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Grains of Sand


A grain of sand weighs some where in the area of a couple of grams. Approximately how many grains of sand do you think it would take to crush a man? I'm a pretty big guy and could probably handle a couple hundred thousand grains of sand at least.

Now for arguments sake, lets just say that each grain of sand represents a lie told to you by your wife. That changes it a lot doesn't it?

The first couples are only an annoyance, something like a little bug flying around your head as you try to swat it. Multiply that number by ten, now you start to get a little concerned. When you increase it to twenty-five, your uncomfortable now and you start to feel a dull pain in your chest. At fifty you feel as though an elephant is sitting on your chest and all the air is being squeezed out of your lungs. Anything over sixty collapses the chest and crushes the heart. Now all you've got is a straight line on the monitor and a loud whine that brings nothing back to life.

In my case, the elephant just walked into the room.

After being married to the same women for eight years you get to know her pretty well. Lisa and I have been together nine years and married for just over eight. We have one daughter, Jackie, who is six and a son, David, who is almost two.

I'm not going to bore you with how we met, fell in love and married, because right now that's not the issue. My problem is, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear Lisa was cheating on me.

No she's not working a lot of overtime with her boss, or staying out late on girl's night outs and our sex life is pretty strong considering how active our home life is. It's just that for a while, she just hasn't been the Lisa of old and is acting different but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

That is, until just recently.

I do a normal 8:00 am to 5:00 pm boring office job five days a week. I work in the accounting department and I'm in charge of the payable division for Ajax Sign Company. I, along with my two clerks, make sure our companies bills are paid and on time. Pretty exciting stuff wouldn't you say? I sit in front of a damn computer screen all day long comparing purchase orders against vendor invoices. I'm pretty good at what I do and have caught more than one employee committing fraud. It's just that sometimes it is so boring I just want to scream.

Lisa works for a marketing firm in town that does quite a lot of business with our company. We met when her firm opened up a new account. I did the paper work myself, and Lisa was my initial contact.

I don't think our life is wild and exciting, but at least I thought our marriage was pretty strong up until a couple of months ago.

Our downward spiral started off so slow I never saw it coming, even though the clues were right there in front of me. And I guess I had a small part in her changing, but it was all done out of love.

After the birth of David, and the subsequent night feedings, Lisa's body clock went off kilter. She would wake up some where around 3:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep for a couple of hours no matter what she tried. The doctor told her it would pass, but instructed her to do something when she woke up to make her sleepy or tire herself out.

We tried sex for a couple of weeks but that just made us both tired in the morning, even though it always brought a smile to my face. She then tried watching TV but at 3:00 there wasn't much on. Finally she started surfing the net on the desktop computer in our bedroom. That wasn't going to work either with me trying to sleep.

"Happy Birthday," I said when I came home Tuesday night with a colorful wrapped box.

"It isn't my Birthday, Rick."

"I know, just open it," I said handing her the small carton.

"Oh my God," Lisa said as her eyes lit up as she opened her present.

"This way, if you get up at night and can't sleep you'll have something to do that won't keep me up too."

Lisa ran her fingers across the shinny silver top and moved her finger around the Apple emblem.

"It's not new, but refurbished and upgraded. It has all the normal software, a CD and DVD player and upgraded memory," I said with a smile. "It's all yours my love."

Lisa hugged and kissed me saying, with an evil smile, that I'd get my present later that night. She started it up, set up her password and connected to the net. She was like a kid with a new Game Boy.

I got more sex in the next twenty-four hours than I'd gotten in the last three weeks. I walked around with a stupid smile on my face for the next week.

She still woke up at all hours of the night, but at least now she didn't keep both of us up. After a couple of months however I noticed she was staying up longer and longer at night. More than once I'd get up to check on her and I would find her in the living room or kitchen pounding away on her computer.

"Honey, you've got to get yourself some sleep," I told her. "I thought the doctor said this was only a temporary thing and your body would go back to normal. Maybe you should call and make an appointment and get yourself checked out," I suggested.

"Don't worry Rick, it's getting better, it's just that since you gave me my computer there's a world of things to do and I can't do it during the day or after work while I fix dinner and take care of the kids."

"What are you typing?" I asked.

"Just an entry in my journal among other things."

"Can I see read it?" I asked.

"Oh my God NO!" Lisa said as she closed the cover. It's personal, it's like my private diary," she told me. "I'd never ask to see yours."

"Ask away because I don't have one. Don't worry, I won't go looking on your precious computer," I said as I tried to smile. "Now put it away and come to bed, or you won't worth shit at work tomorrow."

You know the story about the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit? Well that computer was now my forbidden fruit. I had to see what she'd been writing in it all theses past months but I didn't have a clue how I was going to accomplish that.

The first time I tried was when Lisa went out shopping with the kids.

"Shit, password protected."

I could see her password had nine characters but that was all. I tried every imaginable combination of birthday, anniversary, names, dates nothing worked. I then tried pet names, phone numbers, and her social security number. Struck out again.

Our resident computer geek always said he was the best around and there was nothing he couldn't do.

"Let's see just how good he is," I thought to myself as I walked into his office.

"What's the matter Rick? Server still too slow in your department?"

"No Ken, you solved that problem, now I've got a harder one for you," I told him as I peaked his interest. I got my wife an Apple computer and she's got all her shit password protected. She's got a few personal files I'd like to take a look at but can't get in," I told him.

"So, you think the wife's being a little naughty?" he replied.

"Not really, but she's got a journal I'd like to take a look at though."

"An Apple's a whole different animal. It has its own software and isn't like a normal PC," he told me.

"So you're saying you can't do it?" I threw the gauntlet down.

"I didn't say that. It'll just take a bit longer. That's all. Bring it in tomorrow and I'll have it done by the end of the day," he said sticking his chest out.

"No can do, she keeps that puppy with her all the time unless she goes shopping or out to the gym."

"How long is she normally gone for?" he asked.

"No more than an hour and a half."

"Give me the weekend to play. I know a guy who has one and I'll see if there is a back door or a way to bypass the password," he told me.

"If you can't do it, just let me know and I'll hit one of the computer stores." That's all I needed to say.

"There's nothing I can't do. Check with me Monday and I'll have the solution to your problem."

I watched Lisa like a hawk all weekend. Every time she went on it, I tried to grab a peak. I started sneaking out of bed at night and watching her as she typed away. For some reason how she typed into her journal didn't make sense. I watched her type for a few minutes, she would pause read what was on the screen, sometimes smile, and then type again. I thought people read what they were typing as they typed it in.

All right, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. But as I walked back to bed it dawned on me. She wasn't typing into a damn journal, she was carrying on a conversation with someone on the computer going back and forth.

I turned around and headed back down the hall. I watched her in silence for the next forty-five minutes as they talked away. When she started to touch herself I almost walked out and grabbed the computer. She twisted her nipples, licked her finger and pushing her panties aside started to play with her clit. She was getting turned on and I was getting hot watching her.

It wasn't until she suddenly shut the cover did I come out of my stupor. I ran quietly back to bed and jumped under the covers. About a minute later, Lisa slipped into bed with me. I acted like she'd woken me up.

"What time is it hon?" I asked.

"Go back to sleep it's late," she replied as she got into bed.

I moved over to cuddle with her and noticed she was hot and a little clammy. I still had a slight erection and moved it against her ass as I reached around bringing her in close.

I wasn't sure what she was going to do or how she would react as I slowly grew in size thinking about what I'd witnessed. When I moved my hand down from under her breasts to between her legs, she spread them slightly so I could gain access to her love canal.

She was wet. Damn she was dripping as she let my fingers work their magic. Her breathing increased as she reached behind and pulled me out of my shorts. She was more aggressive than I'd seen her in years as she almost pulled my dick off stroking it.

Lisa bit her pillow as she climaxed but still made a lot of noise. She then pushed me on my back and impaled herself on my erect dick in one motion. With her panties pushed to the side, she threw her top off and rode me for all she was worth.

Her ass was slapping against my nuts as she ground her pussy onto me. There was no fringing way I was going to last much longer. I put my thumb between my dick and her clit, so every stroke she got a little extra stimulation.

I shot off and she climaxed as we both reached for each other kissing and tonguing one another. Talk about drained. Her pussy had sucked every drop from me and she was now trying to get me hard again with her lips. There was no way that was going to happen. I flipped her over and started licking her clit as I fingered her soppy cunt.

Hell it didn't take over four minutes for her to get off again as she held my head down onto her pussy as she moved it around my tongue. I don't know how much of my own sperm I licked up but it was enough to know I didn't like the taste of myself.

Lisa finally pulled me up to her mouth as she kissed my lips and licked my tonsils with her tongue. I was about to get up and go to the bathroom when she stopped me.

"I want to smell me on your face all night," she said as she cuddled just under my chin.

What in the hell had gotten into her tonight? I asked myself as Lisa cuddled and fell asleep in my arms. I didn't know, but I liked it.

She woke up, kissed me deep and took a sniff.

"Time for someone to wash their face," she said with a smile. "How about a shower?"

We showered for about twenty-five minutes as we did more playing around than washing. When the water got cold we reluctantly got out and our kids were waiting for us. I guess a quickie this morning was out.

We all ate Saturday morning breakfast together and I had a full list of things for today. I kissed my wife tenderly and told her I'd see her later giving her a slap on the ass. That's the way it went for the next two weeks. Ken was still trying to find a software back door and I was now wondering what she was doing every night and with whom on the computer.

I tried a couple of times to play with her computer but she told me it was hers and to get my own. When our sexy nighttime romps ended I didn't like it and even pouted but Lisa had changed.

Now when she came to bed it was like, " move over, I'm not in the mood" or "I've got a big day tomorrow and I need my sleep." Something was up.

Tuesday Ken came in with this shit-eating grin.

"Tell me who's the man?" he announced holding up a disk.

"You're the man Ken, and now what the hell have you got?" I replied.

I can't break the password exactly, but I've found a way to get in and when you install this software, you can see what's going on. It records her keystrokes and what's being received. I've set it up so you can send the information directly to your laptop, as long as it's up and you're on the Internet.

"You are the man Ken," I said giving him a high five.

Lisa went to the gym and as soon as she walked out the door, I got out her laptop, turned it on, inserted the disk and followed Ken's hand written instructions. I rebooted it, checked that the software had loaded and put her machine back where I found it.

Before I went to sleep that night, I plugged in my laptop, turned it on and went to sleep. It wasn't a sound sleep, because at 2:45 Lisa got up. She didn't come back to bed until after 4:30. Tomorrow morning at work will be interesting.

I got up some where around 5:00 a.m. I did the three "S's" shit, shower and shave, and headed out to my office. I was the first one in. I made myself a cup of coffee and literally ran to my office. I locked the door, laid down my coffee, computer, took off my jacket and turned my laptop on.

My eyes were glued to the screen as I waited for it to boot up. Once up, I followed Ken's detailed instructions and got in.

"Did I really want to open Pandora's Box?" I thought to myself. I was in ignorant bliss right now. What happens if I find out something that brings my wonderful life crashing down? I'm sure Lisa loves me as much as I love her. There is no way no how she could be doing anything to change that. Or so I thought.

I went into a special "history" file and a few keystrokes later it was all there in front of me. Her password, her handle, and someone called Mark218. It was an adult chat room.

I sat back in my chair, sipping my coffee as I read what was typed on the screen in front of me. I guess Lisa had come into a conversation that had already started. Mark218 was describing in detail how his girl friend loved to get him hard before they had sex.


"After we both got undressed, she wanted me to get on my knees just above her chest. She then poured massage oil all over my dick and started to rub it in. Hell man, she used so much that the excess dripped all over her big chocolate tits. Using both hands now she works it up and down my dick with one hand as the other coats my balls and the crack of my ass. She worked my dick like she's milking a fucking cow. She starts at the base, grips it tightly and pulls her hand towards the head, tightening as she pulls. When she reaches the head she twists it around like she trying to unscrew a fucking bottle cap. She then closes her grip again and forces the head and shaft through the tiny opening in her hand."

I had to stop for a second and adjust my dick as it started to get hard as I imagined Lisa doing that to me. I read on.

"Hell, it was so fucking tight, I closed my eyes and imagined I was forcing my dick into her black ass. Shit man, the bitch in less than ten minutes had me so hard; you could bust a 2x4 over my dick.

I now started rubbing in the oil that had dribbled onto her tits while she continues to milk my dick. Her tits are big and floppy," he explained. "And my bitch has the longest nipple on earth and gets off with me playing with them. I twisted those motherfuckers and pulled on them until she screamed. I worked on one then the other as she got me close to cumming."

One more time I make an adjustment as Marl218 describes to the world what his "bitch" is doing to him.

"Man I'm fucking close, her nipples are now hard and sticking out like two little pencil stubs. I pull her hands away and push her big tits together. She knows what I like as she now helps me. I work my dick between her big mounds as I look down at her face. She'll get hers later; I just need to get off now. I now force my black snake in between her mounds as she puts a pillow behind her head. As I push it through the opening between her tits I continue forward until I slip it between her nice lips and into her warm mouth. Tit fucking is hot especially if your woman has big lips and a deep throat.

I now close my eyes and imagine tit fucking Lisa's small breasts and trying to put my dick into her mouth. "She'd never go for it."

"My woman is one of the best cock suckers of all time," he goes on. "She can take my eight inches all the way down to my pubes. Her mouth gets so fucking hot; I have a hard time not shooting my load when she works me. "Damn I love that bitch," he says as Mark goes on. "Shit man, I can barely stand it anymore. My dicks so God damn hard and my nuts are ready to explode as she holds her tits together while I play with her nips. Fuck no more. I move up a little as I force my dick into her mouth as I face fuck her. She knows the routine. I'm so fucking close all I need is a few more sucks and I'm off."

"Him and me both," I think to myself as I read as fast as I can.

"She tightens her lips around my dick and forces only the head between her lips as I fucking let loose. I fall forward and lean up against the damn headboard as I drop my load and she eats me up while grabbing the boys. I don't know how much I dropped but she takes it all and never lets up. Fuck man I've got nothing left as she continues sucking and stroking. 'Stop, fucking stop,' I yell pulling my dick out of her mouth. You've taken the top layer of skin off my dick, I tell her. Shit man, she just smiles and asked if I'm ready to go again. As I said, "I love this bitch."

I stop reading and look down at my lap. I know just how he feels. Does anyone have a 2x4? I laugh to myself. He's finished; I'm finished, or wish I were. I read on as people commit on Mark's little story and it concludes with Lisa telling everyone that's hot but tame compared to her waxing experience.

"Shit it's almost 8:00," I say to myself as I log off, for now anyway. I don't want to be caught at work with this up on my screen. I go down and grab a fresh cup of coffee and wander into Ken's office.

"You're the man," I say sticking my head into his small office. "Worked like a charm, I owe you lunch."

"I told you, where there's a will there's a way."

I went back to my office and did what they paid me for the next four hours. I couldn't wait for lunch.


Lisa begins by telling everyone how oral I am.

"Rick makes love with his mouth better than any man on the planet. He can get me off in less than ten minutes with his wonderful lips and tongue. He does however like my pussy lips hairless and smooth. So I go to the saloon once a month to get my hair done, legs waxed and now for Carlos's special," she tells everyone out there in cyber land.

"You see, Carlos owns the saloon but mostly just manages it now that he's got a full staff. On this particular Saturday my waxer Wendy was out sick, so Carlos said he do my waxing. I always thought he was gay the way he pranced around the place, but I guessed it was all an act. He led me into the back room as I took off my pants and sat in the chair. I never though much about my thong until he started doing my inner legs up by my thighs."

"Scoot down a bit will you," he asked as I moved down a little lower as he applied the warm wax with a tongue depressor, rubbed on the cloth and then ripped off the hair.

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