tagIncest/TabooGraduate Summer Fun

Graduate Summer Fun


My name is Jason and I had just graduated from the university I had been attending. I was back home with my parents for a few weeks before I started my new career on the West Coast. I was going to catch a couple of weeks relaxation before the big move.

On the first Saturday back home, my sister Marie invited me over to her in ground pool. My sister's husband, Larry, was off on one of his never ending business trips. My sister was thirty three years old at the time. I think she was constantly lonely from her husband being gone continually.

I drove over to her house that Saturday morning. Marie told me to go out back to the pool and make myself to home, she would be coming out shortly. I took my shirt and pants off, I had my trunks on underneath. I decided to swim a few laps before my sister joined me. After maybe five minutes, my sister came strolling out. She didn't have a bikini top on.

"I hope you don't mind?" My sister said, "I want to get a total tan."

Why would I object to seeing my sister's tits? Marie had big breasts that sagged a little. Her nipples were the size of very large silver dollars. To be honest, her boobs looked like they were quite tanned.

Marie jumped into the pool and we both swam around for a bit. I eventually stood up in the shallow part of the pool. Marie swam over and joined me.

"What do you think Jason?" My sister asked.

"Think about what?" Was my reply.

Marie took me by the wrists and placed my hands on her big knockers. I couldn't think of another thing to do besides squeeze them both. Marie was moaning a bit and her nipples were getting harder. I was getting into feeling them when Marie ducked down into the water.

She reached in and pulled my trunks off of me. Before she came back up, her bikini briefs were off as well. My cock had begun to get hard as I was milking my sister's tits. My shaft got even harder when Marie started to take my cock and massage it in her hand.

I was really getting worked up by this time. Marie threw her arms around my neck and then swung her legs around my waist. There was the head of my cock, staring directly at my sister's pussy lips.

With my hands holding her ass, I lowered Marie down to my cockhead. She took it all with ease. I slowly started to pump into her. Her pussy was tight and the water gave me all the lubrication I needed.

We stood there in waist high water and fucked each other. My cock isn't particularly thick, but I am about 8 inches long. I fed my sister every hard inch that I could, and she took the entire length.

I didn't last very long that time, and I told Marie I was cumming. My swollen sacs let loose and I squirted a humongous load of seed into my sister's belly. She returned the favor and started to cum herself.

After we were both spent, I slipped out of her pussy and we climbed out of the pool. We dried off and went into the house. Marie led me to her bed, and we did it again there. This time Marie got on all fours and I took her from behind.

Marie became very vocal, telling me never to take my cock out of her. She begged me to become her lover and to feed her my seed. With my hands on her hips, I slid my cock into her wet chasm. My balls were rapping on her asscheeks.

I got into it as well. I told Marie that she was now my love slut. I told her that only I could fuck her now, not her husband, Larry. Marie agreed to everything I said, no matter how over the top it was. My sister was caught up in a fuck frenzy.

Eventually I flipped Marie over onto her back. I entered her pussy and she threw her legs around my back. I had lost all track of time. We must have fucked for over an hour in that position. I rammed her with the deepest strokes I could give her.

Marie was practically screaming at this point. I had never been in bed with a woman like her before. Sweat was rolling off our bodies when I finally blew my love cum. Marie's pussy tighten around my pole and she milked every hot drop of semen from me. We continued to fuck like that until there was nothing left inside me.

I toppled onto Marie, and we soaked up each other's body. Marie then began to tell me everything that had been happening to her.

Marie's marriage was a sham. Her husband was never home and Marie was constantly lonely. When I graduated from school, Marie wanted to see me. Lovemaking wasn't on her mind. After I walked in through her doorway, the dam broke. She needed a man's love, and there I was in front of her.

Marie asked me not to move to my new job. She asked if it was possbile to find something closer to home. She wanted me to be her lover, she came out and said it.

A few weeks later, after doing some searching, I found a job in a city sixty miles away. I wanted to be far away from my parents, so they wouldn't be checking up on me all the time.

Marie served her husband his divorce papers. He was truly shocked, she had said. She told him he was never around, so what was the point of being married. Once my sister was free from the hubby, she planned to move down with me.

I wasn't sure I was up for those living arrangements, but we had been fucking all those weeks after graduation. I guess my sister was consumed with having my cock in her. I told her we would give it a try and see how everything works out. I will try and report as to how our love life goes.

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