tagInterracial LoveGorgeous Blond Wife is Blacked Ch. 01

Gorgeous Blond Wife is Blacked Ch. 01


Jethro's mother met me at her door.

"Come in chick, I've been waiting for you, did Jethro tell you what's what, hmmmm?"

"Er no," I replied, "What do you mean?"

"I'll cut to the chase," she said, "He has been banging you for a while now hasn't he?"

I stuttered and stammered, "I'm not sure I understand what you mean Mrs Obe." I said.

"He has told me that you love his big black cock and now you know and believe in the maxim that, once you go black, you never go back."

I stood in front of her completely stunned, had Jethro told her all about us and what we had been doing, or rather what he had been doing, ME!

"It's okay Nicole," she said, and put her arm around my shoulder. "He has asked me and his dad to take care of you now, so we are going to."

"Take care of me, what are you talking about?" I breathed; my breath was catching in my throat.

"Okay, without drawing a picture for you, you are his black cock slut aren't you, even your husband knows doesn't he?" she told me.

"But no one is supposed to know about it, I can't believe he has told you." I mumbled. I was trying to get my head around this sudden turn of events, not knowing where it was heading like an out of control train. And I was going to head the ensuing wreck.

"Don't worry baby, you are in good hands, your husband will accept it, and you will never want to end it, you already don't do you. You know you need good black cock, and soft black skin." She petted me. I didn't know just then that her sights were set on me too! I was too shocked to answer.

"You really are a little beauty Nicole aren't you; it's easy to see why Jethro got you." She said.

"Got me?" I asked, "what do you mean?"

"He told me that he felt you were a closet black cock lover, though how he knew was a mystery to me."

"He knew, how?" I muttered stupidly.

"Nicole, you are a sensual blonde goddess, you exude sexiness, feline grace, and an inner need to serve a man, a man with the charisma that Jethro obviously has, because you felt it didn't you?" Without thinking what I was saying, I agreed.

"Yes I suppose so."

"And Jethro being the black hunk that he is, presented himself to you, and you fell into him, yes?" I nodded my head, every thing she was saying was what had happened. I had been unable to resist him.

I was in front of her, my fingers intertwined, just like a little girl. "Did he tell you to dress like this?" she said, waving her hand to me.

"Yes," I said, I was wearing a little silk poncho type top, a matching mini and high heels. My hair was down around my shoulders, a little make up. Yes, I was dressed exactly as he had told me to.

Jethro's mother was the complete opposite of me, about 5" taller, at least 20 years older, probably even 25. Heavier by I guessed 15lbs, she looked fit, like she worked out. She was extremely attractive, but not as attractive as I was. Her jet black hair was smooth shiny and sleek, it was piled up onto her head making her look even taller.

Her cheek bones were highly accentuated and proud, massive dark eyes, a complete contrast to my sea green ones. Lips that were full in the only way African lips can be. The rest of her was in tune with her stature, slim but voluptuous body. And I still had no idea what was to befall me.

She stepped to me and put her long brown fingered hands into my hair and lifted it up, she cocked her head to one side and checked me out.

"Oh yes Nicole, just beautiful, just beautiful." The nearness of her made me shiver. I felt power emanating from her. I began to feel a bit scared, intimidated.

"Turn away from me, stand with your back to me," I obeyed, though why I didn't know. I felt her soft hands slide up and down my arms.

"What are you doing?" I asked with a certain amount of apprehension in my voice. I felt her hot breath on my neck, another shiver ran through me. I felt both of her hands on my wrists, then came two soft clicks.

"There we are," she said, and turned me around to face her. I raised my right arm to look and was amazed when my left arm disappeared around my back. I was looking at something around my right wrist, soft pink cloth, and a wire leading from it, and that went to my other arm. I had been hand cuffed or something.

"Mrs Obe, what have you done, what are you up to?" I asked. But even I'm not that stupid; I had been taken prisoner in my neighbours home, by the mother of my wonderful black lover.

"Nicole, please darling, don't you worry or fret your beautiful little blond head, this is just a precaution. You will understand and accept me as your mistress baby, you'll see."

"What do you mean, let me go this instant, I insist!" I was angry, but I was also very concerned at my position. She just smiled at me, stepped right up to me and took me in her arms.

"This is to be the next step in your schooling baby, that black is good, black is god, and black is your master and mistress all in one." And then she held me in a kiss I couldn't turn from.

I had never in my life been kissed like this by another woman, pecks yes, but not one like this, one that would leave me breathless. She backed me up to the counter, her body pressed tight to mine, my up turned head held in a withering holding kiss. Keeping me pressed there with her hips closed on mine, she slipped her hands under my poncho and attacked my tits, her fingers closed over my nipples and I knew now for a racing certainty what she had meant.

I hadn't closed my eyes, I was looking at her and her obvious feminine wiles were at there best, and she was using them on me to soon to be, great effect. I heard the first groan, and it took some time for me to realise it was and had come from me. Her nails and finger tips were working their magic on me. I tried to shuffle free but that went no where.

She leaned away from me, I gulped deep breaths. "You like that don't you baby," she said "hmmmm, I bet you have never been kissed this way have you?" All I could do was stare back at her open mouthed.

"No I didn't think you had babes," she smiled happily at me. "You are already learning that you need black, you need me, you need this, don't you?"

"But what do you want from me Mrs Obe?" I said, another stupid question I know, but my brains were scrambled. And my nipples were ablaze and screaming at me the way they do when they have been handled the way Jethro's mother had.

"Now that Nicole, is a very good question," she whispered forcefully to me, "how shall I answer it? Ah I know, I want you and your beautiful body Nicole. And do you know what baby, hmmmm, I have it, haven't I. It and you are mine aren't you?" She guided me out of her kitchen, down the hall to the stairs. At the bottom I stopped, I had to show resistance of some sort at least.

"Please Mrs Obe, let me go, I won't say anything I promise." I mewled to her.

"Oh don't even let that thought cross you pretty little mind, from what Jethro's told his dad and I, you'll be begging for us to love and fuck you." She breathed around my neck, "I have a lot to give you baby, but just wait until Kato gets his lovely thick black cock into you. All your worries and concerns will fade away, okay honey?"

A picture of Jethro's gorgeous black cock appeared in my head. That little episode of defiance was taken care of in one swift movement. I felt her hand go under my mini from the back; her hand slid into my tiny thong, her left arm hand had gone around my waist to hold me I suppose. Then fingers slid down my crack, I squealed and rose on to my tippy toes, but that was as far as I could go.

I felt one finger press my bum hole and then she pushed it in and up. I was hooked like a fish on a rod and line. She wiggled it about, and I shook with intrepidation. A woman had her finger in my ass and the feeling of it in there was the strangest I had ever had.

"Please Mrs Obe, don't," I said somewhat tearfully.

"Up you go Nicole, its okay baby, I've got you don't worry. I won't let you fall," she said, softly into my ear, her hot breath washed over me. I felt a slight push, I had no option but to lift my foot and I was making my way up.

Having her finger in there while I was stepping upwards had an erotic affect on me, it was the strangest of sensation, knowing another woman had a finger in my ass. Her other hand was again destroying my nipples. And that's how it was as I was guided to her bedroom and bed.

My skirt fell away, my heels were taken from me, the poncho was unfastened from under my arms, my panties were torn from me and I was now naked before my lovely black female captor Mrs Obe. She pushed me on to the bed, centred me and then stood back. I knew she was admiring me. I have had enough attention over the years to know when I'm being checked out!

Then it became my turn to do the checking out, her right arm went over her head, her left went up her back and I heard the zip on her dress being undone. She shook her shoulders and it slipped down what was to be my first view of a fantastic supine female form. Her tits, even at her age were high and proud, with huge thick thimble crinkly like nipples.

Her skin was another thing of wonder; it was dark chocolate silky smooth, toned and shiny as if lightly oiled. It shimmered on her all over, supple and graceful. She smiled at me now; she knew when she was being checked out too! She slid on to the bed and kneeled at my side. One hand reached for and caressed my knees, her other one slid over and around my upper body.

I was helpless, my black captor had got me without so much as a by your leave. I would have given in any way, I knew that now. But being her captive, knowing that what ever it was that she had in store for me, gave it all an added dimension. I would have denied emphatically that I was feeling a little excited, but that wasn't to last very long.

All I could do was lie there and watch, I made one last desperate plea for release and then she began her work. Work that would soon have me singing from the roof tops. Being in such close proximity with another naked female, and a beautiful older black one had a galvanising effect on me. I could hardly take my eyes from her full proud and seemingly firm mounds, topped by those immense powerful nipples.

"Open your legs wide for me Nicole," she said, and would you believe it I did! A soft hand ran up my inner thigh, closing in on its ultimate goal. I gasped in apprehension, expecting it to fit over my warming pussy lips. I was beginning to feel an unbidden excitement; I reckon it was all due to Jethro, he had taught me to respect his black skin, to believe he was greater than I. And this was transmitting itself from Mrs Obe to me.

The absolute desire to give in and submit to her suddenly overwhelmed me. I peered down my naked body and watched helplessly as she ran her hands over and around me expertly. She knew exactly where to caress and feel me. I also watched in amazement my knees rising up as if pulled by a secret wand.

At exactly the same moment a nipple got crushed, and a finger slid into my increasingly heated pussy, my body rose from the bed in excruciating arousal.

"Arggggh, Mrs Obe, pleeeeeease." A small orgasm rippled through me.

She spoke and it wasn't the response I was expecting.

"Tell me Nicole right now, Jethro told me you are a black cock loving slut, are you?" It horrified me, why is she asking me that, I thought. Then her thumb wiggled against my clit, and the finger in me dug deep, my nipple got more attention.

"Tell me Nicole, and I want the truth or I will drive you insane with lust and give you no relief. I will take you completely, so one chance, and one chance only, are you?"

I couldn't think straight, she was tormenting me to distraction.

"Please Mrs Obe, am I what?" I wasn't playing for time, I was having a terrible time trying to collate things, her fingers and thumbs were doing a real number on me and I couldn't combat it. She gave me a real pasting; I was jumping about and unable to get away from her fingers.

"Are you my beautiful little blond black loving slut, are you my whore, do you want to be my whore, my bitch," she taunted me, her hands ripping my mind to shreds. "Are you Jethro's black cock loving slut. And his fathers black cock loving little girl?" It was true what she was saying, being blacked had been the most glorious event to happen in my life.

"Yes Mrs Obe, I am, I will be, I will be whatever and when ever you want me to be, always." I shouted that last word. Keeping her fingers deep in me she lay next to me and kissed me. I kissed her back. Being dominated by her was as exciting as anything I had done with Jethro. Even having my husband being made to watch him fuck me wasn't as good as this.

She beamed at me, "Good girl," she said and brought me further to the boil. "Do you want me to make you cum for me Nicole?"

"Yes yes yes please Mrs Obe, oh yes please." I was beside myself with the most urgent need to cum.

"You will call me mistress now Nicole at all times, it won't matter where we are or who we are with. You will refer to me as mistress. If you do not, I will punish you." She said.

My need to cum far outweighed anything, I just agreed totally, saying.

"Yes mistress yes." But she wouldn't let me cum, she teased me all the way several times. I couldn't resist anything she did to me. She was all over me, but the most telling thing was when she straddled me, my clit got it behind, my nipples got it in front. Then her shaven pussy landed on my face and I was made to lick and suck her. I didn't need telling twice.

It was my first time; I had often wondered what another woman's pussy tasted like, now I was finding out. And it was a delicious soft silky black one. The lips inside were pink and sublimely sweet and demanding. She screwed herself down and over me, then she came, her juice washed into my mouth, the taste of her was phenomenal. I sucked every drop of her.

I was dying for release, climax, orgasm, anything.

"Please mistress I have to cum, please?"

"Yes okay my little blond beautiful cum slut, you can, I think you have earned it, I am very pleased with you. And I know for absolute certain that Kato will have you lots of times. His superb weapon was made for such as you," she told me smugly. "Jethro wasn't lying when he said you were blacks plaything was he?"

I had to come clean, being a toy for her, Jethro or anyone else as long as he, she was black was all I wanted in life now.

"No he wasn't, I understand it now." I told her. The fear I had had, the scared thoughts, apprehension, had all but disappeared from me. All I wanted now was for her to finish me any way she wanted.

She flipped me over very quickly, and slapped my rump several times. "Mistress!" she beat into me.

"I'm sorry, I forgot, it won't happen again I swear mistress!" I apologised fervently. She got off the bed, went to a chest of drawers and pulled out what appeared to be a black strap on cock. Walking back she fastened it on to her. The big solid looking thing was hypnotising me.

I watched her closely getting back on to the bed, without a word she climbed over me and sank it straight into my sopping wet, heated, and dripping nectar factory. The pump like action made my knees rise up and open fully like a flower in the morning sun. I gasped in astonishment as it found every crease and opening there was. I wanted to get my arms around her to hold on to, but they were still cuffed. I did manage to get my feet over her legs and then she hit me with it.

My head came off the pillow; she was up on her elbows looking at me while she got on with the job of my complete demolition. Her own very hard nipples were scratching me across me chest in a symphony of utter arousal. If my husband didn't know, or hadn't guessed that he was a cuckold first class, he soon would. I just couldn't see them allowing him near me ever again. My mistress fucked me insanely, even when she had beaten my climaxes out of me she didn't let up.

I have never ever been done like that, Jethro had never achieved it, But I knew that my mistress could and would beat me half to death any time she wanted. I had no idea what his father was or would be like. But I knew who the boss was here; it was mistress, which was unequivocal. After I had recovered, she inserted a butt plug in my ass.

"That will loosen you up for Kato; he's going to love your white ass." She told me smiling.

"Please mistress," I said, "he won't hurt me will he?"

"No baby of course not, there may be a little initial pain but that's all, don't worry." I wasn't too ensured by her remark, but there wasn't going to be a lot I could do about was there?

"Kneel before me Nicole," she said, pointing to the floor. I did. "I want you to know that I will punish you severely if you misbehave, protest, or refuse anything I tell you to do, do you understand me?"

"I, I, I think so," I stammered. She stepped behind me and I received a huge wallop on my rump.

"Wrong answer Nicole!"

"Yes mistress I understand," I said hurriedly. Then her attitude changes.

"I have heard of black cock sluts, whore's for black cock, a need to be black dominated, and here you are, living right next door to me, its amazing isn't it?"

"Yes mistress," I said from my upward kneeling position.

"Do you want to lick me clean Nicole?"

"Yes mistress, I do."

She turned around and backed up to me, her ass was right in front of my face. Her black skin glowed, shone, it enticed me. I licked her skin, then after a few more strokes I ran my tongue over her ass. The smell was wonderful, it was her, it was an odour that I would never forget.

I administered to her ass and pussy until she stood, turned, bent down and kissed me.

"You are going to be the best white love slave on earth Nicole," she grinned happily at me. "Your black mistress is very pleased with you and I know Jethro is, and Kato will be your black master when he is not around."

"Yes mistress," I answered.

"By the way, have you wondered why and how Jethro is such a good lover, so expertise in the art of loving and fucking a woman?" she said.

I had yes, "Yes mistress, he is, was superb?"

"And who do you think taught him all he knows?" Her eyes were alive and twinkling at me.

"No! you mistress, you?" I was stunned again.

"Yes me Nicole, me, and that's why I know all about you, and more to the point, you now know what you are baby, and why you are now mine." She nipped both of my nipples as if to enforce her power over me. I gasped in some pain and a lot of thrills.

She uncuffed me, and told me to shower and dress to get ready for Kato to arrive home. Mistress wanted me looking my best. In there I thought about Francis, my husband, my life was changed now, he had wanted to experiment with another man, and I had eventually given in and done it, but it had gone way beyond that now.

Mistress's domination of me was a fabulous new experience, her soft black satin skin was mesmerising. Her assumed take over of me, my mind and my body was so utterly exciting, I had a mini orgasm roll through me. She truly was an amazingly stunning sexy woman.

I dried off and returned to her bedroom, she was laid on her back on the bed.

"Come here baby," she said, patting the bed. I climbed next to her, and she said to me.

"Kiss me Nicole; I want to know how you kiss, to see if you can kiss properly, if not I'll have to teach you."

I leaned over her, put my arms around her and gave her my first real kiss, I don't know if it surprised her, but it certainly surprised me. It was the best kiss I had ever had, or ever given. The sensuality of it, the sexiness, her tongue, my tongue all combined to make it a kiss to end al kisses, well it was for me anyway. It just went on and on.

I felt for a nipple, it was a natural reaction from me, and my reward? It was a lovely mewl from her mouth into mine. Her grip on me tightened. I sensed that she was ready for some loving, how much I didn't know but I went for it. I broke the kiss softly and bent my head to suck up her hard acorn crinkly bud. Her hand went to the back of my head to hold me there.

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