Gotham Knights

byExtreme Bohunk©

He smiled, and plucked a fresh feather from the duster. "One more, and then to sleep Miss Kyle. You need to rest & heal." He paused, and then told her "You remind me so much of her."

Without another word, he raised the sheet and began to guide the feather on it's happy task. She quickly approached the edge, and jumped. Alfred watched her face as she climaxed. She was beautiful to start with, but now, in ecstasy, she was angelic. He could sense her crest pass, and then ebb.

A strand of hair was on her face, he brushed it away. She murmured, and pressed her cheek to his hand. She was drifting off already.

"Good night Miss Kyle" he said softly.

He straightened and walked toward the elevator with purpose. 'Now, to deal with Nurse Brandt' he thought.


She was lost in a mist. Faces floated in & out, she felt she should know them, but didn't. She heard a woman's voice. Soft, sultry. It was speaking her name, almost in a whisper. "Seliiinaaa......"

It seemed to be everywhere and nowhere. It was hauntingly familiar. "Seliiiiiiinaaaaaaaa......."

Very close, she saw nothing. She felt a presence near her. She reached, nothing, it was gone.. "Selinaaaaaaa" From a distance.

She could make out a shadowy figure, moving with cat-like grace, then it too was gone.

"SELINA!" In her ear. From right behind her.

She screamed, turned, and startled half awake, just glimpsing the figure as the dream evaporated.

It was a woman in a purple leather catsuit, with thigh-high black boots. Her black gloves reached to the elbow. They were tipped with steel claws. She had the most incredible green eyes. She seemed to be.....waiting.

Selina came fully awake, her mind retained the image. She felt cool air on her skin, the sheet had slipped or fallen off. Once again, she was naked to the world. She looked herself over as best she could, without the benefit of a mirror. She realized she didn't know what her face looked like. She checked her toes again. Curl, uncurl. That was good.

Her calves were encased in plaster, but she could see her knees, legs, & thighs. They seemed lithe and strong, like a dancer or gymnast. Her stomach was flat and muscular, though very feminine. Her hips seemed nicely proportionate to the rest of her. She couldn't help but notice she had a great set of boobs. Round and firm, each capped by a rosy nipple. Double 'C' cup, at least. 'I guess I'll have to wait to see the rest'

Out of the corner of her limited vision, she saw a shadow move. She was able to pick out a flash of yellow. "Is someone there?" There was only silence. 'I need to get a T.V. or something in here, giving myself the heebie-jeebies'

The shadow moved again, this time she saw green as well. 'OK, who's there? Show yourself! " Her voice was braver than she felt.


A man stepped out from behind a partition. Not a man, younger, a teenager, about 19 or so. He had a costume on too. She thought ' What is it with this place? Everybody is either wearing a uniform or a costume! I'm the only normal one here, and I'm naked! '

He stammered as he approached " I-I-I'm s-sorry" and his voice cracked.

"What the hell are you doing over there?" she demanded

She could see him fully now. He was really put together. About 5 '10, 180 lbs. of hunky Boy-toy. He was wearing tights, a red vest, gloves, and a cape. And of course, a mask.

"I-uh-er-ah" was all he was able to get out, his eyes goggling over her body. She could see he was blushing crimson, even behind the mask. She had caught him doing something, but what?

She turned up the heat. "Who are you?" she barked

He was able to croak out "Robin"

She pounced "What were you doing over there?" His jaw worked, searching for words.

"Out with it...Robin! " If possible, he blushed even deeper. He moved from foot to foot like a kid that has to pee.

She was beginning to enjoy this. She fought to suppress a smile. "What are you staring at? Never saw a naked woman before?" His eyes widened behind the mask.

She let him have it. "So, that's what you're up to is it? Thought you'd sneak in and have a peek at the naked lady? Well, do you like what you see? Do you?... I asked you a question, Robin! " His mouth jerked open & closed.

Suddenly, he began to cry, not shameful tears, but real sobs of anguish.

She was startled, and then felt bad she'd done this to him. "Hey" she said softly, "hey, take it easy, it's OK. Just put the sheet back on and we'll keep this between us, OK? Can you keep a secret, Robin?"

He had partially regained his composure, and moved to cover her. As he did, he spoke. "I'm sorry, I really am. It's just- just that when I look at you, I don't feel, you know, I don't feel anything. You're beautiful, sexy, naked, but it does nothing for me"

She told him "You need to learn how to talk to women, Mister. Never, ever, tell a naked lady she does nothing for you. Especially after she's caught you peeping at her."

His eyes widened as he realized his mistake. "Oh!, No!, No, that's not what I meant. I don't feel when I look at you the way I feel sometimes at the gym when we hit the showers."

Selina thought 'Great! that's even worse'

He continued "I'm confused, really confused. I mean, I should like girls, right? But, but-I I just don't know what I like. There! That's my secret, can you keep that?"

For about the umpteenth time that day, she was shocked. It was her turn to be speechless.

He turned to go, she called after him. "Robin?" He looked at her. "Your secret is safe with me"

He nodded and stepped into the elevator. The doors closed, and she was alone with her thoughts.


She noticed a small 'Call' button, and pressed it. A moment later, Alfred's voice came over an intercom. "Yes, Miss Kyle?"

She spoke to the air, uncertain where the microphone might be. "Could you come in here, please?"

His voice crackled back "I'll be right in Miss Kyle"

"Thank you" she said to the walls.

When he arrived, she requested a clock, a TV, and the small mirror. He suggested he bring a laptop computer, she could pass the time with that as well. In no time, he returned, and had everything operational. Finally, she asked him for the mirror. He hesitated a moment, and handed it to her.

She looked at her face. A bruise ran across her forehead, and another along her cheekbone. Both of them had faded to a yellow green color.

Before she had a chance to ask, he told her "There's no stitches, Miss Kyle, nor should there be any permanent scarring."

She looked back to the mirror and froze when she saw her eyes. They were the same as the woman in her dream. Something clicked and shifted inside her mind. Somehow, she was the same person.

Alfred's concerned voice cut through her thoughts "Are you all right Miss Kyle?"

"Uh-oh-oh yes. I'm fine, thank you Alfred."

"Very good Miss. I'll prepare some breakfast for you" She realized she was hungry. He asked "Is there anything you have an appetite for?"

She started to answer, and then realized it was a double-edged question. She flushed a bit and replied "I'm sure anything coming from your hands would be wonderful" He smiled, and returned to the elevator.

She thought 'I gotta get me one of those' and switched on the TV.

The news captured her attention. It was about Batman, on a vigilante rampage. Criminals were turning themselves in, rather than face the wrath of the Dark Knight. They all told the same story, he was seeking former henchmen of arch-villianess Catwoman.

Selina laughed "So, I'm an arch-villianess, am I?" She farted. ' Take that, Gotham City!'

Alfred returned shortly, with breakfast & good news. "The doctor has informed me your casts will be coming off today. I advise you to eat heartily, as it can be a bit strenuous."

He fed her breakfast and told her "Nurse Brandt will be a long shortly to attend to your needs. She has been firmly disciplined on her behavior, I believe you will find her most cooperative. If there is any problem, push the call button 3 times, I will be here immediately."

Selina was finished, he pushed the cart back into the elevator. The doors closed behind him.

She turned on the laptop and began looking up everything she could find on Batman, Robin, crime in Gotham City, and of course, Catwoman. One thing linked to another and soon she learned all about the caped crimefighters and the costumed criminals.

She was surprised to learn that she had been in Arkham, a combination prison and mental asylum. It was like she was reading about someone else. She glanced at the clock, she had been at it for hours. She shut it off and closed her eyes to rest them.


She was horny. She thought of the Batman, saw herself crawling from the foot of his bed. He was naked, except for his cowl & cape. She slid between his thighs, and began kissing a trail of fire along them, working upwards. Her nose nuzzled his balls, she inhaled, savoring the smell of male. Her tongue snaked from between her lips and she ran the tip over his sack. A low groan came from him. She cupped them in her hand and lifted. Her tongue danced at the back of them. Another low moan. She licked along them from back to front, stopping at the base of his shaft. And then back down. A deep sound came from inside the cowl. She did it again. And again.

She kissed the underside of his hard cock, starting at the base, and trailing up. She stopped short of the tip. She did this until he couldn't take any more.

He reached down and guided her mouth over the head of his manhood. He was big, she had to open her mouth widely. She ran her tongue around the edge of the head, and then sucked him deeper into her mouth with a twisting motion.

She circled his girth with her fingers, and slowly pumped him. She timed it so her lips met her fingers every other stroke. He swelled. She squeezed a tiny bit harder, and increased her tempo. He stroked her hair in appreciation. His breathing became deeper, and his man flesh expanded even more. He filled her mouth completely.

She pulled off with a loud slurp, and drilled the tip of her tongue into the spot where the head is most sensitive. He gasped, and his hands tightened.

Suddenly, she engulfed the entire head and squeezed hard with her hand. She sucked as hard as she could and pumped him hard. His balls drew tight, she slowed her motions, knowing he was about to come.

She held tight with her hand, and gently sucked the crown, with an occasional rasp of her teeth. There was a heaving jerk of his balls, she pulled her lips off and circled the head of his cock with thumb and forefinger. She squeezed, holding him on the edge.

"Please" he pleaded "Please finish me."

She released both hands, and buried him in her mouth. He jerked, she felt him explode at the back of her throat. She sucked until the salty streams had stopped. Before he could go soft, she sprang up and straddled him, his huge tip poised at her wet, wet opening.


The sound of the elevator doors snapped her out of her dream. She felt a small pool of wetness under her ass. Her pussy had been awake, even when she wasn't.

The nurse approached. Selina noticed she looked disheveled, like she had been out late & up early. Her voice was that of servitude and humility. "How are you this morning, Miss Kyle?" She kept her eyes downcast.

Selina's guard was up. "Much better than yesterday" she replied, icily.

Nurse Brandt spoke again without looking up. "I apologize for my unprofessional and improper behavior yesterday. I hope you will accept."

Selina could hardly believe this was the same person who had tortured her for hours on end the day before. The nurse set about preparing a change of bedding for the gurney.

As she bent to a low shelf, her short nurse's skirt rode up. She wasn't wearing panties. Her ass was bright red and pink, with a few welts.

Selina caught a glimpse of strawberry curls. She asked "What the hell happened to you?"

The nurse wheeled, and pulled her skirt down in the same motion. Her faced was flushed, there was anger in her eyes. She caught herself and looked down. "Master Alfred was very clear in his disapproval of my actions"

She continued, meekly "I would like to change your bedding and wash you up, with your approval of course." Selina made a mental note not to upset Alfred.

The nurse hooked Selina into the sling again, being very gentle to avoid causing her patient any discomfort. She pressed the 'up' button, and Selina rose from the bed.

Nurse Brandt gathered the wash basin and sponge. She told Selina "I've been instructed to attend to ....your every need." She was staring directly at the wet spot Selina had left on the sheet.

Selina's eyebrow arched at the possibilities. The dream had left her wanting. She looked at the nurse who stood, waiting, with sponge in hand.

Selina told her "You may proceed."

She began bathing Selina with efficient, professional swipes. She worked quickly, moving along Selina's body.

It was the first chance Selina had to really look at her. She was small, about 5 '2. 100-105 lbs. Slim build, nice legs, and a decent set of boobs. About 'B' cup she guessed. Her ass was fantastic. Strawberry blonde hair, pulled back in a ponytail. Her face crinkled in concentration on her patient. She really was very good at her job.

The sponge moved to Selina's stomach, a dull throb started between her thighs. It rose to her breasts, the ache intensified, her nipples swelled to peaks. The nurse asked "Are you cold Miss Kyle?"

Selina sensed the concern was more for her tender ass than Selina's well-being. She replied " Ah-no, I'm fine" and then asked "What's your name?"

There was a pause, and she said quietly "Camille, people call me Cami."

"Cami, is your boyfriend Bobby Lawson?"


"Do you know why he's in jail?"

Cami looked up, her eyes flashing fire "He told me he got shot trying to cover your ass during a job. You shot the guard, he took a bullet for you, and then you left him behind because he was wounded."

Selina looked her in the eyes, and asked "Would you like to know the truth?"

Cami was uncertain, part of her wanting to hear Selina's side, part of her unwilling to hear what might be the truth, and being forced to let go of an anger she had held so long it had become a part of her.

Selina asked again "Do you?"

Cami looked down, a small "yes" came from her.

"Cami, look at me" her eyes snapped up and met Selina's. "Your boyfriend was a real shit. He thought he was a player. He used to laugh about being out with this chick & that babe & I fucked her and blah blah blah, while he had someone sitting at home waiting for him. He really got off on that. He was a real cowboy, too quick with his gun, in more ways than one. Don't get the wrong idea, I wouldn't fuck him if I had to."

She continued "No one was EVER supposed to bring a gun on the job. That guard he shot was a 62 year old Grampa. The old guy was cooperating fully when out came the piece and he blew that old man's brains out. The dumbass was so proud of himself, he didn't put the safety back on. He went to shove it back in his waistband, shot himself right in the dick. I used my own whip to tie him up. I wanted to make sure he stayed put until the cops got there. I tripped the alarm myself on the way out. That's the truth Cami."

Tears sprang to Cami's eyes and rolled down her cheeks. She knew Selina was telling the truth.

"I'll tell you what else Cami, I hope he's a real popular prison bitch, I hope he's spending a lot of time licking his own shit off some other guy's prick."

Cami sobbed "I'm so, so, sorry for what I did to you Miss Kyle."

"I'm sorry too Cami, sorry you had to find out like this." There was a long silence.

Cami stood to finish bathing her patient. Her touch was gentle, comforting. She glided the sponge across Selina's hips, lower abdomen, up along her back and ass, along her thighs, and down her legs. She didn't notice Selina was biting her lip. The sponge was driving her crazy.

When it touched the soles of her feet, she fought not to jerk her toes under the stimulation. The sensations shot right to her crotch.

Cami worked back up along the inner thighs. Selina's breath came quicker, she knew her sex was glistening. The sponge slid gently over the sensitive vulva, cleaning, rather than teasing. Selina gave a husky groan. Cami froze, not knowing what to do.

If Selina complained to Alfred, it would mean another round of 'instruction' She could barely sit now.

On the other hand, if she 'finished' her would that make her a Lesbian? Sure, she had done all those things to her yesterday, but that was out of revenge. Today, things were different. And, what if she liked it?

Like last night, at first the spanking was awful, as the riding crop bit into her flesh, but then, she started cumming like crazy, and begged for more. Alfred finally stopped out of concern for her blistered cheeks. She was moist between her legs.

"C-a-a-a-am-i-i-i-i!!!!" Selina's voice sliced through her thoughts. She had been absent-mindedly grazing the sponge over and over Selina's pussy, giving her fits.

Startled, she blurted "Oh! Miss Kyle! I'm so sorry!"

She looked down at Selina's more than ready crotch. Words flew out her in a rush. "I didn't mean-I wouldn't- uh- after yesterday when Alfred spanked me I couldn't stop cumming I didn't know that about myself I don't know how to- I've never been with a woman." Cami was beet-faced red.

Selina understood, having surprised herself more than once as she had discovered her own sexuality. She had an idea how to help this poor girl, but could see that she would need a push. Suddenly, she wanted to play.

"Cami, change the bedding and set me down. I don't want you to do anything you're uncomfortable with." She could have sworn she felt her nose grow.

Cami looked relieved and finished her tasks quickly. What she didn't know was that school was now in session. There would be lessons, and playtime.

Selina told her "Unhook my arm from the traction unit." Cami did so, and gently lowered Selina's arm, palm up. She winced in pain, but was able to move it after a minute.

She said softly, "Come here Camille" She moved to Selina's side. Selina raised her arm and placed her hand along the side of Cami's face. She stroked her cheek, and pulled Cami's face to hers, looking into those dark blue eyes. She stopped when their lips were less than an inch apart. The anticipation and the electricity built. Selina waited, letting Cami make the decision.

Cami closed her eyes and really kissed a woman for the first time. Her knees went weak, such a difference from a man. Tender, soft, giving. She lost herself in the kiss. She felt Selina's hand slide down her back, over her ass, to the bare skin below the hem of her skirt.

Without breaking the kiss, she breathed in hard, thru her nose. She felt the tip of Selina's tongue begin to dart along her lips, she responded in kind. Her knees were shaking, she was soaked between her thighs. Selina ran her hand under the skirt, to Cami's tender butt. She let het fingers play over the welts. Cami's began to tremble, she moaned into Selina's mouth.

Selina kissed her harder. She raked her nails over Cami's rosy cheeks. She moaned again. Selina sucked on her tongue, and raked her again, slowly. "Ooooooohhhhhhhh" Her whole body was trembling. She lifted one hand to caress Selina's breasts. She needed the other to steady herself.

Selina's hand moved to the back of Cami's thigh, and brought it up slowly, with a combination of fingertips & nails. She continued all the way up, as high as the skirt would allow, teasing each welt as she went.

Cami broke the kiss. "auuughhhhhh" Her knees tried to give out, which only pressed her deeper into Selina's caresses. Cami was lost on an ocean of lust. She was ready.

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