked for the Morning After pill, $65, and stared at it. The pharmacist was waiting for her to pay for it, but Jalen wasn't sure. What if she was already pregnant? Was she really going to destroy the baby?

Jalen turned and flipped open her phone and dialed a number. "Mama?"

Her mother was instantly awake asking Jalen what was wrong in Portuguese. Jalen responded in the same language and told her mother what happened including that Jon was a criminal. Her mother first reprimanded her for not using protection. It was careless and stupid. Her mother than told her NOT to buy the pill. If she was pregnant than it was her punishment and reward for being so stupid and reckless. Finally her mama went on to ask questions about Jon. At the end of the conversation Jalen was fairly certain her mother liked the man. There was gunfire in the background and her mother sighed and said she had to take care of business. She promised to call Jalen if she needed help and clicked off.

Jalen apologized to the pharmacist and left the pharmacy. She returned to work changing in the locker room to a spare pair of clothes she left there. She went to her desk and tried to focus. Right now she had to focus on Mr. Big and then Jon. Her mind went back to the mind blowing sex they had the night before. She scowled. Focus on Jon being arrested not his dick.

She was still trying to find any witness any at all and was looking at possibly a hooker by the name of Cindy. The girl had been on the streets since she was a kid and Mr. Big had taken a shine to her a few years back. Suddenly, he wanted nothing to do with her and Cindy was paying the price. Her pimp left her, no pimp would touch her, and she only got the John's that didn't know she was blackballed. She was dying slowly and Jalen hoped she wanted some vengeance on Mr. Big. Only problem it was hard as fuck to track down the girl. She had put out an APB on the kid and was researching known locations of the girl.

"Are you Jalen Steele?"

Jalen didn't even look up from her computer screen. "What do you want?"

"These are for you." Someone put down a vase of roses. It took Jalen a full minute to recognize what they were. She blinked quickly and by the time she looked back for the messenger he was already gone.

"What the FUCK?!" Jalen yelled as she stared at the monstrosity on her desk.

"Whoa ho!" Martinez said as he walked up to Jalen's desk. "I have never seen flowers, much less roses, on your desk, Steele. Even on Valentine's day. So who's the lucky fellow?" He reached forward and took the card. "Thanks for last night..." he faltered as the station threw catcalls and whistles at Jalen.

Martinez leaned close to Jalen so that only she could hear. "It's sign Jon. Please tell me it's anyone but Jon Benetti." Jalen could only scowl. "What the fuck Steele. Have you lost your mind? We do not sleep with the criminal we're investigating?"

"Shut up Martinez," Jalen hissed and snatched the card from his hand. She pushed the vase into the trash and left the building.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she said over and over in her car as she raced down the street. She had fucked up, but for some reason she wasn't that mad or concerned. She probably lost her career, but she was the best. Maybe they'll just bust her down to a desk job. She wouldn't be the first detective to fuck a suspect.

Jalen got a call on her cell. It was the station telling her that they had Cindy in custody. Jalen immediately returned to the station. She went to the interrogation room and spoke to Cindy who was in fact hell bent on getting revenge. She allowed Jalen to put her in protective custody and two officers with another detective went to serve Mr. Big with a warrant and arrest his ass.

Jalen was still talking to Cindy explaining the process. They were going to ship her somewhere North to a small city or town. Jalen was also reassuring Cindy that the girl would be safe and protected.

No sooner did Jalen place Cindy into a car and send her on her way did Mr. Big enter the interrogation room. Jalen wanted to watch, but Martinez pulled her to the side. "I'm sorry, Steele." Jalen just looked at him. "I've loved you forever and when I found out you were fucking that scum."

Jalen's heart started beating hard. "It's okay. I was going to tell the Captain myself. I'll lose my job or worse get some jail time. Maybe a month or two."

"No, Steele. They're going to set you up. They're going to make a deal with Mr. Big to finger you for the massacre that's been happening all over the city. Claiming that you and Jon have been working together. They're going to nail your ass big time. The Captain will be promoted, the district attorney, hell everyone will be promoted. The Captain came to me to spear head the whole thing."

"No I -."

"You're fucking the bad guys," Martinez said. "No one will believe you now." Jalen's heart sank. This was worse than she thought. "Go. Go now before it's too late."

Jalen took a step her mind in a daze. Her career. Her life. She had been set up to take the fall. Another step as she tried to figure out what to do, where to go. All she could see was red as she thought that the Captain was a dead man.

"Detective." She didn't stop, but the footsteps behind her told her she was being pursued. "Detective Steele. Stop. You're under arrest!"

Jalen never thought she would hear those words uttered with her name. She stepped out into the sun staring at the last time she would ever be free. She glanced back into the station watching the cops come out towards her. She walked down the 3 steps and a car pulled up in front of her.


"I heard you were going to prison, but before you do I believe you and I had a prior engagement. I told you I would be horny today." Jalen got in the car and Jon pulled off.

"Where are we going," Jalen asked.

"I have a jet ready to take us wherever you want. As long as it's one of those non-expediting countries."

Jalen gave a grim smile. "You're going to meet mother."

"Mother?" Jon asked with his smile faltering slightly. "Um, I assume the rumors of your parentage and raising was correct?"

"Yup. She'll help me seek revenge on the Captain, the DA, and everyone else who set me up. No one fucks Steele without getting cut."

"Is that really your family motto?"

Jalen could only smile and laugh.

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