tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGoodbye, Jerilee Ch. 02

Goodbye, Jerilee Ch. 02


It was another stinking hot day and Jerilee was dressed accordingly. After everyone had left for work that morning she dressed herself in her new outfit that she had gone out and bought especially for this day.

Putting on the belt skirt as they were called because they covered nothing she saw herself in the full-length mirror and it certainly didn't cover her upper thighs. She felt the red hot heat rise within. Standing up straight she knew she had to pull the skirt further down her waist to keep her dignity. Her thong would cover and protect her. Yes, that was the answer. Her top fitted her nicely. Her breasts bulged out of her tightly fitted bra. She knew she looked the part.

She left the house and went on her long journey to Regent's Park. Taking the tube would be much quicker. Anticipation was her main feeling as the tube shook her from side to side.

Jumping on the bus she rushed straight up to the top deck. Sensing that people might be looking at her she enjoyed the daring feeling. She sat down and tried to catch her breath.

She arrived at the zoo gates slightly before the arranged time, but so had he. He was wearing a suit this time and looked so smart and extremely handsome that she had this urge to run, but she couldn't because he had clocked her and walked towards her slowly as he looked her up and down. He was licking his lips subtly.

"Hi." He greeted her very casually. It was as if they knew each other well. This made her more nervous.

"Hi." She replied very quietly with a smile on her face. She glanced at him shyly.

"Do you like the zoo?" He asked in a Jamaican accent. This didn't go unnoticed by Jerilee and she nearly collapsed there on the spot. This didn't go unnoticed by him either, her reaction. "Do you?" He asked again. He put his hand under her arm to steady her.

"Yes." She replied very quietly, Her voice was very weak. It was her overwhelming desire that made her talk so huskily.

"Good. Let's go and see some animals then." He said. His hand left her arm for a moment while he patted her bear buttocks and his finger followed her anal hole. She stumbled, but he caught her before she fell.

They were in the zoo park. Not many other people were there that day so this meant Jerilee and her dangerous date had plenty of hiding spots. Jerilee loved animals, but she forgot about them really. She was so overwhelmed by her companion, she only saw him.

"Do you want an ice cream before we go any further?" He asked as he grabbed her closer to him.

"Yes please." She replied like a child answering her dad. He looked old enough to be her dad.

He bought two ice creams. One for her and one for him. Though, he had no intention on eating his. As soon as they found a secluded spot he pinned her against the hard brick wall with his heavy body and smear his ice cream up her love hole. He pulled her thong off roughly making her groan with pain and then he rammed the ice cream up her. She could hardly keep standing, but she had to. There wasn't anywhere to sit.

"Stand up girl!" He ordered her and gave her slap on the thigh before diving in on her with her rough bearded mouth. He licked her so hard that she climaxed within seconds, but he didn't stop until he had licked away all the ice cream away. She came the second time.

Finally they found somewhere to sit. She was out of breath and she cradled her like a child. Passer-bys tried not to look, they knew what they were up to because her skirt was too short for her to be his daughter.

They were alone again. He kept hold of her around her waist while he rubbed her forehead.

"Tell me about Jerilee." He said softly while he kissed her hair. She looked up at him in surprise.

"What do you want to know?" She asked sitting up straight.

"Why do you make me wild with desire? I don't behave like this normally." He told her.

"Sorry." That was the only thing Jerilee could think of what to say.

"Don't be sorry, you bad girl!" He said into her ear as his hand reached under her red top and squeezed her nipple. She yelped out in pain and buried her face in his chest. He liked the effect he had on her and right at that moment he wanted to take her home and fuck her brains out. He didn't know if she would up for this. She had been pretty daring so far, but he assumed that was because they had been in public places. Would she come to his place?

Jerilee could suddenly feel his heart and she sat up and looked at him out of the corner of her eye. She wondered how old he was. He certainly wasn't young. What if he was about to have a heart attack? She didn't even know his name.

"What's up?" He asked quietly.

"Oh nothing." Jerilee smiled feebly.

"Yeah, there is. I can see there's something troubling you." He began to be forceful.

"I don't know your name." She said nervously.

"Dez, I'm Dez. Nice to meet you." He held his hand out. She giggled and playfully shook it.

"Ask me anything you want." Dez said as he sat back and relaxed.

"Why was your heart beating fast?" Jerilee asked.

"You want a straight answer?" Dez ask without smiling.

"Course!" Jerilee said still chuckling.

"I was dreaming of fucking your brains out." Dez said as he watched her reaction. He thought he saw clench up with desire, but he couldn't be sure.

"I thought you had been doing that already." Jerilee said as she felt herself get aroused all over again. She had her head down and didn't expect him to grab her around her waist and pulled her towards him. She flopped on to him and he whispered in her ear.

"I want my big fat dick deep inside that tight hole." He said. Jerilee stayed as still as she could. There was nothing she could say to that, but her body was saying yes yes yes. "Would you like that?" She heard him ask her. All she could do was nod her head implying she wanted nothing more.

They both sat there with their own thoughts for ages. His hand played with her behind subtly. She nearly climaxed, but each time she reached the point he pulled his hand away. She came anyway, she couldn't help herself. Burying her face in her hands Dez thought she was cry. He was right.

"What? What's wrong?" He asked in a panic. She looked up quickly and smiled sheepishly. Hearing the worry in his voice didn't seem right.

"I'm OK. I'm not used to having so many..." Her voice trailed. She felt so embarrassed saying the word. She saw his face relaxed.

"So many orgasms?" He said the word for her. He chuckled. Laughing, she bent her head down. "You haven't had anything yet, believe me!" He said as he reverted back to being dangerous. This made Jerilee looked up and stopped laughing. Only a faint smile was showing.

"Huh?" She asked quietly.

"How do you feel about coming to my house?" He asked softly. The look upon her face told him that she wasn't expecting this. She sat up and looked away. He thought he had blown it.

"Aren't you married or involved with someone?" She asked quietly. She never imagined she would get this far with a stranger she met on a bus. Thinking it was only going to be a few dangerous meetings.

"Nope! I've just divorced my wife after twenty five years. I'm single. Ready for a new chapter in my and boy, do I want this chapter to open up?" He said with a devil of a chuckle. This made Jerilee nervous inside and she didn't know what to do. Should she run?

"Me?" That was the only thing she could say.

"Why not?" He asked as he pulled her bum closer to him. The skirt she wore wasn't covering any of her bottom half. "So how about you come tomorrow for supper? I'll cook you a nice meal and see if we're comfy with one another." He was deadly seriously.

"OK." Jerilee heard herself say. Everything was going through her mind from fear to excitement. She didn't know whether she was ready for this, but she knew she wanted to find out.

"Good girl!" He said as he nuzzled her ear making her go completely floppy on top of him. This was when she felt his big tool in his trousers. "Ouch! Be careful girl! That hurt. I've been so good at holding back that it's beginning to hurt now." He sounded angry with her as he said this.

"Oh sorry, so sorry. I didn't mean to...." She couldn't finish the sentence.

"Didn't mean what girl? To make me this hard?" He chuckled as he pinched her bum.

"No, I mean I didn't mean to knock you." Jerilee said as she was careful where she leaned on him.

"I want this cock up you right now, but I'm scared you might scream. It'll rip you apart and I want you in my house before I make you scream." He was whispering all this in her ear and her stomach was doing things that it had never done before. She couldn't talk even if she wanted to. "So what time will you come to me tomorrow?" He asked as he sat back. He waited for her response.

"You say, I'll be there." Jerilee said not believing she was saying it.

"Five o'clock? I could come and get you if you want? In fact, I could take you home now. You can't walk the streets in that outfit." He said not joking.

"Oh no, you're all right. I'll just pull it down a bit" She said missing the seriousness in his voice. She began to rearrange her skirt, but she was stopped.

"No I said. I'll take you to your road. I won't see your address if you don't want me to, but you're not walking around like that!" Dez told her as if he was speaking to his daughter. Jerilee didn't know where to put herself. She had the urge to burst out laughing, but she didn't dare to. When she spoke it was more like a squeak.

"OK." And that was all she said before she began to follow him. Though, he made her walk in front of him so she wasn't exposing anything she shouldn't. He lightly held her arm while they walked out of the zoo gates. They hadn't taken much interest of the poor animals that day and Jerilee felt guilt as they walked down the main road.

"My car is just down here, not far." He said. Now his hand was around her waist. There weren't many people about. He hurried her up.

Jerilee couldn't believe her eyes. His car wasn't any old car. This guy had money. This guy had a good job.

"Wow! Nice car!" She said forgetting herself for a moment.

"Thanks! Get in!" He ordered her as he held the door open. She climbed in all ladylike. The seats were made of real leather and her bare behind felt the smoothness of it. He slammed the door and this was when Jerilee felt truly trapped. He got into the drivers seat and off he took her. Jerilee's head was spinning as he drove the car with speed and grace.

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