***Author's note: This one's a little weird. Silly. Indulgent. Bizarre. If your not into anime, furries, and fetish, you might want to skip this story. It's written sort of tongue-in-cheek. Enjoy!


Kichi was a character in a video game. A slutty, slutty character in a dirty, dirty video game. But that didn't make her existence any less the real.

She stretched her newborn limbs, found herself elongating, then narrowing. She became impossibly thin, willowy. Beyond emaciated, her arms and legs were like reeds. Her abdomen was as narrow as a pop can. None of her bones showed through her pink, perfect skin though, save at the top of her hip bones, a couple of her lowest ribs, and her collar bone. Her face elongated and narrowed. Her nose shrank. Became smaller, smaller, smaller. Almost non-existent, it suddenly upturned at the end. Her eyes enlarged. Became bolder. Her eyelashes became long, thick, pronounced, almost covering half of her face with their luxurious, alluring flashes. Her eyes became even shinier. With ruby red, sparkling irises. Her eyes now dominated the majority of the surface area of her face. Her eyelashes made whooshing sounds as she batted them.

Her ears became long, sharp, pointed. Elfin. Her hair lengthened and became less subject to gravity. Floating aloft, it waved and flowed with the electronic breeze. It became brighter and more vibrant, finishing a glowing pink colour. Her pubic hair changed colour at the same time. Then it recessed in its coverage, becoming a small triangular patch directly above her genital slit.

Her skin darkened. Darkened more. More. Became completely absent of colour, black as pitch. Then shiny, glossy. Her nipples, lips, and inner labia became a pale, light pink colour in stark contrast. Her outer labia were still pitch black and glossy, and came together in a tight slit, revealing no hint of her inner folds unless she spread them with her fingers. Wings sprouted from her back. They became diaphanous, shimmering and silvery. Like a butterfly's. Two antennae sprouted from her forehead.

Her breasts began to inflate. B cup, C cup, D cup, FF cup, HH cup... Quickly they reached ridiculous, comical proportions. Many, many times the size of her rib cage, they stood out, defying gravity, like two gargantuan glistening, black watermelons with tiny, pale pink nipples.

Slivery stockings with garters appeared on her legs and thighs, and sliver stiletto-heel shoes appeared on her feet. A sparkly silver tam adorned her head. Other than that, she remained naked.

She turned about, examining herself, and was pleased with her appearance. She flitted off to the lobby.

She arrived in the lobby, taking note of the zones. Only a total of twenty players were on line. There were a few figures of various different proportions chatting, but she wanted to play immediately, so she moved on.

She left the lobby and entered the Lollypop Meadows, because there were four players in that zone. Immediately she spied Piggiwig. Piggiwig was a large, round pink pig with big, rolling eyes and a protruding red tongue. He was busy gleefully grinding his enormous, rapidly rotating penis into a clump of lollipops.

"hello piggiwig," Kichi said. Piggiwig looked over to her with a blissful, joyous smile on his wide mouth. His tongue wagged happily as a few drops of saliva dripped from it. "i want to fuck. will you fuck me?"

"piggiwig horne. piggiwig wil fuk u. piggiwig wan 2 fuk u in the ass." Piggiwig rose up in the air, leaned back and spread his hind legs, thrusting his hips forward. His immense penis whirred and pulsed rapidly as he did so.

"yes!" exclaimed Kichi. "come here and fuck me in the ass, piggiwig!"

Piggiwig squealed happily and darted straight at Kichi, his penis accelerating its rotation as Kichi turned, hovered in mid-air and bent over to spread her legs and grab her ankles.

Piggiwig hit her at full speed and slammed his titanic, whirring corkscrew phallus completely up Kichi's rear in a single thrust and immediately began fucking her at a blinding pace, hammering in and out almost faster than the eye could follow.

It hurt!! She squealed in pain. "owww, piggiwig! your cock hurts my asshole! it's too big! please, please fuck me harder!"

Kichi's anus, rectum, and whole lower abdomen were stretched many times greater than the diameter of her whole body. Piggiwig's penis shaped her body now, so her torso twisted and corkscrewed around the rapidly twisting and thrusting member.

"piggiwig like u," said Piggiwig, then gave off a series of enthusiastic grunts. "piggiwig fuk ur ass netime. :) piggiwig gonna cum in ur ass."

"yes, piggiwig! cum all up in my ass!" Kichi squealed in wonderful pain as her rectum was stretched and reamed impossibly large.

Piggiwig thrust into her full force and depth, and held still in quivering ecstasy, ejaculating as his penis swelled even larger. Gigantic blasts of pink, gooey semen shot deep into Kichi's ass, causing her belly to swell up, globs of semen to leak out her anus around the base of Piggiwig's shaft, and finally to squirt out her mouth, nostrils and ears.

Kichi was overcome with gratification and satisfaction. She felt so wonderful and fulfilled, having her rectum serve as a receptacle for Piggiwig's penis and semen. Thick, pink blobs of Piggiwig's semen expelled from her anus as he withdrew his corkscrew shaft, now rotating very slowly. Semen still dripped from her nostrils, mouth and ears. She grinned happily as she knelt down and began licking up all of the pink, pearly, glistening gel. Piggiwig squealed with glee and did a number of loops in the air.

When Kichi was finished slurping up every drop of the thick goo, she plucked a lollipop and licked it suggestively. Piggiwig twirled and spun in the air, grunting joyously. Kichi then inserted then lollipop into her vagina, thrusting it in and out rapidly.

Two other figures approached. It was PhaerieBoi and Slinkii_95. PhaerieBoi was, predictably enough, a fairy, like Kichi. He was tall and very thin, but no where near as thin as Kichi, and his features were more proportional to a human. His skin was very pale blue, his eyes sparkling blue, and his lips deep blue. His penis and testicles were very tiny, and he had no pubic hair. Slinkii_95 was a toned, muscular, athletic furry with the head and tail of a fox. She had very long eyelashes, and glittering brown eyes. She had A cup breasts, her rear legs bent back like a fox's, and her body was covered with short, soft, red fur.

"Hello," greeted PhaerieBoi.

"Hiya," said Slinkii_95.

"hello PhaerieBoi. hello Slinkii_95," replied Kichi. "do you want to fuck?"

"piggiwig wan 2 fuk slknii," said Piggiwig, spinning in the air and thrusting his accelerating, rotating penis toward Slinkii_95.

"No, thank you, Piggiwig," Slinkii_95 answered him. "PhaerieBoi likes to be fucked though, would you like to fuck him?"

"piggiwig fuk phariboi," said Piggiwig, his tongue lolling around as he smiled a huge, silly, goofy smile.

"And you, Kichi? Do you want to fuck? You and I?" asked Slinkii_95, facing Kichi as PhaerieBoi turned and bent at the waist, looking back with submissive eyes.

"i'd love to fuck," Kichi replied. "i don't have any toys. do you?" She withdrew the lollipop from her vagina and gave it a lick.

Piggiwig rammed PhaerieBoi from behind, driving into his rectum full force with his spiraling penis. PhaerieBoi gasped and whimpered in pain, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth.

Slinkii_95 chuckled. "We don't need any toys, beautiful." She laid Kichi down in the grass and kissed her mouth gently and sensuously. "Spread your legs for me."

"ok," said Kichi, doing as she was told.

PhaerieBoi was gasping and calling out in pain as Piggiwig sodomized him aggressively, grunting happily all the while. Slinkii_95 climbed on top of Kichi, kissing her way down her neck, settling her mouth on her colossal breasts, sucking on her nipples. She ground her vulva against Kichi's, causing her to squeal in delight.

"ooh fuck me slinkii_95!" squeaked Kichi as her clitoris slipped, slid and bumped against Slinkii_95's as she twisted and thrust her hips. "will you put a lollipop in my butt while we fuck?"

Slinkii_95 giggled. "Ok, if you want me to." She took the lollipop from Kichi's hand and put it behind Kichi's back, twisting and thrusting it upwards, inserting it roughly into Kichi's anus. Kichi wiggled and squealed in delight. She felt so dirty and naughty.

Slinkii_95 began pumping the lollipop in and out of Kichi's anus quickly as she mashed their vulvae together. Slinkii_95 moaned into Kichi's breast as she sucked. PhaerieBoi was yelping and barking as he suffered now, Piggiwig's penis pounding deeply into his bowels with blinding speed. PhaerieBoi's torso didn't expand and show the contours of Piggiwig's penis like Kichi's had. He must have had the 'show internal' option off. He clearly liked the shape of his body very much, and didn't like it being distorted.

Kichi writhed and shivered beneath Slinkii_95's lusty pressure, feeling her pudenda slip and slide against her playmate's while her backside was being roughly fucked with the lollipop. She began gasping a cooing. Soon she was going to cum. "That's right, pretty," whispered Slinkii_95. "Cum for me. Let me see you cum."

Piggiwig was drilling PhaerieBoi's ass feverishly now. "piggiwig gonna cum in ur ass," he said. PhaerieBoi just moaned in lusty submission.

Piggiwig began ejaculating as Kichi reached her peak. Kichi squealed and moaned as Slinkii_95 humped her mound aggressively and sodomized her with the lollipop. Pink, gooey semen began shooting out PhaerieBoi's nostrils, mouth and ears as Piggiwig blasted his enormous load forcefully deep into his clenching anus. Piggiwig grunted in satisfaction as he shot.

Slinkii_95 chuckled and kissed Kichi's neck and ears softly, gently removing the lollipop from her bottom. "You're so sexy, Kichi. Will you be my lover?"

"oooh, yes, slinkii_95! i'd love that!" The 'Lover' offer was made by Slinkii_95 and quickly accepted by Kichi.

"will you all be my friends?" Kichi asked the three.

"yes piggiwig gotta log tho. you all fun. piggiwig fuk all ur ases netime. bye."

"ok, bye piggiwig," said Kichi. She offered friends to Piggiwig, and he accepted, then did several exuberant cartwheels in the air, and left for the lobby.

PhaerieBoi was gasping for breath and whimpering quietly in pain. He wiped the pink, dripping semen from his body and rolled over. His anus was clearly hurting badly.

"we haven't fucked yet, phaerieboi, will you fuck me?" asked Kichi.

"I can't," replied PhaerieBoi. "My useless little cock can't get hard. I will eat you if you want though, I like doing that."

"ok, but can't you cum? i'd like to make you cum."

"The only way I can cum is by being milked."

"ok, that sounds like fun. can i milk you? i want to eat it."

Slinkii_95 laughed with amusement. "You want our little fairy to cum? Well, aren't you sweet, Kichi! This is your lucky day, PhaerieBoi! Ok, Kichi, why don't you suck him and I'll fist his ass and milk his prostate. Does that sound like fun?"

"yes yes yes! but will you fist my ass too? i love getting it in my butt!"

Slinkii_95 laughed again. "How adorable you are! Yes, of course I'll fist your butt too, my sweet!"

"ok, but first can i eat piggiwig's load out of your butt, phaerieboi?"

He looked back at her with doe eyes. "As you wish, Miss." Then he bent over and spread his ass cheeks.

Gleefully, Kichi began rimming and felching for all she was worth. She loved the taste of Piggiwig's semen, and was determined to get every drop of it she could. She also found herself thoroughly enjoying the taste of PhaerieBoi's well-fucked ass.

Slinkii_95 watched the events while gently fingering her mound. A figure approached from deeper in the Meadows.

"Moo, moo, moo!" greeted MilkieMelodies, with a laugh. She was a furry too, an extremely curvy female with the head, tail, and legs of a jersey cow. Her breasts were astronomically proportioned, even larger than Kichi's. "Did someone say milking? Would anyone like to milk me?"

"i'd love to milk you, milkiemelodies!" Kichi said as she sucked the last of Piggiwig's delicious load from PhaerieBoi's rectum. "we are going to have a 3way, do you want to join? slinkii_95 is going to fist phaerieboi's and my butt, and i'm going to eat his load while i suck him."

"That sounds hot," MilkieMelodies said. "Are you on this server much? I've never seen you before."

"i'm just new. i will be here lots if you all are though. this is lots of fun."

"This is my lucky day, too," Slinkii_95 smiled. "A boy and a girl fairy anal slut. Ok, get ready you two..."

Kichi mewled contentedly, swallowing the remnants of semen, engulfing PhaerieBoi's penis and testicles in her mouth, and spreading and wiggling her tiny buttocks invitingly.

"will you join us, milkiemelodies?" Kichi asked, briefly letting PhaerieBoi's genitals out of her mouth.

"I'll just watch. I just like being milked. I've never seen a boy milked before. This will be fun. Moo, moo, moo!" she laughed again. DickTheDevil entered the zone. He was, plausibly enough, a devil. He had dark red skin, leathery black bat wings, horns, and an evilly handsome face. He sported the devil's goatee, and had shiny black sunglasses. His muscles were large and bulging, and his feet were cloven hooves. His tail was snaky and came to an arrow-tip. His thick, dangling penis was also dark red, and split into three separate heads, trident-like.

"hey all," he chuckled.

"Moo, moo, moo! Hi, hi, hi!" giggled MilkieMelodies.

"Hiya," said Slinkii_95, driving her fists into Kichi and PharieBoi's anal sphincters.

"UHHHHH, Hi..." grunted PhaerieBoi, obviously in rectal distress again.

Kichi garbled something unintelligible, as she was unwilling to let PhaerieBoi's little penis and testes out of her mouth again.

"hot stuff," DickTheDevil remarked.

"Yeah, this is exciting!" agreed MilkieMelodies. "Slinkii_95 is going to milk PhaerieBoi. Never seen that before!!"

"nice," rumbled DickTheDevil. "you got 3 holes, wanna fuck?"

"Oh, no thanks!" laughed MilkieMelodies. I only like to be milked. Do you want to milk me?"

"no thanx, i like to fuck. i'll watch."

The two of them watched with interest at the display of brazen, unabashed debauchery before them. Even for a video game, this was out of the ordinary.

Kichi moaned and squirmed as Slinkii_95 plunged her fist deeper and deeper into her rectum. She sucked with conviction, trying with all her will to keep her mouth attached to PhaerieBoi's diminutive manhood. PhaerieBoi barked and howled as his rectum and colon were dilated by Slinkii_95's forearm.

Slinkii_95's arm drove elbow-deep into Kichi's back door. "aaaoooowwwww!!!!" She squealed. "ow! ow! ow! that hurrrts lover!!! deeper, please, deeper!!"

"Get that slutty mouth back on PhaerieBoi's cock," Slinkii_95 ordered her. "I'm going to start squeezing his prostate. How long has it been since you've cum, PhaerieBoi?"

"Uhh! Uhh! Three months, Miss! Uhh!"

"All right then, suck, lover, suck. This is going to be a huge load." So saying, Slinkii_95 withdrew her fist back down into PhaerieBoi's rectum, found his prostate, and started squeezing it hard.


Kichi squealed in anguish and delight as Slinkii_95 began ramming her arm full force up her anal orifice, reaching in up to her bicep at full depth. An ocean of milky, glittering sperm began flowing in one constant stream from PhaerieBoi's tiny, twitching, flaccid penis. Kichi gulped it down, more, more, more. It just kept coming, flowing past her lips, down her enormous breasts, dripping down on to the ground. There seemed no end to the flood of semen as her intestinal tract was viciously abused and violated by Slinkii_95's fist. Kichi was in utter ecstasy.

"holy shit," remarked DickTheDevil.

"Ha ha ha!! Moo, moo moo!!!" cheered MilkieMelodies, hopping about and clapping her hands as her tremendous breasts bounced and jiggled.

Finally, after several minutes, PhaerieBoi's ejaculation slowed. He couldn't breathe or make a sound, as completely seized as he was with the overwhelming, involuntary pain and joy of having every drop of his semen wrung savagely from his prostate by Slinkii_95's iron grip.

Kichi swallowed and swallowed. Her belly was swollen up larger than her breasts now. As PhaerieBoi's torrential flow lessened, Slinkii_95 slowed her battering assault on Kichi's hindquarters.

Kichi burped, and a bubble of semen issued from her mouth and floated away on the breeze. Her belly returned quickly to normal size. "that was delicious," she breathed. "thank you so much for fist-fucking my asshole so hard, lover. you can do that again anytime."

"You're welcome, lover," Slinkii_95 laughed. "I'm so glad you agreed to be my lover. I think you're the hottest thing I've ever seen."

Kichi's midnight skin was too dark to blush. Otherwise she would have.

"Moo, moo, moo! That was wonderful!!" gushed MilkieMelodies. "Will someone milk me now please? PhaerieBoi, would you like to?"

"i wanna fuck kichi," said DickTheDevil. "you wanna fuck?"

"oh, yes, yes, please!" enthused Kichi. "yes, please fuck me, dickthedevil!"

"alllll riiiight," he said, adjusting his sunglasses as his triple-headed penis began to erect.

"No, thank you, Miss," PhaerieBoi finally gasped. "I don't think I can move."

"Hahaha, nice," chuckled Slinkii_95. "Ok, I'll milk you, MilkieMelodies. Is that ok?"

"Moo, moo moo!! Yes, yes yes!!" she replied, getting on her hands and knees. "Milk me, milk me, milk me!!!"

DickTheDevil's penis(es) were hard and lengthening, twisting and writhing like tentacles. Kichi beamed with joy as they advanced on her. DickTheDevil stood with his arms folded in front of his chest with an arrogant grin. "ok, take these, kichi," he rumbled.

Simultaneously, all three phalluses drove hard and fast into Kichi's three orifices. The centre on rammed its way down her throat, the left one in her vagina, and the right up her anus. Kichi squealed with joy and abandon, savouring the pain and urgent sensation of being aggressively penetrated in all her three holes.

Slinkii_95 grabbed one of MilkieMelodies' immense breasts in a bear hug, and squeezed for all she was worth. "Mooooooooooo!!!" MilkieMelodies brayed. Gleaming white milk shot in six or seven directions from her nipple, soaking Slinkii_95 and the landscape.

Slinkii_95 howled in laughter, relaxed, and squeezed harder. More milk shot out. MilkieMelodies mooed even louder in relief and pleasure. Slinkii_95 reached around further and captured both breasts in her clutch. She wrapped her legs around them too, and hanging off of MilkieMelodies' gigantic udders, squeezed for all she was worth.

"MooooOOOOOOOOOO!!!" brayed MilkieMelodies, her tail standing up and swinging to the side. Her back arched, her buttocks thrust up into the air and her thighs parted, as she bucked in the throes of an overwhelming orgasm. Her hairless, thick labia parted slightly, and she began ejaculating in joy, as Slinkii_95 crushed her breasts with all her might, relaxed, and crushed them, again and again, forcing massive sprays of milk out in every .direction.

Kichi was being held aloft, twisted, rotated, shaken, plunged and swooped around as DickTheDevil's three-pronged penis roughly and rapidly drove in and out of all her holes. She choked and mewled, unable to speak, moaning and squealing in sexual surrender as she was three-hole fucked. DickTheDevil triple-penetrated her mercilessly, driving the heads of his penis deeper inside her esophagus, uterus, and bowels. Kichi felt completely and totally fucked as she spun and whirled in the air, and she was loving it.

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