tagErotic CouplingsGood Housekeeping Ch. 02

Good Housekeeping Ch. 02


Prolog: This story is about my beautiful housekeeper and myself. I have basically seduced her into exhibitionism, masturbation and now oral sex. Her name is Carmen and she is very shy and because of medications I take I am essentially impotent. Pure fiction from my mind. This is chapter 2 and is about 7,000 words long as a second chapter. This may be a little too slow in developing for some.


Carmen had arrived this day as she had many many others, parking by the curb on the street outside my home. She was very prim and proper outside and maintained that no matter the situation inside too. Although I had been allowed to see her totally nude and had observed her in masturbation she never acted dirty nor did she ever give up the most lady like qualities that made her attractive to begin with.

I thought this to be nice. What made it nice was that Carmen was filling the typical every man's dream of what a woman should be, a prim and proper sophisticated lady in public much beyond moral reproach and an absolute unashamed exhibitionist slut in private. It was almost like seeing the same woman from two totally different viewpoints.

One other conclusion Carmen had revealed to me was that I had been misled for most of my youth into the belief that women had cleavage and mostly allowed it to be seen bay only their prospective mates. Bullshit. Through Carmen I discovered that women have cleavages. Plural. More than the one.

Yes they possess breasts and those are pressed together to create cleavage and most women do try to create as much of this attraction for the males as they possibly can. Push-up bras, padding and open tops help a lot.

A woman's second cleavage is a little more subtle, but no less as powerful and as well displayed. Her ass cheeks make up the second set of cleavage and are for the most part always covered by slacks or dresses or something. It is enhanced by underwear sometimes and usually well displayed at all times. The best showing of this cleavage is in the privacy of the boudoir for obvious reasons.

The last of a woman's cleavages is her vaginal mound. It also can be presented as cleavage depending upon the woman and just how she chooses to present it. Hair is a deterrent to this presentation and especially if the desire is to show cleavage as the follicles hide the obvious mound and split between in a matte of foliage. But a woman that shaves this area is expressing a desire to show her cleavage even if she doesn't know it and especially if she does know it. Showing this particular cleavage off is called having a cameltoe. The third cleavage.

Simple as 1,2,3. The three C's.

"Hello Carmen." I was again sitting in the garage at my table anxiously awaiting her arrival to see if there might be a repeat of the last visit. It was after all a Thursday and it was early, 9 a.m. which was an hour and a half early for Carmen. I figured that the early start might be a good omen for the day to come. In looking the slim figure of a woman over as she approached I noticed that there was some sway to her breasts, no bra, and her jeans had been replaced with a pair of tight gym shorts as it was summer after all. The shorts were pull overs and I wondered what they were pulled over? She had a broad smile on her beautiful face and her eyes were already sparkling.

"Buenos Dias, ahh good morning!" She responded. She was sensitive about speaking Spanish to me because she knew I was a typical American si-language. I only spoke english. I smiled at her.

She stepped right up to the table and just as she had done the week before placed her hands along the edge of the table with her thumbs turned in toward each other and the fingers of her hands pointed down toward the floor. She then leaned forward slightly turning her elbows in against her ribcage and forcing her tits in and out, in toward each other and thrust out toward me. The nipples were already hard as rocks and well displayed as two stiff mounds protruding from the front of the "T" shirt she was wearing. It was a deep "V" and fell away from her chest as she leaned.

I made no pretense of doing anything other than craning my neck up and forward to look directly down her top at those wonderful round fleshy globes of pleasure she had. They were large orange sized and as I said the nipples were tremendous! "You look really good today Carmen, in fact good enough to eat!" I couldn't help myself from the comment which I took to be a compliment and which I knew most women took to be an insult of sorts although I never quite understood that.

She lightly giggled but answered,"Your being naughty now and you know I don't like that!" She frowned at me but maintained her stance and kept watching me look directly at her nice tits. A slight pinkish blush formed on her face and spread downward along her upper chest area.

"Carmen honey it's only naughty if you think of that as an insult or a cat call, but if you will begin to take it as the compliment to your beauty I intend it you won't think I'm so naughty for saying it."

She smiled now and the blush deepened. I rose from my seat and said,"Stay there." Her head turned following me but her hands and arms never left the table. I took one step and pressed the button and the garage door began it's automatic closure. I turned and stepped in behind Carmen and again she did not move. I leaned forward and looked over her shoulder down into that t-shirt at her. "You know Carmen I really think you are beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy looking at you whenever you are near." I placed my hands on top of hers lightly not exerting any of the weight onto her hands or trapping them in any way. Her hands were warm and so soft to my touch.

I turned my head just slightly so that I was whispering in her ear even though we were completely alone and totally out of sight of anyone in the neighborhood,"I love your breasts Carmen and it is with all sincerity that I tell you that you look good enough to eat because you know I want to eat you and yes I realize that that is the crudest form of language I could use to describe the wonderful pleasure I want to give your sweet pussy with my mouth and tongue."

She didn't speak but she did let out a small gasp and her ass wiggled against my useless groin.

"Carmen I really enjoyed you little show last week and I want to watch you again this week. You have no idea how much a man like me appreciates a woman as beautiful as you allowing him to look at her charms in private."

"That's just it, because you took photographs of me I am worried that it wasn't private but will become a shared thing." She was squirming against me but ever so lightly. It was more of a tease using her firm ass.

"I would never show anyone else any of my photographs Carmen so you need not worry about that." I was trying to put on my business voice as I said this.

"But what happens if your wife or someone else stumbles onto the photos you have of me?" She was moving her ass in a very slow circular motion against my crotch still but her voice was strained with concern and worry.

"I have the folder with your photos in it password protected and encrypted so even if the folder is found, the photos can not be seen unless you have the password. I also took the precaution that if someone tries to access the folder and is unsuccessful a batchfile will begin a countdown and after 24 hours erase the file and create a new file of the same name and then fill that file with random characters until it reaches the same size as the old file and then encrypt itself and then delete THAT file so that the original is overwritten and permanently destroyed. I was explaining to her my normal security measures I had installed on all of my more sensitive materials that I kept on my computer. It also dawned on me WHY this beautiful woman was coyly rubbing me with her soft little ass. She was teasing me to try to get an erection out of me!

I pressed into her ass slightly making it harder for her not to be obvious about it. The extra pressure on her globes didn't deter her in the least and the rubbing continued although not quite as subtle as before.

"So no one will ever know or see what I do here or the photos you have of me naked?" She was still in full worry and concern mode as she spoke to me. "I am safe?"

I began to gently rub up and down her forearms with my fingertips. As I did this the ass motions she was giving me stopped but only for a few seconds. I was enjoying the feeling of her ass against my crotch even if there was never going to be an erection, I knew it but she needed to find out for herself. The ass motion got stronger as my hands went from her forearms to her stomach. I was rubbing my hands in a circular pattern around her belly just above her waistline. I applied more pressure on her belly pulling her ass back into me even more firmly. She groaned as quietly as she could and I figured that it was for my benefit so as to get me going as much as she could. She was really trying to make me hard if she could.

My left hand slid downward on its final circle of her stomach and under the t-shirt and onto her skin. It was warmer than her hand and this time she let out a real gasp! But the motion of her ass nor the pressing of it into me never stopped. Now I was testing her resolve. My hand slid ever so slowly upward toward the warm round prize that was waiting just a few inches above. Her breathing had deepened and quickened.

The motion of her ass reduced to just up and down humping motions as my fingers reached her left breast and cupped the firm flesh. Her areola and nipple felt firm along the ridge of my finger as my hand closed on the breast. My right hand was already in motion following the same path down under the shirt and up along her soft warm tissue of her belly following the ribs and eventually cupping the right breast in the same manner. I closed my fingers trapping the areola of each globe firmly and pressed outward with my hands against the t-shirt and extending the fleshy pliant skin outward to it's stretch point and without letting up the pressure of my grip allowed the nipples to slide through and pop free. She let out a deep gasping moan this time and her chest jerked back into mine as her ass rubbed faster and harder against me.

She was getting turned on and so was I although she couldn't feel what wasn't happening! I almost laughed at her trying though but I didn't want to break the spell. My cock had become "firmer" in a sense of the word but was still by any measure flaccid. It was just as I had told her. My hands moved up her chest to again repeat the process of gripping those beautiful breasts again and pinching the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and pressing outward away from her chest. The motion was not intended to cause her pain but to stimulate her poor neglected nipples as they had not been stimulated if not ever then certainly not in a long long time.

Her breath was rasping now as the scene was repeated more and more quickly.

"Please!" She pleaded,"I can not just stand here and allow you to do this!" rolling her head side to side.

I clamped on her nipples and held tight as I pressed outward on her titflesh one last time. She moaned loudly but did not jerk away or raise her hands from the table to attempt to stop me. I wasn't really hurting her anyway but her poor nipples were easy to hold because they were so very hard and I sensed that she did not want me to stop my attention to them now.

"I want you to strip." I said in a raspy voice that surprised me. I was turned on more than I had thought!

"Yes. I will, but can we go into the house as it is getting hot out here in the garage?" She was panting now and her stance had widened as she still hunched her ass back into me.

"I am going to release your beautiful breasts now, but I hope you like the attention I have been giving them and I hope you will want to allow me to contunue." I leaned down to again whisper in her ear even though it really wasn't necessary. "I am going to step back and allow you to turn around too. I want you to get down on your knees and see for yourself up close and personal the effect your wonderful soft ass has had on me and decide for yourself right now whether you think I will rape you." I felt her flinch at that. Her body tensed up but I just continued,"I know what you've been doing and I also understand your fears and concerns and I want all that settled right here and right now."

I pressed out on her breasts and they popped free of my grasp. This time her upper body did give a jerk back into me again as the sudden release of her tit flesh had almost caused a spasm in her. She moaned. I kept my hands away from her skin as they slid down the material of the shirt and out into the air. I immediately stepped one step back and dropped my hands to my hips and waited for her to move. I figured she would either move sideways and try for the garage door button or she would simply turn and face me.

She turned to face me.

I pressed my hips forward. She looked down at my crotch then back up into my eyes. There was no smile there now. She slowly folded her knees and down she went. When her knees touched the concrete floor of the garage she just slowly raised her hands to my waistband and began to pull my loose gym shorts down. They were an elastic waist type and easily slid down my thighs and dropped to puddle at my feet. I didn't bather stepping out of them as it wouldn't really matter and I didn't want to cause this to take any longer than was necessary. He hand went straight to the front of my underwear. I wore tighty whitey's and she grabbed my cock through the material of the shorts. Of course it was soft and fleshy in her hands. She pulled the shorts down too so that I was naked from the waist down. Her head tilted and as she grabbed hold of my soft penis she smiled up at me like a she had discovered a $100 dollar bill.

"I didn't lie to you did I?" I looked into her eyes and saw that she knew I had told her the truth. "I take too many medications for me to have that work and I am of course excluded from the little blue pill club too for the same damn reasons!"

"I am sorry." She sounded truly contrite at the situation. Her eyes saddened up a bit.

"No, you're not, your relieved that I told you the truth and that I will not be able to jump your beautiful ass and fuck you silly." She feigned a look of shock at me but I knew it was true. "And I'll tell you right now that you sure are lucky I don't lie because if I did you'd be on the floor with your ass in the air and I would be fucking it hard and fast right now!"

The shocked look stayed and just a little fear too.

"You really turn me on! You're such a beautiful woman and you have such a nice body! I love the way your breasts look and now I love the way they feel and I know what you are hiding inside those pants and I want to see much worse than I did last week and now you know you're safe with me at least from intercourse." She was still looking into my eyes but her fear was gone now and a much more caring look had replaced it. I kept right on going,"I still want your ass and pussy, make no mistake about that but I just cannot take you with my cock and instead I have to use my mouth and tongue. I love your smell and I want to taste you like I've never wanted anything else in my life, if you'll let me." I waggled my eyebrows at her.

She giggled like a school girl but her voice was serious,"I admit I enjoyed what happened last weekend, but I am still afraid of being caught or worse yet seen naked by anyone."

"Else." I again waggled the eyebrows. She giggled again but softer and not nearly as long before saying,"Yes it was fun because you watched me and I will tell you something, no one has ever watched me do that in my entire life I swear!" She was almost in tears now the humerus side broken by her sullen admission.

"Well you are hard to look away from even when you are dressed." All this time she had been down on her knees in front of me still with her hands on my cock and it hadn't changed much except to maybe get softer in her warm hand. She smiled and began to rise to her feet. She tugged on my cock using it as a pulling point to bring her to her feet. I howled,"Hey watch that shit! Just cause it won't get hard no more don't mean there ain't no feeling in it!" She again giggled like a naughty school girl this time.

Her hands crossed in front of her and each hand grabbed an opposite side shirt tail and up they went in one fluid motion. Off the top came and she stood there bare chested holding the top out for me to take from her After I felt her eyes on me I looked up and she was smiling at me and had the pink blush and was at the same time shaking her head at me in exasperation.

"What?" The word came out of my mouth at the exact same time I saw the top in her extended hand. I knew she had been holding it out to me since she had removed it from that fabulous body. I sheepishly took hold of it and muttered,"Oh."

"I was going to tell you that I need to clean the house first before we can do anything and I WAS going to do it naked so that you could WATCH me, but I can see now that it wouldn't work out so this is as far as I am going." She immediately saw the crushed look on my face and really laughed at me! "Oh you can wait until I'm finished cleaning and any way it'll be safer. I do not want you taking any photos of me any more unless I say okay, okay?"

I nodded as well as said,"Okay." I must have looked like a bobble head because she laughed again.

She turned and opened the connecting door to the house. She started in but turned on the threshold and looked me in the eyes. She raised her hands to cup her wonderful breasts and hold them out to me saying,"I'll give you two minutes between rooms." I stared at her pert nipples for a few seconds.

"Oh, so all you want is to just look?" She was giving me that little girl tease tone that women have when they have discovered how naive men can be about some things.

I'm sure my eyes went wide as saucers and I stammered,"You mean I can touch them too!" I was slowly coming out of my daze!

"I meant that you might want to touch them again and you might want to do more, but you only have two minutes to do what ever you choose to my breasts in the doorway between rooms I clean." She was almost laughing at the end.

Realization hit me like a ton of bricks and I am sure she saw it wash over me too. I took a step closer and lowered my head fastening my lips around her stone hard left nipple. I sucked it softly and swirled my tongue around it's perimeter. She moaned with delight and her hands dropped the warm globes of her flesh and jumped to the back of my head and pulled hard forcing my face into her breast. I made another swirl of her hardened tip and then sucked hard on it. She gasped loudly and leaned her head back and thrust her chest forward as if to make me take all of her precious breast into my sucking warm wet mouth. My left hand went directly to her right breast and I latched on to her hard nub and both twisted it and pulled gently. It was a lot of pleasure for her to take and she was making it clear that she was enjoying this.

I bit the hardened nipple and dragged it away from her stretching the titflesh taught. She gasped at the feel of it. I gave this one a quick hard suck and released it and swapped with my left hand to her right breast and raised my right hand to the left one I had just abandoned with my mouth.

I flicked it hard with my tongue and circled the perimeter just as I had with the other one. I gave it a little bite though before encircling it with my lips and really sucking it hard. While the nipple was being stretched by my suction i was flicking the nipple with my tongue as hard as I could too. This combination seemed to drive her crazy and I enjoyed her squirming.

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