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* * * * *

Life is always full of surprises, some are just better than others. Café Succubus was full already. Just after 10pm, and there had to be over a hundred people there. I moved towards the bar and ordered cream soda. They didn't server alcohol. The crowd, as always, was a mixed lot. Everything from bondage gear to some sort of post-renaissance look. A remix of a Gary Numan song thumped through the speakers. Dancing wasn't my thing though.

Looking around, I didn't see any of my friends. I did see something more interesting, or should I say someone. Dark hair, dark eyes, and dark lips. Her left side was towards me and her sultry profile held my gaze. An almost Greek nose dominated her pixie-like face. Fish-net covered her shoulders and upper chest until it disappeared beneath a velvet bodice. She must have been wearing a mini of some type, because I could just make out her sheer-covered knees before her leather platform boots took over. She gave her shoulder-length hair a toss and looked right at me. Knees, please hold me up... Her smile invited me over.

I walked over and motioned towards the low table in front of her, all the nearby chairs were filled. She smiled a yes. Clearing the various pamphlet and candles out of the way, I sat facing her. It WAS a mini. Rubber at that!

"Hi, my name is Peter," and offered my hand.

"Morgan," she replied as she took my hand. Her grip was firm, yet delicate.

"As in Morgan Le Fay?"

"Yes," she smiled again. What a beauty. Her teeth were nice, without being perfect. What lips! Pouty and full. "I'm bit of a sorcerous myself." She then laughed. Morgan Le Fay was King Author's half-sister and a real witch.

"You're not going to turn me into a toad are you?"

"Maybe, but I think of better punishments..."

We continued on like this for almost an hour. We chatted about movies, TV, music, history, books, everything. We had so much in common. After about an hour she had to take a break. "Listen could you save me seat? I need to visit the little witches' room."

"Sure, I'll keep it warm for you." She then flashed that killer smile again and started for the bathroom. While she walked away, I took in the full view of her perfect ass. Just right size for fucking, I thought.

When she returned I was keeping her seat warm while reading one of the many pamphlets on upcoming events. She cleared her throat and stood over me. Quite close actually. I just patted my lap and smiled. She smiled too and promptly sat on my lap! Mmmph! Her ass felt so good there. I wrapped my left arm around her and pulled her in close.

"This is much better." She seemed to agree, and answered by cuddling closer. "What is one thing every guy should know about you?"I asked her.

"That I'm full of surprises," she whispered into my ear.

"I really like you," I whispered back into her's.

"I like you too," and gazed right into my eyes. I was done, helpless. She licked her lips nervously and leaned in closer. "I want to suck your cock." My eyes about popped out of my head.

"OK, but not here. Two people got busted here last week doing just that. Everyone cheered as they walked out"

"OH, I do NOT want that!"She then broke into a big smile.

"Let's go back to my place, I'm parked at the parking garage around the corner."

"Let's just do it in the car. Just a blowjob I mean. Then we can come back here maybe....Let's go."She then got up and took my hand. We walked, almost ran, back to my car. I was parked up on the top deck of the garage. All the cars around me had left and mine was in the corner. "Ooooh, this is so romantic. I mean the stars and moon and all."

I smiled back and opened the backseat door and helped her in. I climbed in after her and shut the door. We immediately began kissing. Our hot lips sliding over each other as we embraced tightly. My hands gripped her tight little ass, the rubber felt so good over it. Her hands were in my pants.

She unbuttoned my fly and slid her hand inside my boxers. I was already hard and this brought me to my full seven inches. She pushed me back and took my cock into her mouth. This girl didn't fool around. Her mouth sucked me in, while her hands massaged my balls and shaft. She pumped me hard, her grip was amazing. Between her lips, I was in heaven.

Her tongue swirled around my head and tickled my pee-hole. She reached farther between my legs and began rubbing my asshole with her finger. I couldn't believe how good this felt. My mouth just hung open as I tried to form words. Sucking harder and harder, Morgan worked my organ like it was her favorite toy. One hand massaged my balls as her other fingered my asshole.

She fucked my hole harder and harder. Her mouth almost completely swallowed me whole, I could feel my head touch the back of her throat. She gagged a little, but kept sucking. Suddenly I lost all control and came. My cum shot into her throat and she gagged hard. Her head came up and I kissed her like the end of the world. Our tongues twirling around each other like mad. I could taste my cum, but didn't care. All I wanted was her.

We then laid back and breathed heavily. "That was amazing. I've never had my cock sucked like that."She just smiled at me. "What are the chances of you coming home with me and letting me return the favor?"

Her whole demeanor changed suddenly and she began to fidget. "I don't know... I don't going places alone with strangers."

"It's ok, I understand."I couldn't keep my hands off of her. My hands rubbed her thighs and ass. The rubber felt fantastic. "I just... I have to fuck you!" My hands slid between her legs. Before she could stop me, my hand reached her panties and slid beneath them. Instead of pussy lips, a small hard cock met my hand!

"I said I was full of surprises!" Her eyes went huge and her whole body tensed. My heart skipped a beat, actually several.

"I guess you are..."

"You're not angry?"she asked plaintively. How could I be angry at those eyes and lips?

"No, I'm not just surprised. You are so beautiful. It's just not what I expected...," giving her thigh a slight squeeze. "Let's go back to my place."

"OK," she smiled.

We sped back to my place. Our hands running over each other thighs and cocks. When we got back to my place we ran inside. It wasn't long before we were in my bedroom and stripping off my clothes. I laid back on the bed naked and spread-eagle. My cock stiff. Morgan swayed back and forth at the foot of the bed, her eyes staring into mine.

Slowly she slid her rubber skirt down her thighs and kicked it off. She then turned around and bent down showing me her perfect ass. Her thumbs hooked her panties and pulled them down her legs and stepped out of them. Spinning around, she began to shake her hips back and forth. Her cock swung out and got stiffer.

Morgan crawled up onto the bed and began to move towards me on her hands and knees. Her head bent down and took my cock into her mouth. Moving up and down, she sucked my cock into her mouth. My head swam as her tongue twirled around my cock and balls. Long brown hair cascaded down onto my lap, undulating as she sucked.

I reached over and pulled a condom out of my night-stand. Pushing her shoulders back, I slipped the rubber over my dick. She rolled onto her back, and spread her legs out. My fingered massaged her anus as I spread lubricant in and around. I got up on my knees and slowly pushed my hand into her ass. She lifted her legs and placed her boots on my shoulders.

My hands reached around her legs and started squeezing her balls and stroking her shaft. I fucked her harder and harder. Pumping in and out of her ass. She grabbed my neck and pulled herself closer and closer. I laid back and let her mount me like a pony.

Up and down she rode me. Humping like mad. We were both moaning as we both pumped her cock. Suddenly we both lost control and came. I filled her ass as she sprayed cum all over my chest and face.

She rolled over and lie down next to me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer. "That was amazing...," I whispered breathlessly. "I've never had sex like that before."

"Maybe if you are lucky, it won't be the last time."She whispered back. Hopefully, she's right.

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