Good Times at Kamp Kinokee

byTrue North©

He looked back over the grounds, up toward the cabins, and saw a glint of light again, this time from inside the lean-to. He looked back at the kids as they ducked inside the shack and he saw a light flick on inside. That little fucker Andrew had thought of everything. He pictured them banging on the lifejackets inside, finishing each other off.

He looked at the shack's door, which they didn't close, and could barely make them out inside. Then he looked back toward the light. As a series of lightning flashes lit everything, he saw someone with a raincoat on making their way from the lean-to toward the beach. He smiled. Darlene was out again too, he knew it was her.

He crouched under the tree and watched as the person stealthily made their way to where they could see inside the door. The only other person who might be out was Brown, but that wasn't him in the raincoat. He was way bigger. It was pouring, but under the tree, Shaker was barely wet. Rain dripped down his face and he turned to watch behind him as the person move under another large tree, one that offered a view into the shack through the door.

A massive bolt of lightning blasted through skies, lighting up everything and he could now see that it was Darlene. She was looking into the shack through her binoculars. He chuckled to himself. He looked toward Darlene, then toward the kids in the shack. He'd show her.

He slipped out from under the three and deeper into the lake, then dove and swam underwater as far as he could hold his breath, then surfaced. He quietly swam along just off the beach, then got out and headed into the camp grounds, thinking he should be able to come up from behind her now. He made his way quietly through wet trees, thoroughly soaked now. Another flash showed him that Darlene was right ahead... about where he thought she'd be. He could see that she was still there, watching the kids through her binoculars. He kept moving toward her; she was standing under a big tree out of most of the rain as he snuck up from behind.

From behind, he could tell she was holding the binoculars with one hand again. He couldn't see her other hand, but figured it was in her shorts again. Just a couple of feet behind her, Shaker could see the water pouring off her raincoat and the hat she had on. From here, he could her hair pulled out through the back of the hat.

He quickly took two strides, then in one motion clapped a hand over her mouth and put an arm around her waist. "Quiet," he hissed into her ear. She struggled, shocked, and dropped the binoculars, but he held her tight. "Darlene," he whispered. "Having fun?" She struggled less when she heard her name, but was rigid with tension. "Relax." He continued to keep his arm around her and his hand over her mouth. "It's Shaker, nobody's going to hurt you."

He felt her relax a little more. He whispered into her ear again, "are you going to yell?" She shook her head. "You better not, or I'll report you to Brown. Imagine, spying on kids. You're not going to yell?" She shook her head again.

"All right." He removed his hand from her mouth.

"You asshole, Shaker. What are you doing?" She struggled.

"Me? What are you doing, Darlene? Why are you out here in the dark after curfew? Watching?"

She tried to turn and face him, but he held her tight. "I'm watching to make sure nothing happens. Same as you."

"But it's my job to make sure the place is secure, Darlene. I think you were watching those kids. I've seen you watching them."

She relaxed a little. "You have?"

"Yeah, I saw you watching them in the lean-to. You seemed pretty interested." He could almost feel the heat of a blush from her when she realized he'd seen her. "I also saw you playing with yourself."

She struggled again, kicked him in the shin and finally pulled away from him. She turned to him and another flash of lightning illuminated her angry face. It also illuminated the fact she had nothing on under the raincoat, which hung open.

Shaker looked at her nakedness under the raincoat, but in the next lightning flash, she noticed him looking and pulled it closed. In the next flash, she looked at him, dressed in mostly black, with the camo tiger stripes on his skin. "What are you, fucking Rambo?"

"Hey, relax. I'm just like you, I'm just out here making sure nobody gets into any trouble." He looked at her and smiled, his teeth white in his camouflaged face. "And sometimes I watch Andrew and Brittany fuck. Just like you do."

She blushed in the dark and thought, how did he know that's what she'd been doing? She pulled her raincoat tightly around her. She didn't have much to say. What could she say? She had been watching the kids fuck. He was right.

They stood there, rain pouring down, with flashes lighting up everything intermittently. She looked at him, water pouring down over his body, smiling at her. She let her raincoat fall open and stepped close to him. "You won't tell anyone, will you? If you won't tell, I won't tell." She reached out and ran her fingers down an arm. It was wet and slippery where the camo was.

He put his hands on her raincoat, opened it wide and looked at her body in the next flash of light. Her nipples stood out and rain drops quickly beaded on her skin, dripping off her breasts. She sucked in her breath as the cold drops hit her. She looked at him. "You like?"

"Fuckin' eh," he said, laughing a little. "I like." He stepped closer and cupped a breast in one hand, feeling the warmth, even as the cool water fell. Darlene dropped a hand to her pussy... and cupped herself as she looked up at Shaker. He watched her touch herself and smiled. Nice. Reaching down, he put his other hand over hers and felt the warmth emanating from between her legs.

He looked at her, up close now. "You like watching, eh?"

She smiled. "Yeah, but you know what I like even better?"


"I like to fuck, Shaker. I like to watch, but what I really like... is to fuck. And there's really nobody around here to fuck." She reached out and put a hand on his crotch, feeling him under his shorts. "Except you, it seems."

As she squeezed him through his shorts, he bent to kiss her. Rain continued to fall and it ran down their faces and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. She opened her mouth wide, taking him in and their tongues tangled as they tasted each other.

She pulled back and smiled up at him. The lightning and thunder eased some and the sky lightened a little. She looked at him, then reached to undo the button of his shorts and slid the zipper down. Dropping to squat in front of Shaker, Darlene took his shorts in hand and slid them down his legs. Eyeing his cock, she licked her lips and kissed the head. Taking him in hand, she stroked him a little. He stiffed under her touch and she stroked some more, quickly bringing him to attention.

As he stiffened, she took his head into her mouth and sucked on it. Feeling the suction, Shaker looked down at her... squatting in front of him. Yes. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the ground, letting the rain hit him all over. He looked up at the sky, rain falling on his face as Darlene sucked him deeper into her mouth. He could feel her tongue on the underside of his cock and her lips wrapped around him. She started bobbing on him and he could feel her breathing into his pubic hair.

He looked down at her and pulled her hat off so he could see her face better. She squatted, blowing him, turning her head to and fro as she bobbed on him. Her hair was plastered to her now and he reached to push some it behind her ears. He put a hand on each side of her head and helped himself to her mouth.

The sky lightened further and he was able to see as she moved on him, taking him deep, then pulling back so his head was between her lips. Then she took all of him in, held him there and worked her tongue on him. He moaned. Holy shit, he though, she's good. She gagged a bit and pulled off him with a pop. She looked up at him. "Wanna fuck, Shaker?"

Looking down at her, his cock in her hand after being in her mouth, he thought it was a stupid question, but what the hell. He reached down, took her hands and pulled her to her feet. Standing in front of him now, he reached to her raincoat and pushed it off her shoulders so it fell to the ground. He looked over her body, grabbed a hand, then pulled her toward him. He tugged her along behind him, to the lean-to.

As they ducked under the roof, he kissed her furiously, pushing her backward as he did, until she backed into a picnic table. He pressed against her, his cock against her body, her breasts against his chest. Reaching down, he moved his hands under her ass and lifted her onto the table. Sensing what he wanted, Darlene spread her legs and wrapped them around him.

Looking down between them, his cock poised at her pussy, Shaker looked into her eyes. "Yeah, I want to fuck you."

Perched now on the edge of the table, she looked up into his eyes, reached for his cock and directed him into her body. "Do it. Fuck me, Shaker, fuck me."

Holding her thighs, he pushed his cock inside her as she leaned back and put her hands behind her on the table. Looking down between them, he watched as he pumped in and out of her; she was wet and slippery and he glided in and out of her body easily. Building a nice rhythm together, she pulled him in with her legs and he slid into her, balls deep, over and over again.

Now the two of them were bathed in the light from the clock, fucking rhythmically. He watched her breasts sway as he fucked her, nipples firm, at the way her eyes were closed, the smile on her face.

They moved together, fucking slowly, steadily. He throbbed as he moved in her, she clenched him each time he was all the way inside. "Oooohhh," she moaned and lifted her ass off the table to better meet his thrusts. He kept fucking her, feeling pressure building inside, clenching to hold back, as she moved with him.

She tightened her legs around him, ass off the table now, pulling him inside her as he thrust into her body. Over and over and over. Her hands taking some of her weight, her legs clamped tightly around him, she could feel it approaching. As he fucked, she was bucking with him... their bodies meshing, moving together.

Finally, with his hands tightly gripping her thighs and her legs wrapped tightly around him, he thrust deep into her and, as he started to spurt, she tensed and let out a loud moan. "Ooohhhhh yessssssssss. Fuck yesss, Shaker." Spasms wracked her and she hung on tightly with her legs, her muscles taut as his cum flowed freely into her, spurt after spurt filling her.

They came together, with him buried deep in her pussy, and she with her legs wrapped tightly around him, not letting pull away but keeping him inside. They came together and he filled her, could feel his warm cum around his cock. They were both panting from the exertion, but she wouldn't let him pull out, enjoying the feel of his cock inside her too much.

Shaker stood, buried inside her, emptied, watching her breasts heave. They smiled at each other.

"Shaker?" she panted.


"This may turn out to be the best summer camp ever."

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by nearsomehills05/11/18

Very enjoyable. really good build up. Loved the voyeuristic aspect to this

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