I guess its the writer in Me that has been kicking around this story for a while - its just a bit of fun ok! Don't take it seriously. ;-)

Chapter 1

Cindy's mind wandered as it always did.

"I mean like, why do there have to be so many flies on the beach? I hate them. They're so gross. They keep landing on me and I cant help but swat them away. Ouch! Gosh, how come I keep hitting myself in the head?

"Still, its like, really sunny and everything. And you can get a really great tan on the sand. Hey that rhymes! Cool. I love poetry, I think. And the looks I get are fun too. Makes my cunt wet. giggles. I just learnt that's what boys call it. Cunt! hehe. It feels like, so NAUGHTY to say it. "Cunt!" Oh! Did I say that out loud? Now my cunt IS getting wet! giggles!

"Its so nice to come here too cause hardly anybody knows me so I can't get in so much trouble. Gosh my friends! They make me laugh. And um cry. And blush really hard sometimes. And um, like, sometimes they get me real horny. And do rude things to me. And make me do stuff and oh I really hate that. I wonder if I can just roll over and slip my hand down the front of my string bikini?

"I dont know why people always seem to pick on me. I mean gee, I'm a pretty girl and everything. I have nice blue eyes, wavy shoulder length blonde hair. And all the boys seem to love my big boobies. Even some of the girls. hehe. But um anyway, its really nice when they like them and they just sometimes like, want to touch them and everything. And um sometimes I let them cause it feels really nice and I've got real sensitive nipples. They stick right out from the aureoles or whatever they're called, and um they, like the aureoles or whatever they stick out too! So my nipples get really big! Well not big like dinner plates! Like about half dollar size. They just point right out like headlice or something. I cant remember that one. What is it again? Um... headlights? I need some more gum, I can hardly taste this one...

"I wish my Dad would move again. We seem to move pretty regular like. Not far usually. Sometimes just like a few towns over. Its funny how Daddy always seems to get transferred right after something bad happens to me. Oh well. *giggle* Probably just as well anyway. I mean after some of the things that have happened to me lately, I could hardly show my face around school or anything. God I mean if they ever found out, I would be like, so embarassed. Then Daddy probably wouldn't pay for my clit piercing. I mean like, want a bummer would that be! That would be worse than being grounded for like, a week!!!"

Chapter 2

"Hello Mr. Mortimer, glad you could stop by."

"Pleased to meet you Principal Skinner, always a pleasure to meet a colleague." The two men shook hands.

"I suppose you know why I asked you to call in Horace, um... I CAN call you Horace can't I?" hesitated the Headmaster.

"Sure Oliver, and ah... I've got SOME idea what you want to know," winked Horace Mortimer.

"Yes, ah, well, as you know, Cindy, your daughter, has quite a reputation amongst the Principals of the state..."

"And not only the Principals!" laughed Horace. "She's getting quite a reputation on the net too the little slut... and I'm making a fortune on my website!" That caused both men to roar with laughter!

When the mirth died away Skinner leaned into Mortimer and asked, "Same as usual?"

"Yeah just video the lot. And cameras too. Lots of money in some of the still shots of the ah 'type' we are talking about." Mortimer flashed a devious grin.

"No problem, we have all the members of the Photographic Club on board, even the girls. And all kinds of fun 'activities' planned... So is it true?" asked the breathless Principal, "you know, that you can talk her into anything?"

"Oh yeah, anything! She's more stupid than a two dollar watch. Just tweak her nipples and she'll do anything. And once that little cunt of hers starts leaking, there's no stopping her! She's such a little slut!!!" They both laughed hard.

A moment later the Principal stood, held out his had, and said, "Well I wont keep you any longer Inspector Mortimer."

"Always a pleasure Principal Skinner." Horace got up, shook hands with the older man, and made for the door.

"Oh, and School Inspector Mortimer?"

"Yes Mr Skinner?"

"Thank you for choosing my school Sir."

"Just making our way around the State, Oliver." Horace winked. And left with the Principal smiling, shaking his head, and rubbing his hands together with glee.

Chapter 3

"Gosh, I think I'm getting sunburnt. Oh bummer. Now its late and I don't have time to get tanned on my back too! Was I just asleep? Oh dear how long did I sleep for? Boy I think I really am burnt. Awww, some nice person put some paper on me, Well pieces of paper. I wonder who it was. I wish I could thank them. I wonder what all those holes in the paper are for. They look like letters. I wish I could read. Oh well."

Cindy sat up on her towel and watched the pieces of paper flutter away. She could hear snickering and looked around. A couple of young boys she thought she recognised from school were giggling to each other and one of them pointed at her. Cindy tossed her hair over her shoulders and thought they probably just think I'm cute, and she smiled to herself. The boys laughed even louder which drew the stares of other beachgoers. Mothers scolded fathers for staring at Cindy's chest and Cindy looked down.

Oh my god! Cindy was mortified! Her arm shot up and across her chest as she realised large holes had been cut in her bikini top and her nipples were pushing out loud and proud!!! Owwww!!! And they were sunburnt!!!

She shuddered and blushed hard as she wondered how long she had been lying there with her nipples on display. "I'd better get out of here!" she thought to herself. She gathered all her things and quickly dumped them into her beach bag.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" came a booming voice.

Cindy looked up and was almost blinded by the afternoon Californian sun behind the head of a lifeguard. Oooooh he was cute! "Um well somebody... um, well its late and I um, I have to get going!" she felt her nipples straining against the back of her arm. They felt weird: hot and hard and painful all at once. She briefly wondered if the crotch of her bikini was wet.

She stood awkwardly and slung her bag over her free shoulder and the lifeguard gave her a yummy smile, which she returned bashfully, "Um, well I better get going."

"Ok, see you Monday!"


"Yeah I go to Malibu Beach High, your new school! I'll say hi when I see you Monday!" He smiled.

Cindy wondered if her Daddy had told her she was changing schools again. She couldnt remember but all that came out was "Ok!"

The lifeguard waved at her "See ya Cindy."

She waved back and realised with a start she had flashed her engorged nipples at him! She quickly covered up and blushed even more intensely as she turned to go.

"Oh and ah, nice 'burn tats' Cindy!" he shouted from behind her.

"Thanks!" she replied, wondering what on earth he was talking about. She walked quickly up the beach past someone pointing a video camera at her to the carpark. She remembered what her last "boyfriend" had said to her... "Beauty loves a camera" and she smiled. So many people had cameras these days. She quickly tossed her stuff in the back of her battered old VW and fired it up, completely forgetting about her exposed nipples. She guided her car out of the carpark and hurtled along the freeway 15 minutes to her home.

Chapter 4

"Hi Daddy! I'm home!" Cindy dropped her things at the front door and skipped into the kitchen, her DD's bouncing madly.

"Hello kitten, my my my I hope you werent lying on the beach like that!" he said, staring at her chest.

"Oh my god! I forgot!" she blushed, suddenly noticing her throbbing nipples, and covering them with her arm.

"Why are they so red kitten?"

"Um they got sunburnt Daddy."

"Oh poor baby, let me take a look."

"Oh no Daddy its alright, it isnt right for Daddy's to look at their daughters um, tits!"

"It's alright kitten, remember I am your Step-daddy anyway!"

"Oh... ok then" Cindy said and she revealed her sunburnt tits. "And there's some writing on me too Daddy. What does it say?"

"Well kitten, this one on your chest above your tits says 'pretty' " he snickered as he read the word 'bimbo'. "...and this one on your tummy says 'I'm cute' " and he shook his head reading the words 'cum slut'. "And these ones on your thighs say 'look at me' and 'kiss me'.

"ohhh Daddy! I cant go to school like that!" He smiled but couldn't bring himself to tell her they said 'spank me' and 'fuck me'.

"Its alright kitten, it will give you a head start in the popularity stakes! New school Monday precious!"

"Malibu Beach High Daddy?"

"Thats right precious, I got you into one of the best schools on the coast!"

"Oh thank you Daddy!" She threw her arms around him, "I dont think I could go back to my old school anyway after last night."

"Yes... well you were a bit of a mess with all that um, sticky stuff all over you kitten."

"It was that bitch Amanda's fault. She somehow conned me out of my clothes at McDonalds and wouldnt give them back! Honest Daddy!" she started to cry.

"It's alright kitten... new school Monday."

Cindy moaned softly as she got an unexpected hug and her painfully hard and burnt nipples pressed into her Daddy's chest. She secretly hoped they would go down soon. They ached.

Chapter 5

Cindy felt a bit nervous walking up the steps of the new school. But there were lots of other kids around so she didnt feel too much like a freak. She went straight to the Office to sign some papers and enquire about her locker and where to find it. The registrar showed her into the Principal's Office and the Principal stood to shake her hand. "Welcome, welcome Cindy, we have heard so much about you..."

Cindy blushed and said "Thank you Principal Skinner, I hope it wasn't all bad..." she giggled.

She hoped she could get THIS Principal as wrapped around her little finger as all the others. Except Principal Beardsly. He was mean. Him and his dogs. I hope he's not like "Beastly", she shuddered.

"... and you will find your locker in Corrider B just down the hall from here. Now finish your water and get to class," he winked at the teenager.

Cindy really hadn't noticed the kindly Principal offering her a refreshment but she drank it avidly, then finished it and rose to leave.

"Thanks Principal Skinner, I hope I really enjoy it here. Bye for now!"

"Bye Cindy!" he waved and snickered and shook his head. "Not so sure about that..." he muttered.

As Cindy closed her locker and stowed her key she realised she had to go pee real bad. She new she was late already so a minute or two more wouldnt matter. It WAS her first day and all! She looked quickly up and down the corridor spying the girls toilets and made a beeline to relieve herself.

Chapter 6

"I wonder if she's as stupid as your cousin says she is?"

"Shhh, she's coming..."

"Ok, ok, keep your hat on."

"Hmmm, weird" Cindy thought as she entered the bathroom. "I never saw girls toilets with urinals in them. Oh well." She pushed in a cubicle door, and sat down to relieve herself.

Outside, the third accomplice was swapping back the "Girls" and "Boys" toilet signs and slipped into the bathroom. On cue he spoke out loud "Hey Jake you in here?"

"Yeah just layin a log..."

Cindy's gasp was audible and she quickly cleared her throat.

"Um, you guys, I think you are in the wrong bathroom..."

"Nope sorry - YOU are sweetcheeks - you must be new here!"

"Oh my god you're kidding... um yeah I am ...um I'm Cindy, Cindy Mortimer." Just then she heard a loud long continuous splash of water in one of the urinals and blushed as she realised someone was pissing. "Do you mind waiting til I get out of here? I have to get to class."

"Cant do that Cindy, cant stop Gods work babe."

She was pretty sure she heard him finish before she tentatively pushed open the door and stepped into the middle of the bathroom. She fell straight onto her knees with her feet caught up in her panties. She squeaked and one of the guys still at the urinal turned quickly when he heard the commotion and a long arc of his hot piss went straight across Cindys face.

"Oh my god! You bastard!!!" Cindy cried as she staggered to her feet pulling up her knickers showing her shaved cunt and asshole to all three boys. Their jaws dropped as they watched the stupid bimbo teenager quickly wash her face and dab wet tissue at the yellow spots where piss had splattered her white blouse. Finally satisfied although nonplussed at the newly transparent part of her blouse that now showed her heavy bra, she sneered at the boys and ran out.

They fell about laughing.

"This is gonna be so much fun!" aahahahhhahhaahaaa "I know," ahahahahhaaaaa "I cant believe it," ahahhahhahhaaaa

Chapter 7

After school that day in a house two doors from Cindy's, a brother and sister were talking in his bedroom.

"So did she drink any of it?" asked the sister.

"Naaa, I dont think so..." the brother replied.

"Oh well, maybe next time we'll make her!" Andrea Baxter giggled and punched her brother in the shoulder. Andrea was a cheerleader and a bully. She loved being head cheerleader and telling anybody she felt like exactly where to go. And now she had a new toy.

"You know Jake, Amanda said she will do anything, not willingly, but anything you MAKE her do. She just cant say 'no' when her big nips are being pulled..."

"Yeah I remember her saying that last Christmas, fancy her turning up in our school!"

Andrea licked her lips absent-mindedly. "Yeah fancy that," she grinned. She couldn't thank her cousin Amanda enough.

Andrea reached out and stroked her brothers cock gently.

"Aw Andrea dont do that..."

"Just wanted to give you a little reminder of our deal big brother," she winked.

"Yeah yeah I know, the best blowjob in the world, three times a day for a whole week. Goddd how could I forget little sister."

"Yeah but only if you get her to do everything I say til the end of semester, right?" she gave him a parting squeeze.

"Yeah ok," he whined and rubbed his aching balls. He smiled.

Chapter 8

"So kitten, how was you first day at school?"

"Great Dad," she reddened "the teachers all seem pretty nice, and Principal Skinner is so cool." She left out the toilet scene.

"C'mon come into the kitchen I've got you a snack pet."

Cindy followed him into the kitchen and sat on a barstood, her smooth thighs dropping open and drawing Horace's gaze. He felt his cock stiffen at the sight.

"Here you go kitten some chocolate hash cookies, and some special milk."

"Aw thanks Daddy, I've never had chocolate hash cookies before, whats in them?" she took a bite and drank at the milk. "Mmmmm creamy Daddy."

"Yes its that new special vanilla flavour you like so much."

"Mmmm I especially like the lumpy bits..." she didnt want to say she thought it was just like cum! She giggled instead.

"Well I'll be sure and get more when I get the groceries next." He sniggered to himself.

"Mmmmm I'm so tired I think I need to go lie down."

"How about a video kitten? Wanna lie on the couch?"

"Hehehe. Ok.. ..um Daddy?"

"Yes princess?"

"Um well I was just wondering.... I was like cleaning in your room and everything and um..."

"Yes, Cindy what is it?" She'd finally gotten up the nerve the little slut... here it comes....

"Well... um... can I watch one of your naughty tapes? Naughty tapes like... oh I cant say!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh Daddy you know, like 'Cum-Sucking Nurses', 'Co-ed Cocksuckers' or ummmmm... 'The Gangbang Girl' " she blushed furiously and felt her little clit throb.

"You horny little girl - you know about those tapes?"

"Well they are just out Daddy, under your bed but easy to see..."

"hmmm well ok, just one ...I'll pick it out."

"Oh thanks Daddy!" she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard - he thought she smelt like she had burped hash! He grabbed her by the upper arm and pushed her up the stairs in front of him.

"Come on, on one condition, put your new cheerleading gear on but no panties - straight to practice right after ok?"

"I'm in the squad again?"

"Sure are cute thing."

"Oh thank you Daddy!" she giggled and stumbled up the stairs.

Horace Mortimer went past his step-daughter as she entered her room, and continued walking down to his bedroom. He looked under his bed and picked out the tape he wanted. He got up and walked back down to Cindy's room and rapped on the door.

"C'mon sweetheart, dont take all night."

"I'm c..cumming...."

"Oh no youre not!" said Horace as he burst through the door, strode to the side or the bed, and pulled at Cindy's wrist, whipping her fingers from her foamy, spasming cunt. "You naughty girl, thats a spanking you've earnt there slut!" Cindy pouted, shuddered and wondered why everyone called her a slut when she really was a good girl. "Now get your ass downstairs and I'll start that tape while I spank your butt!"

"Ok Daddy!" Cindy giggled to herself, and thought "at least I still get to see the tape!"

It seemed like it was only moments later she found herself spread across her Daddy's lap. One of his hands beating her ass the other holding up her chin so she could see the screen. Her breasts strained at the lycra of her cheerleaders top and her nipples ached from sunburn and arousal. At least he wasnt hitting so hard this time, it was more like it smarted rather than hurt. But gosh, up on the screen came the name of the movie and Cindy couldnt tear her eyes from it. 'Perverted Schoolgirl' was the name and she wondered for a moment if she should try to stop pushing her ass back but her Daddy's fingers pushing into her made her forget.

The cute little girl on the screen was being pulled into a van full of big black guys, just as her Daddy started spanking her again. Cindy moaned as the movie cut to moments later and the poor little girl had her clothes torn from her and two big black cocks being shoved right up her cunt and ass! Another black guy grabbed her head and shoved his big cock right down her throat! Then Cindy felt something pushing at her own ass and her Daddy's thumb slid right in! He kept on spanking her until Cindy started to shudder and thought she was going to cum. Just then she was pushed off her Daddy's lap and landed on her ass on the floor with a thud. Her head felt fuzzy and it took a few moments before she realised she was moaning with her legs spread and her fingers rubbing her clit fast!

"You dirty little WHORE!" her Daddy shouted loud enough for the neighbours to hear. "Look at you with your WET LITTLE CUNT, watching FILTHY VIDEOS, and rubbing your HARD LITTLE CLIT! You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!"

Cindy felt tears of humiliation run down her cheeks but she couldnt take her fingers off her clit, she just didnt care and she was so close....

Her Daddy pulled her hand away and pulled her to her feet. "Just for that you little SLUT, you can go to cheerleading practice JUST LIKE THAT!"

"No, nooo Daddy, please let me cum first and please don't make me go without panties on!!! I already forgot my stupid bra!!!"

"Well you should have thought of that earlier you fucking dirty little tramp!"

"Ohhhh... alright Daddy, I'm sorrrry, I won't touch myself for a week again if you let me put my panties on???"

"Shut up you stupid girl and go get in the car!"

Cindy stamped out to the car, pouting and with girl juice running down the inside of her thighs. She giggled and tried to shake her head free of the hash haze engulfing her. Her Daddy watched and admired the 'specially designed' cheerleading outfit Cindy was given to wear as she trudged out and down to the car. It was little more than a boob tube on top with a big "MH" emblazoned across the chest. And her midrift was bare, revealing the white lettering: "cum slut", on her burnt skin. Her skirt barely reached the bottom of her curvy ass and her socks only just peeked out of her runners. With long legs and her blonde hair in two pigtails she was quite a sight!

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