Good Sex with a Bad Wife


I picked up the pace, punishing her pussy.

"Fuck." She finally dropped her head back to the bed, and relented, relinquishing all resistance, and allowing me full control with her ass sticking it up in a position ready to be plowed.

I rammed my cock into her pussy as I kneaded her ass and my eyes saw her asshole gaping open at me. I was going on pure instinct as I pulled my cock from her cunt and pressed the tip against her asshole. "A pig like you should be fucked up the ass." I said.

I pushed forward sending two inches of my cock up her ass. She moaned and I couldn't tell if it was with pleasure or with pain, but now I wanted to fuck her ass, even though I had never fucked anyone up the ass before. "You're a fucking pig and you have to be punished. Say it!"

"I'm a disgusting fucking pig," she wailed. "I should be punished. I was bad and I should be punished by being fucked up the ass!"

"You like it. Say it, you fucking pig!" I said as I began to fuck her.

"Yes I love it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck my ass! I want you to fuck my ass!" she panted as she pushed her ass back against my cock.

I pushed my cock all the way up her ass and started to fuck it hard. She fucked back at me and I lost myself in the sensation her tight ass was giving my cock.

Buried in her ass, I alternated hands as I spanked her... firmly, but not painfully. Just enough to send tingles through her flesh and the skin a bit. The slaps smarted and made her clench around me.

With every thrust she shivered and moaned, her muscles tightening and relaxing around my enlarged member. I began to move more powerfully, sliding my cock in and out of her in an erotic rhythm, shoving in to the hilt. I slipped my hand down between her legs and stroked the soft folds of her pussy. The position made me bend over her, my body curving around hers as I plundered her ass and manipulated her clit.

Her continued moaning, the quaking of her body, the way she kept attempting to close her legs told me how close she was to orgasm. Finally she started to cum. Then I rammed my cock into her hard and began moaning with her as I came in her ass.

I let out a low cry, my body jerking into her, my already sizable cock swelling up inside of her and expanding her tight ring even further as jets of my cum filled her. The sensation was so intense that she bucked beneath me. I was gripping her tightly, as her orgasm and mine crashed into one another, exploding in a variety of sensations that sent us both of us straight over the edge.

She slumped beneath me. I didn't lie on top of her for very long. My cock shrank inside of her and then slowly slipped out; her body's twitching pushing it on its way now that it had lost its demanding hardness. She whimpered when my cock slipped out of her ass, followed by my dripping sperm running down the crack of her ass and down her thighs.

She rolled off the bed and onto the floor lying flat on her back spread eagle. She took a minute to catch her breath. I got off the bed and stood over her holding my now limp cock in my hand glaring down at her enjoying the moment.

She then got up on her knees directly in front of me and looked up at me.

"Piss on me," she panted. "I want you to piss down my throat," she purred, holding her tits in her hands like an offering. "Give it to me. Make me swallow it."

Even though I had just had what was probably some of the best sex of my life I hated this women, I wanted to hurt her I want to humiliate this whore. I wanted do the most degrading thing I could do to her.

Taking my cock in my hand I began to pee on her. I started to piss and she directed the stream over her tits spouting a glittering stream of piss into the air that splashed on her breasts like a garden hose.

I began spraying her tits and then her face with a vibrant stream of piss that dripped off her and hit the floor in glistening droplets.

She leaned back so the stream moved down her stomach to her crotch. The stream moved back up to her chest and before I realized what I was doing, I directed it at her face.

She made a loud noise from her throat and I saw her hands move to her crotch and she lifted her face and opened her mouth as I aimed my stream at her tongue, her eyes focused on the opening of my cock head. I pissed into her mouth and she leaned forward and opened her mouth to catch it and smiled at me like a kid at Christmas time.

She began rubbing her pussy frantically as my urine ran down her chin to her chest. The whole scene far surpassed even my most degenerate fantasies. When I stopped pissing she sank to the floor in the puddle of piss, moaning. "I like it when you piss on me. I know it's bad, but I liked it. And I like having your cock up my ass."

"Go clean yourself up before Tom gets home." I said in a contemptuous voice.

"What no cuddling?" she said laughingly. "I thought you were the old fashion romantic type. Gee whiz I am crushed but then again I am sure I will get over it."

"Don't you feel the least amount of guilt or remorse about cheating on your husband?" I asked. "Don't you realize how it would devastate him if he knew what kind of whore you are and what we just did here?"

She just smiled at me with a devilish grin, "Oh sweetie he already knows about us, in fact it was his idea for me to fuck you in the first place. He likes the idea of me fucking other men, he gets off on it. I guess you don't know him as well as you think you do. If you don't believe me just ask him, he has been in the closet the whole time watching us and filming it."

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by blackknight31405/12/18


If he had been a true friend, he would have told his buddy. You know a buddy is someone that goes out and gets 2 blow jobs and then brings one home to you. He could have been having it off with hermore...

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