tagRomanceGoth Girl and the Engineer

Goth Girl and the Engineer


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It happens with regularity any more at the Gas Station. Someone with a vehicle somewhat worse for wear approaches wanting gas money to get to the next town or somewhere. I live in a smaller town 30 miles south of Big City and I think about every fifth gas up it happens.

I'm a 25 year old Engineer and not only do I love my work but since I'm a partner and we are finally pulling in some large projects, I am now making very good money. With some guys it's cars or boats. With me it's my AV system, my new house and furs. This allows me to do these things and indulge in my passion for furs.

My house is modest in size but high in quality with a killer AV system and it's full of magnificent furs.

I'm on my way to the furrier with a number of my furs for cleaning, repairs and restyling in my utility van when I stop for gas.

She's young and Goth. Not too many little knobs and penetrations or visible tattoos but all black and leathery with flaming red hair, you know like in "Run Lola, Run" or the chick on "Alias". It turned out to be only a slight enhancement of her naturally red hair in a wild cut almost like Lola.

"Please, can I have a few dollars for gas? I'm stuck here and I need to get up North of Big City. My friends I live with can't come down and get me." It's one of the stock lines, number 3C, I hear often. I'm on the verge of brushing her off but she really gets under my skin somehow and I can't bring myself to dismiss her. She's apparently alone and clearly in some kind distress and need.

"Why should I believe you won't use it for drugs?"

"You can watch me gas up if you wish." Good reply.

"Why don't I just take you there instead. It doesn't look like that vehicle will make it anyway?"

"That's a good point but how do I know you are not some kind of pervert?"

"Good point. Here's my cell phone and 911 is on speed dial, like this. They have automatic cell phone locater service."

"OK I can deal with that."

We move her car to a place near by where it wouldn't get towed away soon and Samantha gets in the Van. We're some distance from the freeway so we have a distance to go through town traffic.

After a few stoplights Samantha looks back into the dark of the van and her eyes nearly pop out of her head. She unbuckles and climbs over the front seat into the rear of the van.

"Holy shit!!! These furs are awesome. Are these yours?"

"Yes they are. I'm taking them to be cleaned and fixed."

She has her face in the Sable almost immediately, hugging it and laying back in some of the other furs.

"I thought you would be a confirmed Anti Fur person and loath fur?"

"I thought I was but I have never actually seen and felt real furs and certainly none like these. This is fantastic."

She's clearly getting off on them big time. I can hear little gasps and moans as she moves around exploring all the furs in the van. Her jacket's off quickly and she's shoving some of the furs up under her sweater fondling her breasts with them. I don't think she's wearing a bra and as she does is when I heard her gasp, sigh and begins moaning. I can see her in the mirror getting off on the furs big time.

"I've had dreams like this laying in a mountain of furs or being locked in a fur store overnight somehow and get very excited in my dream but it was just wild fantasy dreams. My friends make me feel guilty over having them. Oh god this is incredible."

She's so overwhelmed with the feelings and the new experiences squealing with excitement. She's suddenly so sweet, vulnerable and turned on I have an instant erection. Her fur fondling lapses into a near frenzy. She suddenly gasps.

"God I'm sooo ... sooo sorry. This is such a violation of your privacy. I'm so humiliated." She's blushing as red as her hair.

"I'm way over the top with this. I was just so overwhelmed with the sight of them I lost my mind."

"That's perfectly OK. Most people don't recognize or allow themselves to let their feelings for fur come out."

She hadn't let go of any of the furs during this moment of shame.

"I'm just so incredibly excited over them and it touches into my dreams I just can't help myself. This is as many as were in my dreams it's like I'm living it."

"Would you like to continue?"

"God yes, I don't want to let go of them. I don't know what to do with myself now and I'm getting very turned on. I want to make love in them. That has never entered my mind before and I don't know you from Adam!! What am I going to do?? Are you going to take advantage of me?"

"I'm more than willing to help you and I won't do anything you don't want me to so long as you're not under 18. I play with them and wear them all the time and I know how to help, though I have never been with a woman with furs before. That'll be a new experience for me too."

"I'm 18 and yes I'd like to but promise you'll take it slow so I can get use to it and stop when I want you to?"

"Absolutely, I'll do it as you want me to." As I stopped she became a bit apprehensive.

"I won't hurt you but you're obviously having trouble with this new situation and I'll be careful. I agreed that I'll not touch you sexually in any way you do not wish."

I pull into a parking area behind an abandoned warehouse I know about where we wouldn't be bothered. It's a windowless Van I use for my work and camping. It has a single bunk bed on one side.

Her eyes are as big as saucers and she's trembling but not from fear. She's holding tightly to the furs and is awkwardly fondling and stroking herself with them, turned on in a big way. Her vulnerable, sweet and innocent doe eyed stare as she looks up at me is melting my heart. I have to have this virgin fur kitten for my own.

"What's happening to me? Please don't hurt me. Others have hurt me so bad. Some of my friends are real S&M freaks. Please, please." She's so plaintive. I begin to run my hand through her hair and it's as if I had given her an electric shock but she calms down almost instantly and starts to coo like a dove. I move to her face and hold her face in my hands gently.

"Just relax and let me pleasure you with the furs and tell me when you want me to stop."

She's trembling even more than before so I take the Sable which she obviously likes very much and I start to fondle her face and run it through her hair and around her neck and shoulders. She quiets down almost instantly.

Just a little wind and distant traffic noise intruded on our near total silence. Samantha stares into my eyes as I bring the Sable down around her arms and over her back. Wrapping it around her. She begins breathing a little heavier, quietly cooing with an occasional little gasp.

"It will feel much better if you removed your sweater. I won't touch you in any way except with the furs" and she slowly pulls her sweater up and over her head revealing two very nice small tits with large dark brown aureoles and nipples that are obviously rock hard. She blushes all over that which you can see.

"I'm sure this is not the first time a guy has seen your tits. I like them and they're very nice by-the-way."

"This is different. You're admiring me, staring at them so intently and are not groping me."

"I'm going to pleasure you not rape you and admiration is the best possible compliment."

She blushes again as I slowly bring the Sable around her inside out and begin fondling her body. She begins to writhe around as I do, moaning and sighing with an open mouth, clearly lapsing into a state of ecstasy. With this I begin fondling her beautiful little tits, focusing on the nipples. She jumps but quickly settles down. Her moans increase in intensity and I can see, thought she doesn't realize yet, she is headed for an orgasm soon.

Her Jeans are clearly wet in the crotch. I increase the intensity focused on her nipples. Higher pitched sounds replace the moans and I increase in frequency and pressure to her tits. She is now rocking back and forth pressing on the fur fondling of her tits. Suddenly her eyes pop wide open, clearly very surprised as she suddenly explodes in a large orgasm her head thrown back closing her eyes and screaming: "Oh my god, oh please do more to me."

As she slowly comes down from her orgasm I ask her to pull down her Jeans and panties. She says she is too weak as she trembles fumbling with the buttons. I help her and slowly pull them down around her hips and down to her ankles.

She has a gorgeous large thick curly red carpet of a muff, clearly not into shaving. There is a beautiful large Monarch Butterfly tattoo just above it on her lower belly, the lower exaggerated wing lobes hanging down each side of her muff like brackets on to her thighs.

I suddenly realized with the throbbing of my cock just how much that this all has turned me on. She's now laid out on the bunk bed with me kneeling beside her. I continue fondling her with the Sable and I also grab a Chinchilla jacket. She is still in the Sable inside out. It's very large on her giving plenty of loose fur for fondling.

I take the Chinchilla jacket and lay it over her muff fur side down. She quivered as she barely feels the light softness of the Chinchilla against her skin and muff hair.

"Please don't take advantage of me and be gentle."

"The whole purpose of fur fondling is the ultimate in softness and gentleness."

"I had no idea this was what fur was like. This is beyond my wildest dreams already. My friend are stupid and why am I trusting you so?"

I begin as before with the Sable fondling of her tits and upper body with my left hand and slowly begin fondling her hips and thighs with the Chinchilla in my right hand. With the first stroke Samantha let out a loud deep moan and raised her hips up into the Chinchilla. I moved to fondling her butt with the Sable in my left hand as she did. She kept her hips raised clearly getting off on this combination.

Samantha is now fondling her tits herself with the Sable wrapped around her. As I fondle her thighs gradually moving closer to her crotch. With the first touch of the Chinchilla to her muff and crotch Samantha lets out an otherworldly sighing moan thrusting her hips higher and harder into the Chinchilla.

With that approval I slide the Chinchilla fully into her crotch, between her thighs and over her muff and labia. I gripped her butt with the Sable. She nearly faints and then she slowly began humping the furs, sighing and gasping as she moved. I help but she does all the work.

Samantha is totally into the furs and I now have my girl fur slave. I continue to push the Chinchilla further into her vagina until I'm fondling her clitoris and sweet spot. She pushes all the harder against the furs humping for all she's worth. As before she erupts into a massive orgasm only many times the first. It goes on for quite a while with her shaking and writhing into the furs. At the end she totally collapses on the bunk.

All is totally still and quiet and I can hear her slowing breath quite clearly. She opens her eyes finally gazing softly at me smiling ever so sweetly. "Please take me now. No one has ever been this good to me without hurting me real bad or wanting a big payback. I want you in me and doing me in the furs. I'm sure you know how to do that?"

"Yes I do and I have dreamed of making love with a woman in furs for a long time. This is not the place however for us to have our first experience."

"Then take me home with you now. I want you to send me to the stars."

I lean over to her and kiss her with a long soft kiss giving her tongue only near the end of the kiss with which she opens her mouth with her hand behind my head and nearly consumes me whole with passion I have never experienced.

"Put your clothes back on."

I move back up into the drivers seat and head to my house. She just wraps her nude body in the Sable.

As we drive she sits beside me with her hands on my leg and begins talking about herself some more while fondling herself with the Sable wrapped around her and her face close to mine. She speaks softly next to my ear like she doesn't want to be overheard, talking nonstop.

"I have never had an orgasm that good before and you never touched me nor I myself. Well not with your bare hands, mouth or cock anyway. They were unbelievable orgasms and just from the furs. I can't believe they are that powerful. I don't really have a place. I just crash at a friends place up North. There are a few others and we kind of take care of each other. I don't think they will care that I'm gone."

"That's too bad. It is important to have good friends."

"Maybe you can be my friend?"

"Maybe we can be more than good friends?" She lays her head on my shoulder and squeezes my thigh with her hand kissing me on the cheek.

I had dreamed of this moment for a life time and what a most unlikely way for it to come to past. None of my fantasies match up to this. I had been dating and trying all along to interest a potential mate into making love in the furs and striking out every time.

Samantha is quite attractive. I was at first put off by the Goth paraphernalia but the red hair is a big plus as are her wonderful tits and butt. She is slight to medium build and about five nine in height. Though "average" she is somehow delicate and has a light sweet voice. I have already been introduced to her serious response to sex turn on deep moan. Quite a contrast and very dramatic.

She seems smart and quick mentally. She said something about early college dropout.

I love her Butterfly.


Which way to do this? I have thought of so many scenarios in my fantasies but now I actually have to choose.

We are in the Garage and I grab the Chinchilla as she has the Sable and she certainly loves both as do I.

As we get into the house I have the plan.

We go through the Kitchen to the Living Room and I ask her to stay put while I get a few things. When I return she has moved around looking at things and I find her in the Study already off on the Coyote couch throw and pillows.

"No, no, I want you to put this over your eyes. It is a Chinchilla blindfold"(actually a wide sash to another coat).

She does as told and I drape the rather long "tales" over her tits and she shivers from the touch.

"Now I am going to take you by the hand and you are to do exactly what I tell you to do. Are you willing to do that?"

"Yes I am." with a sweet smile.

"This is a matter of trust. We are going to my Fur Den where we two animals will make soft, gentle and passionate love without pain or harm in any way."

"I'm holding you to that" she says, shivering with excitement as I take her by the hand and lead her into the Master Bed Room.

"Step carefully as there are very thick rugs on the floor of my Fur Den." As she steps forward with her bare feet she first steps in a series of ankle deep polar sheep skins, gasping sharply, pausing to enjoy their plush feel.

"Oh god they are wonderful." Around the bed are thick Alpaca rugs which she encounters and fondles them with her feet sighing softly.

"Oh, is this where we are to lay for sex?"

"No, step forward further." A few more steps and her shins bump softly against the edge of the bed. She stumbles and falls into the Lynx bed spread, just as I had hoped she would.

"Oh, oh, oh, what is it?"

"Lynx my little vixen." She is already writhing and moaning half way to an orgasm.

"Wait for me Samantha!!"

"God, I'm sorry. It is just so incredible and unexpected."

"I said I would fur you into submission softly and gently!"

"It can't get any softer than this." With that I began stroking her thighs with the Chinchilla jacket.

"Uhps, I was wrong. That is softer."

"Now you take this and keep that up on yourself for a few moments I have a few things I have to do."

I go to the closet removing the rest of my clothes and pulled out a fur made, literally, just for this occasion. It is a huge, even on me, Shadow Fox with full fur hood, large sleeves and it drags on the floor. It's sheared Nutria lined. I bring a Norwegian Blue Fox throw from the Bed Room lounge chair lay it over her legs and dive under the Chinchilla jacket Samantha is energetically fondling herself with and push my face full into her sweet vagina totally surrounded by the softest of furs. She moans loudly gasping and humping my face as I suck her hard and furious. Having already prepared herself with fur fondling on her own she is almost instantly into a screaming writhing orgasm as my tongue is flitting around inside her.

"Oh my, number three is the best." I move up over her with my coat draped around her just touching her sides. She quivers lightly with the touch and is reaching up into my coat. The coat engulfs us both as I descend on her very wet vagina, her labia glistening with moisture. Well lubricated. My aim is very accurate as I am deep in her with a single smooth stroke. She lets out her deep groaning moan louder and deeper than before. I kiss her deeply right after driving into her and her mouth is fully open our tongues fully engaged in the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

She is marveling over the furs at her touch with her arms around me deep in the fur of my coat. She is still blindfolded and loving every moment, both our faces rubbing in the furs.

"Ohhh yes my love. I love your cock in me. Screw me long and hard."

I am in and out of her in long slow full length strokes. She grunts in pleasure with each ramming responding with her own humping motions. Her hands are now at my hips pulling me deeper into her with every stroke.

"You move so beautifully it drives me to deeper passion." We pick up the pace as Samantha is approaching orgasm. She is better at anticipating it now.

"Oh yes oh yes cum my love cum in me." As she goes into her orgasm I am already shooting into her, filling her to overflow adding to her orgasmic excitement until I'm empty and she has collapsed. I lay on top of her spent for the moment. I remove the blindfold from her eyes. She has the most radiant smile I have ever seen.

"My what an incredible coat. I have to be in heaven, yes?"

"Yes sweet one, my heaven is your heaven and welcome. Did I lie to you?"

"No dear you did not. Not even the slightest exaggeration. My butterfly is very happy now. Can I stay in heaven with you?"

"As long as you wish." We have the longest, softest and loveliest kiss of my life sealing the deal during which I slip back into her wonderfully soft and moist womb with the stiffest erection of my life.

We screw nearly all afternoon, wallowing and writhing around in the furs. Samantha can't get enough of fulfilling her fantasies and I can't get enough of fulfilling mine while helping her with hers. We can't get enough of each other.

We are suddenly struck with ravenous hunger from all the exercise. Dressing in furs, we go out for dinner and we know it is the first of many.

Samantha was moved in as she had nothing to move in except her body and boy what a body.

Since it's the weekend so we go shopping for at least minimum clothing for her until she decides what she wants to make of this new arrangement. She definitely is staying but she said she had some choices that she wanted to make for her new life in addition to being with me. I told her I'll indulge her in anyway I can.

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