tagIncest/TabooGood Morning, Daddy Ch. 01

Good Morning, Daddy Ch. 01


It is just after 6:15 a.m. I hear her leave through the down-stairs door, and her car pull out of the driveway. I watch her black 84 Oldsmobile Delta 88 back into our street, and pull away. It is early Saturday morning, and Mother is going to work. She won’t be home until sometime Monday afternoon.

Standing before the window, watching my mother drive away, I pull my panties off, stepping daintily out of them. I am already wet, wet and ready. Mother’s black sedan merges into traffic and drives away. I smile to myself.

Barefoot, I pad down the hallway.

The door to my parents’ bedroom is closed. I give a gentle push, and the door swings open easily. My father is sitting up in the king-sized bed he shares with my mother, sipping a cup of coffee. He sees me looking around the doorway, and smiles.

“Hello, Princess,” he says, putting his coffee cup down on the bedside table. He smiles at me and my heart melts. How I love his smile. How I love how he looks at me, so appreciatively.

“Daddy,” I manage to croak. Oh god, how I love him so. “Can I come in now?”

“I’ve been waiting for you, sweetheart,” he says, smiling back at me. “Is—is mommy gone?” he asks, looking furtively at the curtain over the window on his side of the bed.

“Yes,” I whisper. “Yes. I saw her drive away.”

He lifts both arms to me, inviting me to his bed. I walk toward him, unafraid, willing, and in fact even eager to join him. I lift my sleeping-tee over my head, revealing my bare young breasts. My nipples are already hard stiff points, yearning for his touch.

I snuggle into bed, next to him. His strong firm hands cup my naked breasts. I feel arrows of arousal shoot through me, as his hands cup my fleshy globes and his thumbs play with the crinkling areolae of my nipples. His hard manhood presses close to my outer thigh, and his lips cover mine.

Oh, he is hard for me this morning. His thick cock lays against me, a throbbing serpent, ready to seize and take me. I am his willing victim.

His arms encircle me. His lips press on mine, and I return his kiss with equal fervor. He made me. With his thick cock, he spewed his seed into my mother and formed me from her egg and his masculine sperm. Two cells joined, and produced me, out of my mother’s cunt. I kiss him back, hard and desperate. I feel his palms on my breasts, teasing the dark brown circles into stiff hard coronas with a fleshy tip hard and resilient to touch and tongue. From my ears and eyes, to my lips, to my throat, down to my navel, he kisses and tongues me. I writhe, like a flounder pulled hastily from the surf to the sand, yet urge his delightful sensuous teasing of my body on, and on, and on.

His lips find my vaginal lips, and kiss them. My back arches in wanton delight as his tongue darts here then there. In me and on me, he delights me, his soft guttural sounds of pleasure sending me to new heights. My thighs part to his amorous kisses, and his tongue snakes in and out of me. I clasp his head, holding his face close to my nether-regions, and cry out in unbridled passion as his tongue delights me.

I plant my feet on his shoulders, hunching my hips upward, up and down, and down and up, over his eager tongue. My tide is rising within me. I am so close to my crisis, and his muted sounds of pleasure come to my ears softly, like a music played on a street-corner blocks away but close enough to hear and appreciate.

My flood erupts, and I groan in agonized pleasure. His tongue dives deeper and deeper into me, and my fluids flow to meet his thirst. He lifts himself on his arms, his mature body muscled and strong, his manhood throbbing.

His cock rubs the swollen lips of my wet cunt. I yearn for him, need for him, want for him so terribly, I groan even though two orgasms have flooded my sensations. His hardness rubs my wet hole, yet he does not enter me.

His face floats above mine. His lips part, first to kiss me. Then they form the words, “I love you!”

His manhood parts me, fills me. Oh god, how big he is. How he spreads me, and fills and fulfills me! He begins to thrust, slowly but firmly, in and out in deliberate strokes, while his lips cover mine, or my breasts.

His thrusting increases in intensity. My own need rises to meet his demand, and we are locked together. His manhood impales into my wet womanhood. Where he ends and I begin, I cannot tell, nor do I want to. His cock is so sweet in me, my cunt like warm buttery dough around him. I moan as my tide rises, higher and higher.

“Oh baby,” he grunts. “Oh baby girl! Here it come, baby girl. Here it comes.”

I cannot speak. My tits are heaving with desire and want. My mouth opens, and unintelligible sounds emit. I need him so. I’m so close—so very close. His mouth clamps on my left breast. I give a throttled cry of release at his deep thrust inside me.

His liquid heat erupts; filling me, scalding me. My own hot wet flood of climax matches his heat. I feel my fluids flow, matching his spewing inside me. Together we cry in triumphant release.

My father collapses atop me, spent and heaving. Beneath his strong form, I weep in joyous acceptance and release. I feel him inside me, still spasming, still ejecting his love in white, creamy globules. I welcome his cumming, matching it with my own. The cock that begot me now fulfills me. My hole, like that of my mother’s I came out of, caresses and milks him dry. He raises himself and looks down at me.

His eyes are weary from lust and love, and his face is tight and drawn, but relaxed in his climax still quivering within me.

“You beautiful bitch,” he whispers, one hand still caressing my naked breast. Filled with him, and fulfilled as I am, my cunt squeezes his softening cock.

“Oh daddy,” I whisper, my voice choked with passion and fulfillment. “Daddy, I love you so.”

Yes, there is more to come from this line. This is but the beginning. Gentle readers, thank you for your support. I look forward to hearing your good, and not so good, responses.

Thank you.

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