tagErotic CouplingsGood Morning Baby...

Good Morning Baby...


Your subconscious is telling you to wake up. As you become more aware, you feel a light, feathery touch, drifting up the side of your calf and your body tenses. It glides across the back of your knee and continues on its journey, playfully caressing your skin so lightly; you can feel the hairs on your leg standing on end.

The touch pauses at the top of your thigh and then lifts. Disappointed, your body relaxes and you sink back into the mattress, unsure if you have imagined it or not.

You take a deep breath. Aroused and sleepy, you lazily reach under the covers to touch yourself, when you feel a whisper of air blow across your balls. Your hand freezes in mid-motion, your body tensing in anticipation.

A rasping, wet tongue slowly glides up your testicles, along your rigid cock to the head, where it rolls around the slit, gently caressing the velvety softness of your glans.

Your hips jerk involuntarily, as the wet tongue is replaced by a hot, moist mouth. Soft lips slowly slide their way back down your shaft, the tongue lapping along your foreskin as the mouth makes its way further and further down.

You're wide awake now and your body recognises my touch as you feel the walls of my throat close around the head of your cock as I swallow.

Gripping the quilt, you throw it back to reveal my naked body lying between your widespread legs, my head positioned over your lap. Daybreak is approaching and the faint half light that glows through the gap in the curtains gives my skin and ethereal glow.

I hear you moan and your hands slide through the silky strands of my long hair, fanning them over your thighs as I bury my nose in the coarse curls surrounding your sex, inhaling your musky, masculine scent.

I wrap my hand around the base of your cock and begin to withdraw my mouth. I increase the suction as I pull back up, working your shaft with my hand as well as my lips and tongue, to create a multitude of sensations that roll down your cock and through your testicles.

As the pleasure increases, I push your legs even further apart and move down to your scrotum. Cupping your sac in my other hand, I suck the wrinkled skin gently into my mouth and roll one of your testicles with my tongue. I feel your body tense, mostly with pleasure, but a tiny part of you feels nervous as I play with the most sensitive part of your body.

Rapidly flicking my tongue across your scrotum and the base of your cock, I wank you faster, adjusting my speed and grip in accordance with your sighs and moans.

Your hips begin to flex rapidly against my lips and tongue and I prepare to take you back into my mouth, but you surprise me by grabbing my arms and hauling me up your body.

Spreading my thighs, you plunge upwards into me and I cry out. I'm very wet, but you're a big guy and the sensation of your rock hard cock, thrusting into me is almost more than I can take.

I begin to shake as sensation after sensation flows through me, flooding me with intense pleasure. The feel of your hands on my body; your cock filling me to capacity; the intrusion almost painful as I try to adjust to your size and the added sensation of my hood piercing, rubbing against your shaft as you fuck me.

Gripping the back of my head, you pull me down for a kiss. Your lips are so soft and warm and your tongue rasps against mine as you kiss me slowly...so slowly and sensuously...

Your other hand works its way down my spine and you grab onto my arse, pulling me down onto your cock for maximum penetration, the tiny bite of pain blooming into pleasure, making us both moan.

I can't keep my hands still either and caress your head and face, working my fingers over your neck and shoulders. I can't stop touching you, but I lose my senses as you roll me beneath you and lift my legs, hooking them up with your arms.

In this position, you can reach down and suck my nipples and I beg you to bite them as I begin to climax.

I squeeze my pelvic muscles around your cock as I come and you roar, thrusting hard and fast until you come too, shooting your load into my body, your spunk feeling hot and slick as it fills me.

Finally, you collapse on top of me and roll to one side. Wrapping your arms around me, you kiss me softly, gently biting my lips and then lathing the slight sting away with your tongue.

I kiss and lick my way down your neck and chest, over your flat, hard stomach and down to your softening cock. With my lips and tongue, I clean you off gently before whispering huskily, "Good morning baby..."

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