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GOR Fantasy Come True


Author's note: All characters in this story are fictional and any similarity to real people is unintended. All characters are aged 18 or above. This story is copyrighted and may not be copied or published, or displayed without author's permission.

Dear reader this is my first story so please be gentle. I simplified the world of Gor some so that those unfamiliar with it wouldn't have to worry about ahns or hours in the day. If this story is received well I plan on writing more. I have got many stories in my head just waiting to be put down. I know some of the story was slow and the stories I have in mind would be a mix with some being for character and story than erotic but don't worry I have plans for more erotic BDSM stories to go along with them. Also I would highly recommend John Norman's Gor series for anybody into erotic fantasy or just fantasy writing they are all in electronic versions. Hope you enjoy.


Someone was nudging me awake. I didn't want to get up I had had a long day at work the previous day and all I wanted to do when I got back to my apartment was sleep. I turned over hoping whatever was nudging me would go away but then my mind began to work and I realized that nobody but me should be in my apartment so who was shaking me. That thought woke me up completely. I shot up from my lying position and tried to make sense of the world around me. It took me a second but I realized I wasn't in my apartment but in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but forest. I took in my surroundings and then noticed my own self. I was very different from what I was yesterday. Today I was a well built man with strong muscles all over and no fat whatsoever on my body, no scars, no pimples, mostly hairless and no blemishes. I was in my own mind a perfect example of a healthy athletic male. Previously I had been a slightly overweight regular guy with plenty of hair on my body but now I was the exact opposite. What the hell was going on? I was also wearing a tunic and crude pants with leather boots.

I turned to look around and noticed a fire going with a pot on top cooking something and a naked woman kneeling in front of me. She was beautiful, long red hair, white skin, not too pale but not too tanned either, she had brown eyes, full lips and a great set of tits. I judged them to be about a size 42DD but that didn't make them great they were firm no sagging with big pink nipples. Though she was kneeling I could tell she was thin with a flat stomach and toned legs and arms. I also noticed an iron collar around her neck.

As soon as she saw me looking at her she lowered her eyes and head quickly and said, "I am sorry Master but I was told to wake you after sunrise and once you had collected yourself to present you with this." She held out a letter to me. Her hands were shaking and her voice though pleasant had a bit of fear in it.

I took the letter without speaking and she lowered her hands to her sides waiting. Something was going on but I didn't think I would get much information out of her so I pulled my eyes away from her body and opened to the letter and began to read.

Dear Mr. Scott;

You have always wished to visit the Planet Gor since you first read John Norman's Gor books. I have granted this wish. You are now on Gor. This is no joke as you can see from the changes made to your body I have a great deal of power and simply wanted to grant your wish in return for doing me a kindness. You are on Gor, you body has been transformed into a warrior's body. Your body is the pinnacle of a Gor Warrior. Your strength, speed, stamina, and reactions have all been enhanced. I did not stop modifying with just your body. Your mind now contains all the information you need to be a warrior of Gor. You can speak, read, and write fluently in Gorean, as well as knowing all about the culture of Gor. You body and mind have been trained in the standard techniques of combat and in the future you will be able to learn new information quickly whether it be a new weapon or a different dialect of Gorean not available in the mainstream. In general it will be as if you have lived on Gor your entire life. You continue to retain all the knowledge you have gained yourself while back on Earth including all the books written about Gor. Also I took the liberty of finding you a slave though she knows you are her Master she doesn't know anything else. She was purchased and brought here without any knowledge of who bought her or why. She was told before being left at your side, hooded, that the man lying next to her was her Master and to wake you after sunrise and present this letter to you. Also you will find all the stuff you will need around you including sword, shield, helmet, and spear. I have deposited you in this field only a few hours walk to Port Kar and a few days before Tarl Cabot arrives in Port Kar under the alias of Bosk. You know what is going to happen but by you being here you can change it if you want to or you can simply do whatever you want Gor is yours; I hope you enjoy yourself.

P.S. If you ever want to go back to Earth and resume you life wish for it and it will happen but you will be unable to return to Gor.

I read the letter three times and I was still shocked. Was this some kind of prank no it couldn't be or else my body wouldn't have been so different from what it was. Also the note was in gorean and I had read it perfectly. I looked around again and sure enough there was a everything I would need. In particular there was a sword not a gladius like I would have expected but a hand and half long sword. The blade was made of the finest steel and by a master blacksmith with a strong silver hilt and a leather grip. It came with a sheath that I could wear over my back. Also present was a red cloak signifying my status as a warrior. There was a blanket to keep warm and use to sleep on. There was a crude backpack also with a red tunic in it, some chains, a whip, and about 50 gold coins, 100 silver coins, and 100 bronze coins.

I turned to the slave who had been silent the entire time I had been reading the letter and examining the camp site. I bid her to stand. She stood quickly; head still bowed, back straight, chest out, hands at her sides. I examined her closely. Her skin was flawless, she was about a head shorter than me, and she had toned muscles as if she had been through a lot of exercise not to build muscle but to tone them. Again her tits were great and her ass was excellent just how I liked it firm and round, big enough to be gripped hard but not fat so it stuck out greatly. Her hair was down to her hips which were in perfect proportion to her body. Whoever JN was he certainly knew what I liked.

The slave stood perfectly still while I thoroughly examined her. I noticed a small gorean K on her thigh meaning she had been branded with the common K for Kajira. It looked very good on her. I lifted her chin to examine her fact and I could see she was blushing from my examination which made her even more desirable in my opinion.

She flinched a little when I spoke, "What is your name?"

It took her a second to answer, "My Master has not given me a name."

I smiled, this was getting good. I said, "True, what are you?"

"I am your slave my master."

"Good answer slave, for now I will simple call you slave until you earn a name."

"As my master wishes."

"Tell me about yourself."

"Yes my master. You are my third master. I was the daughter of an unsuccessful merchant who was sold in order to pay my father's debts when I was 16 years old. I was trained in the basics of being a pleasure slave by my first master. Once I knew the basics I was taken to Ar to be sold in the market. I was sold to a rich builder who had many girls and for a time I was one of his favorites but he soon got bored with me and forgot about me. I was used by his guests and guards when called upon. I was never whipped excessively but I have felt the whip before. The builder died a short while ago and I along with his other slaves was sold by his son. I was purchased for 2 silver coins and 5 tarsks and brought here where when the sun came up I took off my hood and saw you lying on the ground Master."

"That is enough for now slave."

"Yes my master"

Her story was given without much emotion except for the parts where she was a favorite and when she was purchased for me. I took her collar in my hand and examined it. It read property of Scott. Well I guess my benefactor took care of pretty much of everything. I began to fondle my new slave. Having never been much of a success with women on Earth I couldn't resist fulfilling my greatest desire now that I had it. I teased her nipples which became stiff very quickly, she was breathing harder now. She pushed her chest further out to make it easier for me. I pinched her nipples hard and she gave a little squeak. I continued running my fingers down her body and grabbed her ass hard with one hand and thrust a finger into her pussy with the other. She was wet very wet. She moaned when I removed my finger and I moved my now wet finger to her lips where without delay she opened her mouth and began to suck her juices off my finger. I released her ass from my grasp and took my finger out of her mouth.

I wanted to throw her down on the ground and use her body thoroughly. But I knew it would be better to wait until she begged for it. When I ceased my examination there was a slight sigh from her. I ordered her to pack up the camp and watched her race about packing away my belongings which of course included a slave whip and switch. Her movements were graceful and sexy as hell. She probably was trying to entice me into using her properly. When she was done she came before me and knelt.

She said, "Master may this slave speak?"

I considered it rubbing my chin as if deep in thought and replied, "Go ahead slave speak."

"This slave begs your touch master. I have not been used since I was bought and crave your touch."

I looked down at her and it took great restraint to not rape her there and then but I held back. I grabbed her hair and pulled her into a standing position and began to fondle her again. Keeping hold of her with one hand I used the other to explore her body. She moaned in pleasure from my touch.

I looked into her eyes and said, "You are a hot slave aren't you? I can feel the heat in your belly slave rising to the surface begging to be released."

"Yes Master it is from your strong touch. I beg for my master to use me however he wants."

She was pleading for my touch.

"What are you?" I asked in a stern voice with a great deal of authority.

Her eyes fell and she replied, "I am nothing Master, just a female slave. Your slave my master."

"Anything else."

"No, just a slave master."

I couldn't stand waiting any longer. She was in my grip begging to be used knowing that she was under my power. I threw her down on the ground on her stomach. Before she could lift herself I was behind her. I opened my pants letting my large hard cock out and quickly plunged it into her. Her pussy was wet and eager for my cock. She gave a loud shout of pleasure as I entered her. I held myself in her for a moment for I began to pump in and out of her. Her pussy gripped my cock hard not wanting to let it go. I hammered her hard and fast not giving her a moment to relax. I took my pleasure from her body not caring if she was feeling any pleasure.

I exploded inside her and as I did her pussy milked my cock for all my cum. When I was done I looked down at her and she had a content look upon her face as she breathed hard with her chest expanding and collapsing. But I was not done with her yet.

I gave her a moment and then in a harsh voice said, "Slave, clean me with your mouth."

She jumped to her knees immediately and replied, "Yes master."

She started licking the head of my cock and then down my shaft cleaning the mix of her juices and my cum. Once she initially gave my cock the once over with her tongue she parted her lips and took in my cock. She sucked on my cock while using her tongue to massage it. Her hands were not empty as she massaged my balls. I watched her take my cock in and out of her mouth. It was a great feeling and soon enough I was hard again and pumping in and out of her mouth. As I looked down grabbing the side of her head she was staring up at me with a look of happiness. I could feel I was about to explode so I pushed her head all the way down my shaft so her nose was touched my skin. I let an animalistic growl as I exploded in her mouth feeling the back of her throat with my tip. She did not gag or cough but swallowed all I released.

I did not order her to stop pleasing me and she continued to use her mouth to please me. And once again I was hard I told her to stop and once I was released from her mouth I pushed her onto her back. There she was fully exposed to me, legs spread pleading to be raped. I leapt on top of her quickly sliding into her. Her pussy was even better the second time. I gripped her luscious tits in my hands as I pounded in and out of her. This time I took my time with her and paid attention.

She was moaning and screaming in pleasure, "Yes master, use your slave. Thank you master, thank you. I can feel you inside of me." Her screams of pleasure encouraged me and I sped up my thrusts.

She continued to call out, "Yes master use your worthless slave. I am a female slave and you are my master. I yield to you Master. I yield to you my master. I am your slave for your pleasure." Her pussy gripped hard as she shuddered from a hard orgasm. Energy left her body but I was not done. I continued to thrust until I climaxed again and when she felt my seed enter her body she came again louder and harder this time.

We lay there for a few minutes catching our breaths; me on top of her. When I had collected myself I stood up looked down on my slave that seemed to be completely content with her life. I grabbed her hair and used it to clean myself. I quickly dressed and slung my sword over my shoulder. I looked down.

She kneeled before me legs spread, back straight, arms at her side, chest out, and head lowered. I said, "Carry and the backpack and let us be off we have a destination to reach. Be quick about it slave I mean to get where we are going before dark."

She rose and picked up the heavy backpack and replied, "Yes Master."

"Hold it" I ordered.

She stopped I went around behind her and reached into the pack. I pulled out some slave cuffs. These were wrist cuffs linked together by a small chain six inches apart. I pulled her hands behind her back and put her in these cuffs. Her hands were located just above her ass and she was unable to move them. She looked sexy as hell when I examined her.

I started walking towards Port Kar, I couldn't tell you the direction but I knew I was going the right way. I didn't even glance back to see if the slave was having any trouble I just kept walking for what I guessed were many hours. Finally we saw Port Kar ahead of us perhaps no more than an hour's walk.

I stopped to gaze at the city built by slaves and my heart started beating fast. I was excited I was thrilled to be here this was my dream world and I was going to fulfill all my fantasies and have a grand adventure.

The slave stood behind and the right of me. She looked tired but she made no protest knowing if she did she would be punished. I turned to her and said, "We are almost there slut, Port Kar, perhaps when we get there I will sell you for a few copper bits." I started to laugh at the look she had on her face as if what I had just said or what I told her I was going to do was a death sentence. She fell to her knees quickly and started kissing and licking my feet.

She looked up in between kisses and pleaded, "Please my master don't sell me I will be pleasing to you. I will please with all my heart. I will do anything to please you. Please keep me. Please." Her pleading was enchanting.

I replied to her, "You would be pleasing to any male who owned you slave. For you are a slave and nothing else and slaves are to be pleasing at all times."

She looked up and I could see tears in her eyes, "Of course Master, I am a slave and will be pleasing to all free males. I hope in my heart that I may be of some interest to you master."

"You slave may be of some interest to me. You are of enough interest to me to keep until I find another."

"Yes Master thank you master. I will strive to be pleasing to you."

"Of course you will you are a slave and a slave who is not pleasing to her master is punished harshly." I had a smirk on my face when I said this; enjoying the power I held over her and imagining all the things I could do to her and in fact she would beg with all her heart for me to do them to her.

I picked her up from the ground and set her on her feet and said, "Let us be off I need to find a room to sleep in and dinner to eat. I have important business to attend to tomorrow and need to be rested." I started to walk and she followed.

It didn't take long for me to find a boat willing to take us across the channel, for a few copper coins, to the city. The trip didn't take long and the rower suggested a convenient inn near the docks.

We climbed out of the boat and made our way to the inn. I was wary taking in everything I could without being too obvious and watching my purse of coins. I knew from reading that Port Kar had a recognized caste of thieves and didn't want to be robbed the first day I arrived.

The inn was in a wooden three story building with chipped paint and a rundown look. I pushed through the door and stepped into a dimly lit room with a desk to the right and to the left were chain rings for securing slaves. Further back away from the door I could see tables with benches, booths, and in the middle a big fire pit. The room was empty obviously the nightly crowd hadn't gotten off work yet. Behind the desk was an older man with a slight hunch, a creased face and a large stomach. He was watched me examine the surroundings and then gazed at my slave, evaluating her. I approached him.

He looked up and greeted me, "Tal."

I replied, "Tal, I will need a room for the night, with a bed and clean sheets. I want a hot bath also and will need soap and a towel. And I assume you serve dinner in the next room?"

"Yes we do, sir, we cook only the freshest catch and the bread is fresh. The room won't be a problem and the bath shouldn't, though it will take some time to heat the water and fill the tub but I can have the slaves do it, no problem. Half payment upfront for the room, bath, food you can charge to your room and pay before you leave tomorrow. I will also need some kind of security deposit." He named a sum and I was not in the mood to haggle so I gave it to him.

"Your slave is not allowed out of the room unless you are with her. Please keep her leashed if you plan on using the dining room. Of course we do have slave cages if you wish to store her for the night. Those are located downstairs and she will be fed slave gruel in the morning and if requested tonight. If you decide to keep her in your room, for a small extra charge I can have some slave gruel brought up to your room tonight and in the morning."

"That is alright I plan to keep her with me. She is a new acquisition and she hasn't learned my tastes yet."

"Very good, sir, your room is on the third floor second door on your right. The baths are on the second floor I will have someone call you when the bath is ready. Do you need to be escorted or help carrying your belongings?" As he said this he handed me a key on a heavy thick chain.

I shook my head signaled for my slave to stand and follow. I headed up the stairs to my room. It wasn't much of a room but it had what I needed, a cot with a blanket and cushions, a small open frame that gave it some natural light covered by drapes and some candles for when it got dark. Along the wall next to the bed were slave rings to chain slaves to serve. There wasn't an extra blanket or cushion for the slaves but they weren't needed.

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